Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Week-end Rescue

I just couldn't think about "serious" stuff this week-end, so I thought about important stuff, instead. Yes, I mean dogs. Crimea, Venezuela, fake energy crisis, economy in the dump, government out of control and going nowhere, and Obama, Obama, Obama, always The One on The Tube, sucking up the oxygen as he utters nonsense and pretends that he is in charge of something.

So, instead of all that, my wife and I grabbed our dog, Hartza, the Magnificent Akita Shepherd, and went off in our Tahoe to a dog rescue event at the local PetSmart.

Well, we did it.

We came home with another wonderful beast: a German Shepherd Chow/Spitz mix, for now Jacoby but likely to get his name turned into a tongue-twisting Basque name, who is a bundle of energy and affection. He is so happy to be alive that the joy rubs off even on an old curmudgeon . . .

Hartza and Jacoby are having a wonderful time play-fighting and establishing who will be top dog--60lb Jacoby on points, so far, over 90lb Hartza . . . kind of a reenactment of Putin's Russia vs. Obama's USA, the big dog does not always win: it's determination and spirit that compensate for "throw-weight."


  1. Rooting for Hartza on this one (a term I can use since we're not in ozzie-land).

    - reader #1482

  2. I am kind of of a cat guy, but hoping that they work out the hierarchy quickly.

  3. "Crimea, Venezuela, fake energy crisis, economy in the dump, government out of control and going nowhere . . . ."

    Separated by over thousand miles of water yet, you could almost be living next door !

    Lovely dogs.

  4. A home without a dog [or dogs] is just a house.

    We are permitted to share our address with two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels who know just how to twist a human around their paw.

    Enjoy the new pooch Dip.

  5. Happy thoughts!!

  6. From zero dogs to two dogs in just a few months. Could this be a trend?

  7. Congratulations. Dogs are the perfect antidote political despair.

  8. Congratulations on the adoption! Seems like you will be definitely be experiencing some entertaining hijinks in the future with those two mugs! I've wanted to adopt another pup for awhile, my current is a handful but could use some companionship. Current home base is way too small for a second dog. Once SWMBO eave the penal colony we currently live in, first order of business will be to hit the local shelter and grab another dog to rule our lives.

    Nick from the penal colony formerly known as New York

  9. "[He] utters nonsense and pretends that he is in charge of something."

    What an excellent line. Well done Dip. Well done...

    Reader #8

  10. THANK YOU for adopting a rescue, rather than a designer dog with a Kennedy pedigree. I live over the hill from y'all and do dog rescue -- mainly blue heelers.

  11. A couple of obviously happy pooches always make me smile.




    You should read this Sir,
    and THIS first.

    We are fighting.

  13. Beautiful doggies! Look how happy they are - they're smiling!

  14. I can't imagine a house without a dog. Winston, my basset hound, lies at my feet as I write this.