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Monday, July 14, 2014

Apologies, Apologies . . .

Been taken up with all sorts of issues involving moving, dealing with building contractors, buying a new car, travel to Europe (the Diplowife), visits by my kids, and now a sick puppy whom I just took to the vet--nasty ear infection from jumping into the pool.

I have something half-written but it's not too good. I will work on it and try to post it in the next few days.

Back to fiddling with the a/c filter . . . oh and feeding the puppy his meds . . .


  1. be happy it's not a cat...

    Ever try giving a pill to a cat?

  2. Here are the instructions for the cat right here:


  3. If wait we must, wait we will.

  4. Welcome to Contemporary United States!

    We have the same basic problems, except our Creature is a Welsh Corgi with a delicate stomach.

    Hurry Back Dip...we do miss you.

    Good Ole Charlie

  5. I had a golden retriever that had constant ear infections when I lived in New Hampshire in a house with a pond. It was full of bullfrogs in summer. She was always chasing them. Winter was no problem because of hard water. Really hard.

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