Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Salmond Fishing in the Yemen?

Well that was embarrassing, eh, Mr. Salmond?

Oh, yes, and let's not forget those pollsters who saw it as "too close to call."

As I noted a couple of days ago, when the progre media starts saying an "electoral outcome is too close to call," or "it's down to the wire," you can just about bet that the progre cause or candidate is going down.

And so it came to pass in Scotland.

As of this writing the "YES" to rule by Brussels "independence"  is down some 9-10 points; Scotland, to the regret of Mr. Salmond and many of my English friends, has decided that it gets a better deal inside the Union than outside it. The "NO" campaign seems headed for a big win. That, of course, does not mean that the progres will drop their efforts to get another referendum on the ballot in due course, or that they will cease trying to separate Scotland and England via other tactics.

As in our own much besieged and benighted country, the lefties are aided by a rather limp-wristed opposition. In the UK's case, the Tories have conceded everything to the Scottish "nationalists" except formal "independence." Scotland's overwhelmingly Labourite MPs, for example, already get to meddle in English affairs, but not vice-versa, and Scotland gets more in the form of entitlements than does England. The Government, a nominally Tory one, has gone along with promising huge additional concessions to the Scottish political elites; these promised concessions, bribes, really, will now have to be made good or there will be hell to pay--well, in fact, there will be hell to pay if they are made good, at least I hope so.

How much longer will the beleaguered English taxpayer keep forking over his or her hard-earned money to appease Scottish nationalists and help Labour transform Britain into a Sharia-besotted land full of Pakistani rapist gangs and terrified, overpaid coppers? Anybody opposed to the rampant and insane political correctness loose in the UK is labelled a racist or a "right-wing extremist." Sounds like here in the USA where we are not allowed to say anything about what is happening to our country and which we so clearly "see  by the dawn's early light."

Well, the UK has survived, sort of. The Union, however, has been badly damaged by the incessant and expensive demands of a loud minority. The spotlight now turns to the 55 million Englishmen who have to decide how much more abuse they take.  They might want to gain inspiration from the actions in 1775 of some English farmers in the old Massachusetts colony . . .

Meanwhile, the destructive and egomaniacal Mr. Salmond should go somewhere far away: Quebec? Catalonia? Tibet? Or, maybe, the Arabian peninsula where he might try to gain the independence of South Yemen from North Yemen.


  1. You was right all the way along.

    Pity about the 'No Vote' keeping Labour afloat, however.

    I am glad the Union is intact, all those muslim jihadi's on Twitter being pro Yes was disturbing.

  2. Well... the next press release after a 'Yes' vote would be from Putin citing the long history of Scotland as part of Russia. The world would gape, but Putin would keep a straight face, as he always does.

    - reader #1482

  3. A 'Nay' it is; but there will be no escaping the seismic constitutional aftershocks that must follow the craven pork-barrelling of the desperate Tories. Europe is also slowly splintering politically, and if the economy slips into deflation and then almost inevitably into deeper recession if not depression those fault lines will only get worse. The Euro-weenies just haven't gotten the take-out message from the recent elections for the European Parliament; the boys in Brussels are continuing to regulate vacuum-cleaners and hair-dryers while the Anti-EU / Immigration / Separatist / Far-Right is busy capitalising on the inherent disenfranchisement of ordinary people. It is a very ugly brew and I fear that the ending will not be pleasant.

  4. paul_vincent_zecchinoSeptember 19, 2014 at 8:16 AM

    Thank you, Dip, for again exposing the truth behind the slogans. Wouldn't Mr. Orwell love this? "Independence" to Mr. Salmond actually means subservience to the EU; 'freedom is slavery', that sort of thing.

    Most interesting, the jihado-marxist claque was all for 'independence'. No doubt they were sharpening their claws, salivating as they so did; today they're disappointed but nonetheless hatching new schemes.

    Yesterday, Drudge had a photo of pro-'independence' demonstrators assembled outside in traditional gruesome, dank, grey, dark, bone-chilling weather, carrying signs which read not 'independence' or 'liberty' but 'End Tory Rule Forever', words to that effect.

    How very revealing, eh? Not so much about 'independence' as about kicking out those eviw, bad, Tories, in order to live beneath the EU jackboot as well as perhaps by the whims of the jihado-marxist claque and Mr. Putin?

    Sounds like another half-clever Leftist scheme, strange though it may seem

    Please give my family's condolences to your friends in the UK, as your articles on these recent events have made clear that England would be better off, a far more conservative nation without the forty far left MP's which Scotland inflicts upon it.

    Does this in a tenuous way remind one of what's about island nations controlling affairs of nations on the adjacent mainland, Scotland being the 'island'?

    In another way, it's similar to the decades' old observation about the Peoples' Free and Glorious Democratik Republik of New York: conservative New York state elects conservative representatives, then New York City throws them out.

    Perhaps Hollywood would like to boost its sagging fortunes with a sequel to Wag the Dog, to do with the Glasgow Liberation Front invading Torquay? Just a thought.

    1. Maybe Mel Gibson can do a remake of Braveheart and blame the NO victory on the Jews.

    2. paul vincent zecchinoSeptember 19, 2014 at 3:07 PM

      Sublime, Dip, as ever. I smell a box office smash. Dialing Fox as this is typed, will advise.

    3. Yeah, actually it was my twenty-second-cousin Shmuel, who dabbles in Scottish politics. Very pleased with himself he is today.

  5. paul vincent zecchinoSeptember 19, 2014 at 8:22 AM

    PS -

    In a way, this is reminiscent of the Bahamas' drive for independence which resulted in Bahamians being placed under the drug-encrusted jackboot of the PLP for so many years, until the election of PM Hubert Alexander Ingraham, an admirer of President Reagan who began the long process of undoing PLP mischief.

  6. I am glad that the Union was preserved. But, as always, you raise some very good points Mr. Amselem. Let's see if the UK can fix itself and keep the bloody Eurocrats at bay.

  7. Damn it, I was hoping we were going to get rid of Cameron and Miliband out of this. To say nothing of critically damaging the Labour Party. And too add salt to the wound, we're going to have to put up with decades of whining from north of the border about how they was robbed.

  8. Ah, a victory dance by the Diplomad! Of late few and far between, but sweet never the less.
    James the Lesser

  9. I am gonna have to remember that "too close to call" dodge, I had not been aware of it before.

    Once again we have been shown that the polling industry are about as useful as economists-that is totally useless. They crow about being accurate to plus/minus 2% in practice their predictions are rarely within plus/minus 10%, which in my opinion is little better than a guess.

    A missed opportunity, I was hoping for a yes. Like AKM I was hoping to witness the disintegration of three totally useles political parties and their leaders. Of course I was hoping that the Quebecois would leave my country too, I am doomed to disappointment.

  10. Now it's time for England to vote to separate from the rest of the UK. At least the Queen would be able to keep her beloved Balmoral.

  11. “That rifle on the wall of the labourer's cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.”--George Orwell. The big difference between us in the colonies and the motherland, is that our walls remain freely adorned. From what I can sadly gather, the UK, with or without Scotland, is hopelessly decaying in a progressive, statist rot.

    1. Not actually hopeless. The changes needed to fix (or at least stop the growth of) the rot are actually quite simple:

      1: Scrap the concept of "non-partisan" broadcast media and introduce rules to encourage a range of different opinions instead.

      2: Scrap the state-run schools and provide vouchers to parents instead, with rules designed to encourage a range of different types of schools available.

      These are the two primary means by which the enemy class maintain their influence, take them away from the enemy and real change becomes possible.

  12. You readers of Diplomad heard it here first in the comments section:

    Next year, the leading fashion trend will be kilts. From the burliest of men to the lightest of faeries, it will be about fresh breezes and freedom from pants. A tip of the tam will be in order as a salute to good gams. Plaids aplenty.

    1. Dear Nonymous:

      Uncle Kepha, starchy Presbyterian that he is, will not be caught dead in a kilt! A navel-to-calf sarong on a tropical island, maybe; but a kilt, never!