Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That: Landrieu and Gruber

Keystone Pipeline Cooks Some Louisiana Fried Chicken

Well, . . . or should I say oil well, or oil's well that ends well? The Democrat-controlled Senate has not passed the Keystone XL Pipeline. Good. Let the Republicans do it next January.

Anyhow, I can't help gloating over the Democrats slicing, dicing, grating, AND throwing their colleague, Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, under the hybrid bus and doing so on high environmental principle as the New York Times scolds us to remember,
Throughout her Senate career, Ms. Landrieu, a moderate who was known as the oil industry’s best friend in the Democratic Party, has clashed with the liberal environmental wing of her party. 
She has for years pressed for votes on measures that infuriate them, such as expanding offshore drilling, while voting against measures to tackle climate change.
Those lawmakers took to the floor Tuesday to express their opposition to the Keystone pipeline, even as they acknowledged the importance of those votes to Ms. Landrieu’s political fate.
Environmental advocates had spent the week lobbying Democrats to ensure they would oppose Ms. Landrieu’s bill.

NextGen Climate, the advocacy group founded by the California billionaire Thomas Steyer, who spent over $50 million of his own money to back pro-environment Democrats in 2014, also hit supporters with emails asking them to urge senators to vote against the pipeline measure. 
“Today the U.S. Senate decided to stand on the right side of history,” Mr. Steyer said in a statement after the vote. “This is a legacy-defining issue where one’s position signifies whether they are standing up for or against the next generation on the issue of climate.”
I guess in Demo world some billionaires are good and some are bad, even though, of course, Steyer made a big chunk of money from Australia's Maules Creek coal mine. Some carbon is good, some carbon is bad? I can't keep up. I need guidance from the Dear Leader.

Landrieu's chickens have come home to roost and roast. This was her payback for slavishly supporting Reid and Pelosi and Obama. Love it when the sharks eat each other.

I assume this means she will lose the run-off next month, and the GOP will pick up yet another seat. Change You Can Believe In!

More Gruber 

Don't you love how the Dems are squirming under the Gruber magnifying glass? I really love how they're denying he was a big player in the Obamacare disaster. Just for fun, before it gets erased, go to  and enter the words "Jonathan Gruber" in the SEARCH box. Go ahead. Read all the stuff put out by Gruber which the White House used over and over while pushing Obamacare. Amazing for a guy they now have never heard of . . .


  1. Tom Steyer is not an idiot. Anyone who can bank over a billion that didn’t come from daddy has a high degree of intelligence. Mr. Steyer has likely spent a lot of time being assailed by the green movement, and saw the opportunity to buy into the whole enviro-crony market. Then he gets the strident forces on his side of the deal, and pulls in even more margin working the public till. I am sure his hands are in plenty of “green” startups and now his connections will get those funded, and everything goes down the memory hole.
    The left has the unique ability to un-see things. Steyer’s coal past, nope can’t see. Gruber vids, can’t see. Anything that runs counter to their ideology never happened.

  2. Has anyone taken an appropriate time-stamped legally-verifiable snapshot of those articles on, which properly complies with copyright law, etc. to allow items from the snapshot to be used in court [if required in the future]? Being a publically-facing govt website, I would assume (but do not trust) that its content consists of public records required to be maintained by the National Archives. [Which I expect will shortly disappear "somehow", to help sweep things under the rug...]

    1. ... they've probably already got Sandy Berger in line at the archives with a 'special briefcase' for just those documents.

      - reader #1482

  3. Tom Steyer is motivated by the fact that if the Keystone XL doesn't go through, the Canadians will have to sell the oil to the Chinese, who will cause much more pollution than the Americans. And how will they get that oil to market? By way of another pipeline, this one to the west coast at Kitimat, British Columbia for shipment overseas - a pipeline built by one of Steyer's companies.

    In the meantime, the extra Canadian oil coming south is transported by trucks and railroad, creating far more pollution than by moving it in a pipeline. The one who profits from that system is the one who owns the railroads and the trucks - Warren Buffett.

    As for Sandy Berger, he doesn't need a special briefcase. He stuffs the documents into his shirt and socks.

  4. Mr. Mad,
    As a former FSO don't you think your gloating is a little unseemly. Please let me give you a gentle tip in this area. As to the Democrats recent travails a quiet, but firm..........
    BWAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! Suckers!, would quite sufficient.
    James the Lesser

  5. It looks like Little Barry might do his Amnesty skit tomorrow night. Somehow, I think this effort in building yet another Democrat Plantation might blow back and the "stuff" land all over him. Seems everything this man does turns to trash.

    1. Whitewall,
      This maybe the action that decides whether or not my obligations and oaths to this government are now no longer in effect, especially in the issue of compliance. I've been thinking about this for a long time and I am under no illusions as to my fate if I do decide that the compact that ties me to this system is void and then refuse to participate further.
      James the Lesser

    2. James, I don't blame you. A government governs by consent of the governed. Obama is deliberately pushing a Constitutional crisis to appease his base. Very "banana republic". The Courts may weigh in on this one before it is all done. In the meantime, make elected Democrats pay.

    3. I refer to him as The Anti-Midas™ because everything he touches turns to, well.... anti-gold. If you get my drift.


    4. Whitewall,
      "make elected Democrats pay." Oh I think they will, I've saying for a long time that this could be their (and the MSM) end at least in the form they've had for 25 yrs. I am no hero and I have not been an official part of the government in a long long time, I am only a common citizen (strange how that term citizen now implies subservience in this country) and as such the possibility of my declining to participate will only as such.

    5. I think the "Anti-Midas" label for General Secretary Obama is about right. With each passing day, through Obama's actions, we can hear the Rev. Jeremiah Wright- "goddam America...". Little Barry was a member of that church and swallowed every word.

    6. James, connivers like Obama and his ilk usually have things back fire on them. His actions will only drive more of the white working class out of the Dem party. As least we are finally learning where every institution and citizen stands as the mask is off the Left. Like Reagan said decades ago, "we are at a time for choosing". Who stands where, who stands for what?

  6. Mary Mary Mary. If only the results of Election Day were a 49-50 Senate and your seat would be needed for the Lefts 50th (with Biden breaking the tie letting the Dems keep control).
    As it is, you now are discovering you are irrelevant compared to the money and issue politics needed for the next election. Welcome to the long list of stalwart Democrats tossed into the trashcan once your usefulness was at an end.
    At least you can still claim to be the deciding vote for Obamacare.