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Friday, January 16, 2015


I have written many times about how progressives alter words, distorting them into things far removed from their original meanings. All of us can come up with every day words that today mean something very different from what they did yesterday: "gay" and "liberal" being probably the most prevalent of these transformed words. As noted in a prior posting, the left has been a master at redefining words, imposing censorship, e.g. "hate speech" codes and laws, and at inculcating self-censorship among academics and media elites. In addition, when facts and arguments won't do, simple and loud shouts of "Racist!" or "Science Deniar!" and even violence prevent "politically incorect" words and the thoughts they convey from entering the ever shrinking "marketplace" of ideas. When George Orwell wrote about how the masters of the universe in his dystopian 1984 continually shrunk the dictionary in an effort to remove dangerous words, he was onto something very profound.

The word for today is "Islamophobia."

What does that word mean? Just as, presumably, one can have a fear of heights, open spaces, tight spaces, dogs, or clowns, one can have a fear of Islam. When lefties throw around the word, it is to imply that the fear of Islam is as irrational as the fear, say, of walking under a ladder. In other words, it being a phobia, one can address it with lots of therapy and rehab, as is the case with most other phobias.

Is it, however, irrational to have a "fear of Islam"?

Let's put "phobia" in context, and ask, whether it would have been irrational for a Cossack or a Ukrainian in 1930s USSR to have a fear, a phobia, if you must, of the Communist Party, and of Joe Stalin? Would we judge a "Communistaphobe" under those conditions as an irrational, hate-filled person? Would we see a Jew, a Gypsy, or a Jehovah's Witness in 1930s Germany as the holder of an irrational phobia if he or she expressed a fear of Nazis? Would therapy and censorship have helped the sufferers of those "irrational" phobias? Would it have helped for Winston Churchill not to express open disdain for both Communism and Nazism? Was Churchill helping make "phobia" of Nazism and Communism a respectable irrationality? Was he making it impossible for us to understand the Nazis and the Communists and to have a peaceful accommodation with them and their ideology? Should we have reached out to the "moderate" Nazis? Rudolf Hess, misunderstood messenger of peace . . . right.

Let's look around the world, and ask "Who is not an Islamophobe?" The world is full to the rafters with Islamophobes. I wonder if the people slaughtered at Charlie Hebdo and in the kosher market had a bout of Islamophobia just before the AK rounds put an end to those thoughts? What about the people in the Westgate Mall in Nairobi or in the villages of Nigeria? Guess what? Huge numbers of Islamophobes live lives of utter misery and horror in the Islamic world. I lived for years in Muslim countries, and met countless Muslims terrified of Islam, especially women and budding intellectuals. Let us not forget that in the long and bloody history of the Religion of Peace, the greatest number, by far, of Islam's victims have come from the ranks of Muslims. Nobody massacres Muslims as frequently and as copiously as do other Muslims following the dictates of Islam.

The question, however, and in truth, that we should be examining is not "Who fears Islam?" Everybody does. Yes, everybody, or at least any person who has the capacity for rational thought. It, however, should not be whether we fear Islam, but what are going to do about the threat that it poses? Shall we do as the progressives want us to do, reach out, better said, submit to Islam, give in to our fears? Rest assured that nobody fears Islam more than the people who tell us we should learn to "coexist" with Islam, that we should have the Muslim call to prayer broadcast from the cathedral towers at Duke University, that we must avoid "offensive" words such as "bacon" and "pork" in our books, etc. It is the progressives who are the biggest Islamophobes, because quite literally, they fear Islam and give in to the "phobia."

In the past we came to fear the Nazis, the Fascists, the radical Shintoists, and, eventually, the Communists. We did not give in to our fears, we fought back, and, oh yes, we won.

You bet I fear Islam. It is the first step to rational thought about Islam.


  1. "Islamophobia"....a made up term that the PC Left can use as a shield against having to entertain the truth. It seems the fight against Radical Islam will have to be fought over top of the left's jargon, their rules of speaking and thinking, their calls for "tolerance" when those of us our side get too close to the truth. Kind of like playing an away game on the opponent's field, with his ball, his officials, his fans, and his rules. The fight against Communism was waged much the same way, not surprisingly, against some of the same people and same m/o. What IS it with the Left?

  2. As a Christian "fundamentalist" (some liberals don't like me), I have a deep dislike of Islam as a religion; but my own religion has a strong tradition of hating the sin while loving the sinner. I will acknowledge hospitality received at Muslim hands and good relations with a number of Muslim individuals over the years. To this day, terrorist attacks and whatnot notwithstanding, were I to see a suspicious character lurking around a mosque during a late drive home at night, I'd call the police.

    However, it is clear that Islamic doctrine presents the jihad of the sword as a major tenet of Islam; and within the past century plus, Muslims have understood massacre of religious minorities and aggressive warfare against non-Muslim peoples as legitimate expressions of this doctrine. Hence, a lot of the world is justifiably "Islamophobic".

    Hence, when Pres. Al-Sisi of Egypt says that it's up to Muslims to find some way to counter the negative image many of their coreligionists are projecting (including, apparently, some deep rethinking of Islam), I think this is worth hearing. However, I cannot be sure Al-Sisi's gambit will pay off; even if I hope it does.

    1. What do you call a muslim who foreswears violence and embraces love, self-sacrifice, and peaceful evangelizing?
      A Christian.

  3. Islam declared war on the world from day one, and America arose on a blessed island far away from the horrible Muslim World, relying on Europe to form a barrier. Now that barrier is kaput, and Americans need to face the existential threat or suffer unimaginable horrors. There is only one plan on the table today that is based on the truth, showing how the non-Muslim world can unite and defeat Islam forever as a political movement: my Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam. Take the time to read it and spread the url: http://tinyurl.com/winslowplan

  4. The only thing to fear more is Neo-LiberalPhobia; AKA ProgressiPhobia.
    The fear of the Modern Leftists policies and cultural revisionism.
    It only shows the utter insanity from the Left that the very people who embrace the whole of the Gay Lifestyle, the idea of abortion on demand, and the denigration of religion at its core...could then turn around and embrace Islam as a cause de jour.
    The one religion that hates at its very core, that would violently and painfully destroy, the very concepts that the Modern Left embraces and supports.
    Leftists love to proclaim a "War on Women" against their political opponents, yet say nothing about a woman being stoned to death based on the accusation of an angry husband. Insanity does not begn to describe that level of pathology.

    1. KellyJ, take it from an old fellow. This isn't cognitive disconnect or anything like it. The modern Leftist politicians were raised on the garbage spewed by Malcolm X, who exchanged the religion of the slave owner for that of the slave hunter and castrater, and Franz Fanon, for whom the killing of white people was a way to affirm the dignity and manhood of the wretched of the earth. Islam is "cool" because it is against Christianity, and hence a worthy bedfellow of the LGBT crowd.

      Then again, Uncle Kepha believes that Malcolm X and Franz Fanon were a couple of very sick puppies. The tale of the Leftist mind is garbage in (via eyes and ears), garbage out, via mouth and pen.

    2. To this day, we are still battling the Left and their rules when we should be fully concentrated on the Islamists.

    3. Sorry, whitewall, but Marx and his spawn are what rotted the West from within and gutted its will to resist Muslim barbarians.

      FYI, I despise Islam. As a Christian, I look at its "morals" and I see a blessing conferred on a number of unclean lusts--especially of dominant males. As a Christian husband, father, and grandfather, I look at Islam and I see a frightful perversion of the pattern God intended for men and women--and a frightful slighting of mothers, whom my sacred book says must be honored along with fathers. Where I am told to pursue peace with all men as much as it is up to me (Romans 12:18), Muslims are told by their religion to see everything outside of it as the object of predatory war.

      As for the Islamists, they will be fighting each other in no time at all. Indeed, this has begun. However, unless we in the West find a way to overcome the rotten Leftist elites now forcing both perversion and Islam down ouor throats, we will be woefully unprepared to deal with the external threat of Islamism.

  5. It seems, at the least to me, that the conjunction 'Islamophobia' is used to indicate hatred or prejudice rather than fear; in the same way that the word 'homophobia' is used to describe hatred or prejudice against homosexuals. Hatred is one of the accepted alternative meanings of the word 'phobia' as described in most versions of the Oxford English Dictionary.

    1. I don't find this line of reasoning compelling. I think 'homophobia' is really about 'irrational fear', not necessarily 'hatred or prejudice'. The basis for homo/islamo-phobia is the expectation that if the 'ignorant person guilty of being so', spends time learning about homo/islam and time with homosexuals/muslims, they will come (with that new knowledge) to accept and not fear (or beyond that, hate/hold prejudice) against such people.... rational, irrational, or otherwise.

      The concept of lefty-defined-phobias is horrible, because it's applied in ignorance (against people who have quite enough familiarity with the issues, for example) just as they accuse the phobes of being ignorant. It's almost comical how nutty the recursion is.

      - reader #1482

  6. Sorry Mr. Mad,
    I do not fear them, I fear nothing of this earth (though there are things that could get me in a heart beat), I will not submit, I will not be silent, I will not compromise with death, degradation, and desolation. My reply to the Islamists and their toads that hop before them here in the guise wisdom: For you I have nothing but "Scorn and defiance; slight regard, contempt" and anything else that may become creatures such as the things you are.

  7. http://20committee.com/2015/01/15/a-pentagon-insider-speaks-on-obamas-gwow/


  8. Being an 'islamophobe' is much more respectful to Islam and followers of Islam than our neo-liberal lefties, who mis-portray and attempt to usurp its principles/ideologies/politics through manipulating words and the meanings of words.

    I totally disagree with Islam from the ground up and top down, but I'm not going to pretend that its followers aren't following the religion, or that the religion doesn't have the power to be a threat to our liberties. This treats followers of Islam as humans, not statistics and 'objects of use' like the lefty-lines.

    It's a valid enemy, to the west, to our concept of liberty, to judaism, and to Christianity.

    - reader #1482

  9. The closest thing to a proper definition for "Islamophobia" that I have been able to come up with is the fear on the part of Muslims and their auxiliaries and enablers that the truth will be told about that vile barbaric crime against humanity, and especially against women, that is Islam, and it’s founder, Muslim's “Perfect Man”, the mass murdering, mass torturing, mass enslaving, hating, child raping, sadistic pervert, the Monster who Walked the Earth, called Mohammad. My definition is certainly far more accurate than theirs, hands down. It's absolutely no contest.

  10. Taking a page from "Rules for Radicals", being labeled an Islamophobe is not that bad of a place to be. To paraphrase the 'Rules':
    "First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."

    Seems to me being called an Islamophobe is their attempt at ridicule. That means Victory is not that far away.


  11. Iran started that "islamophobe" meme back in the 80s. They knew the insecure West would start apologizing and defensively denying.

    If you're tired of turning the other cheek, consider attending the conference where they're busy planning to push this word thru the UN and make it official. The OSCE, with their UN-speak plan to have it registered as a particular form of hatred meets every year in Warsaw and that's always on the agenda


    Boy were they surprised when some of the few remaining sane Euros showed up and fought back in Warsaw, led by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff.

    If you want to join the push back against this nastiness, you have to fight like a bureaucrat - because that's where the battles will take place: in the OSCE, the UN, Brussels, etc. These leeches can suck us dry if we don't come armed with poison pens and white papers.

    It was wonderful to watch them deflate when they had the proposal for the UN all ready to go and it was blocked. They'd even done the printing of brochures because they were so sure of the outcome.

    How harmless can it sound? "Organization for Cooperation and Security in Europe" - almost makes your eyes glaze over. Which is the point

    ..The USSR isn't dead. It's just got a new costume, complete with burnous.

    Warsaw is lovely in the Fall.

  12. Anti Communist
    Anti anti Communist

    The 1950s are repeating, just different players and different totalitarianism. Been there done that.

    1. While islam predates and postdates communism, I tend to agree with you in the sense of the 'progressive' tendency to fall on one's knees in front of an adversary (whether it's Hitler, Stalin, or Zawahiri) and ditch whatever values one holds dear in favor of living just one more day, even if in hopeless slavery. I suspect the tendency is rooted in atheism.

      - reader #1482

  13. It seems that all countries have groups that fit this description; here in the USA we have a community at large, that practices lawlessness as a matter of normalcy, whose leaders exhort them to riot and destroy everything in which they come in contact. Of course, the similarities are that they too kill mostly themselves, but are abhorrent to confront the reality of their failed community, at large.

    1. Can't repair a couple centuries of cultural destruction (self-inflicted or otherwise) overnight, or even in a few decades. All those outside that culture need to practice 'patience without permissiveness' (just imo).
      We're probably seeing a lesser version of this running around eastern europe post-soviets. Not as bad, as 50 years probably can't completely destroy a culture.

      - reader #1482

  14. Hi Mr Mad - I'mnot sure fear is the right word. I would use Concerned, in as much as I don't fear bunch of plundering rag-head loons in Northern Mesopotamia, or even Syria. They're unlikely to invade Tuscany.

    I have a strong concern that the reaction of my government (that is to say the EU, seeing as how the london parish council has handed over sovereignty and foreign affairs to those unelected useless bastards in Brussels) will curtail further my freedoms and the economic costs of their stupid reactions will cost me money.

    I think there is a very small possibility that I, members of my family of friends will be hurt in a bomb attack or shooting, and I suspect they are just as much at risk from trigger happy coppers who really shouldn't be allowed out with live ammunition.

    My main concern is that isil will manage to buy a nuke from Putin; and nothing my or anybody else's government is doing to handle that situation makes me sleep any better at night.

    Call it State-o phobia if you will, and that too is far from irrational!

  15. Another great post, Dip. I would add a little reference library of worthy sites, IMO, sources of expertise, for all who would like to be more rounded upon this critical subject, ones I consider a wise investment in the total thought processes, no matter your expertise. Something for everyone, even the muslim stumbling in on these sources.

    http://10news.dk/psychology-why-islam-creates-monsters/ A psychologists analysis, expertise, worthy read, on IS as well.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_Qpy0mXg8Y islam history, Bill Warner

    http://10news.dk/interpol-allowing-citizens-to-carry-guns-in-public-is-most-effective-way-to-prevent-terror-attacks/ Balls and brains in one person, of Interpol

    http://gatesofvienna.net/2013/12/the-longest-running-crime-family/ Gates of Vienna, a realistic analysis of islam, the one I subscribe to, that many more will be as well over time, with logic, reasoning. A bandit gang, bent on the promise of carnal rewards, as well as “other people’s money (OPM) and women, while here”

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVD-aOvo-iU&index=20&list=LLCvXJLY_pJOnjsgYPMEBTMQ Claire Lopez, in Q, of Oz. An excellent teacher of the subject, islam. She has stellar credentials, as all listed in this screed, as does Dip. 1.5 hour illustrated lecture.

    http://globalfaithinstitute.org/about/dr-mark-christian/ A hopeful site, an amazing perhaps astonishing story of apostasy (Took him a decade, to decide, see why)

    http://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Secure_Freedom_Strategy_Executive_Summary.pdf A Brand new anti jihad Executive Summary, just out on the 16th, anti-jihad plan from the qualified good people of expertise, also, at Center For Security Policy

    http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-01-14/waking-hard-do A scholarly type exploration of Waking up, getting hip, wising up, which is what it’s about: Waking Up is Hard to Do By Cognitive Dissonance

    Hope this helps many, thanks for reading,


  16. And as a final point, picked up from somewhere recently, all persons remember this:

    Every time a liberal says "colonial blunders" cause jihadism, do reply with: Tours 732, Kosovo 1389, Constantinople 1453, Vienna 1527 + 1683

    My point here being history shows one thing above all puts them back in there place, or at least back on their heels for a while. The originator's point was colonialism had nothing to do with the history of Islamic bandit gang wars, from 632 AD


  17. Easily solved. Just call it islamistophobia and let the Left weasel their way into calling that racist.