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Monday, April 13, 2015

Fake Iran Deal, Part III

Just a quick post to note a simple fact. In a prior post on the fake Iran "deal," I noted that, "The fake 'deal' announced by the White House will have very real consequences."

We see in the news today one of the first and very clear examples of those consequences (my added emphasis),
Russia has lifted a ban on supplying Iran with a sophisticated air defence missile system, the Kremlin has said. 
Delivery of the S-300s was cancelled in 2010 after the UN imposed sanctions on Iran over its nuclear programme. 
But the Russian president gave the go-ahead after Tehran struck an interim deal with world powers to curb nuclear activities in exchange for sanctions relief. 
Despite the sanctions, Russia and Iran have remained close allies. 
The contract to deliver the system was heavily criticised by Israel and the US, who feared it could be used to protect Iranian nuclear sites.
As predicted, Obama's fake "deal" has real and dangerous consequences for the world.

This is only the beginning . . .


  1. AS if the SA-23 Gladiators delivered in 2013 weren't bad enough.



  2. The next important war will likely be contest of drones... such drones will make these types of aircraft defense weapons appear impossibly expensive.
    just saying we might succeed in spite of every attempt by Obama

    - reader #1482

    1. (Nice thought #1482 ... problem is with an SAs ability to "lock" it's usually exceeding what any drone has as its capability to achieve. Velocity-wise.

      Drones - even hordes - would signature "chaff.")

    2. Apparently not, or at least not quite. My understanding is that drones are very useful in niche roles, but are no where near ready to replace manned aircraft in an air war against a high tech competitor.

  3. Barack Obama:
    Putin's Poodle
    The Mullah's Mutt
    The Brotherhood's Bitch
    Castro's Cur
    I'm still working on the rest....

    1. Por Senor Castro, Obama es la palabra del M que yo no hablo.

    2. O que é 'M'?

  4. Boy, Putin must be enjoying rubbing Obama's face in his own mess.
    James the Lesser

  5. Consider also China acquiring the S-400 system. That gives China a 400k range anti-aircraft missile with anti-missile capability as well. That means the ability to attack incoming aircraft well beyond the range of any air-to-surface missiles presently available to most western nations.
    And IIRC Iran is dickering with Russia to upgrade their S300 systems to S400 systems.

    1. The Chinks getting their hands on a mess of S-400s may not be the baddest thing they could do.

      Caveat - been awhile since I've paid any real attention to the system (why incidentally I'm linking to a 2010 DefenseTech post) but strictly anti-air systems ... in the case of us and China "going hot" wouldn't be as nasty as say, China having an effective ASBM - anti-ship-ballistic-missile.


    2. Thought to add - so as to offer a little comfort - a Chinese ASBM wouldn't probably do 'em much good against a Trident loaded SSBN.

  6. An isolationist policy is all very good as long as you are not importing the beligerents and them isolated do not want to destroy you.