Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Hollywood, Morons? Why Even Ask?

As is my custom I refused to watch the Oscars last night and instead cleaned my Remington 870 Tactical Express and had a wrestling match with my dogs. I lost, by the way.

This morning, of course, the news was full of the Warren Beatty/Price-Waterhouse snafu that had the dopey actor announcing the wrong winner for "Best Picture." Priceless. Kinda sorry I didn't see that. But then why would a genuine progressive be upset? Doesn't everybody deserve a trophy? Everybody should be awarded for being the "BEST"! Oscars for everybody and their illegal alien maids!

And, yes, that segues into the main topic of this little post. Immigration and Hollywood. This morning, I listened to a couple of speeches given by idiots last night. One, in the form of a statement from some forgettable Iranian director who won an award for best best foreign language film, berated Trump's inhumane immigration policy. In protest, the Iranian refused to come to the US to pick up his award. The Republic trembled! His little rant, of course, got a standing ovation from the gathered host of dopes.

It seems odd to me that nobody asked whether maybe they shouldn't be more upset by the fact that a good chunk of those in the audience would be hanging by the neck from construction cranes if they were in Iran. Maybe there should have been a call to boycott Iranian films in the name of hanged gays and stoned-to-death rape victims? But, in case you were wondering, there wasn't.

The first Muslim (evah!) to win an Oscar for actor didn't take the opportunity, in case you were wondering, to call upon his fellow Muslims to stop treating women like cattle and stop throwing gays off of high buildings. Nobody seemed upset. It's Islam, so it's OK.

Some Mexican presenter took his turn at the microphone to berate our immigration policy and demand respect for immigrants and, of course, no wall. He didn't take the opportunity, in case you were wondering, to blast the Mexican government for how it treats Central American migrants, and for its own highly restrictive immigration laws and policies.

The call for no walls, of course, is even more humorous when one sees that those calling for an end to walls live behind walls of stone and steel, and protected by rings of armed men. No calls rang out for  "Clooney tear down your wall in Lake Como! Let in the Somali refugees!" Nah, didn't happen . . .

I heard of no celebrity calling for the police outside the Kodak Theater to stand down and allow the masses in. Fill the seats with the homeless and undocumented! Nah . . . maybe, however,  just maybe the illegal aliens and the others working for minimum wage or less in the kitchens and rest rooms at the event, and those sweeping up the mess afterwards, will be deeply touched by the concern shown for them by the Hollywood glitterati.


  1. Our delicate snowflakes in Hollywood always forget that their life styles, perceived gender status and freedom to say what they want would be in serious jeopardy by those they applaud. If I had to defend one of them with my life, I would, but I wouldn't like it.

  2. Oh, did I miss the oscars?

    It's such an important night for me too... /sarc

    BTW Dip: after you lost the wrestling match with your monster dogs, are they wearing the bandoleros now?

  3. The cognitive dissonance on display was just breathtaking. It is incredible that some people are so far out of touch with the political and social reality in America today. That said, it is a useful lesson in history, as it is precisely the kind of disconnect that got the French aristocracy a cart ride to the Place de la Concorde.

  4. I'm 73 and I have never watched the Oscars or bothered to pay attention to reports about the Oscars. I wish I had so I could boycott the Oscars this time but I simply don't care about movie stars and their self-aggrandizing awards. I suspect that the awards don't really go to the best movies or the best actors so it does not affect what movies I see either. My greatest hope is that enough people decide to turn these things off when they are on TV and then I wouldn't even to hear about it at all.

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  6. You have an 870 TE? Did you consider purchasing the 870 Marine instead? Better looks, less need for cleaning.

  7. Brilliant, Diplomad.Thank you. Yes they are morons. They walk on the red carpet, dressed in designer gowns/suits, loaded with jewels, and they happily tell the journalists about the designer brands they are wearing. They are walking commercials. These pretentious people are just worshipers of Mammon, more often than not quite un-educated. And they have the nerve to preach about things they know nothing about.Oh dear.

  8. I never would have heard about the snafu if it wasn't plastered all over Drudge (and the fact that you mentioned it, of course :) ).

  9. Lake Cuomo? No more politics for you!

  10. In pre-modern China, actors ranked with beggars, thieves, and prostitutes--well, maybe not thieves. Maybe they were on to something over there.

    In any case, all the entertainment awards ceremonies leave me cold. It is a bunch of overrated people congratulating themselves.

  11. Their opinions mean nothing to me. Now, if they had the military experience of someone like Jimmy Stewart or Douglass Fairbanks Jr, I might be willing to listen.

    IIRC, both joined the military prior to the war starting. Fairbanks got shorted on several medals he should have received, due to Navy bias toward his pre-war employment as a movie star, and still ended as the most decorated of Hollywood veterans.
    A year before he made "It's a Wonderful Life", Jimmy Stewart was bombing Berlin, at the controls of a B-24 Liberator 4 engine heavy bomber.

  12. I believe Jimmy Stewart remained in the Air Force Reserve and later took part in bombing Vietnam.

    1. He retired shortly after making those B-52 flights, as a Brigadier General.

      There is a book written by the intelligence officer at the base that he flew most of his missions from. Interesting story. Went from private to Colonel in 4 years. He chose bombers over fighters, for unstated reasons. Rated an excellent pilot. Owned his own airplanes prior to joining the military. Regularly flew crosscountry to visit family in PA. Had as many flight hours when he joined, as regular US pilots had when they reached combat.

  13. Remington 870 Tactical Express? Good choice! What upgrades do you have on it?