Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


As I write this it appears that Judge Moore will lose the special election in Alabama to replace Jeff Sessions. It seems, unless there is some challenge, that Doug Jones, Democrat, will take that "safe" Republican seat. This is not good for many reasons and for many people.

The Trump agenda is already having trouble in the Senate with the thin and fickle Republican majority. The President, and those of us who voted for him, cannot count on the likes of McCain and several others to help pull the plug on the DC swamp. Now, of course, again, Jones will serve the two years remaining on Sessions' term, and then stand for re-election. It seems highly likely that a Republican will replace him. I think. I hope. Who knows?

This is not good for the nation's politics. The Democrats are likely going to think they have a winning formula here which they can use at will throughout the political world, to wit, make the election, with the help of the media, about the character and personal life of a Republican opponent, and downplay the positions of the Democrat, in effect, making the Democrat invisible. During the Alabama special election, for example, one hardly saw mention of Moore's opponent: what did he advocate? It turns out he's pretty much a typical progressive, and the Dems found it convenient not to exhibit his beliefs and prescriptions in conservative Alabama. Instead, they focused on the politics of personal destruction, a repeat of what they tried with Trump. Moore, however, was no Trump, and just could not fend off the barrage of accusations hurled at him on a daily basis from a variety of accusers and their media enablers. It became impossible to separate fact from fiction, the credible from the incredible. I, for one, do not believe the accusations against Moore: it doesn't make sense that he was a rapid perv some forty years ago, and then suddenly stopped. No evidence, except a forged yearbook entry, was presented, instead the media gleefully went along with the unproven "pedo" label for Moore. We' re going to see that again and again.

This is not good for Al Franken and others of his ilk. That imbecile, for one, will now have no excuse not to resign. It will also not be good news for a number of politicians who will face accusations of a similar nature and will find that there is no longer due process: a lot of those are going to be Democrats as the gates are now open to these sort of accusations, be they authentic or not. Bill Clinton could not have survived in today's atmosphere. The coarsening of the debate will be immense.

The North Koreans work on their weapons of mass destruction in cooperation, it seems, with Iran. The jihadis continue to overrun Europe. The EU lectures us on not making a competitive tax regime. We will be debating whether somebody did something "inappropriate" forty years ago.


  1. Should one hope that Republicans play the game in the manner of Democrats? I'm guessing there's a fertile field to plow if only one takes a good, hard look...

  2. Democrats play the game for power no matter how it looks. Republicans play another game, one for integrity because they are more concerned with that. The R party is not called the Stupid party for nothing.

  3. The level of irresponsibility among Dems is breathtaking. They seem to believe that the events in this country go on in a vacuum with no reason to be concerned about what is going on in the world. This unholy quest for power at all costs cripples this nation's ability to meet the real challenges we face-- NK, Iran, China. This is the worst generation of political leadership in my 60+ years on the planet.

  4. JEFF Sessions, the first name is JEFF.

    1. Yes, thanks. My son dinged me about that this morning.

  5. In 2020, Jones will have to run on his record. If he votes
    with the Democrats, he'll be gone.

    My heart goes out to Roy Moore. I hope it's possible for him to bring a civil case against the NYT, WaPo, accusers and clear his name.

  6. The establishment media have become whores to the deep state elitist professional looting (oops governing) class. Every day, slowly and surely, more voters who want nothing more than to be left alone to live their own lives are recognizing this, and every day the establishment media loses it's credibility, the cancer of corruption eating away at its former dignified and objective reputation. Repudiation of the totalitarian elitists will come, I just pray it occurs sooner, before the rot cripples the future for the poor slobs in the generation that follow us and must salvage the mess they've inherited.. As an aside, I sincerely apologize to the fine professional "comfort" ladies for using the term "whore" to describe the main stream media slime. The ladies deserve more respect than that.

  7. The very debasement and disillusionment with our election integrity " the Russians" supposedly wanted above all, the Democrat party and national press are all on board to achieve. That was all made up btw... the Mueller stuff, and the revelations about the FBI and DOJ actively sabotaging the Trump campaign/admin is going to rip stuff apart. Tough times ahead for the country... but we'll be stronger on the other side .

  8. If Luther Strange, by no means a member of the swamp, had won the primary, he would have cruised to victory on Tuesday -- and hardly anyone would have taken notice. And his votes on the Senate floor would have been largely identical to Moore's.

    Instead, Republican voters a few months ago selected a candidate whose baggage included a lot more than the salacious accusations against him. He had been removed from the Alabama Supreme Court twice for defying lawful orders, and his statements could reasonably be construed to imply that things really weren't so bad under slavery after all.

    In other words, Moore was a throwback to the worst days of George Wallace.

    I mourn the loss of a crucial Republican vote in the Senate, but there were plenty of reasons to oppose him besides the sex allegations. If Doug Jones weren't such a pro-abortion fanatic, he probably would have won over Alabama voters by an even larger margin.

    On the bright side, Moore's defeat removes an albatross from the necks of Republicans nationwide, and probably saved a few GOP candidates in the 2018 elections, since they will no longer have to mumble their replies to questions about whether they support Moore.

    (The Bannonistas may now have the floor here.)

    1. Strange was certainly a member of the swamp--his Senate appointment was made under extremely shady circumstances. That having been said, while you're exaggerating Moore's problems, (he's nowhere near as bad as George Wallace was), the fact is that he isn't that popular in Alabama--in 2012, he got nine percentage points less in his run for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court than Romney got for POTUS.

  9. "Moore was a throwback to the worst days of George Wallace."

    The grandstanding was most similar to Wallace. His act of putting the 10 commandments in the Alabama court in defiance of the Federal court order was a close parallel to Wallace's "stand in the schoolhouse door" - an attention getting move to no good effect other than firing up his base. In his base there are a lot of people with a romantic view of going down fighting for a lost cause.

    1. If the 'lost cause' is 'racism', it's very much alive in the rest of the world.... encouraged by progressives, even... so long as it forms to the detriment of western civilization.

    2. I'm of the mind that if the Federal Courts are against the public display of the Ten Commandments, America has no law and morality.

      The progressives and their ilk have convinced us that:

      1. Worshiping the fad of thew moment is just fine ("today, I worship the hammer"...Sandburg).

      2. Idolize the [overbearing] state, [tentative] science, and above all, the Self [as the Old Deluder told Eve].

      3. Know the names of God and Jesus only as curses.

      4. No rest for anyone, even while scremaing loudly to be against oppression.

      5. Don't trust anyone over 30!--especially the parents who gave you life.

      6. Keep up the murder of the unborn. Our destruction of the modern woman's first child makes us not the new Rome, but the new Canaanites, Perizites, Hittites, Jebusites, etc.

      7. Adultery is now a sacrament for progs. Only monogamous, lifelong marriage is "sexual oppression".

      8. Theft--Of Course! Let the gummint loot us all for the sake of the progs' clients!

      9. Of course you should bear false witness--especially if it allows the media to take down your political opponent. Truth is no defense!

      10. Covet--of course!!!! Coveting whatever is your neighbors is how the progs get voting blocs!

      If Moore truly was a sexual predator, he deserved to lose. But his defiance of our courts' contempt for God and kowtowing to our Leagues of the Militant Idolatrous (I've yet to meet a truly godless or "atheistic" person) is something all of us should indulge in.

    3. I simply want to know if the military votes have arrived yet. Yes, the Dems make sure the military cannot vote via computer or other means except snail mail...which, arrives too late to count....
      IT is inconceivable that those who fight for freedom are treated this way.
      I would also love to remove from Democrat side all those dead who voted...something we experience here in TExas all the time.....

  10. "During my time working in the US Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, I met some diplomats who do not hold the US Government’s views. On the contrary, some of them held political views that were totally different to those of their administration, and some were even anti-Semitic. In addition, the expertise of the diplomats was not of the high standard that you would expect...This Department needs to be reformed from top to bottom to ensure that all diplomats are truly working for US interests. I am sure that it is the Department of State itself that will be the most reluctant to move its embassy to Jerusalem..."

    1. That article a really good point.. one that I've missed. Clearly the current intent of hamas and hiz'ballah is to fight as Iran's proxy in their empire-building efforts in Syria and its surroundings, not fight against Israel.

      I think the link-form of it would be

      - reader #1482

  11. Several years ago, I caught the train from central London to England's Third World airport. TV monitors in the carriages were carrying BBC propaganda about long-ago sexual misconduct by a then-dead disc jockey. Thought at the time -- the English have real problems to deal with; why waste time on this?

    Rather as crummy European TV shows end up getting remade later for US audiences, we find the US years later being subjected to the same pointless idiocy. It does lend credence to the idea that some clique of Davos men (Ooops! "Persons of indeterminated gender") are trying to run the world. Instead of trying out their plays in Off-Broadway runs, they first try them out on the mean streets of declining European cities.

  12. Is there another kind of attorney?