Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Friday, December 8, 2017

The Prog Weirdness Goes On

What passes for journalism in America took some major hits this week, or better said, inflicted some serious wounds on its already tattered reputation.

CNN, the most busted name in news!

Among other self-inflicted injuries we had the nonsense about candidate Trump directing his team to meet, i.e., "collude," with the Russians. It turned out, of course, that it was President-elect Trump, with the tacit OK of the Obama State Department, that asked this team to meet members of the UNSC to discuss the MidEast. This little bit of "gotcha" misreporting cost the stock market several hundred points, and led ABC to suspend for four weeks a well-known fabricator who appears daily on their broadcasts.

We also saw, of course, that CNN reported--"Gotcha!"--that Donald Trump, and his son Don, had received an email on September 4, 2016 alerting them to a Wikileaks cache of hacked DNC emails, and "encryption" code. It turned out to be nonsense with the hapless maliciously-intended CNN journalist apparently not seeing the email and misreporting its date. It turned out it was September 14, well after Wikileaks already had released the DNC info to the public, and it had appeared in several publications and websites.

The bizarre by-election in Alabama took another drive into the Twilight Zone when one of Moore's principal accusers admitted that she had forged at least part of the entry in her high school yearbook allegedly put there by Roy Moore. The lefties did not know what to do with that so they tried to ignore it and deflect by claiming that there were still "lots" of credible accusations of sexual misconduct against Moore . . . yeah, sure. And the coverage of the abominable Al Franken? The less said about that lying creep, the better, except to not that despite the press reporting to the contrary he has not resigned from the Senate, and I would give it 50/50 that if/when Moore wins, Franken will try to stay on. The media, of course, has virtually ignored the trial of Senator Menendez, one in which he faced credible, there's that word, accusations of corruption and cavorting with underage prostitutes.

And, of course, we have increasing evidence--as if it were needed--that the Mueller Russia probe is an expensive bunch of partisan nonsense. One of the chief investigators, it turns out, played a major role in helping Hillary avoid prosecution, and made no secret in texts to his fellow DOJ lover of his hatred for Donald Trump. Other information is coming out, despite media efforts to downplay or ignore it, that Mueller's staff is rife with anti-Trumpsters out to get the President, and that FBI has been heavily politicized, as commented here last year.

It's all too, too weird. But, but, but, just imagine if Trump had not won the election . . . .


  1. Russia, Russia, Russia... a headache for the globalists. Next year Russia is the host of the World Championship in football ( or soccer ), I dare say that this is the most important sports event in the world, well, maybe the Summer Olympics are a tiny bit bigger.Somehow Russia managed to catch hold of this arrangement ( oh, I am aware of the corruption in sports at this level ) and that must have been during the Obama years when the globalists still imagined that they could continue to rule the world via Hillary. But I just wonder what will happen now because I am sure "they" cannot allow Russia ( and the world ) to have nice, successful games. Remember Sotji ? They are probably plotting now. Another plane crash ? Something nasty in Ukraina ? "They" have already blocked Russia from participation in the Winter Olympics in South Korea. The stated reason is state intervention in doping during the Sotji Olympics. Well, I don´t know, might be some truth in that , Russians are famous for their "chemical enhancers", a legacy from the Soviet years, but I am sure that this business goes on in many other countries too. Russia is singled out. However, Putin handled this disgrace quite sensible, instead of banging his shoe in Chrustjevsque manner he simply said that they will investigate this and it is OK if the Russian athletes are allowed to compete under the Olympic flag which they are. He picks his fights carefully. I hope the famous red telephone in the Oval Office is working fine.
    Swedish lady

    1. Regarding the Russian doping scandal, there's a recent documentary on Netflix called "Icarus" that delves into this, quite effectively. Highly recommended...

    2. As far as I'm concerned, the 苛政 (nasty governments) of various pretentious, criminal, or fourth-rate powers use the Olympics and things like it to showcase their officially nurtured and trained athletes. It's a way of trying to claim that because the Demokratic Republik of Mecklenburg, Brandenburg, Pomerania, Saxony, and Thuringia has such a marvelous sports machine "for every citizen", then it must really be a first-rate place. Perhaps Adolf Hitler's refusal to acknowledge Jesse Owens back in the 1930's should've sounded a worldwide warning about how corruptible the whole thing was and remains.

      If Russia wants to host soccer games in Sochi, it's no skin off of my teeth, and I don't think that official America should worry about it in the least.

    3. While Putin is a KGB veteran, so he has certified dirty hands, he was well respected in the USA because, get this, he loved his country, and that O'Guy did not love his. I have no doubt that PDT will put on his negotiating hat again, and work it all out.

    4. Oops, not completely unknown, after all. MFA

  2. "admitted that she had forged ...": I thought that the internet was pretty quick to publicise that forgery. Why did it take so long for her to admit it? Quicker than O about his birth certificate I suppose.

    "just imagine if Trump had not won ...": yeah, better the absurd oaf than the appalling racketeer and warmonger.

    1. As a matter of fact, the absurd oaf may yet surprise us all. Shrillary Shrooooo was a monument to the sclerotic, inbred political class that has for too long dominated US elections. Trump was the shakeup the system has needed for quite some time.

    2. As an athiest, I reluctantly keep imagining Devine intervention ...

    3. Or maybe Musk's frisky virtual reality simulation programmer far in the future?

  3. 10,000 text messages between Strzok and his married FBI paramour ... it's a wonder they had time for screwing Trump ...

  4. If Trump had lost, he would have been stripped of his wealth by now by these phony charges. In fact these were set in motion for the very same reason, with the expectation that Hillary would win.

    1. Yep. They really didn't think he could or would win. Never. All of that effort was to completely destroy him AFTER she had won. And they fully intended to completely destroy him, financially, totally.... and use the levers of Government to do it.

    2. By God, that's a chilling suggestion.

    3. If the bag lady of the Bronx had won, this would all have vanished. I say that because the Democrats had shopped this novel on Trump to the media before the election, but couldn't get any traction. Indeed, it hasn't any now in and of itself.

      Rather, the stories we're seeing is of the nature of "where there's smoke, there's fire" (while carefully ignoring the bit about where the smoke is coming from). Indeed, there is a fire, but it now appears to be at the FBI and DOJ (as well as State and the IRS).

      Green Bear

    4. Nope.. you dont pay 12 million for a shitty dossier hoping that it may be picked up by journalists. This was used to get a FISA warrant and set the whole scheme in motion. Attempts to shop the dossier were half hearted at best. With the whole media behind Hillary, you think they could not have made an issue of it during the campaign if they had really tried?

  5. Would it be reasonable for Trump to publicly call for an investigation-complete date from Mueller? I mean, this thing is already dragging on with nothing that wasn't already expected.... if mueller won't commit, that will become a signal that even GOP trump haters can't ignore.

    - reader #1482

  6. COnservative Tree House now wonders aloud if the 9/4 date on the email was an attempt to smoke out the leaker. Hmm...

  7. At this point the fake news generators are only embarrassing themselves and demoralizing their followers, long may they continue.

    As to Alabama, all eight readers will be well versed with the Diplomad's first rule, if the polls say the result is close then the democrats are in real trouble, that is confirmed by attempts to make this a race plebiscite of whites v blacks. When in doubt play the race card. The result will be a walk-over for the Judge.

    Finally the Mueller probe is bizarre, Sessions should be getting the message to Mueller that he too should recuse himself, he and his team is far too compromised to provide a non-partisan report.

  8. Dip,

    Don't forget the bank records, which turned out a day later to be false like all the rest:

  9. So many things to comment on...

    If I were eligible, I would have voted for Moore in the primary knowing what I know then. If the primary were held now, I would probably vote for Luther Strange, just to minimize the distractions (though Trump somehow seems to thrive on distractions).

    I would have an easy decision in the general election, though. Roy Moore may have been a child molester forty years ago, but (as a thought experiment), suppose Moore were running against, say... Bill Clinton. Which candidate would be more likely to use his position to abuse women if he won? That was a rhetorical question, since everybody (here at least) KNOWS the answer to that.

    Bringing up things from the distant past always bothers me. What if he robbed a bank thirty years ago? What if he killed somebody thirty years ago (and did time)? Sorry, if they vote him in with knowledge of the accusations, that's fine with me (I may be partisan, but I am no hypocrit - I wouldn't want a Democrat to win in similar circumstances, but I would accept it).

    As for prior actions, if the Democrats can accept Alcee Hastings as a member of Congress (he had a sexual harassment allegation against him, too), they can't complain about Roy Moore.

    As much as I can't stand and disagree with the beliefs of Al Franken, I didn't think he needed to resign (won't be sorry to see him go, though). I believe all of the allegations occurred before he was elected, and he would have been permanently groveling and begging for forgiveness (plus seeing his face would have reminded people about what a creep he is). Conyers on the other hand HAD to go. That was plain and simple abuse of his office.

    Got to be at least a couple dozen other Congressmen with the guillotine over their heads (and they can't do anything about it, even if it happened many years ago). As soon as people speak up, they are gone.

    Finally (with the usual "I am not a lawyer" disclaimer), this attorney thinks it is going to be tough to get any conviction out of Mueller's probe. His theory makes sense to me, and I do hope that all of the FBI corruption is exposed (the sooner the better).

  10. It looks like there is a battle unfolding with the State Department hold overs.

    Wushy washy in the face of Trump's clear statement:


    Of course the claims that DoS has maintained peace and human rights are bogus. Arab Spring, rise of ISIS, and mass influx of "refugees" all happened on their watch. Glad to see them go.

  11. Damn right! I hope the door knob don't hit her where the good Lord split her...well actually, I do!

  12. Trump suborned by the Russians LOL. What do they have that Trump wants? Did they offer the billionaire money? Tell him he wouldn't have to be a flunky in the Trump Organization any more? Offer him hot chicks he could only dream of?

  13. Last fall when the whole Comey thing started breaking, I observed with great interest. My husband, who relies on me to bird dog this sort of stuff, finally asked me what I think. I was very reluctant to say that I thought Comey was dirty... It just didn't add up and, as I'm sure the majority of Americans wanted to believe, I had previously believed that the FBI was a bastion of non-partisan righteousness. BTW, I was disabused of that opinion of the DOJ shortly after Obama took office. Thank you Eric Holder.
    We make fun of people in the South marrying their cousins... I have never seen a more incestuous hive than what has come to light recently in DC. I am actually shocked!
    It is a combination of things:
    The MSM no longer controls the news cycle.
    Independent reporting, like the Daily Caller News Foundation, has a voice on the internet.
    I think, though I have no way to verify this, the Democrats went so far over the top during Obama, thinking they would have a Clinton Presidency, that they did a poor job of covering up.
    So, can I say that the Obama era was the most lawless admin in US history? No, I can't but that is because I have never had the sources that I have today. But I can tell you it sure seems that way.

  14. And...
    What are the odds that a judge that sits on the FISA court was also selected to hear Michael Flynn's pleas AND pass sentence? How many judges they got down there, one?
    This judge mysteriously recused himself from the sentencing phase...
    Why do you think that happened?
    My guess is that he was found out. When I first heard of this I thought this judge might have some integrity! Yeah, no. Had he had any integrity he would have recused himself immediately. He knew who Michael Flynn was.
    He was found out and didn't want the digging to go any further.