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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

State of the Union

I rush to write this because of the ongoing technical issues with the blog. I don't know if the blog might come down for a bit until I get this resolved. I, therefore, will not attempt any "fancy" things with this post; in my limited world, of course, "fancy" means linking and other techno marvels, as I don't want to rile unnecessarily the Gods of the Silicon Valley.

OK. Full disclosure before I turn to Trump's State of the Union address. In case the five or six readers of this humble exercise in pontification don't know it: I like Trump. I think he might be the best president we have had, at least in my lifetime. I am biased in favor of the man. There I said it. I like him because he doesn't fear to say what needs saying; no fancy circumlocution or circumventing. He comes out straight. He is not a Churchill, a Roosevelt, a Kennedy, or a Reagan when it comes to word output. He is blue collar. He talks like an Eric Hoffer. Hell, he talks like the guy sitting next to you in a bar, a very smart and crafty guy, that is.

Most of the address was blue collar common sense.

He did a terrific job laying out the accomplishments of his two years as President, which are considerable, both at home and abroad. The Dems, including the absurd "ladies in white" contingent  (they look like some sort of religious cult or a KKK meeting) could not figure out what to do when he stated, accurately, that we have the highest participation by women in the labor market, and the lowest unemployment rates for black, white, and Hispanic workers. Most of them couldn't bring themselves to clap. Some put on a silly dance routine which was meant to convey . . . who knows what? To the credit of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who seemed to be having denture problems judging from the odd faces she was making, she tried to keep the Dem contingent under control. The Diplowife said Pelosi reminded her of a chaperon taking unruly kids to the art museum. I think that's right, and Pelosi is losing that control, I might add.

Trump was dead on when he discussed the illegal immigration problem, and noted that certain wealthy people and politicians who oppose the border wall, in fact, live in mansions behind walls, gates, and armed guards. The President did a masterful job of using the Reagan tactic of introducing guests who highlighted the points he was making, including some who had relatives murdered by illegal aliens. He stole the Dem's thunder with his proposal to resist the federal prison guidelines (mostly established under Clinton) which send people, disproportionately African Americans, to very long prison stints even when they did not commit violence or had no previous records of violence. His comments on the Dem's blood thirst when it comes to abortion was very accurate. His depiction of the progo mania for late-term abortion was absolutely right, despite the convoluted explanations of the "fact checkers' (see below) of the progo media.

It was sad and unfortunate that a President of the USA has to declare that we are not, nor will we become a socialist country. What have we come to in this country that a President has to say that? I, however, did enjoy seeing Bernie Sanders go bright red as the Republicans chanted "USA! USA!" after Trump savaged socialism. Trump's comments on socialist Venezuela were right on target, too.

That brings me to some funny stuff. Try reading the "fact checking" by the New York Times and others. Hilarious. They try to label things as false or misleading which are neither. Read it. Have a good laugh. Try not to get too angry when you read how they try to explain away late-term abortion, i.e., infanticide.

A few things got left in the ink well. I think a shout out to the Covington teens so maligned by the media would have been nice. I would have liked a specific mention of the coal miners and steel workers going back to work in industries which we were told were dead. But, those are minor quibbles.

The President had a good night.


  1. And he was on point that we owe it all to those brave and patriotic American boys that stormed the beaches in the Pacific and Atlantic.

  2. I see the point of infanticide if a babe is born with obvious physical or mental defects. Many civilisations have practised this (including our own, though only on the sly).

    I don't see the point of infanticide of a healthy babe - why not just give it away for adoption?

    I especially loath the idea of infanticide branded as abortion, though I'm not entirely sure why I find that particular political lie so disgusting.

    1. A lot of older civilizations had little option but to abandon those who can't or fail to contribute, as life was often harvest-to-harvest. There's a certain pragmatic accountability there that nobody today can second guess (though our angry left will certainly try).
      I believe we are fortunate to be in such times where poverty is political, rather than an inability for society to maintain a consistent supply of food and housing.

      - reader #1482

    2. Infanticide of the unsurvivables is, as horrible as it is, should be a discussable topic. Using infanticide of unsurvivables as a way to justify wholescale murder is disgusting. And shameful.

    3. I know too many unsurvivables who are now productive members to countenance that in the current era. Same reasoning can be used to eliminate broad swathes of 'deplorable' populations, imo.

      - reader #1482

    4. Today's unsurvivables are tomorrow's--or even this afternoon's--successful experiments in life-saving medicine. Reagan's Surgeon-General Everett Koop, for all his being maligned as a koik by the MSM, got famous for pioneering certain kinds of life-saving pre-natal surgery.

      I am especially shocked that the Governor of Virginia is viewed as unfogiveable for his youthful hijinks of wearing blackface but is not being hanged and burned in effigy over his advocating moment-of-birth abortion.

  3. I would have liked a specific mention of the coal miners and steel workers going back to work in industries which we were told were dead.

    Despite the boom, employment in both those sectors is well below the what they were at the start of 2016.

    I certainly like the parts where he called for more medical research and better family leave.

    1. That is incorrect.

      I see you didn't like the parts where he called for American security and an end to endless wars.

    2. Coal mining job numbers from BLS:
      Was 47,300 in January 2016; 45,300 in December 2018

      Metal production
      Was 299,200 in January 2016; 296,00 in January 2019

      Though, perhaps you don't think those differences are "well below", just below.

      In particular, gas has become cheaper than coal and solar has become close in price. Unless we start subsidizing coal, why would it ever come back?

      Everyone likes more security and fewer wars. I'm sure he also says "babies are cute". We have disagreements on where/how to improve security and to get out of military entanglements.

    3. Sorry, the link for metal production above should be https://data.bls.gov/timeseries/CES3133100006.

    4. Dirty progressives like you love to lie by twisting statistics, "One Brow". Cherry picking is the common term for what you did.

      The damage Obama did to the industry had its greatest effect from 2015 through the beginning of 2016 and only started to reverse itself mid-2016 - when Obama was a lame duck. Under Trump the number of jobs is maintaining a slow growth even without the "green" subsidies that solar has. You are a liar.

      Are you proud of your lies?

    5. Off The Wall,

      Cons hate statistics, because they can't just feel their way to a truth. The truth is that coal has been declining for decades, well before Obama, because it's being out-competed by other sources of energy.

      I don't need to lie, and I'm not ashamed of spreading the truth. I do feel pity for you, if the only response you have to reality is to accuse others of lying to you about it.

    6. One Brow, You need to check your stats. According to the IEA global coal production has grown steadily for several decades. It took a slight dip in 2016 but has resumed it's upward march. US coal production is also up as are our exports.

    7. DiploMad,

      You said, referring to the US State of the Union, "the coal miners and steel workers going back to work in industries which we were told were dead". That was wrong. I made no claims at all about global coal industry employment, nor about US coal production. Nor do I have stats, the US Dept. of Labor has stats that I quoted.

      I know cons have trouble with the notion of progress, but I bet if you think about it real hard, you can come up with a reason, maybe even two, why there would be no increase in coal mining jobs even when there is an increase in coal production.

  4. Overall a powerful and enjoyable experience, full of envigorating messages and true heartbreak.

    I do admit I was crying when he talked about the Holocaust survivors and being saved by the Americans.

  5. That was onehellofa speech, and I'm glad I watched it! It was a speech to bridge the partisan divide, which it won't, since the Dems are stuck on stupid & are intransigent, but not for any defect in the speech. It was a great speech, and far more diplomatic than I'd expected.

    It was sad to see the contingent of women who I'm told were Democrats, i.e. donkeys, but they appeared more like asses to me; nevermind, the photoshoppers have already added the KKK hoods that got left in the foyer. If AOC let her mouth close for a moment, I must've missed it; glad I wasn't sitting near her.

    I was amused watching Nasty Nancy chewing her cud behind the President as he made his speech, and also greatly amused that she seemed to have little control over her herd, who even stood & clapped the President, then chanted "USA- USA- USA!" Maybe Nancy's time is running out faster than she thinks!

  6. The crazier they get the more the middle will see how fucking insane they are.

  7. He drove the Left right over the edge with that speech.
    In some ways, he's learning how to be a "politician." Mostly, he's using his showmanship skills to further his agenda.

    I just hope he doesn't learn the politician "skill" of lying to his supporters.

  8. Speaking of those women:


    For those familiar with Asian cultures, white is the colour of death and mourning.

    Socialism: it's a Death Cult.

  9. Yes a good speech. Marking out territory into the next election. You can vote for me or those socialist lunatics hiding inside their pussy hats and white dresses. Nice that a senior advisor that hasn't resigned is a New Zealander. Common sense and number 8 wire might get that wall built.

  10. I just hope he builds the damn wall. This is not negotiable with his base.

    1. No, it's not negotiable. Also, he has to do something about all the multiple millions that are already here.
      Slam any employer that is employing them.
      Jail time...not a slap on the wrist.

      Give some citizenship on a case by case basis...send the others back.
      Fix the migrant worker programs also.