Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Monday, February 17, 2020

Reflections on This and That, and can "Mike get it done?"

Well, we have begun the long process of preparing our new house in Wilmington for human habitation. With the legal and financial stuff out of the way, we initiate the horrid process of moving furniture and other goodies into the place. We already have had one little Diploventure involving Diplodog and Diplowife. The new property has a very nice salt water pool and Hartza, our 100 lb. Akita/Shepherd, found it very intriguing. He became particularly obsessed with a floating plastic frog that has a thermometer serving as a keel. Hartza wanted to grab that thing, and would wait patiently at the edge of the pool for the frogometer to float by, and, of course, you guessed it: on one pass-by, he lunged for froggie, missed, slipped, and head first into the pool he went. I laughed mightily, but the Diplowife who considers Hartza beyond special jumped into the rather frigid pool, fully clothed, to "rescue" the canine. She did, dragging him to the stairs where he climbed out under his own power. The fun never stops.

Speaking of people jumping into frigid pools--watch this segue--ol' uber-rich Mike Bloomberg, the ex mayor of my birthplace, NYC, has jumped into the candidate pool, protecting himself from the frigid waters with a multi-billion dollar wetsuit of ceaseless TV, radio, and social media adverts telling us "Mike can get it done!"

What it is that he "can get done" is left vague, but with clear lefty overtones--e.g., gun "safety," lots of images of him with Obama (take that Joe!) It seems, there's that word, that this lavish spending, in fact, has pushed him up in the opinion polls against the Dems' other lackluster candidates; he has been sucking the oxygen out of the room, drawing lots of attention to himself and generating speculation about how he will save the Dems from impending disaster in November--even some talk of his picking Crooked Hillary as Veep. Yeah, yeah, we'll see. He, of course, has yet to take to the debate stage or test himself in an actual vote. Money does not always win the election; I refer Mike to 2016, wherein Crooked Hillary vastly outspent Donald Trump and still lost.

Even more important, the knives have begun to come out for Mike, and slash away at his plush wetsuit. We already have seen the beginnings of a "MeToo" problem for Mike, and, of course, in leaked comments, he has revealed his arrogant, elitist soul for all to see with his outrageous comments about farmers, implying that what they do requires minimal intelligence and has even less importance. I hope the folks in Iowa, Idaho, Wisconsin, Texas, Montana, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Ohio, the Dakotas, the Carolinas, and elsewhere all across this great country take in his view of people outside of the Blue bubbles where he lives and operates. See what he thinks of you? Think he would be your president? He also wants to shut down the coal and the oil industries, kill the unborn at will, take your guns, kill you if you're old, tell you what to eat and drink, if you're black or brown throw you up against a wall and frisk you, and, to top it off, he thinks that you're stupid.

Nice. Very nice.

Oh, and remember, he's the MODERATE Dem candidate . . .

BTW, I wonder how long Mike would survive as a farmer or fracker?

He's just another member of the Democrat Clown car, the only difference being that he owns his own limo.


  1. Bloomberg's anti-gun position, and history of propping up every anti-gun group or candidate is an immediate disqualifier. I am not even considering how much of a nanny state proponent he is, which is no doubt derived from being a toffee nose.

    However, given a choice between Bernie and Bloomberg, I'll take Bloomberg. Bernie is a whole lot closer to national socialist than than regular socialist. I guarantee Bernie supporters are going to become increasingly violent, as they are the entirety of the "Antifa" membership without their masks on, but they have the mask handy when it comes time for violence.

    I feel that under Bloomberg, I'll have to hide my firearms, but I will have a chance at retirement. With Bernie, I foresee poverty making a huge comeback.

  2. Maybe fifteen or so (?) years ago I listened to Mike Bloomberg give a college graduation speech. He sounded so full of himself that it was actually painful to hear him talk. I cannot believe he will get anywhere close to being president -- to hear him talk for any length of time is to realize how little he thinks of anyone but himself.

  3. Hillary saw how much cash the Biden's were able to rake in as VP and figures teaming up with DoomBurg would allow her to restart the Clinton Laundering Foundation.
    Of course if Doomy did win with VP Hillary, I suspect his suicide would follow not long afterward.

    1. And Hillary would be the first person in his office after his suicide, just like Vince Foster's... just this office would be the oval one.

      - reader #1482

    2. A Bloomberg "suicide" would be like that of the poet Mayakovsky in the hands of the NKVD. His last words before his suicide were "don't shoot, comrades!"

  4. The other Mike, Mike Pence, had a wonderful response to Bloomberg's catastrophic farmers comments.

  5. We had a black president. Maybe it's time for a jewish president?

    1. OK. Can you find a good one? To be clear, Sanders, Bloomberg, Klobuchar, Steyer, etc. are NOT GOOD ONES. Trump has a Jewish daughter and grandchildren, so maybe he's a good Jew? I leave that question to folks who know more than I do about the subject.

    2. If considering a racial or ethnic origin is a valid consideration to qualify a Presidential candidate, then by logical inference, it is a valid consideration to disqualify a Presidential candidate.

      (Of course, everybody knows this is the reality - no Christian would ever be elected Prime Minister of Israel).

      Thus, given SidVic's own supposition, a Jewish candidate is unqualified to be President of a Christian nation for a multitude of reasons. For example, any reasonable person will wish to be governed by people of similar values, traditions, history, blood ties, etc - rather than be ruled by people of foreign values, adversarial traditions, historic detractors, etc.

      Who would want to be ruled by a foreigner if given a choice, who's loyalties are not to the native People, but to those who think the People are "barbarians", "gentiles", and "livestock" for slaughter? The Peruvians are still agitated after being ruled by the Japanese, who's viceroy, a "Peruvian 'President'", fled Peru for his true home country, Japan.

      (The Peruvians, essentially, in choosing Japan made a deal with what they thought the lesser of multiple evils [foreigners] between the Jews, the Chinese, the Americans, the Cubans, etc)

      The Soviet Jews did the same in the former Soviet states when their rule collapsed in the late 1980s. They were not "driven out". They left willingly for "greener pastures" (and better "livestock"), many going to Western Europe and America.

      Bloomberg and Bernie would do the same, no matter what their protestations to the contrary - nobody pretends to believe they have any loyalty to America, not even their followers - indeed, their common bond is their mutual hatred and contempt for America's Founding, its Christianity, its history and traditions.

      I have no problem with Israel's identity as a Jewish State as a Principle (If only Jews would acknowledge the logical inference in other countries. Bloomberg and Bernie certainly don't.

      What they clearly have a problem with is America's identity as a Christian State, one steeped in their religious enemy's traditions and history - for this American culture acts as an immune and prevents the likes of Bloomberg and Bernie from turning America into a new Soviet Union.

      It is not a mistake that the Soviet Jews (Bolsheviks) destroyed Christian churches, congregations and outlawed beliefs before and after their triumph in 1917. Even singing Christmas carols merited execution as meted out by the Jews.

      Religion is the soul of a country, and it is the spiritual bulwark against corruption and destruction by the self-styled "Chosen" of other religionr as (who would seek to rule the "non-Chosen").

    3. 1) Ivanka is not loyal to America - from illegal immigration to gun control to Marxism, she shares the same traits as Bloomberg and Bernie.

      From an outsider's perspective, the fact that she ingratiates herself to the Jewish community as being "Jewish", gives regular Americans fairly obvious warning.

      2) Just because she is married to Kushner, don't be mistaken in thinking Jews consider her Jewish.

      From another perspective, many Jews don't consider her (or her children) Jewish at all, and it goes beyond the maternal lineage from which most Jewish sects think they descend [for more reference, consult the Talmud and other Rabbinic codes as it deals with gentiles in Jewish law].

      For many Jews in NYC especially as in the likes of Bloomberg, Ivanka is still a Goy trying to enter their circle - a "useful" wannabe, mind you (Jared's marriage to her doesn't change this). Again, I think this has more to do with effete snobbery as anything with Jewish laws (though the Judaic legal pretext is often used).

      3) Ivanka was notorious for denigrating the Patriarch of her family (The Don) in polite company long before his Presidential campaign, be it Hedgefund managers or the NBA commissioner and his entourage.

      This shouldn't be that surprising given her own campaign to ingratiate herself to the NYC and Jewish body politic. It's also no surprise she essentially "disappeared on vacation" in the runup to the 2016 Presidential election, making nice with the NYC elite, including the Clintons.

      In all honesty, I think her opportunism puts her in perfect company with the Jews and their "Red Americans" (no, that's not a reference to "Republicans").

      It's also no surprise that Don Jr and Eric Trump, heirs to the Trump Organization, remained steadfast in support of their father down to the last mile in the Presidential marathon - their political and financial fortunes rise and fall with Trump's political legacy.

      4) Ivanka has clout precisely because she has the potential to steal the Trump political legacy and turn it on its head - no, she is not playing a "Good Cop"; there are reasons why Communists and Prime Ministers alike regarded her and Jared as a card to play AGAINST Trump - because as saavy as Trump is in business and salesmanship (and politics), he's still a father.

      And Ivanka has a well-heeled history of forgetting (or disregarding) that she is Donald Trump's daughter.

    4. Dr Weasel, Amy Klobuchar is not Jewish. She is of Swiss and Slovenian descent. As for Tom Steyer, his father was a non-practicing Jew, and his mother was Episcopalian.

    5. Rykehaven, there is something a bit...BROWN...about your two are aware the Diplomad is Jewish, right? By the way you seem like QUITE the expert on Jews (presumably) without being one...

    6. Brown??

      Point of fact diplomad is Sephardic. I think rykehaven was talking about the Ashkenazis lol. Certainly got triggered didn't he.

    7. @Anonymous

      1) I wrote 2 extensive, substantive and detailed posts. And the only response you can come up with is Ad-hominem and identity politics?

      It's like like the Democrats sifting through Trump's extensive publicized record...and being relegated to inventing the Russian Collusion hoax and shouting "Anti-semite".

      As one might say: "That all you got?"

      2) I don't care if Diplomad is Jewish or not. I don't care if I'm Jewish or not. My posts stand on their own merits. I'm an anonymous internet handle, like you, so take it for what it is. Corroborate it, refute it, consider it, dismiss it, keep it, delete it; it changes little to nothing.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. *Deleted previous and Edited by adding paragraph breaks

      I was talking about neither Sephardic, nor Ashkenazi specifically.

      While the differences between the two may seem philosophically and stylistically important (intra-Judaically) and are distinctive from an academic and clerical perspective, the practical similarities between them are more important than the differences in the wider context of the world.

      Which is a snobby way of saying: The world is full of Goys - a far-FAR greater number than both Jewish sects combined - and as both are trying to bury Goys in debt, the Goys don't care whether Jarchi or Maimon think the mitzvahs are kosher when dealing with each other in Tiberias or Iberia - the Goys care primarily that both trying to bury the Goys.

      Just as white-tailed deer don't know about ballistic coefficient, sectional densities, and second-season hunting regulations...but you can be sure he knows the Man-in-camo is gunning for him.

      Most Christians don't read most of the Halacha (Oh, good Lord, No, most) just as most Christians don't read most of the Koranic jurisprudence and Hadith. But they do know the essentials, as per Jesus' critique of "jurisprudence", when dealing with Jews and Muslims.

      Why do you think Americans are so resistant to globalism in so many respects? Why are World Communists (globalists) so intent on destroying Christianity? Why are Jews inherently so enamored of World Communism?

      [rhetorical questions]

      Why and how does Christian culture against usury provide an immunity for America?

      Why does how Judaic culture act like HIV-1 on that immune system?

      Why do most Americans despise a banking system who's charter allows Jews to expand the currency supply using debt, far beyond its deposited reserve (Nevermind the Federal reserve Con), then pass it amongst themselves creating mountains of more debt - something that would put other Christian Americans in jail?

      What does this have to do with the tension between Christians and Jews?

      Why is the government enforcing bad debts to begin with?

      Why do you think Christians take pride that Christ actually had a productive profession, while Jews typically look down on productive-manual labor?

      Why do Christians care about what happened in the Soviet Union when Jews - moneychangers and white-collar workers - who had no experience or cultural regard for agricultural labor - took over the country's agricultural production?

      And finally:

      Do you now realize how HORRIFIED American Christians were to hear Bloomberg talk the way he did about Farmers?
      Christians know about Jews like Bloomberg. He repels every fiber of their religious culture - whether they articulate it or not, whether the media reports it or not - and whether he's Haredi, Hasidic, Mizrahi, etc, is besides the point.

    10. I missed a paragraph break at the end, but I'm not deleting and reposting.

      Have a good weekend.

    11. It is not my practice to delete offensive and nonsensical posts, so I won't in Rykehaven's case. Regular readers of this blog are very intelligent and can see through the anti-semitic nonsense he/she/they posts. Ryke posts this crap all over the internet; he's obsessed with Jews and thinks he knows something which he doesn't. Just an ignoramus with access to a key board.

    12. Rykehaven, respectfully, your laborious tome is as invalid as the phlogiston theory. It is no longer necessary to refute phlogiston theory point-by-point just as it is unnecessary to make proofs that the Moon is not made out of green cheese.

  6. Spot on Dip. I would only add that mini-Mike also owns all the OTHER limos. :)

  7. Nothing says: "I'm working for you, the people of America." by showing up in a limousine to a clown-car-rally.
    My impression has been that Trump's brilliance has been in *not* attempting to claim "he's just an ordinary Bob like you" like so many of these clowns (on both sides of the aisle), but rather "I will make you ordinary Bobs a deal where you vote for me, and I prioritize stuff the way you want it, rather than the way a bunch of career politicians and their lobbyists want it. On my side, I get to be President and have the news singularly focused on my every move for maybe 8 years."
    Biden is among the worst... constantly "going back to his roots"... which represented just the tiniest sliver of his many many years. "Yeah, I'm just like you.." no Joe.. no.. you aren't.
    Hillary's handlers spent inordinate amounts of time and money attempting to make her 'relatable'. But she isn't... because she's sacrificed her life for political ambitions. And while Trump is definitely not "a regular middle class guy", the difference is he's not pretending to be.
    Nobody on the democrat field can compete with that because they're all hiding the reasons they seek higher office.
    "Oh no, it's not about my vanity and love of power... it's about being green and being social justic'y' and standing up for the little guy." - the lies of any democratic candidate (and many GOP)
    "It's about my vanity and love of power not some stupid pretend-values, but I'll make you voters a deal on the things you care about so we can both get what we want..." - Trump

    Another thing... does Trump give speeches to 'elite' groups at all? My impression has been 'no', unless perhaps it's rallying for some down-ballot candidate? Dunno for sure. He certainly doesn't tweet to the 'elite'.

    - reader #1482

  8. My father (died in '75 at 65) always said, "There will never be a Jewish President of the United States during my lifetime." I'm 79 this year and have been telling my kids the same thing. And it will be true for many more years to come.

  9. Bloomberg is a BSEE and so is smart by that metric. He is also an engineer and many engineers lack social skills, of which he is an example. He seems to have an inflated view of his ability to solve non-EE problems. Trump spent 40 years dealing with construction, finance and politicians.

  10. Hey Diplomad - Bloomberg has no core other than being an arrogant’Master of his own ego’ - he was fine with stop question and frisk until he needed to appeal to the Democrats- he is one of these bullies who thinks just because he was a success in his business and in running for mayor that the road to the White House is a walk in the park - well it isn’t and I enjoyed thoroughly how the other Dems ignored the true enemy - Sanders - and ganged up on mini- mike! More confusion to the Democrats is fine with me - it will be like 1824, when the Democratic-Republicans could not limit their candidates so their no was meaningless, which made the ‘victory’ hollow and laid the groundwork for PreS.Jackson! Also in 1860 the Dems split , and Lincoln won, all my best to you- Nat C. From brandeis

  11. Hey Diplomad - Bloomberg has no core other than being an arrogant’Master of his own ego’ - he was fine with stop question and frisk until he needed to appeal to the Democrats- he is one of these bullies who thinks just because he was a success in his business and in running for mayor that the road to the White House is a walk in the park - well it isn’t and I enjoyed thoroughly how the other Dems ignored the true enemy - Sanders - and ganged up on mini- mike! More confusion to the Democrats is fine with me - it will be like 1824, when the Democratic-Republicans could not limit their candidates so their no was meaningless, which made the ‘victory’ hollow and laid the groundwork for PreS.Jackson! Also in 1860 the Dems split , and Lincoln won, all my best to you- Nat C. From brandeis