Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Corruptocrat Joe Shuffles to the Door . . .

It seems that all those Ukrainian voters in Iowa and New Hampshire have exacted their revenge on Joe "Hunter did nothing wrong" Biden.

Boy, I never knew that the tentacles of Ukraine could reach into the bountiful heartland and into the craggy ol' granite state. Got to hand it to those Ukrainian organizers for getting all those folks to vote for Bernie "Honeymoon in the USSR" Sanders, and Pete "Did Nothing for South Bend" Buttigieg. Amazing.

Can't wait for Joe to realize he got outplayed by the "lying, dog-faced, pony soldier" oligarchs in Kyiv. Heirs of Tyrone Power, call your lawyer! Get those royalties before Joe runs out of dough!

This humble blog had long predicted the inevitable demise of Joe Biden. Almost a year ago, I wrote,
I've always seen him as a pompous bore, and, frankly, not terribly bright. I mean, folks, please, in 1988, he plagiarized from Neil Kinnock, yes, Neil Kinnock, another not very interesting, pompous bore full of conventional establishment "wisdom." If you're going to steal speeches from Kinnock . . . well, never mind. 
In sum, if Biden ever had a "best-if-used-by" date he appears to have passed it--as we will see. < . . . >
As we can see from the score or so of calamities now running or about to run for the Dem nomination in 2020, the ground in the Democratic Party, the world's oldest political party, has shifted radically. Poor Joe, apparently, did not get the memo, the one that says white guys not welcome, or he misunderstood it, "That can't mean me! I love women! I love black people! I don't want them back in chains!" He thought, I guess, that he could gain an exemption from the identity politics mantra.
To prove himself worthy of such an exemption, Joe proceeded to do what Joe does best: give bad speeches. He berated "white male culture"; he made fun of English jurisprudence; and, in a bid for feminist votes, even fell for that nonsensical story about the origins of "rule of thumb." He apologized for being a white guy on the Senate committee that dealt with black Anita Hill's nonsensical accusations against black Clarence Thomas. Joe, really, really wants to be with it . . .
I wrote other postings expressing, to put it mildly, doubts about Ol' Joe (here and here, for example.) He, simply put, is a doddering, tottering fool who should never have been allowed back on the stage. He was a fool as a young man and remains so in his senior years. I find it highly painful to watch and hear him.

He should retire quietly to enjoy the millions he and his crooked family have made over the years from politics. I think, frankly, we will not have long to wait for Joe to shuffle away, muttering about his loyalty to Obama, about his confrontation with Corn Pop . . . and on and on.

That will leave the Democrats with an avowed Marxist, or what we Cold War veterans would call a Communist, a completely fake gay white version of the fake black Obama, a couple of lesser lights who have managed to keep their "accomplishments" well hidden from view, and a fabulously wealthy fraud who is financing his own campaign and repudiating his accomplishments as mayor of New York to gain the favor of the "woke" crowd.

To quote that famous Ukrainian, Oliver Hardy, "Another nice mess you have gotten us into!"


  1. "Gird yer loins" was a admonition to Hunter, I think.

    1. I hear Hunter pays professionals to gird his loins

  2. It is interesting to compare this with the recent election in the UK, in which the main change from the previous election was that the Labour Party lost about 20% of its prior votes. (Votes for the Tory Party were little changed). Post-election surveys have shown that, while Brexit was a factor for some former Labour voters, the main issue was the unlikability and Far-Leftness of the Labour leader.

    But with Biden out the way, it is tough to see an appealing candidate in the rest of the field. And if Her Divine Empress Hillary is forced on Democrats at a brokered convention, people may end up missing old Biden.

    The continuing conundrum is that the Democrat Party is really Number One. It has turned much of the US into functionally One Party States, and is the dominant political force in the nation. Yet its bench strength is minimal -- as evidenced by the Congressional role of the Women In White.

    The analogy is so strong to the gerontocracy which oversaw the death of the Soviet Union -- the Party had complete control, yet almost zero Up & Coming talent. (OK, the dying Soviet Communist Party had a few hard men like Putin, but no serious bench strength).

    1. For many reasons, I think the analogies and parallels some people try to draw between the American events and British events are bunk. The levers of power and their leveraged weights differ immensely, from voting systems to the cultural zeitgeists to the presence of credible "armed revolt" in one, and a lack of credibility on the other.

      Are British armed citizens going to assemble and outnumber the resident police force? With British equivalents of National Guardsmen Commanders and troops openly stating they will refuse to enforce the Executive Royal/Governor order to confiscate their citizens' arms? Are British citizens even going to hold a token demonstration in the UK.

      Not gonna to happen.

      They have relationships that should be paid attention to (The Democratic Party's hoaxes against Trump by "Her Royal Majesty's" officers Robert Hannigan and Alexander Downer to name just a couple), but a general comparison of the two systems obfuscates more than it elucidates.

    2. Putin was never a Communist Party member, nor a bureaucratic/industrial head, nor on the Central Committee, etc.

      Not that he didn't want to be at the time - I believe he did as anybody in the KGB or FSB would - but the Soviet Union dissolved before he could enter the contemporary elite - and despite his public pronouncements that the Soviet collapse was a disaster for the "Soviet" People (moot point), the truth is that he never would have been able to rise in the ranks, if the old Soviet system was still in place.

      Putin may not have understood that when he was younger and watched teh decline of Soviet and post-Soviet Russia, but he of all people definitely understands that now.

      After all, the Communist Party and more importantly its nomenklatura was dominated by Jews.

      One of the biggest events in the Soviet Union's collapse was the death of Lazar Kaganovich, one of the original Bolsheviks and arguably the most powerful man in Communism, behind and beyond the Iron Curtain.

      It's not that the Soviets didn't have a "bench" - merely that the people in power were unfit to rule those like Putin from within, in a time when Reagan chose to challenge their right to rule from without.

      The Nomenklatura in the Soviet Union - what Americans call "The Deep State" - were dominated by Kaganovich's people, from the Gusinsky clan to the Abramovich clan. These Jewish Bolsheviks essentially "owned" the Soviet state enterprises and means of production, from Oil to Telecommunications.

      Communism, after all, is simply "Capitalism for me, but not for thee".

      It is no mistake that these same people became "oligarchs" when the Soviet Union collapsed - the fact that they owned and benefited privately from these state-controlled industries and assets didn't change. What changed was that the Communist conceit of "We do it for the good of the People" was dispelled.

      The story of the Soviet Union is, in a large sense, the liberation of the "White Russians" (majority, traditional, religious) from the domination of the Bolsheviks and their subordinate "Red Russians" (minority, post-modern, secular). Putin, who once sought to ingratiate himself to the Nomenklatura (The Reds), in order to join it, eventually had to choose between the former and the latter.

      If you think Trump taking on Obama holdovers is "brutal", imagine what Putin has faced in Kagonovich's truly murderous and mendacious holdovers. Obama is but a craven poseur, compared to the original people of Marx - the true and committed Communists.

      Putin prevailed over and demoted these people to "equal status" with mongrel Russian peasants, even daring to prosecute the Jewish oligarchs (Trump's administration barely goes after pawns like Epstein, never even thinking of Epstein's boss, Les Wexner). It's no surprise that Jews and their white-secular handmaidens around the world, from Israeli politicians to American Media moguls, hate Putin with a vengeance; it very rarely seems to enter their conscience (if they have one) that their generational rule in the Soviet Union and its aftermath led to mass-murder and misery - such that even privileged Soviet Jews found it uncomfortable and bayed for greener pastures in other countries in the late 80s.

      Putin's reforms (which has led to their waning power) have resulted in a renaissance among the Russian people, materially and culturally. The rehabilitation of the Romanovs (incidentally one of America's oldest historic allies), the restoration of the Orthodox Church, the open questioning of Soviet-state-sanctioned history, etc.... demonstrates the divide between the revitalization of the Russian People, and the Jewish and secular rage which once oppressed so many under Soviet rule.

    3. The Soviet Union may have been birthed partly thanks to a large number of disgruntled intellectuals of Jewish origin, and aided by the dislike the Jews of the Tsarist Empire felt toward the Tsar's regime (and who could blame them), but it was by no means the Jewish thing that so many anti-Semites made it out to be. Neither Lenin, Stalin, Kalinin, and numerous others were of Jewish origins. Stalin ended up believing he was to be poisoned by Jewish doctors. In the Middle East, the Soviets backed the translation into Arabic and publication of that Tsarist Okhrana fraud entitled _The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion_. Last of all, when the Soviet Union fell, Lazar Kaganovich had been suffering fro senile dementia for years.

      As far as Communism elsewhere, no-one could accuse Angela Davis and Gustavus Adolphus (Kosta) Hallberg (aka Gus Hall) or Earl Browder of being Jews. Ze'ev Suffot, Israel's first ambassador to the PRC, recalled Chinese Communists accusing foreign Jewish comrades of introducing "fanaticism" into the original "humane" Chinese Communist movement--as if Mao's real name were Murmeltier, and he was born in Galicia, rather than in Shaoshan, Hunan. It seems that since the fall of the Soviet Bloc, the world has to go back to the shopworn "Jewish conspiracy" on which to blame everyone's self-inflicted ills.

      BTW, there is an international, ancient Jewish plot to put the world under the rule of a Jewish king. It's called Christianity.

    4. We clearly will not see eye-to-eye.

      Communism may not be an exclusively Jewish predisposition, but Judaism today is and has always been central to the philosophy of Communism, probably even before the Jewish Dhimmis of Andalusia or the Pharisees (Gravity and Economics existed before Newton and Aristotle).

      The Romanovs rightly distrusted the Jewish communities, much as Europeans distrusted Gypsies, and colonial Americans distrusted Indians, and today's Americans distrust and Africans - not for any false prejudice, but for justified self-defense - the latter typically preyed on the former with corrupt and barbaric tendencies (and the Romanovs were not the first and hardly the last to recognize this regarding Jews). I would also dispute your Soviet treatise, to say the least, as Red Herrings and outright falsity. Besides, it is the Babylonian Talmud and its translation from mostly Middle Aramaic that has exposed Jews throughout the centuries - and for good reason.

      The Chinese Communists have a history with Jews as do most countries - perhaps the most relevant to the modern CCP is the Jewish financing (of all nationalities, American, British, German), support, and alliance with the Imperial Japanese with which the Japanese famously purchased resources to build their Empire and military, even from America (with which they needed dollars). Needless to say, they provided the seed money needed to create another Central bank in Manchukuo where the Japanese monopolized the currency - an arrangement similar to the San Fransisco chapter of the Federal Reserve.

      And Jesus Christ was not Jewish - for many reasons, but I will list two:

      1) The current Jews are not descended from one of the thirteen tribes - indeed, the vast majority aren't even Semitic, but a mix of European and Turkish - mostly, they're "White". People who fall for the "Anti-Semite" canard are like those who believe George Zimmerman is "White". Today's Jews are converts of ethnicites apart from the inhabitants of Judea, and do NOT follow the Old Testament; the bare few that do (These are the real "Judeo-Christians") are very much hated by Jews as Apostates (as they are rightly regarded as "non-Jews", and closer to "Christians").

      Knowing this, Christians refer to the biblical Judeans as "Israelites" knowing its true biblical meaning, whereas the current Jews who attempt to pose as one of the thirteen tribes are "Israelis" (big difference).

      2) "Jewish" is a modern word that originated sometime after the Enlightenment, and referred to the Babylonian Jews - often pejoratively for the above reasons - who's philosophy dates to the time of their capture in Babylon Anno Domini - NOT Before Christ - and who's meaning bears no resemblance to the biblical understanding.

      The English Biblical term of "Judean" refers to anyone who lived in Judea, a geographical region. Proscribing a religion or ethnicity to a geographical region is as senseless as proscribing such to a "New Yorker".

      In short, referring to "Jews", much less a "Jewish King" is ahistorical.

    5. To put it another way: Jesus Christ was not a "landed" King. For your understanding, he was a "Religious Leader", so to speak.

      His Kingdom was not that of a Roman Province.

      Calling him a "Jewish King" is wrong in so many ways, my head spins.

      I'll just stop there.

  3. An average corruptocrat man is he, of no especially clever whim.

  4. Biden was probably still the most viable competition to Trump "among Democrat hopefuls".
    I'm not sure it's viable to pretend to stand for something in today's politics. Trump's deal with the anti-abortion wing of the GOP is just brilliant. He doesn't have to believe it, he doesn't have to pretend to believe it, he only has to live up to his end of the deal. And he has.

    - reader #1482

    1. Here's what it';s all about. Satire but not really.

  5. The Democrat leadership had to know that if they ran with the Trump - Ukraine impeachment. Joe Biden would be through as a candidate, because no matter what is said, (remember these are the folks who virtue signal). People, even those on the left can see the truth even though they can't speak it, but will vote accordingly.

  6. You may beat your wife with a stick no wider than your thumb in diameter. Just wanted to clarify.

    1. No one, AFAIK, has actually found that in case law or any statute. It is just a rumor, a deliberate lie.


    2. Suspect MFA, that the 'US Code' may account for such alleged spousal ill-treatment via "High Crimes & Miss Demeanors statutory criminal processes -- Truthfully tho I can't recall any specific citation/s. Moreover, having met some wild US country girls et al in my younger years,
      I learned early that a man can get more cooperation out of the breed with a lil bit o' honey! That's my story & stickin to it! OW~~~

      However I do remember various critiques of the Sharia Law which cited Man's divine Right to employ corporal punishment on the fairer sex, as often as required to achieve submission TO Wit:

      Islam: Can a Man Beat His Wife?

      Quran (38:44) - "And take in your hand a green branch and beat her with it, and do not break your oath..." Allah telling Job to beat his wife . Hadith and Sira

      Sahih Bukhari (72:715) - A woman came to Muhammad and begged him to stop her husband from beating her. Her skin was bruised so badly that it is described as being "greener" than the ...

  7. "if Biden ever had a "best-if-used-by" date he appears to have passed it--as we will see" WLA

    Yup! Sad to see 'Plugs' become jest another palooka... he was slick in his prime, hell, he even had Paul Ryan[Duh Speeker] on the ropes suckin air and mouthin 10 Hail Mary's!

    Still, looks like his pasty-facelifted hide might be worth a hefty chunk o'the black vote, for the 'Donald de Or'ange' of Queens! Surely Bloomie the recently re-shape-shifted D'crat Squirrel, won't have enough cash to buy both sexes' votes, wimmins n mens, or will he?!

    hOWling again~~~
    from down on the docks~~~

  8. Love, love, love your description of Buttigieg.

    1. Yes, yes, yes Sara, 'one size fits all' these Socialist A-holes, regardless how they're sliced n' diced, they retain their democrapical essence! Tis True, their intersectional Sh!t still stinks... It's natures way of keeping us awake, and not to be confused with awoke!
      On Watch~~~
      and sniffing```

  9. Even if Old Joe is politically finished, it deeply bothers me that the Democratic Party is dominated by Marxists, Christianophobes, and panderers to Islam and organized perversion. At the end of the day, the Dmocrats are America's major party, so its sickness is syptomatic of something dreadful going on in our wider society.

    1. It's nuts... as in "ok... when I was younger, I had this nightmare where the world was overrun with dysfunctional idiots resulting from the widespread destruction of families in my youth.."

      it's here and it's very real...

      - reader #1482

    2. Kepha: “…bothers me that the Democratic Party is dominated by Marxists, Christianophobes, and panderers to Islam and organized perversion…”

      Reader#: “It's nuts... as in "ok... “…had this nightmare…idiots…destruction of families…”

      On Watch: Amen Boyz! Hard to miss it, if one has ‘eyes to see and ears to hear’ plus a butt that knows when it’s retrieved from the abyss by the hand of G-d! Such an epiphanic experience in an early stage of development, in retrospect, could save a life, maybe on more than one occasion?!

      To set the stage: a toddler 5 yo or so, hanging out the window of his second story bedroom, a beautiful early morning near the beach, birds singing - bee’s buzzing, and wee he, with toy cars in each hand, ready to roll them down the roof slope, into the yard below… Suddenly tho, he’s struck so forcefully from behind that he feels himself going out the window, head-first…but almost instantly he’s grabbed by the nape of the neck and yanked back-in through his window on the world!

      Nowadays such a teaching/learning moment would probably land the “head of household” (the perp) in Family court defending himself -- if he stuck around – and was able to pay for an adequate defense, against the arrayed power of the socialist state, and its certified childcare experts! But, who needs Fathers or Families, surely the Socialist state, and its well paid hired mothers, can do a better job with much less drama, risk, or fuss…

      Not sure how many times fatherly or almighty interventions saved my life, but I do know he/they made me learn to think before I leaped!

      On Watch~~~