Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Saturday, November 14, 2020

In the Heart of the Anti-Woke: Miami!

The Diplowife and I got bored sitting around in Wilmington no longer watching FOX or any of the other Wokenets. We decided at the last minute to motor on down to Miami. The twelve hour drive went well, except for a flat tire once we reached our hotel in the Dolphin Mall. The very nice young AAA man switched it out with the spare--I don't do that stuff anymore--and engaged me in about 30 minutes of political talk. Turns out he was an immigrant from the Dominican Republic and a USMC veteran. Needless to say, he had voted for Trump, and seemed genuinely outraged by the attempted theft of the election by the Biden crew. 

Took the flat to a local tire repair shop, and before you know it, we got some more of the great Miami experience--at a tire shop! The place was owned by a couple who had fled Venezuela some five years ago and now had three repair shops in the Miami area--the one I went to is in Doral. Diplowife and I enjoyed about an hour's conversation with the couple who, although they had not voted since they are not yet US citizens, were strong Trumpers. They repeatedly called Biden an old fool and a communist. Both said they had seen what happens in a country when the left takes over. They had stopped watching the networks. 

The tire business done, they didn't want to charge me, but I insisted on paying, we went on to have a cortadito cubano at the Latin American Restaurant and Cafeteria #2 near the FIU campus. The coffee was great, and the Cuban waitress, noticing my wife's Spanish accent immediately engaged her in a political discussion about politics in Spain and in the USA. She was strongly pro-Trump, and said that she and her whole family had voted Trump. The people in the surrounding tables jumped in to say Biden sought to steal the election.

There just ain't anybody more pro-American than people who have experienced leftist rule in their home countries! They are also very good at spotting fake elections.

I love Miami. My favorite American city. The coffee and the conversation are perfect--not to mention the politics. I am in the anti-woke fortress. Free at last!


  1. Florida is solidly Trump country now that's for sure, glad your liking your road trip.

  2. Where do the people you talked to get their news?

    1. Good question. Only one of them mentioned that he no longer watched Fox or any other of the networks. My skills as a political officer have been in decline for several years as I should have asked that question.

  3. Born, bred, and raised in Miami. If you want a great laugh -

    Sweet Home, Hialeah

    1. Oh yea, FIU, twerent that where the Bridge Came Falling Down!?
      thupin my Bongos~~~

  4. Your fluency of Spanish allows you much more access than English only speakers.

  5. We moved to Florida after DC riots...come on down!

  6. Born and Raised in Miami (I refuse to call the city "Miami-Dade).Mi casa de natal es en calle ocho.

  7. Cayo Hueso... an adapted son from Squadron 12, stationed in the Conch Republic! Also long-time refreshed resident of Margaritaville: when in Home Port, could be found ensconced on my Bar Stool facing the front door at the Gate Bar, alternatively, on weekends, an observnt late niter at Capt.Tony's place, and various other Welcoming Watering Holes, featuring young barmaids, and/or erudite ladies! On 72 Hour Liberty Calls, enjoyed sojourns UP & DOWN US-1 to Me-am-me, and all points in between -Key Lime Pie- pit-stops, at both ends of the 7 Mile Bridge! Now just an occasional visitor, most often arriving undersail, and disembarking with steady, if not somewhat self-correcting Sea-Legs!~~~
    On Watch~~~
    P.S.Remind me to tell you the story about rescuing a beat-up/near dead drug courier, whose body, I almost ran over, but decided to transport to Fish Memorial Hospital, just in time for Doctors, to save his, up to then, worthless life...
    "Let's Roll"

  8. Cheer up. The executive order Trump signed in 2018 declared a national emergency concerning foreign interference in US elections. Both Dominion and Scytyl, whose programs were used in the swing and other states, are foreign companies. This, in addition to fraud, might provide another basis for overturning the election.

  9. My husband and I are pre-retirees, likely to be so for quite some time. However, his great wish is to move to Keys/Conch Republic. I have been less enthusiastic owing to my dislike for extremely hot temperatures. However, after this election fiasco, my enthusiasm is growing for a move to a red Florida, especially since it is in no small part due to the Latino vote -- which is causing the left no small discomfort! In addition to Florida, I thought it was marvelous that the 2 most hispanic counties in Texas (along the border) voted solidly red. Andale!

    1. To be truthful Sarah M,

      I would’ve never left, but for the needs of the ladies in my life! And, certainly no regrets about making those choices… when based at Key West back then, it was all I needed from my Homeport, a Paradise! Seasonably, often quite warm, but shade trees, beach umbrellas, swim-call w/ cool ocean breezes, and naps in the afternoon made it ez for me to acclimate, a fishing pole & sm boat finished the kit . My Big Boat tho had AC, and ashore I had a Fan w/ streamers that cooled me right down!

      Sailors down there in the summer months, were on “Tropical Working Hours”, the non-duty sections were knocked off at 1300 hrs, and didn’t do too much after high-noon. First thing, before topside muster at 0700, we’d take a ‘salt–tablet’ - dehydration could be problematic, especially for those who drank a lil to much “push juice” the night before – not sure if extra-salt is prescribed for sweaty sea dogs nowadays, but back then a ‘salted beer’ was also common medicine… I don’t ever remember going to ‘sick call’ back then, although there were hazards that required bodily repairs from time to time! The Base hospital or the one on Boca Chica served our needs…
      I did mention Fish Memorial, today it’s named Fishermen’s Community Hospital 3301 Overseas Highway (MM 48.7) Marathon, FL
      ~~~ If I were to retire down there today, I think I’d locate somewhere in that area, not just for having a medical facility, but to avoid some of the crowds further south and north in the keys, at least I’d investigate the area. Of course CV-19 (the ChiCom Virus) has thinned-out the tourist herd down there too, I’d reckon!

      The other downside of locating back down to Cayo Hueso, is the hard fact, that it is tough to get out of there quick, when a Cat 2 or greater storm is on its way–in! Seems, everyone wants to head NORTH at the same time. Back then I had a Pilot’s license and access to aircraft, but I’ve clipped my own “wings” since then – still if Mr. M or you like to fly, those Keys are beautiful from the sky too!

      Most recent info I have is from my nephew and his bride, who honey-mooned down in Key West, and went back for their 2nd honeymoon 3years later, they still love it, and are ready to go again! They especially like the night-life, scuba diving, and sea-cruises to my old ops area/s! Dang I’m getting the urge myself—I shall Return ! ;-}
      Hope it tickles your interest too, to Go, One way or the Other~~~
      Beware the Sneezers~~~
      On Watch~~~
      Good Flick, start at 5 min & lower the sound:

    2. We've been trying to go for a visit...hubby hasn't been in about 5 years and is going thru withdrawal!

    3. Haha! I know the feeling!
      Getting to be the best time
      of the year, for a trip down
      the 'Overseas Highway'... or
      maybe after the "Herd" has been
      inoculated... Btw, the next
      U-tube video in the queue is a
      guided tour between Stock Island.
      and Key West during the annual
      Lobster Festival. The guide is
      an understated character of
      Cuban heritage and Cayo Hueso
      boyhood connections! I recommend
      him to you, because pulls no
      punches about the muggy summer heat,
      or the quality of the Rum in the
      Mojitos, and the establishment that
      serves them! Entertaining Ol' Gent,
      pulling a Winabago Travel Trailer,
      who's also has a subscriber following,
      and recognizes the Key West is in
      economic decline since "hurricane Irma".
      Noting that it cost him 10 dollars,
      to walk the stairs in the Light House.
      he trys not to be to critical tho,
      made him endearing to me, plus cool
      Salsa/and Island music too
      I might just subscribe~~~
      Turn on the CC closed captions:

  10. This is a nice story to read in this autumn of our discontent.

  11. "I am in the anti-woke fortress. Free at last!" WLA
    Move Over, Rover~~~
    hOWling nOW~~~
    "Let's Roll"