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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Thanksgiving 400

Seems just like yesterday when that hardy band of Pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving four hundred years ago, yep, 1620, or in Joe Biden math 16,200,000! I don't know if they read from the Palmists or not. Again, we need to ask Beijing Biden to enlighten us.

All around us the powers-that-be told us to keep the festivities on the dour side; YouTube regaled us with the sufferings of Native Americans who have nothing for which they can express thanks. Well, then I guess I shouldn't ask that of the local Lumbee Nation which went overwhelmingly for Donald Trump and his America First message . . . TV ads showed lonely looking grandparents staring wistfully at their grandkids, mixed race, of course, over Zoom or Face Time or whatever other technology is being pushed to keep us atomized. 

We were told to keep gatherings small, and how to serve the meal to avoid spreading of the deadly COVID virus (which has a survival rate of nearly 100%) and how we should all wear masks . . . right. We didn't do any of that. I am glad to report that we had a very nice traditional Thanksgiving at one of my sons' homes in Raleigh. No neighbor counted up the number of cars in the driveway and out front, and called in the sheriff. Why? Simple. All the neighbors were doing likewise. 

The main topic of discussion, of course, was the non-election. We all agreed that if President Trump manages to defeat the Demo-Commie power grab/coup, he should immediately launch criminal investigations into the elections in all fifty states, gut the worthless FBI, DOJ, State, and CIA, and take a long hard look at the senior civilian and military ranks of the DOD. Section 230 immunity for the tech bastards should be annulled; let them fend for themselves in the courts. And so on: you get the drfit of the conversation.   

OK. Just picked up the three big dogs from the boarding kennel and they look hungry. Not allowed to have a hungry dog in my house.

More later.


  1. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving Dip, we had 11 and not a mask anywhere.
    The fraud election cannot stand

  2. I can't go along with annulling sec. 230. That protects the techs from being sued for something one of their customers said. It should be modified so that, to enjoy it's protection, they MUST publish what their customers say, as long as the customer is not obscene or promoting rioting or insurrection. In other words, if it was acceptable under the first amendment, they must publish, or lose their protection under sec. 230. If they censor under those conditions they could be sued out of business.

    1. Cripes! That's sounding a lot like...common sense. Are you sure that would be legal?

    2. I slip up like that now and again. Last time, I think was in 1980. Since then, nada.

    3. ahh yes... that's separate from the 'common carrier' from the DMCA.. which is probably more important to preserve. DMCA protects ISPs and such from being sued for copyright infringement over content transiting networks and not explicitly curated by the host.
      The same should apply to sec 230. Liability should be waived for sites which do not approve/disapprove of content.
      Though nowadays, I think it's become common practice to 'deplatform' through mob tactics like ddos and search-poisoning. Back in the day, 'progressive' stooges thought it would be great to de-platform Rick Santorum by poisoning search results with offensive material. It's probably still there if one googles for santorum.
      Because Google would 'fix that problem' if it targeted an 'acceptable viewpoint', Google should be legally liable for their search results. Same for facebook, microsoft and Apple.

      - reader #1482

    4. OK #1482 {HOLDING] "DMCA, ISPs...sec 230, and, mob tactics like ddos," {ASIDE] This "search-poisoning" stuff I've only recently suspected:
      To Wit:
      "Back in the day,[?] 'progressive' stooges thought it would be great to de-platform Rick Santorum by poisoning search results with offensive material." [Back in Senate days?]

      My 1st reaction is 'with Friends like this'(Santorum) on CNN via Demic...underground:
      ..."most of the uncounted ballots left are mail-in and even >>>Santorum said>>> Trump only won one county in the mail-in category.
      While I despise Santorum, he certainly knows more about PA voting than I do. I take this as a remarkably positive sign from the enemy that could put us over the top today."

      Thu Nov 5, 2020, 02:18 PM Star Member DonaldsRump (4,334 posts)

      Did Rick have a makeover, epiphany, or was his franchise just bought by the CCP Purchasing Dept.?! War weary minds want to know~~~
      On Watch~~~
      Confused, w/Fingertips worn to the Bone, to the tune of ~~~
      The Joe Biden Song -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShADx4MNSp4

  3. Happy Thanksgiving and sorry if this is off topic, but I have a proposal that might replace the problem of monitoring election workers considering ballot integrity. When we vote, we are put in for jury duty - why not assign duty for the election process - for all phases. If selected, then that person would be required to give 24 working hours for the election and may volunteer more. I know there are all kinds issues to deal with and I would exempt people from three years of jury and election duty if they served as and example, but if the voting public were more involved, it would demystify the process and make the election process more open. I just don’t like that there is a group of election workers handling ballots of which some of them are illegally wearing “Biden Harris” shirts in blatant violation of law. Thank you and I apologize again.

  4. Randomize the vote takers. Might help but there would be the management layer to keep institutional knowledge. Might work.

  5. 14 at this deplorable's house. Since I am a month shy of 76, I expect to die shortly, but probably still full of turkey and the like. 4 generations here and 5 families represented. Laud with a lot of political talk among the 100% Trump supporters present. Even some rifle practice on my farm. And yet no raid. We were so laud, maybe law enforcement thought we were a mostly peaceful protest and left us alone. Have a Merry Christmas, if it will be still allowed in your state.

    1. I applied for a Biden-supporting "direct action event" permit at your address. I was expecting a mask-required response, but instead the state sent me a crate full of small denomination bills. You're welcome... and thanks. :)

      - reader #!482

    2. ..."Biden-supporting "direct action event"...
      state sent me a crate full of small denomination bills."

      Aha! so you're the dirty hombre responsible
      for Dear Old Uncle Joe's Hairline Fracture~~~
      On Watch~~~ Get'm Boys
      All the Kings Men...

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! Here in Ohio we only have an "advisory" so we did our normal thing...dinner at home and then out to visit with friends. In the Peoples Republic of Vermont, where several siblings live (with an allegedly R Governor) they were prohibited from gathering on pain of school age kids being required to quarantine if any outsiders came to dinner. One sibling said "F the Gov" and her daughter, son in law and 5 month old grandson came over from NH. Viva la resistance!

    1. Bravo Brava
      3 CHEERS for
      Sarah M. & Fam
      On Watch~~~
      Deck the Halls

  7. lots of news, nationally and provincially, here in TGWN, about the black death...Wuhan flu. Our journeys are like those south of the border, loads of info about the rapid increase in number of cases with no reference to the number tested etc.
    Then a story with an epidemiologist about vaccines etc where the tag line pushed three times was ONE IN A THOUSAND DIE,!!. I then had to rant to the little chinese wife that they think everyone is basically stupid, because that means that 999 out of the THOUSAND SURVIVE, 99.9% survival rate!
    who wouldn't take those kinds of odds if afflicted with some other medical condition.
    Imagine a cancer survival rate that high? Heart disease? HIV/AIDS?

  8. Respecty Perfesser,
    Mayhaps you might wanna aks Meseur Trudeau,
    bout all taht? Usn's down in the state side,
    kinda sorta are divided-up on that 'CCP Flu'
    an jest bout' everythin else too. Case in point,
    we don't have no stinkin Aids no more, it's all
    cleared up by meds, so 'stats' ain't neckessary.
    As for the CCP19vax thats good news too for the
    Seniors seein their kids agin...Most folks in my
    hood ain't touchhin it, words in them CCPee'rs is
    spoilin the broth, so to speak... An while i got cha,
    what do you make outta that 'Roman version of Democracy'?
    On Duty,
    Oh Canada...my cousin married a mountie, we don't talk about it tho...

    ~~~~~> This Just In:
    OLD NEWS~~~is~~~NEW NEWS!

    Attorney General William Barr notified Congress today that on October 19, he appointed John Durham a Special Counsel under DOJ regulations. He did this “to provide him and his team with the assurance that they could complete their work, without regard to the outcome of the election.” In other words, absent this appointment, Joe Biden’s Attorney General undoubtedly would have terminated Durham’s investigation and ordered that no report or indictments be issued. As Special Counsel, DOJ regulations provide that Durham can be fired only for specified causes. Presumably Barr waited until now to disclose Durham’s appointment as Special Counsel to avoid any possible impact on the election.
    ON Watch
    POSTED ON DECEMBER 1, 2020 BY JOHN HINDERAKER [formerneverTrumper?]

  10. Noticed on the RIGHT margin
    via: LaurenceJarvikOnline
    CALL FOR~~~ stat A tiz ian~~~

    Significance Check:
    (In other words, it's not surprising to see vote updates with large margins, and it's not surprising to see vote updates with very large ratios of support between the candidates, but it is surprising to see vote updates which are both).

    "Of the seven vote updates which follow the pattern the least, four individual vote updates — two in Michigan, one in Wisconsin, and one in Georgia — were particularly anomalous and influential with respect to this property and all occurred within the same five hour window."

    In particular, we are able to quantify the extent of compliance with this property and discover that, of the 8,954 vote updates used in the analysis, these four decisive updates were the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 7th most anomalous updates in the entire data set. Not only does each of these vote updates not follow the generally observed pattern, but the anomalous behavior of these updates is particularly extreme. That is, these vote updates are outliers of the outliers.

    The four vote updates in question are:

    1. An update in Michigan listed as of 6:31AM Eastern Time on November 4th, 2020, which shows 141,258 votes for Joe Biden and 5,968 votes for Donald Trump

    2. An update in Wisconsin listed as 3:42AM Central Time on November 4th, 2020, which shows 143,379 votes for Joe Biden and 25,163 votes for Donald Trump

    3. A vote update in Georgia listed at 1:34AM Eastern Time on November 4th, 2020, which shows 136,155 votes for Joe Biden and 29,115 votes for Donald Trump

    4. An update in Michigan listed as of 3:50AM Eastern Time on November 4th, 2020, which shows 54,497 votes for Joe Biden and 4,718 votes for Donald Trump

    "This report predicts what these vote updates would have looked like, had they followed the same pattern as the vast majority of the 8,950 others. We find that the extents of the respective anomalies here are more than the margin of victory in all three states — Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia — which collectively represent forty-two electoral votes.

    Extensive mathematical detail is provided and the data and the code (for the data-curation, data transformation, plotting, and modeling) are all attached in the appendixto this document[1].
    Read the whole thing at:" https://votepatternanalysis.substack.com/p/voting-anomalies-2020
    Posted by LaurenceJarvik at 12:28 PM
    On Watch~~~
    A lil Bleary-Eyed,
    but I get the Jist~~~
    Another Nail in Bejing Bidens Coffin!

  11. Any of the jurisdictions mentioned suffer from some any of vote chain-of-custody anomaly reported by partisan observers? If I were a Trump election observer, I'd say something if I saw something.

    - reader #1482

    1. Right then,
      the anomalies
      have a bigger voice
      when they've been seen,
      and reported by observers. . .
      So to speak~~~
      Tks, # 1482
      On Watch~~~
      Hope you had a
      Happy Holiday
      with Family,
      n' Friend/s too~~~

    2. I mean... what's wrong with the GOP that we see vote counts come in like that and nobody has eyes on where they came from, vouching for whether they were clean or dirty? Where are these vote reports with partisan Trump supporters verifying the vote count... what happened to these people? All (D) workers? Is Trump too unpopular within the GOP itself to be able to count on the party to hold an election accountable?

      This country gets what it deserves for going to vote-counting by software. There's absolutely no reason for it... voting is the *one* thing that the country absolutely has to get right... if there just aren't enough volunteers do perform a manual count with partisan oversight, basically not enough people care to even host an honest election.

      Votes should be in-person, with-ID, and counted by local officials under the supervision of all in the jurisdiction who care to show up to watch.

      Why are we trying to automate and save money on voting?

      It's just not that hard of a problem.... 1000 votes counted locally, with 1000 of those kilo-count-groups being reported up-the-chain... with 500 of those mega-count-groups encompassing all votes in the land... only requires a few people out of a thousand to be opinionated enough to observe the counting of 1000 votes.

      Not easy, but why do we need any kind of software for it?
      Whole thing can be done in 6 hours, max.

      Not saying anything about the results, but if there was malfeasance, it was abetted by the GOP.

      - reader #1482

    3. Dang! You're sounding flat-->out Presidential No.1482,
      according to the POTUS' most recent Speech, the one he
      described as the most important he has ever made!

      Concur too '..82, that there were way too many GOP types,
      who aided and abetted, In addition to the thieves,
      traitors, and other complicit thugs -- commonly known as
      Never Trumpers, RINO's, collectively known as the GOPe,
      and selectively, hidden operatives from within the bowels
      of the deep state! And just to have one castrated Georgia
      Big Pig in the Pot, the once honorable Gov. KEMP, please
      tell me I'm wrong~~~

      Now as for those bought and paid for seditious bastards, be they Party affiliated or just bought and paid Soro Slugs,
      or 'Rat Punks at POLLs, round them up too, and get the Prison population back up to where it belongs -- out in the Arizona Dessert w/ trained cayotes to feed on their bones!!!
      On Watch~~~
      Till then, here's the CinC:
      "Let's Roll"
      Text Ver.Here:

  12. And this from our good neighbor The Angry Web Master
    who introduced me & you to "Rumble"~~~

    Currently, there are a number of lawsuits being files or underway in the several states that had something very odd happen with regards to the vote tallies. There are hundreds of sworn statements by witnesses indicating that they personally saw massive fraud that favored Dementia Joe and Heels Up Harris. Here is the video of President Trump’s Remarks:

    Trump Releases Video Message Updating Americans on Election Fight
    You may have noticed that >>--this video is from Rumble.-->> They are a video service that is trying to overthrow the monopoly held by YouTube. YouTube has decided that they are going to demonetize and/or block any videos that are posted by conservatives. Rumble is dedicated to not censoring views that go against the Progressive point of view.


    On Watch~~~
    LET's "RUMBLE"~~~