Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Without Shame and Shifting Blame: The Commies March On

Eric Swalwell. 

The man was already a bad joke before, but now . . . well, it turns out not only was he a bad joke, an on-air farter of renown, a relentless purveyor of the Russia-Trump collusion hoax, and a reliably "progressive" mouthpiece, he was, for years it seems, compromised by a sexy Chinese spy. As I have noted before, the Chinese are far superior to the old Soviets or today's Russians when it comes to espionage. It's an all-hands-on-deck matter for the PRC. In essence, even if you are not an official member of the Chinese intel apparatus, if the PRC/CCP let you travel to the USA, Australia, UK, Canada, etc., you owe them big time. They will collect. Swalwell is a member of the House Intelligence Committee with full access to our nation's top-most secrets. The FBI knew he was compromised and, in essence, said nothing until very recently. Well, let me correct that: Nancy Pelosi had been briefed some time back but seemed, per her own statements, to have no problem. 

Republicans have demanded that Swalwell, who at one time had presidential ambitions, be removed from the Intel Committee and even from Congress. Nothing yet. I don't know if the once-venerable but now hopelessly corrupt FBI is investigating his staff for their links to China. The press, for the most part, looks rather hesitant to cover this story in its full glory, and instead gives lots of space to Swalwell's demands that the leak of the story be investigated: not the substance, mind you, but the leak. Typical. He, by the way, blames President Trump . . .  but, of course, you already knew that. 

Repellent little traitorous creature. How many more are there?

Now, oh so very reluctantly, the press also begins to report on the Hunter Biden scandal. With the election over, apparently it's safe to do so. This was, of course, the very same scandal labelled "Russian disinformation," and which would get you banned from Twitter for mentioning. Now it's OK. 

A friend noted that, perhaps, this is progress; no, my take is quite different. This is the first step in removing Biden from the White House were we so unfortunate to have that happen. The prog-masters, aka Communists, now have little need of the gaga old fool, America's answer to Paul Von Hidenburg. 

President Harris, here we come!



  1. I have heard rumblings that the reason for the release of the lid off the Hunter Biden story was to put into motion the plan to install the president the silicon valley sultans wanted in the first place... The person that is completely in their pocket. The person they made Biden accept as VP candidate in order to obtain their assistance is suppression of negative information and in conducting the big fraud. Watch for Biden to not make it to Jan 20th now. Provided that the Supreme court does not take the Texas case, or rules against Texas. I personally think the the Texas case is likely going to succeed because it grants the court an easy out by kicking elector selection back to the respective states, and they can't be pinned with deciding the election.

  2. So if Harris is to be installed, what might the Commies have on her? I can't imagine they don't have backup plans in place to ensure that Harris is their puppet just as much as Biden would be.

  3. Di-Fi's long time Chinese driver got away clean before what he found out was known.
    Predicted Sundowner wouldn't be President July 1st, they will have him start but mental health or the Chinese connections will miraculously start showing up right after he is sworn in as Usurper.

  4. Just a thought.
    Maybe its just me but don't you wish at least one of these critters, when caught, would channel Big Jim Folsom, embrace the suck, and say something like: "Did I shtupp her? Look at her picture you fools! Of course I shtupped her, wide, deep, and as often as possible! And let me tell you, it was goooood! I gotta say, once you've had some chinaspy you're spoiled for just about anything else!" He'd still be a traitor pig but at least he'd be a manly traitor pig.
    Just a thought.

  5. I haven't been able to find anything that says Nuke American Gun Owners Salwell had been booted from the intelligence committee. Do you have a link?

    1. You're right. My bad. I misread some info I was sent. Corrected in the post. Thanks

    2. Subtleties n' absolutes aside A&W, in the end, we're left to consider the objectives of the lil twit, and his Big Brother Xi!
      Apparently, there was such an exchange, but let's Thank Heavens the ConManchurianMan, had the good sence to back down before he got the codes -- and actually released submarine "Nukes" on Restaurant Parking Lots -- or maybe from his own personal stash, no telling where his FANG FANG head was at, or maybe still IS:

      "Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell suggested on Friday that the U.S. government could use nuclear weapons on its own citizens if they fight back against firearm confiscation. (RELATED: Eric Swalwell Unloads Gun Platform Liberals Really Want)

      Right-wing internet personality Joe Biggs tweeted at Swalwell in response to a May report that Swalwell wants to ban “military-style semiautomatic assault weapons” and prosecute gun owners who did not turn in their newly-banned weapons."

      Can't WE ALL just try to Get Along brothers, with the Prog Mob, they'll be nice to US, We are all Americans, ain't we Sista's? That is, underneath our Political Skins. TRUE, the CCP is holding many many pet DemoCraps, either by the shorthairs, or a comfortable Leash like Hunter's model, that he wears nekid around his 'pedofile park' telling what kind of Jive the ChiComs'll be playing, to animate their lovely Puppet's dance routines...once the wholesale theft of America's National Elections are fait accompli!
      "Getcha Fortune Cookie, w/ your Happy Meal, right here Sailor!" -She Said~~~
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  6. The powers which control traditional and social media only have to manipulate timings by small amounts in order to have large effects on events. Hunter, Swalwell, even the pfizer/moderna efficacy releases, all had some very suspicious timings. It's not *illegal* to delay trial result reports "just to be extra certain."
    Wrong and unethical, yes, but those are the primary languages of the progressive.

    - reader #1482

  7. I am one of the 7 people who regularly look forward to your next posting. I just wanted to get that off my chest.

  8. President Harris - what a terrifying thought.

    Chag Sameach Dip

  9. I'm shocked he had sex with a woman.

  10. Biden will be POTUS a shorter time than old Bill Harrison's 31 days.

    1. Expect, and pray too, MG, with a bit of Divine Providence... speaking through the Supreme Court Justices, and with an 'act contrition' from his afflicted dirty son, aka Hunter... 'Dirty Joe' will not become the POTUS at all, not even for an hour. ..Amen+ and Amen~~~
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

    2. Oops, the 'act' should read:
      "an act of contritian"
      Described in this case as:
      ..."[can] be used privately, especially in connection with an examination of conscience. Special formulae for acts of contrition are in use in the Anglican, Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist and Reformed Churches. The Catholic Church does not restrict the term "act of contrition" to any one formula."~wiki
      Signed by: a contrite, and at times, "Oh Lord it's hard to be humble, when you're doing the best you can..."
      On Watch~~~
      Got the 'Cards, in the Mail,
      Merry Christmas, Everyone here at Diplomad 2.0 ;~)
      Tks for a Wonderful Online experience all, G-D Bless!

  11. I would posit the Chinese have known our 'top' top secrets for several decades.
    They had all of Hillary's e-mails going back to 2009.
    Feinstein's driver of over 20 years was PLA. Wonder what happened to him?
    We should be now talking about how to fight the Chinese properly.

    1. "...We should be now talking about how to fight the Chinese properly."

      Affirmative, Ned2!
      I would add, for the good of all man kind, fight
      courageously, diligently, wisely, and unrelentingly!
      Much like our courageous, diligent, wise, and unrelenting Commander in Chief!
      On Watch~~~
      V/R Hail to the Chief!
      "Let's Roll"

  12. I want to see every SF86 Swallow submitted. If Ms. Fang Fang isn't on there as as close and continuing contact - and I include her continued relationship with Swallow Sr. and Swallow's sib, then there should be hell to pay. Unless of course all that shit is on a privately owned server where the Congressman keeps classified materials so he can work from home, like Hillary, of course.

    If I did any of this shit, I'd never survive it, yet our public servants routinely violate federal laws, regulations, and statutes with complete impunity. It's as if there were no laws at all and quite frankly, it might just be that way when the rest of us finally decide we're done following the law too.

    I think if I were a Republican in Congress I would call out Pelosi for an explanation about why she thinks Swallow should retain access to classified, unless of course he's retained to drive Feinstein around for her remaining days because we all know her driver is expected to deliver for Beijing.

    1. If you were a Republican in Congress, 50/50 you'd be on the take, too. It's a uniparty. Trump is only one man.

  13. Tucker Carlson and Dan Bongino had some links to a Chinese prof's speech on influence in the USG. I followed the link and listened to the thing in Chinese. The only thing more frightening than Calrson's report was the thing on which he reported itself. Count on it that if Beijing moves on Taiwan, US security will be too compromised to do anything.

    1. "when" Beijing moves on Taiwan.

      The Chinese Communist Party has been, and continues to be, complete open about its intent to re-incorporate Taiwan into the Celestial Empire. My guess is they will do it peacefully, by the simple process of buying the leadership of Taiwan. Hell! The CCP has just bought a US President, which should be a whole lot more challenging than buying the Taiwanese Political Class.

      But suppose the CCP decided they could not wait, and sent in the military. Europeans of course would be absolutely worthless -- as always. Russia would stand back with a smile on its face. It would be up to the US alone to do anything. And when the Congressional Democrats realize that doing anything at all would have a certainty of China ceasing all shipments to the US (from nuts & bolts to iPhones to medications) and a very high chance of nuclear war, all those Democrats are going to say that Taiwan has always been part of China. And the majority of the US population may agree with them.

      With Biden's fraudulent election, it is game over.

    2. Wouldn't count on the russians bowing out. There are a lot of russian territories that "have always been part of China", or will be soon after. I'm not sure if Russia has the capacity to put up resistance to China in the short term, but they are scrappy and perhaps the most easily underestimated, not because of their power or capabilities, but for the wherewithal shown in prior major conflagrations. If the russians get involved, then several other major powers will have to "choose a side or acknowledge their lack of importance in global affairs." So there is some hope that someone might look askance at that kind of attack... just not a lot of it.

      Yeah, under Biden/Harris, the US will likely "work for peace." aka, do nothing.

      - reader #1482

    3. Kepha, does this symbol 中国混蛋 mean anything or is it jibberish? I see it over on the blog roll.

    4. I believe it means China Asshole-- google translate says "Chinese Bastard"

    5. Whitewall: 中国混蛋 means "Chinese ba---rd" or SOB.

  14. A couple of Must Watch videos.

    Swallow is bad enough but that guy being from Kalifruitopia I would submit, should've been expected. Bunch of damn commies that they are.

    Y'all are aware the BATF is running amok?

    And what that portends for our immediate, not to mention long term future?

    (Including this last one, primarily, for the four or five of us who're familiar with the posts in Diplomad's archives)

    Yes OW, just can't as yet bring myself to sign off Harrison Bergeron, but it's fast approaching.

    1. Roger that, Harry me boy!
      Take care w/implants tho,
      Aye, could be undertaking
      a makeover thine own self!
      Mick, Scot, Dane or tother...
      a wee wartorn presently, but
      still, getting served at VFW...
      May try-out my Hindi accent,
      but definately need a tan,
      reckon iodine would work?
      OW~~~ not the other yet ;) ~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  15. Hopefully this YouTube link
    to FOX NEWS, survives the night...
    Lou Dobbs 12/13 Broadcast:
    Humbly submitted for Diplomad 2.0 Readers/
    Posters/Commenters/Patriots, thoughts and analysis
    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  16. ~~~Testing Testing Testing
    A Question for the New Day,
    knowing him like we do what
    can be done in POTUS shoes?

    We could, just kick back and wait
    for whatever happens~~~ TV, I-net,
    Radio & phones go dead, CCP invasion of
    Cali--fifth column activates in states
    CCP media begins broadcasting on all
    channels..."stay in your homes wear your masks",
    President-Elect Biden's image appears on screen
    "to calm US": "There was an attempted Coup by Donald Trump,
    he is being held in a secure facility until after the
    Inaugaration of duly elected Democratic V.P Hariss,
    and I, your affectionate servant for 50 yrs, now
    your Grand Leader, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr."
    Cue: Hail to the Chief~~~
    On Watch~~~
    Where's Ann Landers,
    when we need her...
    "Let's Roll"

  17. "...President Harris, here we come!" WLA

    Oh! Her~~~ Not exactly a, Fire in the Theater performer... She does have her moments tho, especially with her tears and lumpy voice, doing her, contrived n'souless oppressed Afro-American woman impersonations...

    I was hoping Joe & his ChiComs, or maybe even Russians or Nazi's, But, without JOE's soliloquy, the Martians will just have to provide the Invading Scoundrels element, again! It worked before WW11. Yeah, But only the ChiComs are actually on the Moon, nowadays~~~

    "It was Halloween 1938 when twenty-three year-old Orson Welles fooled America into thinking it had been invaded by aliens. The Mercury Theatre on the Air production of H. G. Wells' The War of the Worlds is one of the most talked-about radio broadcasts in history. The realistic retelling of Wells' original story resulted in mass panic across America. People ran into the streets screaming that the world was ending. Churches were emptied of their congregations, cinemas of their audiences, restaurants of their patrons. Panic-stricken families rushed to their cars and drove like lunatics in a bid to escape Martian annihilation. It seemed as if everyone in America knew about the 'invasion' that night, except of course the actors taking part in the live drama - they had no idea what was happening until the NYPD raided the recording studio. The Martians Are Coming! is the story of how a play that few people believed in came to be written, cast, rehearsed and finally broadcast to a credulous nation. Set against the background of America's economic depression and rumbles of another world war coming from across the Atlantic, the book sets The War of the Worlds in the context of what ordinary Americans were thinking and feeling on the night their world almost - but not quite - came to an end."

    ..."a real insight into the whys and wherefores of the iconic broadcast. No one could have expected the panic that swept America."
    On Watch~~~
    Or perhaps, take to Off Broadway, somewhere on the Island?:
    "Let's Roll"

  18. So.. similar to Global Warming, there's a Cyber Security "Reign of B.S." ongoing in the US.
    In order for a security research group to accurately identify an attacker, that group must necessarily *far* more sophisticated in ascertaining the fingerprints of an attack than the attackers are at covering their tracks. And I'm not *remotely* convinced that these threat response firms (crowdstrike, fireye etc) are remotely as sophisticated as the attackers.
    BUT.. that doesn't stop 'experts' from going on the air and declaring "Russia was definitely behind the attack on X, and China was definitely behind the attack on Y"
    It's all BS.

    - reader #1482

    1. Interesting hypothesis Mr. Big#~~~~
      However, I have it on good authority,
      that there's much more to it, and you'll
      be surprized to know that the actual 'designer'
      of the devious subterfuge is truly remorseful and
      wishes that she could undue the entire fiasco~~~ Damn
      these political power grabs, its always the innocent who suffer
      On Watch~~~turn off the projector when you leave, Tks Buddy...

    2. As You Like It: 1482
      Global Warming, there's a Cyber Security "Reign of B.S."

      "2020 has been the wildest and most unpredictable year in the memory of most people. But did the climate doom that was predicted to occur in or by 2020 materialize? What follows are 10 predictions made for 2020 and what really happened. As it turns out, climate doomsayers weren’t seeing so 20-20 when it came to 2020"...

      Tis Best to Remember tho: Taint over till the Fat Lady sang! Please consider the prematurity of: No. 8 "Global Conflict"!
      On Watch~~~
      GOB smacked,
      & waiting for
      tother shoe too~~~

  19. This article published in Oz may be of interest.

    1. Great article, thank you.

    2. Tks David! As with the H.Biden(Bagman) Informantion which was stonewalled by the media and Govt offcials here, so that most U.S. citizens/voters did not learn the extent of criminality, and 10s of millions in ChiCom Payoffs, before our National Elections. Thankfully, many of us did learn THE FACTs via the News Reports from OZ!

      Once again, we are grateful for providing a reliable alternate channel of info, so as to avoid the deliberate, and widening blockade of important election INFORMATION by our U.S. Media types!

      As stated in the quadrant: "The report helpfully provides a video demonstration of how to cheat at adjudication. It can be watched via this Twitter link. (editor’s note: normally, the clip would be embedded on this page as a YouTube video, but the Google-owned streaming service has declared it will suppress any video posts casting doubt on the Biden ‘victory’, hence the link to Twitter..."

      Unfortunately, Twitter , Google, You tube, Facebook and many other source and social network/providers have turned into CENSORS-- although Twitter seems to have begun to realize they SHOT themselves in the foot!

      The Quadrant piece is especially important and timely, as Dominion attempts to WHITE-WASH the Indpendant Forensic analysis of their CHEATable VOTING systems! To Wit:

      "The ASOG investigators found that all adjudication logs for 2020 were missing, as were security logs from the day before the election until the day after. And on November 21, an unauthorised user attempted unsuccessfully to wipe out the election results, demonstrating additional tampering.

      After outlining US cyber-security protections for national infrastructure initiated by President Obama and strengthened by President Trump, the ASOG report documents the heritage of the Dominion system. Dominion is a Canadian company owned by State Street Capital, itself owned by UBS Securities, of which three of their seven board members are Chinese nationals. The Dominion software is licensed from Smartmatic, a Venezuelan-controlled company. Its servers are determined to be in Serbia, Canada, the US, Spain and Germany. ASOG recommended that an independent group should be empanelled to determine the extent of the adjudication errors throughout the state of Michigan as a national security issue.

      Some 28 states used Dominion Voting Systems. In Michigan, 47 of the 83 counties used them, so the Antrim forensic audit is a litmus test of the validity of Michigan’s 16 Electoral College votes cast for Biden and Harris. The investigators are continuing to analyse the data to trace missing information.

      The Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson have now obtained a judicial order preventing the publication in full of the ASOG investigation. That may well lead to a fruitful referral to the Supreme Court."

      Hand Salute,
      and thanks Again!
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"
      It's Great to have Cuzins!
      Enjoy your commentary on
      Duff n' Nonsence as well.

    3. Just to reiterate and accent THE NEGATIVE:

      ASOG report documents the heritage of the Dominion system.
      >--->Dominion is a Canadian company owned by State Street Capital, itself owned by UBS Securities, >---> of which three of their seven board members are Chinese nationals.<---< The Dominion software is licensed from Smartmatic, a Venezuelan-controlled company. Its servers are determined to be in Serbia, Canada, the US, Spain and Germany.
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  20. WORTH at LEAST, imho, 16 minutes of one's PoliSci viewing time.
    On Watch~~~

    Some important EndGame Election issues/events to think about: I Was over at Steve Bannons WarRoom on UGETube this morning -- Glanced over at the videos linked in the que, saw this Post by "DannyBoy" which caught my eye... Decided to take a careful Look n' Listen, heard quite a mouthfull of Insightful observations, thoughtful analyses, and Wise speculative opines...OW~~~ this UGETUBE Video is the Last Link Down Below~~~

    "Published on 16 Dec 2020 / In Film and Animation
    Does Bill Barr and Trump have a secret agreement? Why did Barr suddenly gain praise from Trump, Pompeo, and Cruz? In this episode, we look at why Bill Barr resigned and what it means for the future of contesting the election.

    We know that Trump will not just rely on the lawsuit, but has other plans. As the electoral voting approaches the end, more than one former "allies" of Trump has slowly turned away from him.

    But he has a plan, the special 2018 order and the will of the people.

    In today's episode, we break down Bill Barr's resignation as well as the Electoral voting.

    Watch the EpochTimes investigative documentary:"

    #Barr #Trump #Congress
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  21. Swalwell was victim of an old-fasioned "swallow" ploy. But probably a very willing one.

    1. "Ah so Kepha, plenty 2020 surprises as the year of the 'RAT begins its unpredictable end~ing~~~ Even the swilling 'Swallow' fellow fails in flight~~~ back home to capistrano, Said the Rooster dancing a jig w/ the OX -- so what portends for them, and US pray tell?~~~
      Hit It Kroop,
      "Let's Roll"