Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Thursday, December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas in the Midst of the War on Joy

Many years ago, in another Christmas season, I wrote a long-forgotten piece on the left's "War on Joy." In that little post in 2013, I noted that what really fuels the left, aside from the quest for unlimited power, is the need to destroy "joy,"

The war on happiness and joy, of course, goes well beyond the assault on Christmas traditions. The left cannot stand the thought of individuals doing things that bring them joy and happiness. Automobiles. Yes, automobiles form a major target of this assault. Driving an automobile can bring joy, excitement, and independence into a person's life. Driving an "impractical" automobile such as a Porsche, a Corvette, a Nissan GTR, a Cadillac CTS-V, a Ferrari, or a 700Hp modified Shelby GT-500 is fun and brings joy. The leftists would have us all in grey buses, trains, and, at best, in subsidized pokey Priuses and Volts, stifling our joy and happiness in the name of protecting Gaia against a fake warming threat. They will use taxes, and EPA and safety regulations, and absurd speed limits to ruin our joy. The same with gun ownership. Guns are fun; they bring joy to the owner, and assert an individual's right to independence and self-defense. Gun ownership, of course, also limits the power of the state, and the ability of the leftists running the state to dictate the arc of our lives. We see the same in the assault on drinking, smoking, eating meat, homeschooling, and on individual choice in medical care. The state will decide which schools our children can attend, what they will learn; the state will decide our medical choices. They wage war on small businesses, which bring joy to the owners and, again assert independence, because after all, "you didn't build that."
Since that seven-year-old exposition, of course, the left has increased its assault on joy. We have seen the destruction, for example, of the Boy Scouts, professional sports, music concerts, the rewriting of history to stress misery and greed, the attack on our pride in the beliefs and institutions that built this country, the fomenting of hatred for Western Civilization, the destruction of statues, parks, etc. This assault knows no bounds, as we have seen so dramatically in the last presidential election. 

The ChicCom virus has given the attackers new weapons. Now, we are banned from gyms, bars, and restaurants; owners of such establishments get arrested for trying to run a business; we get told to stay home OR DIE!! We must, a la Middle Ages, wear masks to ward off the "invisible enemy" and, more important, to signal our submission to our "science-driven" overlords! The police get called if a mother reads a story to her child in a public library without wearing a mask! Families are thrown off airliners for not suiting up their little children in the approved mask manner! Families and friends may not gather to worship or celebrate! Unless, of course, they march or loot for social justice . . .

So, friends, as we enter the Christmas season in the midst of all this leftist gangsterism, terrorism, and dystopian cloud-cuckooism, it is important to rebel by being happy. 

Yes, express joy and happiness. Do not let the prog thugs ruin your fun.  

In other words, have a Merry Christmas . . . fighting words in these times.



  1. And to you Dip, celebrating the holiday season is the one thing Leftists can't take away though they will try.

    1. Right Skip, although they're
      still trying to steal the
      'Reason for the Season', Hope
      you and yours have a good one!

  2. Merry Christmas Mr. Amselem to You & Yours

    & Merry Christmas to all the many friends I've "met" hereon! I'd list but were I to miss any one of those specifically, well ... My suspicion is there's waaaay more than just the six or nine of us (or whatever number meets the 'accepted readership' lately acknowledged). And to each and all I extend that same Merry Christmas to Youselves and Your'n.

    (Being a professed Hillbilly I know y'all will be cutting me some slack on my grammar? However if not, maybe a bribe will work?)


    1. (Being a professed Hillbilly I know y'all will be cutting me some slack on my grammar?

      Soytenly JK, been Watch~chin your dis-courses improve under the osspisses of that Shagspurian Duff n' Stuff... giggle too when you and Bob start throwin China at each other`~~~ any hOWl, tis a plesantry sharing some insightful moments with a Gent of your character~~~ Btw, how 'bout those coy Swedish meatballs!~~ tanks for the link~~~
      So~~~ here now, is a country girl who blew in from Kansas, nice voice too, "Have yourself a Merry lil' Christmas", my friend~~~



      Well you know ...

      (Have yourself a fine Christmas my Friend)

      Incidentally. I throw china. He throws those styrofoam doo dads that we cain't even trust on a hot-plate nevermind trying roasting 'em alongside chestnuts on an open fire. Asides. His state's governor ud probably send a SWAT iff'n he tried.

    3. HEE~~~HAW!
      Feelin duh Need~~~
      ta toot on my Jug!
      hOWlin Jack, back!
      let's roll~~~

  3. And say MERRY CHRISTMAS to as many strangers as you can!
    Best wishes to all and a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    1. Back at ya Ned!
      Merry Christmas to you too,
      give US a hug! Is that your
      girlfriend over there... ;~)
      Just workin the room~~~

  4. A Merry Christmas "cousins" and hoping you have a better 2021.

    1. A Blessed Christmas to you David, and all our Kinfolk downunder too! Keen to mention, that a USN Navy Chief from OZ (a great guy) married my Fav niece, she too is a USN Chief, I told 'em "Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians, ba-ba-da-bing!~~~ so get busy building the tribe }:+}
      On Watch~~~
      Tie me Kangaroo doow~~~

  5. Merry Christmas... and reason to be thankful even on a secular level... we've had four years of the most straightforward President in a very very long time.
    There's not been a case where someone brought up an idea that was good for the average American that Trump didn't run with... regardless from where the concept came.
    Pre-Trump, the idea of the GOP voting for trade limitations was completely anathema. That's been fixed in a way only Trump could. GOP can and will try to walk it back, but protecting the country against foreign threats military or economic is now distinctly on the table.

    - reader #1482

    1. Hear Hear! and Well said Mate, err I mean,14&82!
      And may all your Christmases be as bright as your
      Trumpian Revelation/Epiphany! You're on the mark!, there's
      NO Going Back!, whatever heebie-jeebie jive talk'n nitwits
      feed to their anti-America horde of 1/2 snake 1/2 psychotic, dirtbags! Maybe, we'll let them try again in 2024, if they pass the Pre-Election Federal/State inspections requiring that all voters present Photo ID, plus purple dipped fingers for those Lefty & GOPe nimrods & resident 'rats nested in the so-called swing states, so that they can't hide from the certified Poll WATCHers etc etc etc~~~
      Anymore presents left to open?!

  6. Replies
    1. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you too!
      Jen is it?
      So what's On Tap for
      'Sunday Symphony' this week,
      something seasonal?...btw, if I may, say,
      your eyes are even prettier away from the DS shop!
      I'm "OFF DUTY" now~~~
      Wanna Dance~~~

  7. Thank you, Mr. Amselem. If you know anyone planning resistance to the incoming Kamala Harris maladministration, let him know that you know someone willing to translate the orders of the new maladministration's Chinese masters.



  9. Merry Christmas.
    Did your wife love the turkey?

    1. Two paellas, three Spanish tortillas, clams, and ham. No turkey in sight.

    2. Your turkey story has been widely shared

  10. Not exactly sure which of the 12 Days of Christmas is actually, The Christmas? Everytime my youngest asked me, I told her to research it, and get back to me, but she never did! So here I sit feeling like Dandy Don, at the end of the Super Bowl, clearing my throat, getting ready to sing~~~Turn Out The Lights... But who knows this Post/thread could last till New Year's Eve1? So I guess I just want to say to all those who stopped by to share a cup of good cheer, and their "good tidings" with US here gathered at Dip 2.0 ~~~MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Sincere Thanks to you all for sharing your reactions, thoughts, and suggestions on how our blessed country can become even better going forward...And Last but far from least, a '2 THUMBS UP' salute to our generous and diplomaticaly patient Host and Poster in Chief: William Lewis Anselem aka to many 'Mr. A' or by some other commenters as Lew. Applause has been received and registered in advance. So one last Christmas song: How 'bout "Jingle Bells"?! Drive Carefully and don't forget to Tip your Waitresses and The Bartender! See ya in 2021 if not before~~~
    On Watch~~~
    From Frank n' Bing

  11. Merry Christmas! And a HAPPY New Year!

  12. Thanks!, LaurenceJarvik,
    wishing you and yours,
    a Happy New Year, too!
    On Watch~~~
    P.S. Enjoy reading/viewing your work,
    and especially where it LEADS US!
    "Let's Roll"