Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Dreary Times (Part II) and Mr. Jones

Well, things ain't getting any better, are they?

The handlers of that miserable gaga little mouse illegitimately occupying the White House, "The Entity Known as Biden" (TEKAB), continue their assault on America. Among other crimes, they have re-instituted the bloody chaos at the southern border, letting all comers go freely into our midst, even those testing positive for the ChiCom virus. This, of course, gives the lie, yet again, to the whole "pandemic lock-down." The rest of us have to listen to that fraud Fauci and his robotic helpers babble on their Zoom conferences about not traveling, not gathering, getting ready for a "third dose," etc., but illegal aliens, AKA new Dem voters? No. They are free to cross the border and roam free. You know, Cage-Free voters . . .

It's Third World Time in America. 

It's STASI time. 

It's 1984 on steroids. 

TEKAB as Big Brother. 

We have become Airstrip One.

As for me? I have retreated. 

Not quite sure how to fight the onslaught of fakery, cruelty, censorship, trillions in "aid,"and just the ceaseless torrent of damn lies pouring forth from TEKAB. How do we save what's left of our country? I don't know. I wish I could see a clear path forward, but I don't. The GOP? Hopeless. 

Ideas? Anybody?

Meanwhile, I nurse a torn meniscus, lament my weight gain from the lockdown, focus on moving things into the new house, and watch movies and TV shows from the 1970s and 1980s, which I didn't particularly like the first time around, but now find a breath of fresh air from a more innocent, promising, and happier past. 

This is not a good way to live.

As long, however, as I am watching old movies, let me recommend a more recent one, as well. It's a couple of years old, stars an excellent British actor, James Norton, and is directed by the also excellent director from Poland, Agniezka Holland. She is one of the best and gutsiest directors around.

The film is Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones is a remarkable film that takes on not just Communism but its Western apologists, especially the fake news media. It is based on the true story of the struggle by Welshman Gareth Jones to debunk the outrageous pro-Stalin reporting coming out of Moscow by everybody's favorite Pulitizer-prize winner, the father of fake news, New York Times reporter, Walter Duranty, played with a magnificent sneering perverseness by American actor Peter Sarsgaard. The film tells, in harrowing detail, of Jones's visit to Duranty in Moscow, of the truth Jones discovers about Stalin's effort to annihilate the people of Ukraine, of Jones's surreptitious visit to Ukraine, and of the consequences of telling the truth. Oh, yes, George Orwell makes an appearance, too.

As one of my sons said to me, this is the sort of film conservatives should be making.

Watch it. 

You will come away wondering where will we find a Gareth Jones for our times--and thank you Agniezka Holland.


  1. Since you have time on your hands, let me recommend a recent (2020) Chinese TV telenovella available on-line -- "Reborn".

    Set in one of those Chinese Yangtse River cities larger than London, it is a modern crime drama telling an intricate tale of the only police officer to survive a murderous shoot-out with a shadowy criminal gang. He survived, but with a bullet in his brain and no memories of what led up to the shoot-out.

    The series has some excellent acting -- Zhao Jin Mai's performance as the vengeance-seeking 18-year old sister of one of the dead criminals is reminiscent of the best of the young Jodie Foster. But particularly interesting are the scenes of life in China -- from the expensive private schools to the illegal gambling dens; from pop singers in their recording studios to traffic jams. The scene where wealthy lawyers get into a drunken brawl in the immaculate garden of a temple at the funeral of one of their colleagues -- Classic!

  2. Apart from still reading this and a couple of other blogs, I too have retreated - into intense study of 15th-century Italy. The sad part is that this period seems more sane than the present day. Savonarola with his Bonfires of the Vanities lasted only six years.

    1. Oops, make that four years. Evidently I am unable to subtract 1494 from 1498.

    2. Ah! I love that period of history in Europe.

    3. I find myself focusing more on the Cold War, and earlier.

    4. I really believe that today is very much like 1450-1520, where we are on the verge of great changes just like that bygone age.

  3. Always good to hear from you, Dip. Sometimes in these dark times I find a comment thread that cheers me up a bit, here, or at Instapundit, or The Conservative Treehouse. We are not alone and more people getting red pilled all the time, though we don't know yet through what avenues to exert our power in this new environment.
    On entertainment, we just watched The Bureau at our house, all five seasons. Highly recommended. Art of a high order.
    My garden project this spring will be planting grape vines in the back yard. Trying to gain some skills that will help if subsistence agriculture becomes the best option.
    For practical ideas for helpful political actions by the grassroots citizens, you might look at the weekly podcast at Tom Zawistowski is a creative, indefatigable, hard-headed tea party leader with a wealth of Ohio political experience. We the People Convention has a channel on Roku also.

  4. There is one small ray of hope. There have been a lot of judges appointed to the Federal courts over the last prior 4 years. I am hoping that the same tactics used by the left to stymie President Trump’s policies will also be employed against President Select. To try and bog down these edicts and unconstitutional legislation in the court system until November of 2022. It is especially important to go after the outrageous election rigging in HR1. My local House Rep is a full on “Squad” loving looney. His local newsletter to us is dripping with phrases like, “Republican efforts to disenfranchise minorities… “. He acts like he totally believes that. When it is nothing more than a blatant rig the elections forever in favor of the Donks. He basically wants to ensure that all the country is like Oregon. 80 percent of the state votes Republican, but the remaining 20% where the population is concentrated is seeming insane ANTIFA/BLM loving Donks. By automatically registering everyone and sending ballots out to everyone, they make sure that there are plenty of ballots that will be filled out to vote democrat than there are democrats. Do not become like Oregon. They tout, “Oh mail in voting is so convenient… (To Democrats)”. They even went so far as to make it postage prepaid to return the ballot via postal service. So, when they press off hundreds of phony ballots they don’t even have to come up with postage to commit fraud.

    1. everything north of beaverton is really part of Washington anyways.. and maybe a bit south.. might as well make it official.. will disrupt the tax raiding across the river too... :)

      - reader #1482

    2. The USSC had a chance to tackle the election disaster...but apparently, apart from maybe two justices, they don't issue backbones or brains anymore. This is truly a shameful era.

  5. "Well, things ain't getting any better, are they?"

    No, but they ARE getting more obvious. Obvious enough to wake up the stupid masses? Anyone's guess, but don't give up.

    1. "...don't give up."
      Roger your last Ned2!
      Apparently the "wake-up list, at long last,
      includes state legislatures, if not RINO's,
      No Worries, we have a 'plan B' wake-up call for
      those who need to be primaried, recalled, voted
      the hell out, of the oficce they've disgraced!
      On Watch~~~
      Taking names & keeping score...
      "Let's Roll"

  6. I have retreated to the 19th century. I have watched nothing but period dramas and am currently reading Dickens 'Dombey and Son". I am catching up with "Victoria" and I love it. What a celebration of the era. The Christmas special from Season 2 would blow the gasket off the Woke Left.

    1. Thank you for the tip! Have watchlisted "Victoria." We recently watched The Adventures of Capitan Alatriste, an 18-part Spanish miniseries with Auto Gartido. Just great. Set in 1600s Madrid, excellent swashbuckling. I see that Amazon has taken it out of their service, but maybe it is available elsewhere.

    2. Auro Garrido

  7. One of my favorite modern authors is Neal Stephenson.

  8. Cheer up. All is lost. We may be the majority but the Regime will never relinquish power. My best guess is we are headed for a repeat of the 1930's where that evil FDR and his crony capitalists imposed rules that created the Great Depression, but alongside those who were living 'The Grapes of Wrath' individualists were surviving nicely and even thriving. For me the future is 19th century music and literature and a healthy disrespect for all authority.

    1. Sniff Sniff~~~"Fee-fi-fo-fum" bean drops of a-sock-poppet?
      "For me... a >>>healthy<<< disrespect for >>>all<<< authority."

      Please define your quantitative "ALL", seems such a broad brush, that it may discolor or cover, valid orders of a necessary and valid constitutionl level of authority, that which we(the people) may need to survive against the UNconstitutional Authoritarian Orders of a Regime, garbed with the stolen votes of American Citizens! As we use to say, down on the 'Border Line' "Halt! Advance and be Recognized"~~~
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  9. Nancy Pelosi wants a 2000 man Protection Force for Congress, that answers to her. Let us see, isn't Protection Force spelled Shutz Staffel, in German?

  10. Civilization peaked just before WWI

    1. Agreed. I completely agree. I was born too late.

    2. Timing is everything 'D'! ;+)
      ON Watch~~~
      Rock n' Roll~~~

  11. One idea is to withhold support from woke corporations, especially the oppressive tech giants. Twitter has seen its earnings decline. Now for Facebook, Amazon, and Google (Youtube). Using private services, Brave for browsing, Signal for texting, and Protonmail for email also helps, depriving various tech companies of the revenue they would otherwise have made from selling our information. I've also been trying to buy non-Chinese and local whenever possible.

    1. Great insightful Ideas Anon!
      I've added them to my list~~~
      Re: non-Chinese purchases, been
      boycotting them for years! Problem
      was getting the Mrs. & the kids onboard,
      glad to report they finally got the Msg!

  12. THIS Populist Press story, from inside the belly of the beast(NYC)IS ENCOURAGING! Even Don jr. thinks so!

    Furthermore, with reference too DipLomads lament, and call for "Ideas": "I don't know. I wish I could see a clear path forward, but I don't. The GOP? Hopeless. Ideas? Anybody?"

    My HIGHHat Tip to,~~~ AnonymousMarch 9, 2021 at 12:21 PM ~~~ who offered some great sugesstions for Spring Victory Plantings/Gardening as well as some administrative tips for US Conservative Patrionts, communications:

    My garden project this spring will be planting grape vines in the back yard. Trying to gain some skills that will help if subsistence agriculture becomes the best option.--> For practical ideas for helpful political actions by the grassroots citizens, you might look at the weekly podcast at Tom Zawistowski is a creative, indefatigable, hard-headed tea party leader with a wealth of Ohio political experience. We the People Convention has a channel on Roku also.

    As for me, and the NEWS, I continue to rely on the Populist Press, as well as the 24/7 dedicated Trump Campaigner ON DUTY in exile, a US by GOD Navy Officer, and old China hand, who knows 1st Hand, just how much the 'RATs and RINOs really STINK ~~~ Steve Bannon at the WARROOM~~~
    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"
    Sorry to here about the "torn meniscus",
    me wife, 'the idol of me life', lost hers
    on a slip n'fall~~~ recovery took time, but
    she's back up to speed and doing her twice
    weekly dance excercise routines which the Gals
    call, "Staying alive", Travolta still moves them~~~

  13. "As one of my sons said to me, this is the sort of film conservatives should be making. Watch it." - WLA

    Here is, at least one documentry, they did make,
    and sharp enough to open-up the kettle of WORMS &
    RATs who've brought US to, This Abyss~~~

    Introducing here the Movie maker, and
    one leading Man, of many Patriot HEROs!

    Nunez and Millius discus the latest links
    to the Film at the end of their podcast!

    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  14. There's no getting out of this situation by voting.

  15. " getting out of this situation by voting."

    Au contraire mon Anon cheri!
    Tis the only way 'out' for our Grande Republique!
    True, we've got some dirty work to undo before
    In God We Trust is restored to, We The People,
    that majority, the Patriots, who actually vote~~~

    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  16. TEKAB? An acronym that I don't know.

  17. It's quite contemporary K.
    "The Entity Known As Biden" #TEKAB
    Hope this helps~~~
    On Watch~~~

  18. Back to 'Mad's Movie of the Week, "Mr. North", so, went poking around, looking for Trailers, Reviews, etc, and film availability... came across this savvy interview by John Rocha, a Yank, and former actor, sounds like he came to Cali, via NY, and prepped some incisive probing questions for James Norton, who plays the Title character Garett North, a Welshman. Great Q & A, worth a listen I made thru the hour, but a solid half hour, reveals much about the Movie, Director, Ukraine history, and the awareness of the FAKE NEWS, we are being poisoned by! Available through Amazon(not my Fav) so I'm still looking for a copy, to share w/ family & friends~~~

    HERE'S a slice of Rocha's DEEP CUT interview summation...

    "On this episode of The Deep Cut, host John Rocha welcomes British actor and BAFTA TV nominee James Norton to the show. They sit down for an hour to discuss his latest film "Mr. Jones" from Academy Award nominee director Agnieszka Holland. The film is set on the eve of WWII, sees Hitler’s rise to power and Stalin’s Soviet propaganda machine pushing their “utopia” to the Western world. Meanwhile an ambitious young journalist, Gareth Jones (Norton) travels to Moscow gets a tip that could expose an international conspiracy and goes on a life-or-death journey to uncover the truth behind the façade that would later inspire George Orwell’s seminal book Animal Farm...
    On Watch~~~
    Thinking we Americans could use a dose of reality about Ukraine History, and the heroic NEWS reporters who try to uncover, and tell the truth of the matter, to their readers~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  19. Wondering whether there might be some other countries where it is more possible to lead a quiet and productive life without fear. Places with the rule of law, limited government, a bill of rights that is honored, and reasonable rules for business, like the US used to be.

    1. "Wondering whether there might be some other countries where it is more possible to lead without fear. Anon

      Some, including David Duff, speak highly of Singapore, while recognizing that their tiresome neighbor, China is on a deliberate pathway toward its own destruction:

      "Keep going 'Chairman Xi Pingaling' and you will soon reduce your great nation to the basket-case condition it was in for centuries." He, D.Duff continues,

      "Just take a look at Singapore for an example, courtesy of the late, great Lee Kuan Yew, for an example on how to run a country!"

      Another commenter overthere (Boe) chimed in:
      "Singapore had the great advantage of being founded on a British colonial regime."
      Crikey! Maybe both POMs are on to something,
      enduring, perhaps a British ~ efectuality? Go Blimey!

      Believe it, Even Colonial Hong Kong flourished in the shadow & stank of the CCP, till now at least!
      Makes one want to revisit, 'The successful '70's escape to Canada'! Demonstrated by the Nam Era Draft evaders! Heck if the Global Warming hypotheticals hold water, our soon to be Tropical Nanny to the North, may just let some mOderns in, Brother Anon, simply "to lead a without fear".~~~

      Then again, the 'usefull idiots' just might reach out from the gutters, [see USA 2020-21] via all those Western civilization,
      A$$holes, "Woke" playas to dePlatformers the CCP WHO has bought and paid for... with Chinese Junk! Ah so you likee Chinee girl 'fang fang' she help you beCOME BIG SHOT--Long Time, like Sen Swallowell~~~ Orwells Pig Farm, revisited~~~
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  20. I'm more worried about TEGKAH--The Eminence Grise known as Harris. TEKAB is just a puppet.

    1. Yes indeed, Mr. K, the Entity one knows,
      is not nearly as disconcerting as the
      threat of an emerging Eminence we don't.
      On Watch~~~
      With Chicago~~~Holy man, where'd 50yrs go?!

  21. "How do we save what's left of our country?...
    I wish I could see a clear path forward, but I don't."WLA
    But, before we turn the page,
    I must agree, it is difficult to see in between the Forrest & Trees...
    Whist pondering just such a question, again this AM up popped a counseling session between a Conservative Harvard Prof. and a semi-confused flippty jibbet feminist Grad-student, or perhaps more accurately, a chubby harridan, masquerading as a self-righteous social democrat, interviewer.

    Watch the session (link below) to see how the tussle, took the observer into the trees, underbrush, and eventually into the muck & mire along a dark pathways, going forward out of the Forrest, through lairs and hidey-holes of the snakes n’ beasties, even worse, real bad guys & gals just ahead... how should such brave men be perceived? What armor could one choose for the inevitable confrontaire? To be or not to be, Harmless, Dangerous, or~~~?~~~

    On Watch~~~ a Scarlet Pimpernil
    Suitable for younger viewers/readers~~~

    “Let’s Roll”

  22. Happy Saint Paddys Day!
    and G-D Bless US, everyone~~~
    "Let's Roll"

    A couple of stories caught my eye, and my Heart today!

    1st up was the News from Boston that Marathon Man,
    and dedicated Dad, Dick Hoyt checked out, but not
    before setting one heck of an example for all of US:
    "Let's Roll"

    The 2nd story was todays headline ("Let's Roll"),
    and related stories over at Bannons Warroom:
    Episode 805 – Let’s Roll … Open the Schools, not the Border
    Rumble — “They say the issue is safety, I say the issue is politics,” said Friend. “They’re just used to getting a paycheck and staying at home.” Our guests are: John Fredericks, John Spiropoulos, Lydia Friend, Dave Ramaswamy.

    Stay ahead of the censors - Join us
    Aired On: 03/17/2021

    On Watch~~~
    Sláinte~~ póg mo thóin~~ or as
    Senior "Chief of the Boat", Sam Bass
    was heard to say to a delinquant NQP on,
    St.Paddy's Day, "Go Crap in your flat hat son...!"
    Hand Salute~~~"Let's Roll"~~~

  23. Mr. Jones is a fantastic film that criticises not just Communism but also its Western apologists, particularly the fake news media. It is based on Welshman Gareth Jones' genuine storey of his battle to disprove the ridiculous pro-Stalin reporting pouring out of Moscow by everyone's favourite Pulitzer Prize winner.
    YouTube Bellen