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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

"That's Uncle Joe, He's a'movin' Kinda Slow . . . "

I have to acknowledge that, while I had doubts Biden could do it, he did. 

He gave a magnificent, rousing, uplifting, soul-stirring State of the Union address. Who could have thought that he could stand before Congress and the world, and deliver a stunning 90 minute summation of our current condition, and lay out a crystal clear map for the way forward? Amazing . . . 

Oh, sorry. 

Guess I was watching a Trump SOTU. Got confused. Thought Uncle Joe had made it. Nurse! Where's my cereal?

Well, the farce continues. The farce known as "President" Joe Biden stumbles along. He is at best a hibernating groundhog, brought out by his handlers every couple of weeks to mumble some phrases, and then quickly get whisked away. The world's most popular man--Didn't he get, like, two billion votes? And they're still coming in!--can't face a live crowd, not even tame "journalists." I, for example, don't see any outcry from those "journalists" over the lack of a SOTU address. Can you imagine the outrage if Trump had skipped one?

The signs are all there. 

The Biden handlers, i.e., Obama & Co., are preparing Biden's exit. As part of the ruling clique's preparations, they are rewriting the election laws to ensure there will never be another challenger to the system such as Trump. They are flooding the country with illegal aliens, keeping the economy on semi-lockdown and dependent on federal handouts, and, most interesting, they are, Mao Great Leap Forward/Cultural Revolution style, decapitating the "tallest poppies" within their own party.  

No challengers must exist to Puppet Harris. We see, suddenly, how our rulers and their minions turn on Governor Cuomo, once one of the stars in the DNC firmament. Not because the EMMY-winning gov killed off thousands of senior citizens, or because of his administration's well-known corruption, no, but because he might have touched some intern's bottom. The rulers have resuscitated the "MeToo" movement to do in Cuomo. 

Mass murder and incompetence are nothing compared to making somebody "uncomfortable." Murder and incompetence, bah, Cuomo could beat those. This? Nah. He's toast. Other prominent Dems had better beware. There will be no challenger or potential challenger allowed to Cackling Harris . . . unless Obama decides otherwise.

Meanwhile, Dim Beijing Joe shuffles around the White House looking for his slipper . . .


  1. Hmm, I have been wondering "why now" in regards to Cuomo, and you have hit upon a very plausible explanation.

  2. I do wonder, though.....1) who will be Harris' VP? 2) Will Harris also be disposable? If so, I am certain that they have ammunition in reserve to use at the appropriate time.

    1. Absolutely. Chairman Barack will decide.

    2. If and when Harris takes over, a new VP has to be confirmed by both houses with a majority vote. So the Rs could keep the VP slot open and then the Senate is 50/50 with no tie breaker.

    3. When Harris takes over, she will appoint Felonia von Pantsuit, aka Hillary Clinton as the VP. She will then suffer a tragic fatal accident when she accidentally strangles herself with her own shoe laces.

    4. Shoe laces can be very dangerous . . .

    5. Angry Webmaster, you are not funny at all.

    6. ...not funny...

      Well maybe knot on Sunday, K
      Butt, her politickin Converse "shoe laces" schtick
      does get a bit nauseating over time... but of course you're
      referencing the "when Harris takes over" quip...
      Yeah, that thought does make one want to 'puke
      straight up in the air" as we bubbleheads usta say!

      Well let's hope her relatively New CON.Law Prof, Old Man, & Shyster Lawyern'personal trainer, aka "Dougie", will caution her to tie her shoe laces before attempting to Ramp up aboard Air Force One! Lord knows, round heels and dangling shoelaces are a dangerous combo around Airedales~~~

      On Watch~~~
      So hears the AD-vent sneaker/shoelace story, careful take in at small doses, or you'll break-out laughing like I Hyena!


    7. We keep assuming 50/50 in the Senate. Based on the antics of the RINOs, I don't think that's an assumption that holds up. These people are worse than the Dimtards--just look at who they have voted to confirm.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Phoenix~~~, for the null
      the VP info. in a stampede it's a
      game of inches, every lil bit helps~~~

  4. Does it matter who sits in the basement of the White House? What we seem to be learning is that the Deep State -- the bureaucracy and their co-conspirators, from Google to Chairman Xi -- actually run FedGov.

    Clearly, with Sleepy Joe Beijing Biden* in place, he is running nothing and his Deep State handlers are running everything. Before, when the US had a genuine chief executive in the form of President Trump, we saw that the same Deep State could thwart him at nearly every turn. A random low-level judge in Hawaii could have more impact on US border policy than a mere President.

    Perhaps the Deep State is happier with a glove puppet like Xiden than with an alert politician who might get too big for her shoes and stray from the party line?

    The power of the bureaucracy in any country should not be under-estimated. In Yang Jisheng's account of Mao Tse-Tung's Chinese Cultural Revolution (The World Turned Upside Down), he summarizes the struggle thus: "The Cultural Revolution was a triangular game between between Mao, the rebels, and the bureaucratic clique. The final outcome of this game was that the bureaucratic clique eventually emerged victorious over Mao, and the rebels suffered the consequences of Mao's failure".

    If Mao as uncontested supreme leader in a totalitarian Communist system could not unseat his own Deep State, what chance do we have now?

    1. Excellent points. I think the Deep State does want to get rid of Biden because he is just too unbelievable, and, let's face it, might not have long to go. Now they could be making mistake thinking that Harris will be a puppet. Let's not forget--I hate to bring up Hitler, but I will--that the Franz von Pappens of the world were deadly wrong when they pushed for Hitler to replace the tottering von Hindenburg, thinking Hitler would be a docile puppet...

    2. Yes, the Senile Sniffer is hardly credible internationally. Domestically, that does not matter -- NY Pravda will cover for him just as they covered towards the end for a very unhealthy crippled FDR.

      However, would it matter if Madame Harris refused to be a puppet? First, that is not likely -- the people who are good at climbing the greasy pole often turn out when they reach the top to have no skills other than greasy pole climbing, and are forced to rely on their advisers. Second, if Krazy Kamela did decide to go off on her own, the Deep State has already proved with President Trump (a much tougher nut than she) that they can constrain a mere president quite effectively.

      If only those Deep Staters were as competent at running the country as they are at playing politics!

  5. Keep your head on a swivel.
    It wouldn't surprise me if Xiden got eliminated soon by some Dermesticated Turrrist so the purge can accelerate Onward!
    The Covid thing was a complete flop. They have to move to plan B before the sheeple wake up.

  6. The worst part of all, is knowing and seeing it happen and being powerless to stop it.

  7. Keep waiting for Sundowner tobe in public or at least in front of reporters who are not part of the Democrats Propaganda Ministry. Some foreign reporters would be nice not part of his cover.

  8. Biden has made the Navy stand down from operations, for Wokeness training.

  9. Hayeck pointed out in his "The Road to Serfdom" that Hitler found it easy to impose a dictatorship. All he had to do was install his people to head all the socialist institutions that were already in place. Are these Democrats crazy? The only thing between us and a dictatorship is the Constitution, and even the Supreme Court doesn't seem eager to defend it. In France over a hundred year period there were numerous revolutions, and the result was always a power grab. The Republicans could take over in the near future and employ the 'for the people' legislation to maintain power. A clever, charismatic leader with foreign or domestic backing could take over, forever. Maybe DJT is working on something to save us, and Democrats and never-Trumpers would be well advised to back him. It's only temporary, and the alternative could be permanent.

    1. "...The only thing between us and a dictatorship is the Constitution,..."--Anon

      True, Anon! Appreciate your wise & pertinent historical insights! I'd just add, some 90+ Million citizens, with a large contingent of Patriots, deplorable OR not, are standing by, awaiting lawful orders, from the "Builder-in- Chief", who I believe, KNOWS, full well, that shaky Foundations need to be examined and reinforced, before, begining the next level~~~
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  10. I live on Long Island and the admiration of Cuomo by most of my female friends has been nauseating. Once the nursing home scandal and the female harassments "hit" the news these women claimed they had been "blind sided." I kid you not! How is it that I knew this a year ago while they considered his press conferences appointment TV?
    The game was to get a dying nursing home patient in an ambulance and off the property before they dropped so as not to count as a "nursing home death."
    A neighbor just a few doors down has a floor to ceiling window in the front of her house. She is a big Dem mover and shaker and always has campaign signs on display. She currently has an 8' high paper cutout of Joe Biden in the window!
    My husband once said that she is performing a public service because we always know who NOT to vote for...

    1. "I live on Long Island..."
      Happily Ms Babs, I escaped from there, 50 or so years ago!
      Outside of NYC, LI has become a Great place to Escape from! But, I do miss Happy Hour on the LIRR, and Gilgo Beach escapes in the Summer! A few months ago I attended an Irish Wake on ZOOM~~~
      Beyond the Love, and the Grief of Loss, for the departed soul, the most often expressed feeling by the 'mourning guests', was their contempt for King Coumo! many expressed their anxous desire for their looming escape, via retirement. I said, "come on down" WE NEED ALL THE TRUMP TROOPS we can muster down here in Florida~~~ And FYI, I told them that Gov. DeSantis needs them as well... He's the real deal, and has been prepping for the worst and making US the best, on the Southern Frontier, to quote: “This Is Intentional”: Governor Ron DeSantis Drops The Hammer On Joe Biden Over Border Crisis~~~

      Read On and Smile, you'll all soon be in a better place ;+)
      if not a better Frame of Mind!


      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  11. Apparently, President Putin -- having been mortally insulted by Beijing Biden* -- has challenged said Xiden to a live debate on TV. Soon! Like Monday, maybe.

    It would be a great opportunity for the Senile Sniffer to show the world his command of the Russian language, and remove all those doubts about his ability to lead.

    Love him or hate him, Mr. Putin has a great sense of humor!

    1. Challenging him to a duel would have been epic!
      Even just a dust up behind the barn.

    2. Careful Ned,
      He's got a black belt, and knows how
      to use barn sand in the clinches, besides,
      Russia would be a worthy ally, against the CCP~~~
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  12. Gavin LongmuirMarch 17, 2021 at 7:22 PM
    ..."If only those Deep Staters were as competent at running the country as they are at playing politics!"

    DiploMadMarch 17, 2021 at 8:56 PM

    Speaking of which,
    what's the Book on the USDOS 'Team of Huskies':
    Blinken, winkin, and nod, mushing off to Alaska...
    To represent the Biden regime's Corona probe KowTow.
    Thereby officially presenting their collective derrieres
    to masked CHICOM Handlers, for an insertion of CCP Marching
    Orders upon their ignoble return to WA-DC~~~

    On Watch~~~
    ~~Stink Stank Stunk~~~
    ...Shame Shame Shame...
    ..."Let's Roll"

    1. Quite recently, I have been thinkin'
      Of our poor sectate named Blinken.
      The CPC has him treed,
      His pants he has peed,
      And the Ship of State--how it is sinkin'!

    2. Aye mate~~~
      "Quite recently...
      ...the Ship of State--how it is sinkin'!"

      Ah Yes, Tis more n'enough, to make a man,
      indulge in acts of sober re-thinkin'~~~
      w/ apologia to:~~~
      An Anonymous OWl~~~Hic```
      "Let's Fly"

  13. Incoming>---> COMMS "The Intercept"
    vIA local Angry [yet amused] WebMaster~~~
    evidently things are heating up in the WILD WEST~~~

    mS Whitmer...chair of the Nevada Democratic Party... got an email >>>from the party’s executive director mS mOUSE, The message:"She was quitting. So was every other employee. And so were all consultants. And the staff would be taking severance checks with them"...

    Coincidently ;~) An Unattached & Unidentified Snoop,
    Cautioned, not to jump to conclusions
    As she had it, on good authority, that
    "the CCP is busy “creating ~AI~ humans”
    to fill such vacancies by other means~~~
    Ref Docs at:


    On Watch~~~ over n'out~~~
    Hat Tip/&/More below:

    "Let's Roll"

  14. I wonder who the purple haired staffer at the us China meeting is?

    What a contrast in visual images.

    Not to mention verbal.

    1. ..."the purple haired staffer"...

      Yeah, Bannon mentioned her, but blew her off as a distraction.
      I didn't see or hear her, that i know of-- then again that may be due to my B&W TV set~~~
      Btw, got a link to your video of the Purple People Eater?

    2. https://www.pri.org/programs/world/top-officials-us-and-china-hold-first-talks-biden-presidency

      She is in the picture in the article

    3. Purple hair was the us translator:


    4. Thanks Ray, She got a lotta ink!
      Think she may be a ChiCom plant,
      to illustrate their USA critique...
      and of course give the American Left
      another pain in their already Gaslit
      a$$es. You see the ChiComs are really
      on the Right side of History Yank...
      'Ya sure ya betcha'~~~
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  15. 民无信不立--If the People don't believe in it, the state can't stand.

    Fifty percent of the American people believing in the party of enforced celebration of organized perversion, tax-supported abortion, your-conscience-be-d--d, and we AMERICANS can make socialism work means that we probably passed the tipping point long ago. When our foreign policy verbally beats up on African states for keeping anti-sodomy laws on the books and defense policy sees integrating trannies over war-readiness, we are basically sunk.

    1. Yes Globo-homo has become tiresome. Unsolicited advice: if you have kids of draft age consider laying the groundwork now for deferment. A sympathetic diagnosis from a friendly doc might be worth everything couple yrs down the road. This from a guy that was a patriotic stalwart aligned with con inc. as little as 5yrs ago. I think that the straw that broke my back was finding out youngest daughter (7th grade) had 3-4 trans classmates. small school. Recently had a week down and watched netflix with kid. Guys it is very very bad.

    2. Actually, upon reflection, a discussion on what might get one outa military service might be useful. I guessing being gay doesn't work any more, flat feet? Remember Klinger?

    3. "Remember Klinger?"...
      "Guys it is very very bad."
      Affirmative Sidney: Loud n' Clear~~~
      hOWl at the moon, but take your piece~~~
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  16. Kepha, We may be in slightly better shape than that, slightly. Are you familiar with Patrick Byrne? He was the founder of Overstock. He began working seriously on election fraud last summer, with a staff of brilliant analysts and tech people, and ended up working closely with Sidney Powell and Mike Flynn. He still is. Byrne recently published an ebook, The Deep Rig, about the election theft and aftermath. It is the best and most detailed account we have so far, a must read.
    Byrne was on a podcast with Eric Metaxas last week, two hours. In the second hour, Byrne says that his experts are convinced that the actual votes cast for Trump were 89 million, to 68 million for Biden.

    1. Anonymous, I would not be surprised if Patrick Brne is 100% on the money. I thought the fraud in Wisconsin and the fiddling with numbers in the other swing states looked pretty fishy (the Philadelphia area has a history of precincts casting more votes than registered voters). But, if there's no-one to enforce election integrity? Where are we?

      The thing that troubled me most about the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol was not that it happened, but that those breaching the Capitol did so in the name of that vast swath of the body politic whose first political instinct is to trust the system, and are horrified by the prospect of political violence. That tells me that if the social contract is not broken, its backbone and one leg are.

  17. "...if the social contract is not broken, its backbone and one leg are."

    Sounds like emergency surgery at the ballot box is required, post haste-- on all those Blue State patients, hope they 'Get Well Soon', Mr. K...
    Happy to report tho, that down here, along and within, the Florida peninsula we're prepped to meet head-on, or foot first, whatever the foreign or domestic Communazis choose to assault us with, even the usually unrully Spring Breakers are learning how to behave in the Sunshine State, or be LOCKED_UP till they pay the price for BAD BEHAVIOR.

    As an Educator, I'm sure you're encouraged to see positive examples of proper civil intercourse, being inculcated into the formally mush-brained, drug-addled minds, of the juvie PRog'Rat Mob idiorations!

    It's also GREAT having a JAG USN Lt.Cdr. from 'Seal Team 6'~~~ wearing the Governor's Hat, and not afraid of using it, as necessary! The newsies are fun to watch, getting their 'clocks-cleaned' when they attempt to cross swords with RON "Slugger" DeSantis~~~

    Yeah, still plenty of work to do nationwide, but at least we've got a great Team down in this corner of the country: ready to fight for what's RIGHT! In fact, wife just reported that her H.S. classmate and hubby want to get out of N.C. and check out the Real Estate in FLA. Even funnier, it wasn't but 3 years ago, that she, escaped from Cali, and landed on the beach near Kitty Hawk - sorta like the escape route taken by our illustrious Vebmiester! Oh well, I'm going on vacation when they get here... Always wanted to visit Wilbur & Orville's stomping grounds, maybe I can stay up there, while they're down here?~~~

    On Watch~~~
    P.S. Do Hope that Patrick Byrne's Project w/ Lin Wood etc etc etc bears fruit -- the guy's got the chops, hutzpah, pedigree, and resume, to do what needs to be done! Let's hope he's got or gets the INV./LEG. Team and Troops to pull it all off -- at least by the next Electoral WAR!
    "Let's Roll"

    1. Do you guys have any use for an old guy who can teach ESOL, translate Chinese, has had some experience as a iplomat? Maybe I can move down there.

    2. My first thought viz employment, Kepha is with the Florida Virtual School system (FLVS). My wiz kid, took 3 semesters of Chinese and 3 semesters of Latin, all A's with which she more than satisfied her H.S. Language requirements.
      Terrific teachers, very dedicated to student learning outcomes. Remember some of the many motivational and didactic techniques utilized: One in particular still stands out. After completion of each Unit the students were required to just sit quietly in their favorite thinking spot, and REFLECT on what they Learned. Following that, almost meditative mind activity, they took the Unit/Chapter test. It worked miracles de-stressing the test takers, and preparing their minds for the Exam. Just that simple thing, has taught her to manage the stress of test anxiety, a skill that stayed with her throughout her long educational journey.

      You get the idea K. Moreover, she learned many things about Chinese culture and social interactions, and loved her Calligraphy components as well. Happilly I didn't have to coach her up on the Chinese Communist Government, issues until she was in college taking Honors level advanced Science coursework. I'd have to guess that FLVS is still interested in recruiting the Best online teachers for their programs, especially in your caliber and experience level. Also, the Online & Hybrid courses offer students and teachers the safety of distance learning during these potentially hazardous pandemic days.

      So, FLVS is based in Tallahassee FL, and expect you will be able to find them online, and get the info you'll need to begin your inquiry. Btw, each Florida County also has a County based based Virtual School, thru FLVS, that offers online coursework to those counties who desire it. I had my daughter do all her Advanced Math & Science Coursework at the County Level. That way I could more easily accomplis a Face to face if needed-but never did, thanks to the Kid!

      I'll keep an eye out for any opportunities
      opening up, including, translation, or DiploMADic work... ;+)
      All the Best K~~~
      On Watch~~~
      Couldn't bring up a Chinese Instructer Job using
      the "Search" Button, But did find an opening for:

      FLVS Flex Modern Hebrew Instructor Florida Certified (Considering Out-of-State Candidates)

      Perhaps they want an app before they link to those Lang jobs?

    3. Yeah Kelpha, working with young aspirational kids (the kind that would want to learn chinese) would be fun. I've always though an Asian style cram school might fly here in the south where I am. That or a legitimate hostess (not a rub and tug) bar for incels to practice interacting with women. Man I thought i was a dork back when. These new guys take it to a new level!

    4. Errata:
      P.S. And Btw K.
      My FLVS source, advises:
      That the FLVS Headquarters
      are now in Orlando, Florida.

    5. Methinks, Br'er Kepha, SidVic, etal ;~)...
      In this Uncertain Age of ChiCom Pandemics, Badly Broken ||Borders and 'Incel'abate basket cases, There is much to reccomend, such as: !.Keep your Distance, When Teaching Language Arts, 2.Love your Gun, & and it will love You. Last, and probably, the most important of all, 3.Celebrate your Short Arm, & ask "Fang Fang" for lessons, and some cash! If she's got any left~~~

      From THE WARROOM:

      On Watch~~~
      Oh You'll Never be Blue in a Blue Uniform~~~

  18. I hope there is post about the fiasco in Anchorage.

    1. #metoo,
      a WIP,
      Land n'Sea~~~

    2. Yeah, i checked in for insight from diplomat types here on that as well. It looked really, really bad to me, but maybe the pros can talk me down lolz. Also, recent military simulations got me scared.

    3. SidVic: "Also, recent military simulations got me scared."

      Yes, one wonders why a US Military type would go public with comments about China kicking US ass in simulated wargames over Taiwan.

      Here is my guess -- the public comments were a warning to China. The US probably can not defend Taiwan from a conventional Chinese attack. That raises a very serious possibility that any Chinese assault on Taiwan would end up getting a nuclear response.

      Mao Tse-Tung used to mock any US nuclear attack on China -- which may have been reasonable when China was mainly a rural country. Now China has vast impressive investments in cities, factories, infrastructure -- now China has a lot to lose in any conflict that quickly escalated to attacks on Shanghai & Beijing. Basically, those comments from the US on the war games were telling China: "Do you feel lucky, punk?"

      Personal view -- China will never attack the US militarily. The Art of War is to win without fighting. All China has to do is to keep fooling the US Best & Brightest into offshoring what little is left of US manufacturing capacity -- and then bring the US to our knees with a threatened trade embargo.

    4. Thanks for your thoughts. Like you I am hoping that this clown show isn't as bad as it seems. weakness is strength, got it. 40D chess, check. sorry to be such a cynical smart ass but it is becoming increasingly difficult to reign it in :) Maybe Bismarck was right about the USA “God has a special providence for fools, drunkards, and the United States of America.”

    5. Funding...

      > Yes, one wonders why a US Military type would go
      >public with comments about China kicking US ass in
      >simulated wargames over Taiwan.

    6. Having important connections to Taiwan, I shudder. I'd love to believe the pessimistic assessments of our military are baiting a trap, but the military technology and strategic balance are not that hard to understand. Worst of all, Xi Jinping really wants a showdown before he dies, and probably senses the weakness of the Biden administration.

    7. "Xi Jinping really wants a showdown before he dies."

      I'd like to know what you Know, Mr. K? ;=}
      All I've got, is the belief that if Xi just leaves Biden/Hairyass alone, the Deleware Dufus & his Caramel will more than likely, continue shooting themselves in the other foot! just about the same Leadership creds, can be expected from Obama, and his 'Dark State' Ship of Fools, puppeteers.

      On the USbyGod side we've got at least the potential of being allied with Taiwan, and the REST of the pissed off PanDemic survivors -- not too shabby IMO, especially if the ChiComs,
      think we'd be a push-over. Just don't see that the ChiCom/Wise Ones would risk everything, for a longshot at a few scheckels, more!?
      Basically the worst/beligerant thing that I saw/read was, the Alaskan ChiCom contingent pissing on Biden and B0's shoes, and by extention, the rest of the silly-assed American Left.

      Beside's if push comes to shove, I suspect even the 'Rat-tailed goofballs, will want/need the USMILFORS to continue to cover their dumbasses, at least until DJT arrives back in town, riding a High White Horse. And for the Record: I'm Mad AS HELL, and I'm not taking it anymore! So There~~~
      On Watch~~~
      Man Battle Stations Torpedoes!
      "Let's Roll"

  19. There is a deeply frank discussion on state dept over at thezman.com blog.
    Entitled "who we are". It might be be of interest to some of you diplomatic types. Would love to hear what you think on it.

  20. The zman gets 250k page views so he fairly influential on the dissident right. SidV

  21. Yes the Zz~~man does seem to have that, that, certain quality how you say, that that... slashing cutlass, Zee thundering hammer, or more fancy footwork, and finesse of the foil that... Je ne sais quoi~~~ to confront this "breathtaking stupidity and sanctimonious codswallop", emanating from the dark bowels of Govt departments/agencies/globalist pigs/traitorous rats dogs n'snakes/ then there's the usual JERKs like the CLOWN in Todays Presser! Let's get the Z-MAN a CAPE, a Ray Gun, and drop $5 Bucks in the Tip Jar...say a prayer, and wish him well~~~
    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

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