Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Sunday, May 23, 2021

"The land of the free/ Where the less you know/The better off you'll be . . . "

Apologies to the late Warren Zevon for stealing lyrics from his "Disorder in the House." 

They strike me as an appropriate anthem for the times in which we live. The woke ones in charge of our troubled nation certainly what us to be "happy" by not knowing what's going on. 

Before we get to all that, I will rail against old age. 

I don't like it. 

One day, I was 25 years old, and, then, suddenly, I wasn't. Don't like it all. Don't mind the greater "wisdom" but not at the cost of aches and pains, doctor visits, and a smorgasbord of medications for this and that. As a young man, if something hurt, I knew why. Now . . . I just wake up and it hurts. No further explanation given. I have grown tired of the well-meaning young medical types labelling such-and-such malady as "age appropriate." 

So, I retreat to the man cave with my dogs, and spend money on an ever-growing gun collection to which I have added, in the past few weeks, a beautiful, but expensive, 19th century Afghan Jezail black powder musket. As a poor young diplomat in Pakistan decades ago, I could have picked one up for next to nothing, but the Diplowife insisted on our saving money for a house. Sigh. I hate priorities when they get in the way of having fun . . . I also have acquired a 1942 M1 Garand rifle in magnificent shape (CMP muzzle rating of 1.0/throat rating of 1.5). A beautiful beast of a gun, and certified in excellent firing condition, as long as I don't shoot overly powerful rounds. I will have to read the warnings more carefully. In the end, I probably will not shoot it; I will put it on the wall next to (I hope) a Japanese Arisaka rifle on which I am bidding in an auction. 

I already have a 1871 Mauser with bayonet on the wall along with a splendid 19th century British-made Martini-Henry, and a 1930s Argentine Mauser, also with bayonet. Lots of old pistols--French, American, Spanish--and swords--German, French, Spanish. It's a race among wall space, bank account, and time left to me . . . which will win?

OK, fun stuff out of the way.

The political-social-economic scene remains dismal. 

The woke attack continues unabated. 

Let me provide, as the wokesters say, an example from "my life experience." The other day at the local gym while on the cross trainer machine--mask mandate gone!--head-set on, listening to Chuck Berry and Tom Petty, I looked up and saw that on the gym's twelve giant TV screens, NOT ONE hetero white male appeared. One would think, to judge, from the commercials and presenters, that we live in a matriarchal African nation. The occasional white guy who appears almost inevitably comes across as an effeminate, quasi-gay buffoon who suffers diarrhea or another physical or moral flaw, and needs straightening out by a wise woman doctor, lawyer, scientist, financial advisor, etc. It's getting a bit much, more than a bit much. 

This wokeness has even infected historical period films in which we, for example, now see ancient England with black aristocrats. Right. OK. So, if that's even remotely true, how can the wokesters argue that Europe and America have been historically and systematically racist? Makes no sense. As a friend of mine said, "Like you, I never have cared about race before, but now I think I have had it." 

The wokesters create the racism and the anti-semitism they claim to deride. They, of course, do this on purpose to create conflict requiring intervention by the woke authorities. The racism and the anti-semitism need manufacturing, just like veggie fake "beef," an artificial commodity for which there exists little natural demand.

In the end, however, we are all tribal. You can push us, insult us, and try to erase us for only so long before, even among the most tolerant of us, the tribal blood rises and the tribe strikes back. 

On that, Diploson3 had an interesting observation in slight disagreement with me. I told him I was getting guns before they banned them. He argued the wokesters won't bother with that. They will let us keep our guns, and obsess about keeping them, while they do away with all the other rights and protections. The law enforcement, judicial, and military institutions are joining the education and the media establishments as tools of the prog-woke machine. The "cancel" effort grows stronger and bolder. Non-woke positions become harder and harder to hold and express; you do so at the risk of losing your job, among other things. The censorship grows and grows, making communication of "unpopular" ideas ever tougher. The woke even have established that the government, under a flimsy pretext, can keep us locked in our homes, jobless, dependent on hand-outs, unable to gather with friends and organize with like-minded individuals; our electoral process, as you all know, is a cruel joke from top to bottom. 

They, therefore, my son argued, don't need to take our guns, at least not for now.

I hope the lad is wrong, and our tribal survival instincts will kick in so we can break the corrupt woke machine before it achieves its 1984 nirvana.


  1. California leads the way into the abyss. Calculus is now considered white supremacy and kids will be 'discouraged from wanting to take it' in high school.
    Between teacher unions and 'progressive' school districts, kids in public education don't stand a chance.
    Mass exodus away from the public school system in California... Many families are opting to use public school for babysitting and then private after school programs to provide some actual learning.
    There are also online resources teaching valuable subjects (like calculus and fact-based history) that haven't yet hit the progressive radar.
    And of course, public schools will be filled with "human (aka critical) geography".... never been a pandemic that killed nearly as many as Karl Marx.

    - reader #1482

    1. Hat Tip, Numero
      Great re-Cap of the massive failure of
      the so-called Public Education system.
      Now in retrospect, we can really see
      what a waste the 'childs life game'
      has now become, wee ignorant pups
      are off to man the battlements in
      a Theater near US, for a cause they
      NO NOTHING OF, but Dead they will be
      and 'ARE NOW BECOMING', wait till
      their stomaches are empty and the
      bullets n' flames of their Enemies
      and Partisans begin their flights
      scourges...Suspect the Churches will
      be back in style...On a happy note
      the old men, the figure heads will be
      DEAD, but some of the sneakier and less
      brave will survive to pretend 'they no-
      know nothing' and yet still the grim reaper
      collects the toll, thru ignorance of Life,
      Love, Happiness drones on until the next
      crash~~~G-d help us all--bless the children~~~
      On Watch~~~
      Gettin ready to go
      sit in the sunshine~~~

  2. Lewis,
    You have a couple of options with the M1. There is an ammo manufacturer that loads U.S. Army .30 Cal to M2 Ball specs, or I have seen that you can obtain a replacement gas block that restricts the gas flow, so you can safely fire modern loadings. The gas block is likely the easier to obtain item, as ammo in general is difficult to obtain currently.

    Democrats have always been obsessed with race. Democrats were the slavers, The leaderships of the Confederacy, the leaders of Segregation and Jim Crow. The leaders who fought against MLK and the civil rights movement. When Lyndon Johnson saw that they were going to lose, he created a new plan to keep blacks under Democrat control. The vote plantation. Free housing, and food at the cost of your vote, oh and your family. We see the results of this plantation today. The problem can be summed up in two words, “No Dad”. Now, the modern left is wracked with guilt of their past. Confronted with their parties history, they will try and claim that the parties switch sides, and then direct the shame of their past at the Republicans. Yeah, yeah, you can’t wash the spot off that easy. So, now it is this new segregation disguised as an over-the-top apology tour. Democrats just can’t quit racism because it is built into their founding beliefs. That all men are not created equal.

    1. "Confronted with their parties history, they will try and claim that the parties switch sides, and then direct the shame of their past at the Republicans."

      The Democrats are doing a pretty goof job of that -- with the full cooperation of the Republicrats.

      Easy example -- "Red" was the color the Communists chose for themselves. The Scarlet Banner, the Soviet Red Army, Red China. Then, just to rub the faces of non-Democrats in their powerlessness, US Democrats/Media decided to make Red the color of the Republicrats.

      The worst part is that lots of non-Democrats happily went along with that switch. Websites like Redstate, etc.

      Really, the problem is not the communists and authoritarians in the Democrat Establishment. The problem is that so many of us not-the-Democrats are spineless go-along-with-the-NYT types. We are getting what we deserve -- unfortunately!

    2. Dear GL,
      Speaking as a color-blind, red, black, or blue, Republican, not to be confused with Rinos, 'Rats, or Commies of any hue, it's becoming quite clear that the overwhelming majority of American Voters had their VOTES stolen, Votes they caste in good faith for President DONALD (ol'45) TRUMP~~~

      And while the alleged, "Republicrats" did play a media role, as did the DemiPubs,those voting & cheating groups basically offset one another, However the remaining votes at stake were stolen! Some 80+/- million of them were STOLEN by criminal actors. I vote for hanging them, EVERY ONE from the yardarm, whatever color they call themselves!
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  3. The sunlight is increasingly shining on the shadowy corrupt voting systems that enabled this mess. Truth is being outed, which is fostering a glimmer of hope that will grow until it lights the way. Keep the Faith.


    1. YES!!! Keep the faith, indeed. God has a plan for all this. I believe in Him and know he is not done with us yet. Keep the Faith!!

  4. Dear Dip, Just wanted to comment on the aches and pains. They are ridiculous! At 60 something I feel like 90 something when I wake up in the morning, sore muscles everywhere, like I've been beaten with a stick. Am taking magnesium, potassium, a little copper, vitamin D of course. I swim, do squats, walk, do yoga stretches. Diet is low carb and high protein. None of it seems to be a silver bullet. Someone out there must have a solution, something other than anti inflammatories and pain meds. The one thing I haven't tried yet is to drop from normal weight to super thin. Maybe that would help. Maybe our medical establishment, which has not covered itself with glory during the epidemic, could pull up its socks and figure out how the baby boomers can have a moderately healthy walk into the sunset. We do need help.

    1. As I have said for years, though, There is no reward in the afterlife for dieing skinny. And if you do, you have missed out on a whole lot of fun.

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    5. Ive no idea how all that happened

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    12. Stop eating grain and sugar... They are both nearly ubiquitous.. in so many of the products we eat. .
      It did amazing things for me. Between cutting grain and cutting sugar, not sure which was the more beneficial for me in eliminating visceral fat and inflammation.
      Seriously, do some research. The book "Wheat Belly" was one I came across while looking into improving my own health. It's a good place to start...

    13. Copy that and Concur Anon:
      "Stop eating grain and sugar..."
      Hard tho, to give up my bi-daily
      bowl of Oats w/a chopped banana(potassium?)
      and 1% milk w/A&D added, from Cows not
      treated with rbST (Artificial Hormone)~~~
      Moo~~~ or as my dad was heard to say:
      if my mother gave me milk like that,
      I would never have left home (Akavit).

  5. This round of lock downs are failing fast hopefully, but they have the code now so will use it again.
    Still better to be armed, and taking them away has always been their plan.

  6. My husband and I live near a major metropolitan area in the US. For years now, we have noticed that ALL the billboards and advertisements in the city feature black faces only if the advertisement has anything to do with education. There had been but one exception: a few weeks ago, there was a picture of an Asian woman on the billboard for an academic program.

    We have both said that if an alien came to town, he would be forgiven for thinking that only black people are intellectuals or attend university. Meanwhile at the major universities in town, the STEM fields have to contort themselves to find black people to attend their programs. We just laugh. It is all so fake. They want us to believe a great big lie.

  7. Was it sold as the actual jezail that shot Dr. Watson?

    1. Yes. They added a thousand dollars to the price of a "Ten rupee Jezail . . . "

  8. Holy Moly, looked over here, when I was over there,
    I could sware, twas a RUMBLE or a Scrum or somethin,
    but NO! Was Only Brother Graham settin off the Cracker
    Vote Recount Alarm in GEORGIA, or somewheres--sure nuff here tis:

    >>>Georgia Judge Orders Review of Fulton County Ballots<<<
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After Startling Claim~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Talk about those pesky "tribal survival instincts", Apparently:
    "A state judge in Georgia has ordered the 2020 general election absentee ballots in Fulton County unsealed and examined for fraud. Friday’s legal victory comes as part of a lawsuit led by Garland Favorito of the voter integrity organization VoterGa. Favorito claims county election workers likely included fabricated ballots — perhaps between 20,000 and 30,000 — and counted some ballots multiple times.

    To refresh, Joe Biden is credited with winning the state by less than 12,000 votes." (see link below)

    That's the clickbait, but there's a whole lot more manure on the floor~~~~ so much to learn, so lil time!

    Btw, to those fellow commenters mentioning the benefits of the aging process, you caused me to flashback to my 1st tour as a Veterans Counselor, and my first visit to Vets at the Veterans Hospital. Of couse I had my itinerary...but first off needed to take a leak. Came in the side door, where intake dept. was in full swing, looking for the Head, err the can, I spotted the sign, MEN, kicked my approach speed up a notch~~~ then i spotted an oldtimer bearing down on my position, I swear he was hopping and skipping, I didn't dare to cross his bow, for fear of a collision, so, rang-up SLOW waiting for 'nature boy' to pass on my Portside--NOPE he Hops/Skips into Mens room, and I follow in his wake~~~ So we each bellied up do the urinals, I discreetly look away, then I here him pissin like a Race Horse and asks me, "what am I in for", I told him my mission, he acted like I was Hopalong Cassidy, and wanted to shake my hand, even before I washed it! His exuberence was infectious, so i asked him why he was so dang Happy go Lucky, fulla vim n'vigor! He roared, you got me! I'm not usually like this he said, but every month I drive 50miles over here, and back just to get my shot! Now he really had me~~~I had to ask, what have they got you on? He looks me in the eyes, as if measuring my worthiness for his confidential info. I thought for sure it was some sort of amphetamine concoction, but NO! He swivels his head to make sure it was just between me N'him, and he Blurts Out--> "itsa B-12 Shot! It makes me feel like I'm Flying"! WOW, I replied, I'm gonna write that down, so I pull-out my 'wheel-book, and proceed writing, he emphasizes Vitamin B12, he gave me the dose etc...we headed for the door, shookhands a parted company, never saw him him again, but he's in my book as the Happiest Man Alive, on that day - and G-d bless him!
    So...the decades fly by, I take the usual batch of prescribed supplements, adding things like Zink etc, then I get this pitch for Nugenix-Total-T, a special blend w/ Tetestrone Boost, Iwas going to blow it off, cuz i never had no probs in that dept, if you know what i mean! ANYHOOT, I decide to turn the jar around and read the rest of the ingreadiants(too many to mention) but what jumped out at me was my first Counseling client's 'B-12' endorsement, listed as 100% of the Daily recomended Dose~~~ I've been staying pretty perKY ever since! Course I don't Garantee nothin for nobody, but seems to work OK for me, when i take it the mornin, at night I get a lil heartburn and need a swig of milk to calm it down -think that may be the fennugeek leaf, other than that, I'm good to go, I "work 8hours, sleep 8hours, that leaves 8hours for FUN!

    On Watch~~~

    "Let's Roll"

  9. 1) "They" do not need to take our guns if we cannot buy ammo. 2) Seems like the best things we should have done in response to the China virus (and this is not news): don't smoke, lose weight and quarantine only the most vulnerable. 3) The more I hear about the vaccines, the less I want them. Glad I have natural antibodies.

    1. The obesity thing is really interesting to me. Have you heard of any MSM reporting that 78% of hospital admissions for CCP virus are obese? It's like the third rail of the discussion. Also, has anyone heard the MSM describe Vit D deficiency as an indicator of severe CCP virus symptoms? Was Fauci as afraid of a run on D supplements as he was on masks early on?

    2. Re Sarah & Babs,

      1)More n likely, the shootists will be keeping
      their powder dry, even when their canoe sinks.

      2)...: "don't smoke, lose weight and quarantine..."
      plus, D3, Zink, and drink gin n' tonic by the pitcher~~~

      3)...vaccines...the less I want them...
      true enough, and down right scary to me Sarah! Wore my
      Red Hat, to the Local Fire Dept administered Vax shooting gallery, my hat read ..."County Fire Rescue jr. Life Guard".
      This was my 2nd dose, and really was having 2nd thoughts...
      but was committed, so as I'd be fully protected, just in case the Kid, inadvertently brought C-19 home with her -- didn't want her carrying any guilt forward about killing her Pappy... So I come up on the FD Captain, supervising the show, he looks at me and says "Nice Hat" says me w/a smile, "Thanks!", He volunteers, "some folks are getting nervous about these shots". Yeah, I've read up on the critics... but for the family's sake, decided to take another shot of the poison! He looks directly in my eye and replies, "I hear you, Sir". I quickly added, have you got a reliable Lt. on duty, he says "sure do", and points down to 1 of 20 or so shooters, the Lt. started waving his arms when the Cap'n pointed him out -- expect, I got an expert, he was still wearing his wetsuit... after now sustaining, now '2' cold-shots of Phizer in these old guns, so far--so good and no side-effects yet --but won't be going back out there for round 3~~~
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  10. You briefly discussed the skewed demographics in corporate media and advertising. Have you heard about the re-make of Cinderella? The Fairy Godmother is being played by the same freak that did the cringeworthy rendition of a Buffalo Springfield tune at the DNC last summer.
    So, gays can be fairies or, fairies are gay, or Godmothers are actually gay fairies? No, no, no. "Magic has no gender!"
    So for all you older readers that once had young children, hang on to your old story books. They are in the process of vanishing.
    The publishing companies have come up with an incredibly clever way to get you to chuck those books. They now claim that they are poison, actually made with poison components in the physical book! They are claiming that if a child gnaws on an old book they will poison themselves.
    Never mind asking the question how did you leave a very young child unattended for so long that they were actually able to eat part of a book? Never mind whether the thing is poisoned or not.
    What I find very sad about this is that some parents will believe it.
    And so, this leaves the field open for revised versions of "very useful" PC story books.
    It really is enough to make me sick. Just the other day my husband and I were watching a serial thriller called "Deep State" and I remarked that if I didn't know better I would think that half the population of Western women were lesbian.

    1. This is the guy to which I refer.
      He sure as hell isn't my Fairy Godmother.

    2. Suspect that sooner or later,
      he too will neglect to pay
      his recreational drug bill
      and will as most do, get a
      visit from the collection
      agency... till then,
      sayonara comrade~~~

  11. "In the end, however, we are all tribal." As the saying goes, eventually the worm will turn.

  12. "Wokeness' has one goal, consigning those with lesser pigment to the back of the bus and relegating European heritage to the dustbins of history.

    1. The European hertiage apart from Marx and his miserable heirs.

    2. May be so, Kepha...
      But they too will
      eventually be turned
      into rubble, once the
      new dummies learn to:
      'Read for Comprehension'
      and in due course, get
      enough ammo to readjust
      the balance of power~~~
      On Watch~~~
      'Wheel in the sky
      keeps on turnin'~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  13. ~~~~~~SUSPICIONS CONFIRMED~~~~~~~

    But will we have the Time required to clip the
    trip wires the Oligarch Techs and Democrap-CCP
    has attached to the VOICE if not the very SOUL
    of WE THE PEOPLE and our Constitutional Republic?

    REVEALED: Dr. Shiva Shows How U.S. Government Uses Twitter to Target Political Dissidents-Bannons-WarRoom Published May 25, 2021 7,534 Views
    To Wit:
    — Dr. Shiva gives an update on his legal fight against Twitter, which is now historically showing the U.S. government is using Twitter to suppress speech of political opponents.

    Put the time back on the clock
    REINSTALL: Hon. 45th POTUS DJT~~~
    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  14. Did someone say: "Disorder:...The woke ones in charge of our troubled nation certainly want us to be "happy" by not knowing what's going on."--WLA

    Oh Yes, that's it, those 'Western Civilization' revelations i read in College~~~ Wait, wait, what about those lofty Sermons I listened prayerfully too, waiting patiently for the next Hymn on the board...

    Could it have been, pressing the flesh, during the pungent BTO Concert, in that smoke filled Hall, in Miami Beach, Eureka!

    "Last time, I noted that Erich Fromm's "antidote" to movements like Wokism (as well as Nietzche's earlier concept of the Übermensch) depended on the assumption—or at least hope—that man could transcend his own humanity.

    This feels like a critical error—possibly a foundational one. Maybe it's an important part of how we got into this mess. Where does the belief we can transcend our own humanity come from?" Tal Bachman
    The Bachman Beat May 28, 2021

    Just what I needed to "WAKE ME SHAKE ME, Don't let me sleep too late"~~~
    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

    1. Or, perhaps, even a fallen and sinful humanity is the object God's redemptive work?

    2. K, Since most of us are or have been,
      just such sinners, I sincerely pray
      that God's intent is the redemption
      of such fallen souls. "Wokeism" as
      a prescription, or proscription
      doesn't do it for me, or most
      others, it appears.
      Bless you and yours, K
      and a sincere prayer
      and humble thanks to
      all our Brothers and
      Sisters in Arms who
      gave their last full
      measure to us and our
      Beloved Country~~~
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"