Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Saturday, May 29, 2021

This and That and a Bit of Gloating

All quiet on the Diplomad home front. Well, sorta. 

One of the dogs, the Akita, got car sick on the drive from Raleigh to Wilmington. He was with his two buddies in the back of the truck; I didn't notice until we got to the Wilmington house. I opened the  truck and --Wham-o!--I was instantly transported back to various of my overseas assignments. Crap everywhere. Took the poor boys out, washed them down and then released them into the house while I did my best to clean the truck and the dog beds. Finished my Herculean labors, I went into the house where, once again, my olfactory senses transported me back to some long forgotten third world village, in a place far, far away, and long, long ago . . . Dog had got sick again, but this time on rugs, carpets, and hardwood flooring. Massive clean-up effort ensued, which involved, the point of this so-far nasty and pointless tale, my having to rent a rug cleaning machine from the local supermarket. 

Guess what? 

I had to produce government-issued identification to rent the machine! 


No id? No rug machine for you!

I don't need id to vote, but, to clean up dog crap, well . . . you know, priorities in today's America . . . I should have let the black guy in line behind me know that he would find it impossible to rent a machine since, as the wokesters tell us, black people have no government-issued identification. To add insult to injury, the smiling clerk asking for my id was--Oh Horrors!--black!

As my cruelty knows no bounds, if I hadn't been in a hurry, I would have hung about to watch the full fury of white supremacist, Jim Crowism come crashing down on the black applicant for a rug machine . . . but, I was in a rush to get home . . . .

The dog is fine, by the way.

I see the Senate did not approve that farcical commission to investigate the "January 6 insurrection." A minor victory. I am almost certain the Pelosians will launch a House commission, regardless. Anything to bury or, at least, distract from the interesting vote audits underway in a couple of states, and (possibly) looming in others. I don't want to oversell those audits, or get too cheery about them, but they do offer hope of providing some clarity, some truth, to the "results" of the elections last November. Let's see what happens, and hope it's not just just another Durham report.

The ol' Diplomad, I must say, called it pretty much on the money re the ChiCom Virus. Go back and reread the stuff over the past several months and you'll see. I noted repeatedly that we have a contagious virus, of Chinese origin, with a survival rate in excess of 99%. I also stated that shutting down the economy was about politics--the Dems had to break Trump's shiny toy--and not about science. The lock-downs proved criminally absurd, and most likely contributed to many more deaths than did the ChiCom virus. It is also now becoming clear that the Chinese government through its WHO mouthpiece pushed for the global economic lockdowns as a way to cripple its adversaries.

Anyhow, off to deal with a wayward IRobot vacuum which has gotten itself stuck.


  1. Always great to hear from Diplomad, even... make that especially... when he's gloating.

  2. As to the questioning of the black gentleman in line, I did that in a WalMart parking lot to an older black gentleman. After hearing so much recently about minorities not being able to get photo ID to be able to vote, I asked the gentleman how he drove there when I've been told that blacks can't get photo ID such as driver's licenses. And I told him to expect he and his black friends will be stopped by police when driving because of their noted lack of licenses. I started off telling him I had a friendly question.
    I have for years been amazed that the older minorities seem to have so much self discipline after 100 years of Jim Crow, yet those young people who have never experienced that feel so oppressed.

  3. "Anything to bury or, at least, distract from the interesting vote audits underway in a couple of states ..."

    The situation is getting more difficult to assess, now that some senile old guy in the basement of the White House has restarted the Trump Era investigation into whether the CovidScam started in a Chinese laboratory. And all those Leftie media outlets that that previously censored any discussion of that possibility are now admitting it needs to be investigated.

    The parsimonious explanation of the CovidScam is that it was Chinese Communist Party economic warfare against the West, allied with CCP-influenced Democrats, bureaucrats, media, and academics. So how to explain this Bolshevik/Memshevik split between the CCP and Western Lefties?

    Prediction -- if the CCP gets annoyed at Democrats departing from the script, we can expect to see a sudden parallel shift in the media narrative about 2020 Election Fraud, with CCP-influenced media beginning to say that the concerns about possible election fraud need to be addressed (just like the concerns about Covid leaking from a Wuhan laboratory).

    1. Sure is, Mr. K~~~
      Thinkin it's making
      some 'old soldiers' want
      to SPIT, if not SH@@T~~~
      hope they don't
      "Fade Away", yet,
      before their time~~~
      a Meditation on Joshua inc. 1.9:
      "Let's Roll"

  4. Looked at that Senate vote, most of Republicans bailed out on it rather than voted no.
    Of course those that were all willing to can lots of fellow Republicans in the gulag were the usual suspects.

  5. On target here. I think that word leaked out about the kybosh of the State Dept probe into the origins, and the committee controlling president select’s teleprompter wrote that oh, yes, we cancelled that bad probe we are going to start a good probe now and report findings in 90 days. Which means they’ve got 90 days to whitewash all this lab stuff and pin it on the pangolin.

  6. This business of the covid-19 virus coming from wet markets is pure hooey. I lived in the Far East for around a decade all told, and passed through wet markets in several Taiwanese towns, Bangkok, and Guangzhou with no ill effects. The likelihood that the coronavirus was either accidentally leaked, or possibly deliberately leaked as a dry run for germ warfare, is high.

    1. "... possibly deliberately leaked as a dry run for germ warfare ..."

      Who needs germ warfare when economic warfare has proved to be so successful?

      We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Covid-19 is comparable to the ordinary flu -- the people at risk are mostly those with one foot already in the grave (We All Die Eventually!) and the mortality rate among the overall population is a fraction of 1 percent. Some pandemic!

      And yet Western Best & Brightest did immense damage to their economies and their social structures with their self-imposed unnecessary Lock Downs -- apeing what the CCP had reportedly done in China.

      Now -- strange to relate -- China is booming, and the West is mired in problems. And -- even stranger to relate -- Western politicians are doing very little to counter the CovidScam revelation that the West is so heavily dependent on the CCP for critical supplies, such as medications and medical equipment.

      Why would the CCP take the risk of real "germ warfare" when a fake attack can be so successful in moving China to the top of the global order?

  7. Thank you for posting, I always like popping in an it sometimes feels like Christmas morning

  8. Bayless: "THE DEATH of REASON"
    Bannon: "TRILLIONS ON DEFENSE but not one penny in Tribute"

    "Modern Minutemen...[WE] are in Fight to Save America..."
    IN our USA today: "Every Town is a Border Town"

    Two, 2 Navy guys some it up, over at Bannon's Battle Wagon~~~
    — RADM Jon Bayless, U.S. Navy (RET), says between the 1.border and crisis, and 3.Marxism, America is in peril.

    On Watch~~~

    "Let's Roll"

    1. Yeah Yeah Sum Sum, mark~~~ Summertime Blues on the Horizon~~~

  9. That is 'just' a pooptastrophe...
    The worst is apocapoopalypse:
    1) dog nervous from trip
    2) dog poops due to nerves
    3) poop further bothers dog
    4) to remove the problem, dog consumes feces
    5) dog now has diarrhea

    - reader #1482

  10. 10-4 1482```
    n'Roger that K-RAP,
    Ooohh that smell~~~
    Heard it called,
    the hounds are simply
    Maximizing their
    Caloric uptake~~~
    Over In Korea they say
    Night soil makes cabbage
    tastier for Gaia, she's
    known as Environ~mental,
    I'm told~~~
    On Watch~~~
    Gonna Wash my Hands
    & Mediate~~~

    PS Hope you're all enjoying "the long weekend", and too
    remembering the men/women & their deeds for which we celebrate
    this Memorial Day~~~ and Amen~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  11. Not just the West was adversely affected, severely, by the China virus. Note that India, having made it through months without being hit badly by the virus, spiked in April 2021. Gee, who benefits most from India being in turmoil? Not Pakistan but China.

  12. "China's attack on India is part of its broader war on democracy"
    Read you 5x5 SM~~~

    "Not just the West was adversely affected, severely, by the China virus. Note...India...

    MOT Sarah M. ~~~ >---> ~~~
    As always nowadays the CCP propaganda machine and,
    its LIE Repeaters, WORLD-WIDE, continue to bob & weave
    thru the MILLIONS of corpses it continues to create along
    the ChiCom pathway toward world dominance, All other
    Nations, are required to submit or else -- Suspect the
    Indians, are sharpening their Tomahawks,
    before it's too late?!
    Let's hear it
    for our allies,
    and our Minutemen,
    Ready to UNLOCK and LOAD~~~

    China's attack on India is part of its broader war on democracy
    by Washington Examiner, | | June 20, 2020 12:00 AM

    The Chinese army's killing of at least 20 Indian soldiers this week was alarming and unacceptable.

    The soldiers were killed in a skirmish along the contested "line of control" of far-northern India and far-western China. Tensions have always ebbed and flowed here, but this is the first loss of life there in 45 years. A conflict between two nuclear powers that comprise more than one-third of the world's population is no mere sideshow. And China's attempt to blame India for the deadly fracas should not be taken seriously.

    China's record along the line of control is one of aggression. Beijing expanded its presence in disputed areas in recent years. There are legitimate debates over where the border should be, but China has undermined all diplomacy by constructing observation posts and other buildings to sidestep diplomacy. Officers in the People's Liberation Army of China frequently harass their Indian counterparts, screaming abuse while the Chinese foreign ministry claims they're engaging politely. The Chinese Communist Party disdains the truth, but it is extra arrogant in this dispute.

    In Wednesday's press conference, Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Zhao Lijian was combative, saying that "China always owns sovereignty over the Galwan Valley region, and the Indian border troops have acted in ways inconsistent with their words and seriously violated the agreements both countries have reached."

    Zhao, known for his Twitter trolling, claimed that the Indians "provoked and attacked Chinese personnel." Considering that the Indians were outnumbered perhaps 10 to 1, Zhao's claims are not credible. There's nothing unusual about his falsehoods, but this incident's importance extends beyond China's typical disregard for the truth. China is usurping sovereignty in several areas of the world as part of Beijing's broader strategy of global domination and aggression against democracies.

    In the South China Sea, China is stealing vast areas of ocean that are either international waters or belong to other countries. Democracies such as the Philippines and Malaysia face daily struggles simply to enter their own fishing grounds without being attacked by Chinese warships. China has no interest in honest diplomacy or resolution other than on its own aggressive terms. All the Communist Party cares about is taking from those who do not voluntarily give Beijing what it wants.

    This strategy extends beyond territory and waters. Beijing's thievery in cyberspace is legendary and vast. Xi Jinping's intelligence officers wait for others to invest billions of dollars in new technologies, then steal it for themselves. Even China's efforts to develop a coronavirus vaccine are supported by a global campaign to steal research from others.

    ON Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  13. "...Putin will raise concerns with Biden over the human rights of the jan 6 protesters..."

    Sounds like somebody's got their tongue firmly implanted in their good ear, I know its not Brother Sid', he's been hangin around Diplo's place since 2015, offering his insightful stuff, without charge or recompense...

    Therefore, the highest probably is that at least one of the Worlds Greatest Leaders, Putin or Biden is the one ? A Putzlement?

    With reference to the "demented anti-white mania of our overlords",
    I'm enjoying the hell outta seeing the Progs and Progettes cackle & scramble like a pen fulla chickens w/ their heads cut off, well all except, Lord Fauchi-- in addition to his usual lies and double-talk, he shot himself in the foot, and wrote a new book, yet he remains an American Hero, they say...

    Agree it's difficult to predict where it'll all end up, in the near-term, or short-term -- the Sitz-Bath continues to boil-over, just how much more stupid will the Left get? It remains a brain teaser, will wiser heads in the CCP cut their 'rat n rino' puppet's strings, will Black leadership face the fact that they road the Racist Pony into the dirt? Will Corporate cronies be scared straight when Davos becomes the venue for the Bio-Warfare indictment of CHINA?
    I sorta like the Pillow Guy's forecast most of all:

    "Trump reinstated in August by the Supreme's (9 to 0)"
    Sure, they'll be some die-hard thieves/murderers/rogue 'rats etc etc etc that will need to be collected, tried, executed, or imprisoned, but "we the people", plus our American Patriots and Military Heroes already know how to do their Job! Well I'm Still keeping my fingers crossed that they will be allowed to do it, Great Day for a Field Day, at least for US Good Guys~~~

    On Watch~~~
    Update: from Arizona via Pennsylvania:

    "Let's Roll"

  14. Well that's the thing. Have they let the mask drop because they panic. Or is it because they are supremely confident.

    De-platforming a sitting president struck me as bizarrely ballsey. The trans agenda is dislocating. That Levin character as assistant health secretary; a old dude in a sun dress. WTF, is this to demoralize? The systematic neutering of policing? The amhuad arbery case indicates that self policing is out. What the heck we supposed to do. The other case where that old guy was shot 8 times, the murderer confessed and witnesses were present, yet he was ruled not guilty. Gentleman this may get ugly. Do they aim to start a race war? I don't buy this china is the bad guy stuff. Finally what is up with white supremacist's terrorism is the biggest national security threat? Oh and I think i stumbled across diplomad during the indonesian tsunami in 2004? Can this be correct?

  15. "I don't buy this china is the bad guy stuff." SV

    Yeah, most seem to believe its the CCP, "not the sweet "China" peeps", "they're such nice people"...'Spect so, if'n you catch them when they're not too hungry, especially them 'Fan Fan' type wimmins... and, stay clear of the re-education Camps, "esspecially" if you have some sale-able body-parts!

    Yes Sid', saw your ref: date 2004, in an earlier post, didn't have an opportunity to confirm, so just went w/your '15 Blogger Bona fides...
    Hope you an Dip, get to share a 'rip roaring Indonesian tsunami Tale' with us resident mitty scribblers & hangers on~~~

    Oh, while I remember it, here's "Frank Speech" latest release, a short film, so even us addle-minded pals might get the gist of it ;) Bold Stuff, heard there's more than one Ninja out scoutin for Mikes personal Pillow~~~
    This one's for you too, #1482
    "Let's Roll"

    1. imo, utter garbage.
      - Nobody but perhaps the NSA performs country-wide packet captures, even filtered by foreign adversaries. Maybe some top tier peering providers *could* do so, but .. where's the data?
      - In the last 10-20 years, *every* publicly accessible IPv4 address gets attacked every day... generally by 'bot nets' and foreign addresses.
      - If e-voting providers are stupid enough to put their voting machines on the open Internet (I don't know this, but I assume they're behind a firewall on a VPN at worst) with massive security bugs, then we get what we deserve as a country.
      - If it's so simple to prove, why aren't the details posted like a) how were these voting systems compromised/exploited?, b) how/why were these supposed exploiting connections run in plaintext? c) where did you get your packet traces from? d) are these alleged traces cryptographicaly timestamped by a trusted authority such that they weren't fabricated yesterday?

      - The hash values in packets only guaranty that the packet is internally consistent, they don't at all indicate origin or true time.

      - If there are TLS headers, those could possibly show the signing authority from which the keys were derived... but I can get one myself, and my name can be Mickey Mouse.

      And lastly... cybersecurity is shamanism on the order of the IPCC and their climate religion. I watched a 'brilliant expose' on how a cybersecurity firm had found supposed proof that the DNC was infiltrated by 'russian intelligence'. One of the quotes that was abjectly stupid went along the lines of "We didn't just trace the IP address to russia..." (anybody can do this via a myriad of 'geoip' sites) "... but we captured keystroke timing to prove who was behind it..."

      What they captured, at best, was someone's 'expect script'... which is a mechanism for sending time-gated commands, ie (press this key/send this character, wait 0.08 seconds... press that key) But they probably don't even have keystroke logging and are making up that part anyways (because there were no specifics or data).

      Basically... from a higher level perspective, the same vulnerabilities that make evoting suspect, also make forensic analysis of supposed cyberattacks, also suspect.

      America should *not* *ever* use software-driven voting machines. Never should have.
      There is pretty much just *one* thing that Ameria *has* to do right.. always... and it's worth the cost and manpower.

      The tendency in the US is to gravitate towards *less* secure voting rather than more... today, people want to be able to watch a 'documentary' about baby seals dying and immediately click 'like' to vote in a new President.

      Sorry, but that mike guy is either being trolled or in cahoots with a scammer... probably the former.

      - reader #1482

    2. and of course... extra-final-lastly... if an attacker actually wants their victim to not know where they're coming from, they'll transit the tor network several times and leave the 'security experts' telling the victim they know exactly where are.... but aren't actually.

      A lot of these attacks could be compared to hypnotizing someone with instructions to hypnotize someone else.. with instructions to hypnotize someone else... (and on and on) to rob a bank, convert the proceeds to bitcoin, and then give that bitcoin to a specified wallet.

      Similarly, finding out "who hacked those guys" is a 'human intelligence' effort starting with a list of people or groups with means/motive/opportunity.. and *not* packet traces.... or 'pcap' if we want to millennial-lingo it.

      - reader #1482

    3. As Mike Lindell would say, "WOW!"
      Tks for giving it the once over, twice, #1482
      Much to think about, and write in response,
      think I’ll do so over the next few days…
      I’ll just state now, for the record:
      Thank G-d for the Pillow Guy, going
      ‘toe to toe’ with these heavy weight
      gangtsas, who’ve brought the Constitution
      of USA, nearly to its knees...
      Time has come the Walrus said,
      and 3 cheers for all the MAGA waving ,
      Deplorables, who’ve refused to swallow
      The Marxist Poison served up by the
      Rats, Rinos, CCP, and Davos machine~~~
      If I’ve forgotten anyone F/U ]:=}>

      Anonymous June 4, 2021 at 11:40 AM
      aka #1482 says,
      “imo, utter garbage.”

      My assumption 1482, is that the “garbage” you are referencing , is of the Type, Commonly known as the ‘programmers lament’ ie. Garbage In-Garbage-Out…

      “- Nobody but perhaps the NSA performs country-wide packet captures, even filtered by foreign adversaries. Maybe some top tier peering providers *could* do so, but .. where's the data?”

      ‘Nobody but’, that sounds like an 'exception to the rules', 1482. Perhaps these U.S. Govt ‘White Hat ‘High Dollar hackers’, PG hired have powers far above we normal finger-pickers to achieve? Such HIGH access may go a long way toward obtaining the right set of keys, which then can be used to open the hidden doors to the evidentiary data we Pats needed to unmask the thieves...

      Btw, would you Please define the specific “data” you’re looking for 1482, I‘m seeing all sorts of data, having viewed and reviewed all of the Pillow Guy’s (PG) Evidence productions viz the ‘machine steal’ During the 2020 election. Wondering if you too have so examined the entirety of that subject matter, or if you’re simply critiquing the “9-0” release? As I understand it, 9-0 was only meant to be ‘the last nail in the CCP- cheaters coffin’ - a short hand review, to aid the average US citizen, to basically comprehend, what it’s all about… certainly not the 'be all end all' of PG’s Top Shelf Lawyers Legal Case presentation to the Supremes. Moreover I wouldn’t expect a complete reveal of all the Facts, NOW, so that the perps, get some extra time to throw their monkey wrenches into the works, or for the ChiComs to pull the strings attached to their bought & paid for puppets, coast to coast...
      Seems, If we only view the ‘9-0’ short subject, ‘we the people’ will fall far short of examining and comprehending the overall heft of the steal, so far accomplished by CCP Voting Machine attack tactics .

      Tks again for your replies #1482, they are turorias, in and of themselves!
      More later~~~
      On Watch
      Let's Roll"

    4. Yeah, I'm *only* responding to the technical details of that 9-0 presentation. Posting those packets dumps is incredibly simple and they can be loaded up into one of the many interpretation tools available like 'wireshark'. From there, I'd check whether any of the data remotely resembles an attack other than the equivalent of 'door knocking'. The reason every publicly accessible address gets attacked every day is because it's ridiculously easy. Imagine if a burglar could anonymously try every front door in the entire nation within a few minutes to see if it's locked. That's very easy, so a large number of attackers try every door, every day, or sometimes many times a day. This doesn't affect home users so much as any computers on the open internet.
      How does this matter? Well if the packets captured are door-knocks only, that's very expected. If they are encrypted (which should be the case if they're successful attacks.. the last thing a *true* bad guy wants to do, is let someone know what they're doing), then we can say "well that's kind of suspicious"... but not much more.
      It still doesn't tell us *who* sent those requests or the *where* or *why*.
      It doesn't even verify that these packets were captured at the time claimed vs made up after.
      *But*, if someone wanted to post a set of packet captures, they could have pretty easily published hashes of the files containing their packets on the internet, perhaps even on this blog. It would be probably 512 or 1024 bytes of random looking data, but when they come along six months later and say "this is the packet dump I captured during the attack" they could follow it up with "and I posted the sha256-sum on 50 different blogs in comments, here are 5 of them so you can check the validity of the file" if those get attacked, I have 45 other distinct encodings I can reference.

      Now *that* would tell me that I can establish the legitimacy of 'the latest time' at which they could have captured those packets.

      Any time I find the most remote hair out of place on a production system connected to the internet, it's "wipe the whole computer, and bios if possible." but if security was tantamount, it would be totally new hardware.

      Yes, I can't say whether the informant cited has some sort of access to clandestine information. As far as I know, that cannot be ascertained without access to the same clearance level/compartment/etc, but there weren't any claims of special knowledge... so we'll see.
      But... if the evidence is really that damning, it's extremely trivial to provide that validation. It's not done in that video but I'd be glad to validate it if the information is provided. What was presented is basically no evidence whatsoever... not saying that what's claimed *didn't* happen. They just didn't provide any evidence of the attack claimed in the video.

      - reader #1482