Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Friday, June 11, 2021

The US Exports Dope to Latin America: Kamala as Darth Vader?

When I was a diplomat under the exercable Hillary Clinton reign at State, those of us dealing with Latin American affairs used to hear the catchy phrase, "The drugs go North, but the guns go South."  I have dealt before with the nonsense of the second part of this trite little meme, i.e., the guns, in fact, do NOT go South, and will limit myself to a brief comment on the first part. 

Well, it seems that the two former Senators who now illegitimately occupy the White House have addressed that much better than I ever could. We have begun to fight back against the northward flow of dope. In retaliation, yes, the United States under the "Biden" administration successfully has exported a huge dope shipment South. Take that Latin America! Payback is a bitch (insert pun)!

And yes, of course, I refer to former Senator Kamala Harris's visit to Guatemala, one of my favorite places on earth. 

I will be brief. 

Ludicrous is the one word that pops into mind and won't go away when I think about the Harris visit to Guatemala, and later to Mexico.

Pretending to be the Vice President of the United States, she came off instead as Darth Vader with a cackle. That's the image. When I saw her striding between rows of Guatemalan honor guards at the airport, dressed in dark clothes, absurd black mask on her face, and her head encased in a black-helmet-like hair-do, I thought, all she needs is the light saber and cape. She was going for Darth Vader . . .  but with James Earl Jones' commanding voice replaced by that irritatting cackle.  Maybe she was really going for "Spaceballs'" Dark Helmet? That, she might have achieved . . . .  if this is the best the Empire can offer, the Rebels will win . . . .

Her tour of Guatemala and  Mexico has to be among the lowest of low points in American diplomacy . . . perhaps Biden now at the G-7 will plumb even deeper depths? Kamala can only hope so . . .  

Why was she there? What purpose did she intend to serve? No explanation. Just some babble about the southern border, and addressing the root causes of the crisis on that border. What was she going to do about it? Oh, listen a bit and then weakly tell Central Americans not to go on the long trek northward.

The Presidents of both Mexico and Guatemala have made it clear that the new crisis on the border is a direct result of "Biden" administration policies. The crisis was on the way to resolution with the building of the wall, and the deals worked out among the US, Mexico, and Central America on handling asylum seekers. It's all been blown up by the current illegitimate occupiers of the White House. The Biden/Harris wokesters have restored the coyotes' ATM.


  1. imo, the problem.. the crisis.. is central and south american governments. we can build walls, and do deals... I think those help as opposed to our current "let's see how bad we can make this disaster" approach.. but when your neighbor's septic tank bursts and starts spewing bidens everywhere, at *some* point, a responsible neighbor has to step in and correct the problem, regardless of the homeowner's reluctance.
    why do we accept failed states on our borders? we must have some options.

    - reader #1482

    1. "...why do we accept failed states..."

      Eet is all quite simple hombre:

      aRE NeXt pRESIDENTE OF THE usa

      Adios Amigos, Dis summer i go norte four fishing n' gulfing til 2022~~~ mebe 2023 ve see vat Great Unkle Sven da hovial, in Alberta hasta reccomeend forda hitch een my back svwing, ven usin dose long irons...mebe zee caste wid my Surf rod vil improveing sum??

      Any ol'hootin... gotsta fix my P/U first off, den bum some gas $$ from dear oldest sista, she collects pop bottles for 5 cent refunds, and she'esh, en inspireation to us'n over-priviligest types of troublesome white folk~~~
      Stay Free ifn ya ken,
      boyz n goils
      signed: yer friend,
      an county~man too,
      formalee known in
      smallish circles,
      as old #7~~~
      not to be
      with JD's
      sour mash~~~
      "Let's Roll"

    2. We tolerate failed cities in this country and they’re now the tail wagging the dog.

    3. Or perhaps David, more like,
      The Dogs have been ragging
      our surplus cities,the 'Rat
      infested hell holes, now, well
      past their 'use by date'-Time now
      to defund & evacuate, They've
      earned the burn: roaches, diseases deadwood etc..
      disinfect & decontaminate * Mark'em up as retored
      Safe Cities Item #s on our carbon reduction plan~~~
      As for our Ports & other viable infrastructure,
      the USN & USCG will feel right at home rejiggering
      the ports and other strategic & historical remains.

      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  2. They know exactly why illegals are coming over the border in record numbers, they want them to. They may not want to admit it but they know.

  3. We have the third term of the Obama [mal-]administration.

  4. Well I have hope this will be fixed in the courts but I am also aware how large the conspiracy was to steal the elections and I fear those people will not go willingly. Going to be a very interesting summer.

  5. In terms of trafficking of dopes... has the border seen the utopian peace promised by advocates of 'decriminalization'?
    It seems like... no...
    But.. if we can continue to export progressive politicians to other countries, that would be a big win. "Just like drugs, but more poisonous.."

    - reader #1482

    1. "if we can continue to export progressive politicians to other countries..."

      Roger that 1482!
      I'd recommend,spray can tar & fethering,
      before they get run outta town on a rail,
      that-a-way they'll be somewhat preserved,
      when they turn-up in a CCP weasel Mkt~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  6. if we can continue to export progressive politicians to other countries,

    Just so long as you don't send them our way #1482 that sounds like a good idea

  7. We have enough of our own, especially those struggling in the Democratic Socialist Communist Peoples Republic of Victoria-stan as mis-led by Chairman Dan. Why couldn't the stairs have been longer?

  8. Seems, Our Good Neighbor, Daniel
    Greenfield concurs with Dip's analysis~~~

    NOT ILLEGAL MIGRATION-- June 14, 2021


    "Kamala isn’t in Guatemala to stem the flow of illegal aliens, but to impose a leftist regime. And that regime will create the crisis conditions that will lead even more migrants to come here.

    It’s a win-win scenario for the Left. And a lose-lose crisis for America.

    Republicans need to understand what the Guatemalan protesters jeering Kamala’s visit were telling us. The Biden administration isn’t fighting to stop illegal migration: it’s plotting to make it worse while turning over much of Latin America to Marxist narco-terrorists and Iranian allies.

    If Biden and Kamala succeed, then a dozen Venezuelans will rise south of the border. And millions of illegal aliens will cross an unprotected border to overrun the United States.:

    On Watch~~~

  9. Darth Vader is an evil villain, but at least he is competent.

  10. I won't bore you with our personal history as a family but, illegal immigration absolutely changed the course of our lives 25 years ago. Anyone touched by this issue would agree.

  11. Keynes had this to say about Woodrow Wilson in Paris negotiating the end to the Great War:

    "[H}e was not only insensitive to his surroundings in the
    external sense, he was not sensitive to his environment at all."


    "There can seldom have been a statesman of the first rank more incompetent than the President in the agilities of the council chamber."

    But then Keynes didn't live to see Biden at G7.

    1. Until Obama-Biden, Wilson may have been America's worst president post civil war. The consequences of all 3 may have doomed the West.

  12. "...Girls Night Out"
    by Karen Townsend--Jun 17, 2021

    This one almost made me puke,
    Straight Up in the Air~~~
    Not sure if it was the
    "Beer, Cheese puffs",
    or karmela'cookies,
    what did it, mebe
    Karen's Hot Air?

    "Kamala Harris invited all 24 female senators to a Girls Night Out on Tuesday night – a dinner at the Vice President’s residence. All but three of the sixteen Democrats and eight Republicans accepted the invitation...revive an old tradition [2017] among the women serving in the Senate? The dinner marked the first time she entertained lawmakers at the U.S. Naval Observatory, her home while she is vice-president. She and the Second Gentleman (or whatever we are to call him)"[that would be her Dougie, or Doggie, not exactly sure what breed, heard he's her legal beagle]

    AnyhOWl If you're sniffin around for Karma's motives, suspect this is as good as it gets, unless a type 2 chicom flu is in the DC dirtyworks... grasping straws, as when nothing else works~~~ "Biden has been a disaster overseas so Kamala was able to change the story a little by garnering publicity for her dinner with the women."~~~

    Don't get me wrong,
    I Dig Girls~~~

  13. Diplomad readers might be interested in this interview:

    1. "A Timeline of 21st-century U.S. Political Transformation"

      As my Dear Mother in Law
      used to say, "Holyman"~~~

      Following Part 1, felt an urge
      To take a knee, cross myself,
      and say a prayer of thanks,
      that our beloved country,
      has almost survived the,
      Barack Obama years but,
      wouldn't have if DJT,
      had not been the CinC~~~

      Tks for the wakeup call LJ & PM,
      been wondering about you LJ...
      So, put on my headset, reclined and
      was transfixed by your introduction,
      Peter's perceptive & introspective
      2001 timeline, opening soliloquy,
      summation, and accomplished all
      before the bell rung, twice!

      What a flight, reached up to
      click on Part 2, not yet, I
      suspect, but did see a link
      to the chapters in text...
      Tks again, for thinking of
      us diplorable DiploMadists~~~
      On Watch~~~

      "Let's Roll"

    2. Btw LJ, just got wind of the New Publisher in town,
      aka 'All Seasons Books'... Publisists Louise Burcks
      and Kate Hartson, turned up at Bannons place, said
      he, invoking the parlance of Damon Runyon, "They're
      tough old broads...and strong as boot leather"...
      Just thinking, might be a good Publishing House for
      Peter Millers book(above): "A Timeline of 21st-century U.S. Political Transformation"--Can't wait to order my copies!
      Take That Simon & Shuster!

      Here's a descriptor & link to the segment over at Bannons:
      Rumble — "Authors should be invited to share their knowledge and ideas rather than only being invited to share some ideas and not topics that are taboo."

      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  14. We are so screwed as a whole.
    Doesn't anyone care about the burden this is going to cause on our resources?

  15. "Doesn't anyone care about the burden
    this is going to cause on our resources?"

    Thus spoke the Raven', and a good question it is!
    Apparently tho, the Biden clique/regime have no worries...
    but no real brains either, if they believe the cultural
    marxists, oligarchs, dark staters, sjw types,
    clown media, 'Fools on the Hill' and a CCP
    'survival plan' to 'Save our Country'!
    I suppose they'll have a token
    "Bridge to Nowhere" too, for
    those silly enough to think,
    that anything less than an
    existential 'FIGHT to the
    Finish' is on that table,
    the Deep-State'Rats, set
    for US and Our Kids,
    Our Last Hurrah,
    They reckon...

    On Watch~~~
    However, enough of US, believe in miracles~~~
    "Just what made that Silly ol' Ram..."

    "Let's Roll"

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  18. Hmm... last post ever... Well phonies and suckers, it looks like your dark lord has gone silent. We can only hope this bitter old fuck is dead, ay?

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