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Sunday, June 20, 2021

In the Man Cave Dealing with Idiocy Wholesale & Retail

Hanging out in my man cave, cleaning and fixing guns. It's very therapeutic. 

Got a 1944 "Last Ditch" Japanese Arisaka rifle which needed some minor fixes to the wood stock. Produced at roughly the same time as my M1 Garand, the Arisaka betrays the plight facing Japan then, particularly when compared to the M1. The Arisaka, normally a very fine rifle, by 1944 had become rather rough: the wood cheap and poorly finished, the butt plate crudely nailed on, and the metal components showing that they got rushed out the door with a minimum of the fine Japanese craftsmanship we expect on manufactured items. That said, however, it seems to work well. By the way, the Imperial chrysanthemum (the "Mum") is partially scratched off. The story on that is not entirely clear. I have read from reputable sources that the Palace ordered the "Mums" ground off before the rifles were surrendered to the occupying US forces. Another source says, no, that happened at the insistence of General MacArthur. Who knows? I don't, and can't find any good paper trail to support either version. Either way, I have half a Mum, so somebody didn't do a thorough job.

Also spent some time replacing the recoil spring on an old Spanish "Star" 9mm. It proved a bear to disassemble as, clearly, nothing had been done to it in a long, long time. Cleaned it up, replaced the recoil spring assembly and promptly had the slide, now feeling rejuvenated, bite my hand. Blood, curses. We'll see how it does at the range. Likewise, I inherited my father's handguns, one an S&W .357 "Highway Patrol" Special, which when he bought it in the 1950s was probably the most powerful commercially manufactured handgun you could get. Beautiful gun. Works great. I took it with me all around the world.  His S&W Model 39-2, needed quite a bit of cleaning but looks like it will be fine.

Enough of the fun stuff. 

Still struggling with a range of health issues--off to the MRI machine this afternoon--and with the overwhelming feeling of being pissed off at what is happening to our country and to the West. I can't imagine what sort of a place we leave our children and grandchildren. It apparently will be one in which they must feel shame, deep, deep shame, for their nationality and must repeatedly assert that "whiteness" is a unique form of evil. Joy and entertainment are to be banned and replaced with a ceaseless propaganda stream misrepresenting, ignoring, deforming, and deriding the vast accomplishments of Western Civilization--aka, European people: the BEST civilization ever to emerge on the planet Earth. Millions upon millions of people all over that planet risk their fortunes and their lives to live under that Civilization. Yes, it seems that "people of color" (What a stupid phrase!) want to live under the brutal rule of white patriarchy. Our own southern border serves as a vivid testament to that fact. Strange how that happens, no?

Our foreign policy looks hopeless. 

The so-called Biden administration has destroyed the deal reached with Mexico and Central America on immigration, and the border, as a consequence, is now a hot violent mess. The Middle East is falling apart again, as the so-called Biden administration seeks to kiss the butts of the Palestinian Authority and the Mad Ayatollahs of Iran. The former Senator from Delaware's meeting with Putin? A bad, bad joke with America the punchline and punching bag. What genius came up with the idea of the former Senator giving Putin a list of areas in which we would not accept Russian hacking? So anything NOT on the list is OK? Will we now negotiate what exactly is meant by any particular category? Does anybody remember the story of how after WWII we listed the areas of interest to the US and failed to list the Korean Peninsula? Stalin noticed, and guess what?

OK, we now have June 19 as a federal holiday. The Republicans should seize the moment to remind people what June 19, 1865 actually meant. It meant word, by way of the Union army, had gotten to the most remote corner of the Confederacy, Galveston, Texas, that slavery "in the states under rebellion" was forbidden. Guess what? It was a Republican President who did that. Guess who were the slave owners? Democrats, but you knew that.

More depressing thoughts later.


  1. The destruction of the Chrysanthemum was at the order of General MacArthur by the request of the Emperor of Japan, post surrender. The Chrysanthemum is the Imperial property mark, and it was requested that it was to be defaced on all captured weapons. This for the most part occurred on all the weapon bring backs that happened post surrender in Japan. Pre-surrender bring back weapons will often retain their property marks. Since your Arisaka is a last-ditch rifle, it was likely captured in Japan post surrender. You should follow a YouTube channel called “Forgotten Weapons”. All kinds of in-depth information about things like last ditch Arisaka rifles. I recall specifically an episode on that rifle.

    My thoughts on June 19th. I always felt that this was something for black folks. It was their holiday. They had their own private gatherings and celebrations of the event as they saw fit. I don’t feel connected to June 19th In that sort of way that I don’t celebrate Ramadan or Passover. Now the white man has taken that away, as white democrats always seem to believe they know what is best for black folks. Turning their private holiday into a sales event, and marketing campaign does not provide benefit to the fates of black folks in general.

    1. It was the 13th Amendment that ended slavery. Certainly not the Emancipation Proclamation. And not Juneteenth.

  2. Note the language is that of 'dismantlement'. None of this is intend to 'fix' anything, it's to remove what is here, baby, bathwater, and heck, why not the rest of the household.
    America just raided your collection and is attempting to point every piece of hardware you've got at our collective foot.

    - reader #1482

  3. So are we going to move Juneteenth to the closest Monday so everyone can enjoy a three day weekend like Memorial Day or Presidents Day or MLK Day for that matter?

    1. If they're going to turn Juneteenth into just another drinking holiday with bar-b-q, it will be "celebrated" on the nearest Monday.

  4. Interesting observation on your Arisaka. Lt Col (ret) John George in his book "Shots Fired In Anger" had much good to say about the Arisakas that he encountered in WW2. And over in the ETO, the K98K started off as a meticulously built rifle that, by the end of the war, also suffered a "Last Ditch" production. It had lost all of its finery in finish, both metal and wood~~~~yet it never lost its accuracy and reliability. One could make the same claim for the Arisaka.

    1. The Soviets must have been making "Last Ditch Mosin Nagants throughout the war, then.

    2. The Moisin Nagant was a pretty standard design, going back to the 1890s. Apart from revamping in in 1930 to have metric sights, not sure they did anything else to it. I have an M44 carbine, produced toward the end of the war. Very nicely made rifle and doesn't have any last ditchiness about it. Might also have depended on which factory made it.

  5. Dip, health issues MRI? You okay?

    1. G'day Whitewall.

      Totally 'off topic" but have you heard anything of David Duff?
      I've sent him a couple of e-mails but have had no reply.

    2. Well hello David. I have done what you have and had no reply either. Others have tried the same as well. I don't know what to think. I have lost some of my window into the goings on in Oz as a result.

    3. MRI yeah that worrisome. Hang tough buddy.

    4. I sent the Duffs an e-mail, but have received no reply. David might be sick, or Pat might be down with something vicious. When I write to Lawrence, it is through the
      DavPat address, so have heard nothing from him either. David had prostate cancer a couple of years ago, and was treated with a very new regime, not typical of the NHS. My close observation of European medicine in general is that they are not usually very aggressive. They definitely practice a kind of triage, and, at 83ish, Dave is on the wrong side of that equation. Kindly keep me posted at Michael@Adamsnet.info.

    5. Affirm~~~
      Same result here,
      miss him & his "nonsense"
      even, Bob's BS, a wee bit,
      JK is still scribbling here
      from time to time, wonder
      if he's had any updates
      from David or Fam...
      On Watch~~~

      PS here's David,
      w/ his last, Sunday
      in May, tongue in
      cheek missive~~~

      "I blame Trump!
      You may have wondered why I have been so quiet recently - or you may not, instead of which you were thanking God the old fool had finally shut up! Whichever, the reason is fairly obvious - nothing much is happening, certainly not enough to fire up my literary skills - and I heard that! Life in this ancient Isle has sunk to a level of total tedium. Politics have simply withered on the vine not least because Her Majesty's Leader of the Opposition has nothing to say and therefore does nothing! Meanwhile Boris bumbles on and as far as I can tell he does nothing either! It's all very boring but, beneath the tedium, it is also rather worrying because in politics nothing ever stops entirely - although snoozey Joe Biden gives it a try!

      Where and when and why will the 'S.H.1.T.' finally hit the fan? Internationally, of course, the answer is almost certainly China! They may not be direct actors but whatever kicks off they will be pulling the strings from behind the curtains. Well, it's no good worrying over those infamous 'unknown unknowns', sufficient unto the day thereof! Enjoy the peace and quiet whilst you may!

      By the way, I blame Trump because everyone does - for everything! [Sunday, 16 May 2021]

      "Let's Roll"

    6. I just three days ago noted an email from Andra who communicates with Pat - the Memsahib - Andra included no untoward mentions re David. I'll recheck with her (she's in Cairns Oz) and as I have an alternate address for Lawrence I'll shoot him an email as well.

      There's alot of 'blogging weariness' going on as I certain all around here can relate to.


    7. "...alot of 'blogging weariness' going on..."

      Too True, JK!
      Do hope, that all's well over in Zummerzet~~~
      My cure for the Summertime Biden Blues, nowadaze,
      is to remember the Patriots over in Maricopa County!
      God Bless them, and all the U.S. "Electoral Mess" repair
      crews, sacrificing their time with family & Friends, to do
      what MUST be done to begin to undo what's being done to US all!

      Tks for your news, and downunder inquiry 'bout David & Fam, JK
      and best to you and yours, as well~~~
      Willie sings Gershwin~~~
      Let's Roll"

    8. Ahoy Whitewall!

      Check your email.

      David from Oz - [AussieD?] OW

      Mr. Amselem.

      I'm not comfortable placing my address on this (any) blog in the JoeBama era so - out of respect to whom we are concerned I must be sparing on what I place on this thread. Suffice to say I don't think we may expect much in the way of "regular/future" posts there.

      (There is a 'breadcrumb trail' on here left some years ago. It is tedious and troublesome - purposefully - but there is a way to reach an *old *address I still have access to - at least for the CONUS curious - David from Oz I suspect maybe the only way "easiest" for us to connect might be - if you're the Oz Navy fellow I suspect you may be - might have to be a circuitous route using a military channel for us to establish contact.

      The sole *clue I can offer in the direction of that breadcrumb path is in a timeframe of back when the late unlamented McCain had utilized a (cough) "Syrian connection)" cough cough cough went by the name of Elizabeth O'Bagy.

      There was a period of time old farts like me used a process which 'formally' was known as steganography across the blogosphere.

      Oh hold on.

      That Michael fellow left his calling card up above? He and I have a mutual friend and Michael at least at one time knew I to reach me. Go through him.

      Michael. I no longer have that phone number with the *unusual area code - however if you can remember specifically where I was, ... well you managed to reach me then so maybe you ain't too old & decrepit to reach me again?


    9. TKS,JK!
      IMO the
      part of
      aging is the
      worry about
      the young in
      troubled times...
      Or as WLA put it:

      "...and with the overwhelming feeling of being pissed off at what is happening to our country and to the West. I can't imagine what sort of a place we leave our children and grandchildren. It apparently will be one in which they must feel shame, deep, deep shame, for their nationality and must repeatedly assert that "whiteness" is a unique form of evil. Joy and entertainment are to be banned and replaced with a ceaseless propaganda stream misrepresenting, ignoring, deforming, and deriding the vast accomplishments of Western Civilization..."

      The Global Killer's Boots
      are getting closer to
      __Stomping Out__
      the imagined "Peace"
      in their confused "Times".
      'Let loose the hounds'


      Over n' Out~~~

    10. There MAY appear a post there on or about 04 July. Give or take. Trying to figure the words out. Care must be exercised as the honorable fellow remains with us, from along our long path it's simply the short path that's affected.

      But he's a stubborn ol' git. Fer shure.

    11. Affirm Anon,
      Got my ears on~~~
      In Stand-By mode...
      On Watch~~~

  6. "More depressing thoughts later." So it seems.

    But how did the DIA get Dong Jingwei? Former vice minister of State Security in China? Did he choose them given his counter-intel work?

    For those not following this, see Red State.

    1. He apparently knew about the Chinese infiltration of our civilian intelligence agencies; including the data breach of the CIA allowing the killing of our agents in China.

    2. If this is true, it's an unmitigated disaster that US intelligence can't keep this under wraps. Why doesn't anybody take security seriously in the federal government?
      I cannot imagine that they could obtain this guy, and within three months determine that it's a time of maximum value to reveal it.

      - reader #1482

    3. The defection of Dong Jingwei is only a rumor. He appeared at a security conference in China on June 23. Frankly, were I a disgruntled Chinese security official, the USA would probably appear a poor place to find a quiet refuge. If the Biden administration is waking up, accepting that the Wuhan Virology lab is indeed the source of a manmade virus, and retooling policy, it is probably because US-based scientists and other intelligence sources have made discoveries.

    4. While we're at it, during my own short and inglorious diplomatic career, it was widely admitted that the US was critically weak in intelligence gathering capabilities. I also recall how, in one of the eraly training classes, we were told to write nothing that we wouldn't want to see out in public during our lifetimes. The only secrets the US seems able to keep are the academic records of the supposedly most intelligent pOTUS ever (the O).

    5. He appeared at a security conference in China on June 23.
      This was claimed by a CCP news outlet. From what I have read there are no photos, video, or audio at that conference of him.

  7. As to our new federal holiday, if the Republicans have any spine, every Juneteenth they would say something like this; "We celebrate this Juneteenth to honor Lincoln's Republican Army on liberating the last vestige of slavery by the Democrats. Unfortunately, the Democrats then replaced slavery with Jim Crow, segregation, the lynchings of 3,446 blacks and 1,297 whites, and black designated gun control for the next 100 years. Finally, with majority Republican support, President LBJ was able to make illegal the Jim Crow and associated Democratic policies and enforced the anti slavery 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to our blessed Constitution. "

    1. Dear Br'er amr,
      That sounds fair to my
      one good db~recertified
      Con-Rep Rt-ear, but, why
      not The Day the Wild Wild
      West was, finally unsaddled
      and at long last, Dismounted~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  8. The Model 28 Highway Patrol is my favorite revolver!

  9. Rupp v. Bonta is probably better known as Rupp v. Becerra. Becerra preceded Bonta as CA Attorney General. The case number appears to be 19-56004.

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  11. Velcome aboard my vayfaring stranger, aka DR...
    Have you heard the one where a Priest, a
    Rabbi, and a Minister, walk into a bar?
    On Watch~~~


    "Let's Roll"

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    1. Oh Jen that outfit is fit only for pikers and cheapskates.

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      And what's that with a mere six-digit zipcode? Orter give you a clue we don't do with lessern fifteen-digiters!


    2. Spam...the well beyond sell by date. Even rust around the rim.

    3. "My name is Jennifer from New Jersey"

      HiYa Dearie, still tough times I see
      for the "Real Housewives" in New Jersey,
      You'd think that since Joe and Teresa
      pled guilty to multiple fraud, things
      woulda settled down in the Meadowlands,
      but NO...CAT FIGHT!...comes now Jennifer,
      trying desparately to find funding for
      her latest Nose~Job... "Read All About It"

      Hmmm got an idea for the "NEW Friday Night Fights"~~~
      Go to Your Corner Girls~~~

    4. Looked up that address: it's a double-wide in the desert.
      Great place to go for a loan!

    5. ... and a Sunburn too!
      Tks for doing the dirty
      work, Graham~~~
      El Paso~~~
      Marty Robbins~~~

  13. ```He's Back!
    'w/Good Intentions';+}
    But, the "Comments"
    Remain Closed"~~~

    « I blame Trump! | Main

    Thursday, 01 July 2021
    OK, I'm back and I intend to stay - no, really!
    Yes, I know things round here have been a bit 'hit 'n' miss' - or perhaps 'miss 'n' miss again'! - but I am returned and I intend to stick around this time - who groaned? I am helped somewhat because 'les affaires politique' seem to be escaping from the 'boring-snoring' Biden blanket - so you better watch out! Here in 'God's little acre', Boris continues to bimble and bumble on with - so far! - no ill effects. Of course, he is aided by the utterly useless and supine Sir Keir Starmer, Her Majesty's non-existent Leader of the Opposition! Not that some Left-wing firebrand would do any better. The country has been flattened by this Covid-crap and is in no mood to get very excited about anything. Eventually, that will stop and the opposition fires will light up again but whether they will be effective only time will tell.

    Posted by David Duff | Permalink

    "The comments to this entry are closed."

    Tis good to hear convivial
    chatter, emanating from the
    Host's AWOL Squawk-box~~~
    Warning US: Sleepy Slow Joe's awakening
    may signal trouble on the track ahead~~~
    however, certain interpreters suggest
    that the local DUFFer, is miffed,
    having NOT been invited to
    Her Majesty's Tea Party...
    If they ever get the
    Comm-Link fixed we
    may yet get a wee
    bit O'commentary
    from the farside
    of thee Pond~~~
    On Watch
    w/a wink
    an blink


  14. https://duffandnonsense.typepad.com/duff_nonsense/2021/07/and-lo-sod-descended-and-then-rose-again.html?cid=6a00d8341c5caf53ef0282e10e1d23200b#comment-6a00d8341c5caf53ef0282e10e1d23200b

    Apologies fellow Diplomadders


    1. Yea!
      Thanks for the Heads-up, JK!
      Also noticed that the "Comments" section
      is now functioning over at D & N, as well!
      Happy Days, and a hand salute to SoD for his
      no small role, in the ascension, Over There~~~

  15. "More depressing thoughts later." Dip

    Sorry if this is premature or off topic guys,
    but this just came in from "Real America's Voice"--
    posted at the Warroom: Trevor Louden reporting to Steve Bannon...

    "Biden Administration Riddled With Chinese Operatives"

    Could this mean the CCP is now running the show?
    It would explain the Biden Regime's political
    appointments, propaganda, Legislative programs,
    and his obvious Marxist moves...
    traitorus occupation, and fences
    around DC, as well as removal
    of the walls and fences from
    along our southern border...
    etc etc etc
    "Say it ain't so, Joe"~~~

    On Watch~~~


    "Let's Roll"

  16. "Still struggling with a range of health issues--
    off to the MRI machine this afternoon"- WLA

    So what's the prognosis Skipper?
    Any 'rocks' found topside,
    which can be disolved wit
    the newly developed UFO
    Space Force-Ray Gun-MK3~~~
    On Watch~~~
    ...one Long Horn
    and one Big Eye...
    "Let's Roll"

  17. "More depressing thoughts later."

    But For Now Folks -- Don't Worry -- Be Happy
    There's Good News out of Georgia,
    finally percolating to the~~~
    {{{Surface Surface Surface}}}

    Like a Gusher on Jed Clampett' Farm -O' Brother!
    Kemp & Company's heads are in the noose now~~~

    Stunning News viz Georgia Election Audit, announced on
    Bannons War Room Published July 13, 2021 2,559 Views

    Listen Up:

    Then there's this Follow-up:
    Massive Error Rate In Georgia and Apparent Fraud
    Bannons War Room Published July 13, 2021 4,924 Views


    CAUTION IS ADVISED as the Reporters NOTE: much to the chagrin of the Warroom Posse, at present the investigators are exposing civil wrongs, Criminal Charges to follow, if Bannon is reading the Tea Leaves corectly~~~

    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  18. {{{All Hands On Deck -- Turn to Ships Work}}}

    Traffic: Received

    The Military Is Not Ready To Fight-Bannons War Room
    Published July 15, 2021 2,814 Views

    Steve Bannon is a Piece of Work, and
    Jack Posobiec is a chip off the old block~~~
    Speaking of Un-Restricted Warfare

    On Watch~~~
    Mush Morton - Wahoo
    Dive Dive
    "Let's Roll"

    V/R Cheer's Skipper~~~

  19. A New HOT Day Dawning in the Desert~~~

    Finchem: We’ve Got Enough To Show Criminal Obstruction
    Bannons War Room Published July 15, 2021 8,743 Views


    'Yeah they ran through the briars and they ran through the brambles'
    but they're getting caught up by their short hairs, and the dirty end of their sticks...the bastagges, DAVOS,Their New World Order, my arse~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  20. AhSo~~~ well this kinda, sorta, makes sense, I thtink! ];=|~

    Rumble- at the War Room ... Regime Wrestling With Rise of Technology

    James Poulos, Exec Editor of the "American Mind"
    at the Claremont Institute~~~

    On Watch~~~
    Drive Safely Dipsters,
    and HAF-Family Wkend!
    "Let's Roll"

  21. The Tale of Who Knows Who (& Whaddaya Know)

    Just for Youself OW


    Deah Lawdy you ever imagine anysuch?!!


    Diplomad - Where you be?

    Getting nearabouts Duff-level round these parts I'm here to tell ya ...

  22. ImagiNation is "funny... you go around willy nilly"

    Yeah Brother!
    In this case
    'Cold Fury' captures it,
    When folks ask if I'm flying
    -in for an event, I usualy say,
    Only if I'm the 'Pilot in Command'
    Truth be told though, I gave up my
    Private Pilot License decades ago,
    and still have no desire to go airborne,
    anywhere. Moreover, mingling in crowds goes
    beyond my Risk Managment guidelines... nowadays,
    just too many jerks who require attitude adjusting!
    Besides, my not wanting the burden of double-stack mags!

    Yup, Tis a might quiet over in this 'hood these days,
    but am enjoying the archives, and the traffic over at Duffs
    place, and the makeover there, has a Pro yet tasteful ambiance,
    and too the content is timely, informative & entertaining...

    Maybe Dip & the Boys'll have something cooking over here too
    when the time is right to become more active and politically
    involved? Seems everything the current CCP regime does tho, spells
    doom, until the stain of the Election steal is offset by exposure to the MAGA LIGHT and a liberal (sic) application of parasitic disinfectants andsomesuchstuff~~~
    On Watch~~~


    "Let's Roll"

    1. looking grim.. Mr. Mad has had absences before...hopefully he'll pull through whatever it is.. to watch the ongoing tragedy in DC.

      - reader #1482

    2. "...he'll pull through whatever it is..."

      That's what I was thinkin,1482. Considering the
      shaky ground in some of Dips previous Deployments
      or Postings--expect he'll have the all-terrain
      vehicles gassed-up and ready to rocket, to or from,
      the "Man-Cave"! As may be required by time & circumstance~~~
      Guessing we are all, in one way or other, planning
      for contingencies too, HeLL, I even went out re-stocked
      my tackle box, and bought a new Heavy-Duty Surf Rod!
      Aparrently even the sharks are restless out there, AnyhOWl,
      its comforting to know that I've got groceries in
      my back yard wet locker, if n' when we need'em~~~
      Thinkin tho, I "might need a bigger tackle box" too...
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

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