Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Thursday, May 26, 2022

The Freaks' War on Children

Along with all of you, I feel horrified and disgusted by the massacre in Uvalde, Texas. Once again, it seems, some fatherless, lonely, narcissistic, maladjusted freak has vented anger, frustration, and evil on children. We now see lots of politicians running around trying to gain points from the horror, starting with our inept zombie "president," who gave a divisive political address full of stale DNC talking points, and continuing with that grandstanding idiot, "Beto."

Is this really about guns? Guns are the problem?

No. No.

As kids, my friends and I had lots of guns around, with them much easier to obtain than nowadays. You, for example, could buy them at swap meets, gun stores, pawn shops, Sears, and, in fact, almost any department or general stores. You also could buy them from mail order catalogues, and an agent of the US Government, i.e., the postman, would deliver them to your front door. It never occurred to us, despite raging hormones, watching Westerns, wielding cap guns, playing war, flying flags, and all the rest, to pick up a real gun to go kill real people, especially at school. 

I remember in Mr. Small's sixth grade class, in Palo Alto, California, no less, doing a report on Civil War firearms, and bringing two black powder revolvers into class as part of my presentation. No worries. No panic. No lockdown drills. No "active shooter" alerts. No SWAT team. No funerals. No pathetic teddy bears and ribbons. No mourning parents. No preening pontificating politicians.

A different time. A different people. A different attitude.

Did American and Western society, in general, act more repressively in those days? Probably. 

Did we have less tolerance of eccentric behavior and persons? Yes. 

Did social approval/disapproval carry great weight, and act as a brake on certain behavior? Sure. 

Could this social control manifest itself, at times, in "unfairness" and, even, "cruelty"? Yes. 

You certainly didn't want to get labelled a "sissy." 

You, however, could walk the streets.

We children could and would play outside until well after dark with no worries about lurking strangers or a neighborhood pedo. We rarely saw cops, except on TV and at school as presenters on "career day." The burly WWII or Korean War vet sitting on his porch or in his front yard, frequently cleaning guns for the upcoming deer hunt, provided all the security we needed. We walked to clean, disciplined schools run by dedicated and smart administrators and teachers, many of them war vets; we said the Pledge of Allegiance, learned history and science, along with reading, writing, and arithmetic, and got back home alive and safe. We lived in a country that invented and made things, that valued science and education, felt pride in its history and achievements, and where adults had real jobs. 

I won't go on about the past; those of you my age know what we've lost. I don't need to tell you.

Well, in our modern social media age, the social brakes are broken. Anything goes. 

Social trends now get dictated by influencer freaks on social media. Our kids, many without traditional homes, badgered by woke culture in school and at play, glued to their screens, drink in the noxious messages put out by those freaks and their progressive high-tech enablers. There seems little in the way of public shame, unless you question that men can become women. We see a daily assault on respect and common sense, on the most essential glues holding a society together; we, for example, have a confirmed Supreme Court Justice who cannot tell the difference between a man and a woman, because "I am not a biologist." OK. How about cats and dogs? Can you tell those apart? How about planes and trains? Moon from sun? Right from wrong? Constitutional from unconstitutional?

Our kids now broadcast every thought they have and every move they make on Facebook, TikTok, etc., in a hunt for "followers" and "likes." Back in the day, the young might keep a diary; the "freak" might enter a few odd words in his own diary that few if any, other than his psychiatrist, would ever see. Now the freaks are everywhere, and demand to be taken seriously, or else you are a bigot of some type--and the list of types is long and expanding. 

Impressionable kids get lost in the chaos. Definitions and standards that had held for centuries--poof!--gone, and replaced by a bewildering mental salad of lies, empty words, platitudes, and evil.

As with the creepy murderer in Uvalde, the main target, as I have written before, of this chaotic woke society is children. Our "leaders" talk tearfully about children "murdered by guns," as though a gun does anything on its own, but send our tax dollars to Planned Parenthood, which has killed millions of children, mostly black children. For its advocates, abortion, now, is not just a "right," but a revolutionary act, and something worthy of praise. Infanticide is no longer a forbidden topic. 

We have a Supreme Court Justice (see above) who, while a serving judge, could not bring herself to give convicted pedophiles and child pornographers the long sentences they deserved. 

The wokester freaks defund the police, gut the justice system, leave the borders wide open, cut-free hardened criminals; they give not a thought to the victims of the ensuing chaos. 

Our society, above all, increasingly devalues children, and treats them like disposable plastic commodities: molded, shaped, pulled, twisted, and then discarded. Children are seen as a burden on Gaia. We're better off without them--especially boys. 

We have people in authority arguing to make boys into girls and girls into boys. We have a senior health official in this country, an obese delusional male, who thinks he's a woman, giving advice on child-rearing. The media gurus take this loon seriously. Yes, indeed, give your kids untested puberty blockers and have them undergo radical life-altering surgeries. The gender fluid crowd poses a grave moral, mental, and physical threat to our children. 

The freaks want our children to join their circus or die. Yes, literally, die. 

The Uvalde massacre forms part of this ongoing war on children.


  1. Today it is insanity to put kids in public schools.
    Fortunately, the main value of public schools is in the past.
    In the 1700s, 1800s, and early 1900s, public schools provided a critical service: teaching kids to read and write.
    This was valuable because parents in those days often could not read or write and were thus unable to teacher their children those *crucial* skills.
    Public education was in effect a bootstrapping effort.
    Thank you public education for fulfilling your service to this country. Parents can now take it from here, so please stand down.

    - reader #1482

  2. Much like Sodom and Gomarh. After the flood we were told the next cleansing would be fire. Have to see what the demons running the place do now.

  3. The Political Left created Free Fire Zones aka gun free school zones. Now every nutjob intending mayhem knows beyond a shadow of a doubt where he/she can go and kill the maximum amount of the most defenseless of our population, our children in their gun free schools. The Gun Grabbers created these free fire zones knowing full well what would happen, but no one in any sort of a position of power will ever point it out or admit to it. Politicians created this murderous spree in our schools, and now they say they have the answer to fix what they created. And our brain dead population will believe them, all the while those politicians are standing to the blood of their dead children.

  4. The suicide rate for trans is about double that of non. That alone should be alarming enough to put the brakes of this nonsense. But I think the left knows this and at best doesn’t care or worse is doing this as part of a larger objective to completely undermine and collapse America so it can be replaced with some utopian world that exists only in the leftist mind.

    You could see a glimpse of dogma with the question “What is woman” evasion answer from Justice asterisk. She could simply have pointed at herself, and stated that she was indeed a woman, but she could not. Because, to do so would drop the façade.

    In your walk down memory lane. I thought that yes, we who grew up in the 20th century had a much more casual relationship with firearms. Now they are ultra taboo through the dominance of the left. By the time we were in high school we had been trained on safe handling and in my case fired rifles at a range. We had a much greater understanding and respect because of this training. I think this may play a role in the likelihood someone turns into a murderer with a firearm. With no caring father in their life being the number one reason, also thank the left for breaking families, and destroying marriage.

  5. The number one issue in our modern generation of "families"?
    In the days to which you refer, Dip, a father worth anything would take a kid like this sick miscreant and thrash some sense into him. Out of love.
    The old expression "spare the rod and spoil the child" is not some empty cliché.

    1. Worse than no father. Kids who grew up in the shadow of WWII often had a father who had died in the war. That beats the pants off a father who showed true cowardice in fleeing his marriage and children.

      - reader #1482

  6. Affirnative Mag. 7~~~
    "I Couldn't agree more
    Modern Envronments of
    hopelessness now also require..."

    Carmine Sabia Sr. ed.
    Conservative Brief
    @ the Warroom
    "Psychotropic Drugs Found To Be
    'Directly Correlated' To Mass Shootings"
    Published May 25, 2022 4,707 Views

    Let's not forget:
    Geraldo Rivera's destructive
    reporting on Mental Health
    Facilities/ and closures putting
    masses of mental cases onto
    the streets of New York~~~
    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  7. It is a rotten culture that is being allowed to rot on purpose. The reason so many Democrat pols are so fast to the tv cameras after each of these atrocities is they know that they and their backers own and control this culture. Politics is downstream from culture. They can not allow the idea of culture rot to take hold. So it has to be guns, or racism or white supremacy. The worst atrocities that draw the most media seem to center around churches and schools.

  8. Superb cri de coeur. Eloquent. Nailed it.

    God how depressing.

    1. Nicely put. Now the question is-- to whom or to what?

  9. We need to take a lesson from Israel on protecting the children.

  10. It is to weep [sigh]. Well said, Dip!

  11. After reading your excellent commentary I recalled a conversation that I had with my father when I was about 6 years old in 1962. I had inquired why only married people could have babies, he replied that our societal and family views looked down on parents who had kids born out of wedlock and it was those kids who suffered for it. As Dip said, the glue that holds the social fabric together is pretty much gone.

    1. "...a father who showed true cowardice in fleeing his marriage and children."

      Having counseled such "families" and "Fathers" in particular, the working ‘causal hypothesis’ described above, is of necessity, but a simple sketch, that fits some of my one time clients, but not nearly all of them, moreover, ‘Tough Love’, didn’t usually work-well either. The enemy collaborators are many; I’ve written about some of them here, in other comments, if I can find them I’ll add them as replies... For now tho, I’ll just add:
      Communities, political ignorance, “Bad mothers” plus, Bad Drugs & “Welfare” ‘for women and children’, had become largely punitive, but then became, a long-term asset for delinquent but, working males, who were also struggling to be responsible and loving fathers. In some minority cultures tho, the way out for fathers, was to retreat from welfare castration, and turn the functional ‘management of Welfare’ over to the womenfolk.
      Yes, all parties to the problem, played their parts in the destruction of once very functional, now semi-fractured families and culture... one of those component problems became much clearer to me, when ‘hitching a ride” to a 'Family Counseling' class, while in grad school... I was picked-up by 4 young black women in a Van, real cozy venue, for a 'group counseling' chit-chat... must admit, I was a bit nervous at first, they were substantially-sized women, and while I was surrounded, they seemed to become comfortable talking with me, quickly. They were on their way to go “shopping” then to a party, that they didn’t invite me too! Grandmas were minding the kiddies. Some of the gals flashed their Welfare Checks at me, pretty sig. numbers, even way back, when Uncle Sam had deep pockets! Husbands & Fathers they say, come and go as they may, pretty liberal ladies, methinks? To close, I’ll just mention the obvious: until Trump showed up, all of the above seemed stagnant or getting worse! Despite the pile-on assaults, the Donald endured, he made REAL progress, and in the Black and Hispanic communities significant progress that has translated to votes, let’s hope the socio-comms don’t get to destroy it, completely~~~
      On Watch~~~
      “Let’s Roll”

  12. Many US military generals have pointed out that the PLA does *not* have the capacity to make a successful amphibious assault on Taiwan. But that would not be the plan. The plan would be to flatten Taiwan, sink all vessels heading east, and unload all vessels heading west onto trains for Xinjiang.
    This will likely happen as soon as the PRC has restocked from the munitions they've sent to Russia.
    South Korea will either fall before or after, but likely not simultaneously.

    - reader #1482

    1. "Many US military generals have pointed out that the PLA does *not* have the capacity to make a successful amphibious assault on Taiwan." * * *

      Weeelll, 14 & sum, based on current performances~~~
      and their re-sent mispronouncements, I do believe, I'll need to know explicitly, and exactly, the names of the *****S, and. serial no.'s from the dog-tags, of whom, you are now referring, if at all possible? Thank You too, for the cogent senario! We'll plug it in, and run it out, as my crew of lovable misfits, believe it has sum degree, or more merit };+} which I too, suspect it does~~~
      Fair Winds &
      Following Seas~~~
      The Admirable,
      On Watch~~~
      Chairman & Chief,
      Viking Marine Corp
      & STAY DOWN~~~
      From TAIWAN & Surrounds~~~
      "Remember: "Vineger Joe"
      "Let's Roll"

    2. Citations here with much additional reporting since.
      It's totally asinine, including the report it drew from.
      There will be no amphibious assault on Taiwan. If it's not deterred, it will be bombardment by missile and bomb destroying and depopulating the island.
      First target will likely be the critical TSMC chip fabs to make sure the US has no economic incentive to get involved.
      This is the new "Donbas Playbook" which is not too much different from Titus' razing of Jerusalem.

      - reader #1482

    3. Affirm 1482, been following Traffic at Bannons...
      Was good to see RR's Asst Sec of Defense
      present his For Sale planning book, Bannon says
      to the author, Great Book, but won't it take years,
      to implement? The asst sec/Steven____ replies,
      NO, months~~~ assume that might have an official
      start date after the mid-terms~~~
      Btw, #14+ Tks for the F/U
      Mind the M-80s

      Oh say, can UC

      "Let's Roll"

    4. who is the author? couldn't find in a quick google search.
      I have youtube disabled because it's generally only provides a view as valuable as the contents of my septic tank!
      They're still droning on about how Taiwan has to be able to resist an invasion.... asinine. They need a nuclear deterrent like Ukraine was convinced to give up.

      - reader #1482

    5. #1

      #6 Former Und Sec Def RR admin Dr. Steve Bryen: w/Book

      Yo 1482, Doc makes a quick pitch of his book at the wrap-up.
      btw @^@ isnt "duck duck" a wiser view then gOO ???~imho

    6. p.s. viz U-tube, Like their Music Library, "That Is All"~~~over & OWt

    7. They must not understand the consequences of a nuclear war ... which wouldn't surprise me.. maybe the CCP has decided that only the CCP has nuclear weapons... (and probably decided that the CCP invented them... knowing this crowd)

    8. "They must not understand the consequences..."

      Hear ya Loud'n'Clear, down here, Anon~~~
      My best guess is, the Commissars, all of 'em,
      have dug-out their holes, just in Case the Donald, miraculously receives control of the reins of our U.S.
      reserved power, in case of WAR once again...

      A likely Assumption, CCP tactician's predict the results of their 1st strike TOTAL NUKE WAR, as a Clean Slate
      for them to continue along, on their shining historic
      PATHway Forward toward the de-struction
      of theFamilies of Man, Wholesale~~~

      My worst fear is that we'll still have
      the same traitors occupying the
      Sec-Def and Joint Chiefs chair
      when their ChiCom Pals hit
      our 'God Bless America'
      Fans, and once proud,
      Moms Dads and Kids~~~
      on the Eve
      "Let's Roll"

  13. Going to Hell…Hanging from a Tree (The Freaks, cont.)
    “This brings us to 2022.
    The death of Mark Middleton
    according to The Sun- from May 10:
    Mark Middleton dead at 59 – Bill Clinton’s special advisor ‘who let Epstein into White House 7 TIMES’ dies.
    PRESIDENT Bill Clinton’s former special advisor, Mark Middleton passed away Saturday at the age of 59 as confirmed by his family.
    Middleton is known for cementing the former president’s friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.
    Middleton, who introduced the perv to the president, joins a growing pile of corpses associated with Epstein, who in August 2019 was suspiciously found hanging in his New York jail cell where he was awaiting a sex trafficking trial for allegedly providing a bevy of young girls to powerful politicians and businessmen – rumored to include Prince Andrew.
    The others include Epstein’s closest associate Jean-Luc Brunel, the 76-year-old French modeling scout turn pimp who was found hanging inside his Paris, France jail cell; and Clinton/Epstein pal Steve Bing, 55, who allegedly committed suicide by falling from a 27-story Los Angeles building in 2020.
    While working as President Clinton’s special advisor under then chief of staff Thomas Mack McCarty in the early 1990s, Middleton reportedly befriended Epstein and invited him to the White House at least seven times.
    Radar Online reported that at least one person is brave enough to demand an investigation:”
    A MonkeyPOX,
    On the lot of 'em~~~

  14. There may be another element in the issue of school shootings -- that so many young males are officially drugged with Ritalin or some such to deal with the issue of "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder", i.e. acting like normal boys. In the highly feminized world of education, it is deemed better to drug the boys to make them behave like girls.

    As to the long-term consequences of administering mind-altering drugs to young males for extended periods of time? Maybe we are learning about those consequences.

    1. "As to the long-term consequences of administering mind-altering drugs to young males for extended periods of time? Maybe we are learning about those consequences." -GL

      Indeed 'we'/they have, and are learning, but
      not fast enough in my not so humble opinion:

      "...studies show that the long-term Ritalin side effects can cause the onset of depression as well as possible brain injury to the frontal lobes. Ritalin induced brain damage is similar to frontal lobe syndrome, normally caused by head trauma. Frontal lobe syndrome can cause a person much >>>difficulty in inhibiting inappropriate behavior.<<<

      From the link below:
      "Seeing as psychiatrists have been drugging children with Ritalin since the 1970s, some long term effects have now been studied and confirmed. Psychiatrist and whistle blower Peter Breggin reports these possible tragic outcomes for the victim of long term Ritalin use:
      •Early Death
      •Brain Atrophy
      •Drug Addiction
      •Institutionalization in a Psychiatric Hospital
      There are many reasons why children labeled with some form of hyperactivity and given stimulants suffer these consequences.
      According to Breggin, when a child is first given a stimulant drug, he or she experiences the adverse side effects of anxiety, depression, agitation, insomnia, psychosis and even aggression."

      On Watch~~~

    2. Gavin, that's a good point and I should have mentioned the abuse of psychiatry when dealing with boys.

    3. The great G. Gordon Liddy twenty years ago regularly warned of consequences of diagnosing boys who act like boys as 'ADHD', to drug them into altered states.

      The shooter was a self-mutilator, indicative of trouble. Classmates deny he was bullied, instead saying he was the bully. He threatened young women on the Net, and expressed to them violent murder fantasies. When young women reported this they were ignored.

      He violently fought with his drug addict mother, who insists he was the nicest teen going. Police reports say otherwise.

      Is it possible in light of above, school officials referred him for a psych eval, and not wishing to saddle him with a criminal record, opted for 'counseling' and pharma?

      Many questions such as how does a 'poor boy' afford thousands of dollars of weapons and body armor? How does his grandmother afford a very expensive truck? Why were they fighting over the phone bill, and with whom was he communicating? 'Associates' in Mexico, possibly? We don't know because the press will never ask.

      Grandpa's an admitted felon. What was the nature of his crime(s)? Violent offenses or nonviolent white collar? We don't know, the press won't ask.

      Uvalde is in that part of Texas in which democrats have long held sway, where Justice Scalia met his demise. It's also said to be run by the cartels.

      His feminine appearance, reported transism evidenced by photos, and reported wearing of makeup at school, was he victimized sexually by some of the lovely chaps swarming over the border? Again, the pressniks will never ask. One asks because a clinician might be tempted to wonder if this one was trying to kill the woman within, targeting children of an age at which he was perped on.

      Or perhaps he's just a psycho spoiled-brat who played too many realistic homicidal video games?

      The marxstream medai won't bother to ask any of those questions, it's all about 'lax gun laws and the gun lobby.'

      Isn't it a good thing, that in this Net Centric era of information war, citizen reporters possessed of a sleep disorder and unquenchable thirst for facts are likely already on it?

      Paul Vincent Zecchino
      Manasota Key, Florida

    4. "Isn't it a good thing, that in this Net Centric era of information war, citizen reporters possessed of a sleep disorder and unquenchable thirst for facts are likely already on it?"

      Yes it is, a good thing, Paul,
      or we might not have heard
      the CCP making ready to...
      clean our clocks if we dare
      to 'give aid and comfort' to
      Taiwan... even tho, our
      CinC, a CCP paid for
      puppet recently said
      he'd protect them..or
      maybe not?,,, It's all
      so confusing, I think,
      I'll take a nap while
      our reliable Team at
      Dept. of State, aka
      the Peacemakers
      will work it all out
      for US~~~

  15. In my home town the largest display of firearms is at a local drugstore.

    1. Ahso!
      They sell drugs two?!
      No fear, dear friends,,,
      The collective is working
      on ways to STOP these,
      these, Yankee opportunists!
      Agent in Charge

    2. "Turn Out The Lights"
      Okay Okay~~~

    3. ~~Reveille Reveille~~
      ~Useless Fact/s of the Day~
      Hat Tip to OUR GOOD Neighbor known
      hereabouts as the 'daily timewaster'~~~
      Furthermore, Even when our Glorious Moon is Full,
      IT is still NOT as wide as OZ is~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      So there ya have it, Boys & Girls!
      Huh? How much wider is it, yall ask?
      Just Plunk the Magic
      Twanger /linked below
      and self report to:
      family, friends, or
      the COB~~~

      On Watch~~~
      !st blast to the
      morning repast~~~

      "Let's Roll"

  16. In the 1950's and 60's, my father owned a hardware store in Wisconsin that sold guns.
    A couple of years back, ran into a guy that told me he had purchased a 22 rifle from my father. He had left school at lunch break, purchased the 22, brought it back to school and took it home on the school bus.
    Indeed, different times.

    1. Nice remembrance on Memorial Day, Anon!
      Wife's Mother was a Badger at Milwaukee
      -Waukesha, a wonderful H.S. Teacher and
      a wise lady, who married a USN Pharmacist
      turned Veterinarian after WWII~~~a different
      place, in some respects, after the Christmas
      murders, last year...Thankful neither she nor
      her 'Mate, lived to see that. Still have my wife's,
      Father's, Colt revolver, a Sheriff gave him, shoots
      as straight as I'm able to. Do miss so many of those
      alleged, aged 'cheeseheads', great characters w/character!
      Steven's Point, was a 'Summer Hang-Out', for a while
      with my usual stop, in Appleton, to throw apples,
      at the apple throwers, whilst on my way up to
      Door County, where I was once, almost,
      swallowed by a whale, but my Boxer,
      intervened, and the beast altered
      course for deeper waters, I swear,
      by my Tattoo };+)>
      On Watch~~~
      Stars and Stripes Forever~~~

      "Let's Roll"

    2. Good Morning, Troopers!
      A Senior Jarhead, with a
      helluva an Alto windpipe,
      reminds US 'bout Tea Parties,
      and the words still hidden in
      Our National Anthem~~~
      On Watch~~~

      "Let's Roll"

  17. Re: Invasion along our Southern border into our Heartland...
    War room Reporters uncover the, D'Rat STICKY WICKET:
    and the design to further disable the U.S. 2nd Amendment,
    and thereby to disarm, the American Citizen's ability to
    protect and defend themselves, as is guaranteed,
    by the U.S. Constitution~~~


    This Brief by:
    Former Captain:
    Maureen Bannon:
    "America Not Treating 'Root Of Mental Health Crisis'"
    Bannons War Room Published June 1, 2022 188 Views

    On Watch~~~
    More to Follow...
    Next Up: Ben Bergquam reports from Uvallde 2 weeks prior
    ~~~~~~~ to, the the assault on the Elementary School...
    "Something Stinks Here" -SB

    "Let's Roll"

  18. "The Cartell's Highway/corridor from Hell', Mayor says "Vehicles stopped with "Automatic" Weapons, drugs etc leading to "48 School lockdowns" during the previous academic year...
    Locals report: 'this is not about guns, we all have guns,
    this is about good and evil'...

    Bergquam Reports from Uvalde: Questions Continue
    Bannons War Room Published June 1, 2022 3,840 Views
    Run Time: 10 min. Approx.
    On Watch~~~

    "Let's Roll"

  19. Buenos dias, Campadres!
    Hope all are well, and as
    secure as Poss eb le'
    during these times~~~

    Sense, we may be ready to
    turn the page on this post...
    before departing tho, I'd
    like to take a moment
    to revisit the list of
    6 Items I found
    at Bannnons,
    viz trying

    To Wit:

    #6 Former Und Sec Def RR admin Dr. Steve Bryen: w/Book

    Hope to here some reactions to the content
    especially from Reader #1482, as he has
    spoken above about some of the issues
    raised in the 6 item recap listed above.
    Gracias, Amigos y Amigas
    On Watch~~~
    Hasta Mañana

    "Let's Roll"

  20. Request for more ABBA so~~~
    but first who is the guest singer/s~~~
    Off Duty~~~
    Presents ABBA and ? ?
    My toes are tapping.-.-.-.-.-.-.