Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Friday, May 20, 2022

Back In NC

Made it back. 

It was the flight from hell; not because of anything that American Airlines did or any defect in the plane (a fabulous B-787). I ate something in the VIP lounge in Madrid that went definitely sideways. Sick as sick can be the whole flight; a situation not helped by the kindly steward commenting repeatedly, "Sir, you don't look well." Thanks, I know, I know. 

Anyhow, made it back. We will return to Spain in about six weeks. Lots of paperwork remains.

I despair of our situation in this country. A tiny bright spot: the ponderous Durham investigation has begun to produce some fruit. Well, better said, after all that slo-mo investigation we find what this humble blog (I shall toot my own horn) said from the start, to wit, that the Trump-Putin collusion story was fake, made up by the Clintons/DNC, and pushed on America by a media and, most shamefully, an FBI willing to go along with the hoax. We all knew the story as fake, and yet it persisted, partially crippling the White House, and making it impossible to establish decent relations with Russia. We now pay for that.

Time to defund the DOJ and, especially, the FBI until a thorough house-cleaning takes place. 

Also need to go after the 51 "intelligence experts" who labelled the Hunter Biden laptop "Russian disinformation" when they knew it wasn't. 

Tasks, inter alia, for next year's Republican Congress? We'll see how much spine they have.

Well, there exists another, small, bright spot: the apparent "death" of the Biden Ministry of Truth. 

That laughable "misinformation" governance board, or whatever they called it, has collapsed, and its buffoonish head gone off, almost certainly, to a lucrative gig with MSNBC or some other purveyor of actual misinformation. The lefties, however, will try again in some other form. They desperately want to censor and control the information we receive, and the thoughts we hold and express. I have written about this before and noted that the wokesters understand that words comprise the ammunition of debate. Make your opponents fire blanks that you issue, or get jammed up in confusion, and you've won the battle. That effort to monkey with the language continues daily in the schools, the media, and, of course, in the very "halls of power." 

The economy continues to sink into the classic Democratic abyss. There is no reason for the disaster now upon us. Well, there is a reason: Biden, et al. Baby food shortage? In America? WTH! The stores in Spain and France were full of baby formula.

Off to one of my many doctor's appointments. I had hoped to drive the 427, but the top has gotten jammed open--I don't know why--and it looks like it might rain. 

How he suffers . . . and yet, he blogs . . . oh, the courage . . ..


  1. Every federal agency needs a complete house cleaning. Top down.

  2. better yet, perhaps: review the need for any and all Federal agencies

  3. Republicans....spines - do these two words belong in the same sentence?

    1. From what I have observed, they don't.

    2. {{{Roger that "Target"}}}~~~
      Sonar reports the evolved
      genus/species as a Hybrid
      Mega-MAGA variety, please
      'handle with care', they've been
      known to BITE, when aroused~~~

  4. " We all knew the story as fake"

    But but but Diplomad Do you mean to imply all those Pulitzer Prizes were awarded to hoaxters!

    Well I never. Lawdy Lawdy Lawdy.

    Takes a bit of the shine off the experts if you ask me.


  5. "How he suffers . . . and yet, he blogs . . . oh, the courage."-wla

    Aha~and just so... our Intrepid Traveler
    touches-down lightly, then saddles-up
    for his march into the fray, with we
    wee band of 7~stalwart-on again
    -off again, writers, scribblers,
    jokesters, and warriors too,
    unraveling the non-sence
    of the Dark-Peril prepped
    by Fools and Evil ones,
    left as poison, on the
    threshold of our dear
    ones~ the children,
    of our tommorows~~~
    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  6. With the current administration nothing can be done to the 51 who lied for Biden. No action will be taken. Congress may flip to the Republicans, but all they can do is bloviate about the obvious. The DOJ is fully corrupted by Democrats. They won’t even protect the supreme court justices’ homes. Watch the DOJ not prosecute the person that leaked the draft opinion.

    1. Well, they refuse to protect the homes conservative Supreme Court justices. What do you want to bet that protesters at prog justices' will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law? And that only after being held in solitary without bail for a year or more so that you lose your job and perhaps even your house?

    2. Exactly,
      The Jig is Up~~~
      The Communista's
      are calling the shots,
      and the Modern Day
      Emperors are exposed!
      Time will tell if the electorate
      can restore the US Constitution,
      before the people and our country,
      become mere soft tissued targets for
      the oligarch minions to harvest, we pray not!
      My prayer remains, for 'all good men, to come
      to the aid of our Party and Country~~~
      On Watch~~~
      I Pledge Aligence~~~
      Let's Roll"

  7. Welcome back to the US, at least for a while. Even if both houses of Congress return to Republican control things will never go back to the way they used to be. It seems as if each time the left has control of things everything swings hard to the left and each time the right has control it only swings part of the way back.

    1. "It seems as if each time the left has control of things everything swings hard to the left and each time the right has control it only swings part of the way back." EC

      Indeed it does Mr.Ed!
      Let's See If we, "CAN DO",
      some longer lasting fixes
      to those shaky Gates, so
      it latches before our Hot-
      Blooded Thoroughbreds
      give up the Hi-Stakes race,
      for the Planetary Stakes~~~
      The Race is on
      "Let's Roll"

  8. Dip, I trust the new chess set cleared customs and is resting safely at your estate?

  9. This won't end pretty, that's for sure, and all self induced just to get rid of Orange Man.

    1. "...just to get rid of Orange Man."

      Aye Aye Skip, but as Trump said,
      'the Left wants me out of the
      way, so that they can get to you.'

      Not completely sure what the effect
      of a Sad Mad. Cawthorn will be, but
      I'm sure the 'rats n rinos will try to make
      him the 'poster boy' for so-called, radical
      right-wing devils being trained by MAGA
      extremists~~~who will attack Democratic
      Peaceful Protestors...during the long HOT
      Antifa summer ahead in the USA~~
      Take it all with a Grain of Salt for now:
      From: Business Insider
      "Fresh off of a primary election defeat that saw members of his own party and even some former supporters turn their backs on him, 26-year-old Republican Rep. Madison
      Cawthorn of North Carolina is vowing revenge."

      "After declaring that the "best is yet to come" two days after he conceded defeat... the first-term lawmaker posted a graphic on Instagram that he says includes the "lion share [sic] of figures that came to my defense when it was not politically profitable."...

      I'd suppose HIS LIST could be categorized as
      the 'creme de la creme' of the "America First"
      MAGA Team. Here's the link

      "Let's Roll"

  10. G'day All,
    If you have time [and the inclination] spare a thought for us here Down Under. We have a Federal Election here today [21/05] to decide who controls our economy and defence among a myriad of other issues that we don't want the left to get their grubby little hands on.
    If the predictions are right then paraphrasing the words of the Duke of Wellington "It will be a close run thing"

    1. Our thoughts are with you,
      and your contrymen, David!

      I've been listening to, Aus.
      Sen. Alex Antic on the "Inter-
      national Ceding of Sovereignty
      to WHO". That is, the latest tricks
      the CCP and their trained mutt, aka
      Joe Biden have been fomenting across!
      the Globe as well as our once fruited plain...
      Here's a link wherein a weary Sen, Alex Antic,
      and Steve Bannon in the Warroom discuss the
      dangerous nature of the problems now being con
      -structed to keep ALL of US & AUS too locked down.

      This is Biden's 1st trip to Asia since the US election was
      stolen... I'm hoping he decides to become a citizen, and a NEW resident down-under, the poor soul, does need a long rest, if not a total recuperation and retirement from the Global Politique~~~
      On Watch~~~
      Part 1:

      Part 2.
      "Let's Roll"

    2. P.S.
      I've always, since boyhood,
      been proud of this quote,
      from my favorite Naval Hero"
      "I have not yet begun to fight!"
      - John Paul Jones.
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  11. David, good luck there. It is a Western shame that the Left anywhere had a good shot at taking control of our economies. Stay strong mate!

  12. Gladdens my lil' ol' pea pickin' heart to see David you've heedeed to pay us a visit.

    And that Duke of Boot reference?

    Reminds me of someone I woeful miss.

    Take care Fellow

  13. G'day Whitewall and JK,

    Good to hear from you JK and Whiters. You still drinking that hooch from Barney?

    All well here and I too miss Duffers. Do you know if he is still with us or "gone to God"?

    The Duke of Boot reference paraphrases his comment just after Waterloo to Thomas Creevy a Brit politician. Creevy recorded the conversation. The actual phrase was "It has been a damned nice thing — the nearest run thing you ever saw in your life"

    The word "nice" being used in its old interpretation.

    1. David and JK,
      Sometimes I check back 'over there' out of habit. Just did as a matter of fact. Guess whose name is the very last to show in the comment section and no, not mine. Good luck to Oz in the election.

    2. It's been awhile since I've emailed SoD but, last time I did, physically he remains on this plane.

      Seeing as whitewall's handle shows a "probable" g-mail address you might David somehow manage to establish contact with him and then, via contact there, as Whitewall and I are in fairly dependable contact we three may communicate.

      I'll shoot and email Loz' way in a few minutes (usually takes "about" three days to hear back) and then, depending, I'll Cc y'all forwarded Loz' reply.

      I also have a means of contacting the Memsahib - well by "doing a indirect" owing to my acquaintance with a friend of hers - that though frequently as that acquaintance is a, shall we say 'a frequent worldwide traveler' the duration from e'ing her to when I hear back from Somerset may well be in excess of oh, 20 days.

      A possible wildcard ('wild' being operative) is I've got an email from Andra - in Cairns Queensland - I've yet to reply to in my inbox and it's just possible she might work the deed soonest - Only possible pothole there is that Andra is hesitant to "go-round" SoD.

      I'll endeavor forthwith. Take care of yourself.

    3. Yes, Tis good to hear you '3' Zummerzet amigos
      rallye round the mailbox!
      While, I was a late arrival,
      at Duff & Son, did enjoy the reparte and camaraderie.
      In retrospect tho, what bonded me most, I think, was
      "Bob's" full on anti-trumpian assault, after I'd just
      entered the Bar/Cave, thru the swinging doors! Then, suddenly, br'er JK, swung-in hard from the rafters
      & touted my good nature to Bob, and the Full House!
      Am now left to wonder, did Duff ever relocate & finish,
      his read of the "Lincoln" book/bio, he had mislayed topside,
      ~~~'3 Cheers all 'round,
      ~~~and a SKOAL!
      ~~~to DUFF & NONSENSE! too~~~
      On Watch~~~
      w/ Laurence Harvey
      "Bless em all,
      the blondies
      & the brunettes..."
      Ah 1 ana 2
      "Let's Roll"

  14. But the left doesn't traipse out of the aether. They are our colleagues and former classmates. They are the ones from broken families who were reared to trust only in the state, because the institution of marriage was fundamentally not there for them as children.
    Why would someone believe that children should have a mother and a father when they were raised only by a mother?
    Waiting will work. Lefties do not reproduce, yet churchgoing right and center-right families are *enormous* by comparison. But that is a slow process.
    Fixing families will fix politics, sending lefty concepts back to the caverns of ignominy.
    If we *don't* fix families, the sane people will be overwhelmed by the hordes of lefties.

    - reader #1482

    1. I generally agree with you, but I see an awful lot of devout fathers crying, "O Absalom, my son! O Absalom!" or feeling like the priest Eli in First Samuel.

      There are Lefties coming out of the woodwork in all of our institutions and even corporations. The Gramscian march through the institutions has happened, and the institutions are a lot worse for it. Even the Confessional Presbyterian/Reformed community with which I identify (as opposed to the liberal "mainstream") is infiltrated by voices who want to find a way to accept the sexual revolution, women's ordination, and other camel's noses under the tent flaps.

    2. The 'United' Methodists are in the process of splitting now. They must do so as there is no other choice. The only good about Antonio Gramsci's march is that the leftists have their heads above ground now. It will take a Cold War level fight to march them backwards and out but at least we can see the targets.

    3. "Waiting will work. ... But that is a slow process."
      Emphasis on S~~L~~O~~W. . . 1 4 8 2, which would be
      OK, IF we weren't being strangled toward DEATH, and then TURNED OVER to the communist protected oligharchs,
      to wring the last vestiges of INDIVIDUAL liberty out of
      our battered, and BROKEN minds, bodies, and spirit,
      not to mention, THE familiya. . . or as a remedy, the Doc
      may prescribe: "Malo nodo, malus quærendus cuneus"~~~
      Unless, in Latin, the above, also describes the most efficatious pathway toward "Fixing the Family of Man",
      for which, some times, call for a total 'tooth n' nail' approach, or a believable attitude, for an acceptable result~~~
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  15. Responsible dissent has long been part and parcel of the Anglo-American political tradition (even for those of us who are "Anglo-Sxons" only by osmosis). The Disinformation Office was a serious threat to our Constitutional order. I hope that those who advocated for it will be duly censured.

    1. As a certain suited Queen
      often said to certain fools,
      & suspected 4 flushers too,
      AXE MAN: cut carefully. . .
      On The Dotted Line. . . . .
      Oui Madame

  16. G'day All,
    Well it happened.
    For some reason known only to those who cannot see the wood for the trees Australia has elected a left wing government for the next three years. Sort of Democrats with an Aussie twang.
    It's going to be a rocky road I just hope I live long enough to see the bastards voted out.
    In the mean time some of us will start to push our so called conservative party back to where it should be.
    The battle is not lost just temporarily not going our way.

    1. Yes, I am worried. Aussies elections tend to predict what is going to happen here. God help us all.

    2. David, sorry to hear. Something about the West makes us want to go through a stupid phase. I have concluded long ago that conservatives will not put the left away 'conservatively'. I'm guessing the left carried the younger vote overwhelmingly?

    3. G'day Whitewall,
      The result, while disappointing, was not unexpected. A Billionaire, Simon Holmes A'court, funded a whole bunch of so called independents who had global warming and an attack on fossil fuels as their only published policy view. They all uniformly wore teal coloured T shirts and were quoting from the same page. That they only contested seats held by members of the governing party was of course purely coincidental. And if you believe that I have a nice bridge in Sydney I can sell you.
      Aside from that the Liberal Party [our alleged conservatives] had drifted too far to the left and left a very disgruntled supporter base out in the cold.
      As some consolation the so called conservatives who looked more like socialists were the ones who lost their seats to the Teal Independents so hopefully the next time around the proffered candidates will reflect conservative values more accurately.
      There is some argument about the voting choices of the young. There seems to be a small but vocal young voter group and a large conservative group who tend to keep quiet to avoid strife. They need to harden up a bit.
      The choice of a new leader for the now opposition is important. The Defence Minister in the outgoing government seems the obvious choice. An ex police officer who is not afraid of a confrontation with the left side of politics and a proven track record of achievement would be a good choice and hopefully he will get the position.
      In the mean time we can but try and minimize the disaster the incoming government will prove to be.
      I just hope I live long enough to see a return to sanity.
      The one good thing about being over 80 is that I don't care if I offend people I don't agree with politically. Being independent of government "largess" there is little they can do to me.
      The important thing is to keep the faith and keep fighting.

    4. Sorry to hear it David,
      Pls check the ballots/votes, machines,
      and the Dumps, then ck again and
      again, until its obvious or not that
      your citizenship was stolen!
      Do hope there are enough
      of your kind, to put fear
      back where it belongs~~~
      "Let's Roll"

    5. David, it always seems to be the case that 'conservatives' drift left when unmoored. Left is the natural bend of any institution that is not established hard and fast to the right. This malfunction seems to be a defect in Western least from the Enlightenment forward. We nearly destroy ourselves and then pull back. I hope.

      You are now past 80? Gosh, I remember meeting you here many years ago but that was when writing was mostly done on parchment. Take care and don't be a stranger.

    6. I thought with fully nationalized health care, there's a lot a government can do to anybody, regardless of whether they're living off the dole?
      I remember expecting Australia to be a more conservative country than it is. Haven't been there in significant fashion in quite a while, but even in the 1990s there seemed to be (from casual glance) this consensus through their media that 'Howard was bad.... but maybe a bit necessary since our left really can't figure themselves out yet...'
      The 1960s had its way with the entirety of the western world.

      - reader #1482

    7. Oz today: File under 'go woke go broke'.

    8. ~~loud n clear~~5x5~~Roger~~~Wilco~~whitewall~~~
      "Greenslide' in Oz Dumps..."
      "...He reminds me of recent floods and bushfires. You mean like the ones we had in the nineteen thirties; I respond. Resignedly, he beats a retreat and moves on to the young couple standing behind me. More receptive ears. I wonder. How does a man of his age become completely delusional?
      Young things, OK. They know no better, and have been brainwashed on social media..." by Peter Smith

      Good Question Mr Smith!
      can't wreckOmend DC for
      cogent answers...suspect
      that the CCP has its dirty
      -work cut-out for them,
      even in Oz too, may Be
      they'll issue Social Report
      Cards and yall may
      get to go to Peking
      to eat some duck~~~
      Ridin ' the wind
      "Let's Roll"

  17. Ah, the jammed convertible top. Which brings to mind a classic Texas Aggie joke:

    Our Aggie friend is on the phone to his wife, calling from the local convenience store where he has stopped to buy gas. "Darlin'? Could you come down to the Quick-Stop and bring your extra car keys? I've locked myself out of the car."

    "Oh, and can your hurry? I left the top down and it's fixin' to rain."

    1. I have always heard that Texas Aggie graduates are all 'out standing in their fields' ?

    2. GO^Od to hear they're on duty, ww!
      Although, Port/Stbd watch stations
      might serve to forestall Battle Fatigue,
      aka PTSD-- Now, if I can only get my
      'mate to take the 0000-0400~~~
      I may be enabled to turn on
      the charm, following,
      the 1st blast to the
      morning repast~~~
      On Watch~~~
      Rise n Shine
      you low lifes~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  18. TO: David from Oz
    FR: An "80" plus Yank
    Glad, I heard him, and others too tout
    their MAGA election accomplishments
    on Steve Bannon's show, last evening.
    He's is an inspiration, if not amazing!
    Well worth a listen and a viewing~~~
    Nothing like having the Olde Guarde
    Call Cadence, and get the Vols in Step!

    "Steve Stern: Precinct Committee Rises Up and Turns Florida Red"
    Bannons War Room Published May 21, 2022 875 Views
    Thumbs-Up Oz
    &U2 David~~~
    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  19. Introducing the New
    PM from down below...

    CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Australia’s center-left opposition party toppled the conservative government after almost a decade in power, and >>Prime Minister-elect >>Anthony Albanese in his Saturday election victory speech promised >>sharper reductions in greenhouse gas emissions<< while he faces an early foreign policy test.

    Prime Minister >>Scott Morrison said he quickly conceded defeat<< >>despite >>millions of votes yet to be counted<< because an Australian leader must attend a Tokyo summit on Tuesday with U.S. President Joe Biden,<<> Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

    Oh Boyo! Hard to decide,
    whether to CRY, SPIT,
    or PISS into the wind~~~

    On Watch~~~
    Lament for a Friend

  20. The word is that Michael Chertoff will be the head of the revived "Department of Misinformation." He will be worse.

    1. Affirm~~~MK
      Was hoping it was a miss print,
      now relying on the old saw,
      the enemy you know
      is a better enemy
      than the one
      you know

  21. Glad you're home safely Dip! I'm commenting on the Oz election from Perth WA. I think the so called conservatives pulled off the ultimate political dirty trick and kicked the can over to the Labour Party. They know what's coming down the pipeline and they don't want to be held responsible for it! Unfortunately "Each way Albo" is way too weak for the job and will be rolled by the truely awful Penny Wong when the going gets tough. It's hard to imagine a more unpleasant prospect as Prime Minister. Diversity will then truely be our strength! YIKES!

    1. Out of the 5 Anglosphere nations, four are run by lefties now and then GB has Boris Johnson. Other than that I guess we are fine.

  22. David from Oz

    As a wise man once - well maybe some few times - advised me ...

    Steady the Buffs!

    (If you catch my drift)

    (Apologies to my fellow US-Aians if that's unreachable!)


    1. Oh Posh~~~ JK, "US~Aians" ya say, Sonny~~~?
      If 'n I remember rightly, twas Sgt Major MacCormack,
      W/the Black Watch Reg., back then was, recently ensconced as Master O' Beaumont Cottage-- him glaring down at me sez: 'in future lad, "latch the chicken coop"... now go'on an collect the Hens ... but when I think about it,..might've been Ensign "Broach", who had the dive, and was, way to close to the Cuban coast, where he shouldne'ave ever been,~~~ Broach was, almost pleading w/ the new Seaman-Apprentice, again, 'Mind Your Helm' ~Sailor~~~
      and that was just about when the shaky Stern-Planesman, lost his Bubble~~~
      ...Now, let's get back to the research:

      "It was the late Lord Wobbly’s favourite colour."

      ..."I’ve looked it up in many reference books, and it was a waste of time..."
      'A waste of time?
      'Oh, I beg to differ. Searching through reference books may not produce the answer to your particular question, but one almost always learns something in the process, even if it’s only the specific gravity of tuna salad or how to hypnotize a wildebeest..."
      I have never read Mr. Priestley’s play, but from summaries I gather it is set in 1912 (although it was written in 1945). . ."
      “Steady the Buffs” is a catchphrase meaning “stay calm, be careful, and persevere,” an expression of encouragement offered to someone in trying circumstances. The phrase itself dates back at least to the late 19th century, when it was popularized by Rudyard Kipling in his short story collection “Soldiers Three.” “Steady” in the phrase is the well-known nautical command, meaning “steer steady,” i.e., maintain the current course and speed."

      "The “Buffs” takes a bit more explaining. It’s capitalized in the phrase because “the Buffs” is the nickname of the East Kent Regiment of the British Army, a famous unit that dates back to the 16th century. The regiment’s nickname refers to their uniform jackets in the 19th century, which sported facings (trim on the collars, cuffs, etc.) of a “buff,” or light yellowish-tan, color. “Buff” as the name of a color comes from the tanned hides of buffalo (the Asian sort, not the American bison) used as outerwear; “buff” meaning “enthusiast” comes from “fire buffs” in 19th century America, volunteer firefighters (or just wannabe firefighters) who wore such coats to conflagrations."

      "The exact origin and logic of the phrase “steady the Buffs” is a bit unclear, although given the illustrious history of the unit there is no lack of stories set in pitched battle against an implacable foe in which a commander encouraged his men with the phrase. After Kipling popularized it, it became a common way to say “carry on and don’t panic,” especially among the upper classes."
      Wonder how the Taiwanians
      are holding-up over there~~~
      Yo Ho Ho~~~
      "Let's Roll"

    2. Here, its, here, all one
      might ever need to know
      I'd guess~~~

  23. G'day JK,

    Thanks for that. Signal received and understood.

  24. And Ukraine is going to lose. Somehow western media has western liberal expectations of Russia and Putin in particular. "Oh, he must've thought it was going to be easy, but it ISN'T! He's LOSING!"
    Meanwhile, Putin's question isn't "can I take Ukraine?" That was sealed when Biden declared there would be no US boots or air power in Ukraine. Putin's question is: "How much will be the final bill?"
    He doesn't care whether it's 1,000 dead soldiers or 100,000 dead soldiers. He doesn't have to convince his own underlings that the Russian military can do it under a certain price tag or under a certain body count, or under a certain level of damage to Ukraine. He committed to seizing at least the valuable parts of Ukraine, commenced the operation, and is succeeding by any reasonable measure.
    Yet western media is congratulating itself for providing moral support to the losing side... and some helmets.

    There's a strong chance Biden will fry come November over this.

    - reader #1482

    1. .... and it hits home with the surrender of Azovstal. For months, the expectation was that when the Kyiv offensive was lifted, that the next step was to lift the siege of Mariupol. But it appears that was never even in the plans. They never had any hope to getting to the point where they could attack Russian forces surrounding that area.
      Ukraine's strategic plan is to be a punching bag.

      - reader #1482

    2. On Target,
      as you most
      often, R #1482
      On Watch~~~
      & at times
      Off Duty```

  25. Before turning this thought filled,
    page, please lend an ear to the
    words of one of the wisest. . .

    Dr. Peter Breggin: Standing Between
    a Globalist Empire and a Free Nation

    Author of :
    “COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey”.
    Bannon's War Room -- May 24, 2022
    [while we are still permitted]
    More Here:
    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  26. Whilst waiting and
    wandering hereabouts,
    the inquiring mind began
    to ponder problems, then
    slipped and tripped over the
    lite word salad below... any Sr.
    Dips, recall who, what, when &
    why it was said????
    ~~~The Unknown~~~
    As we know,
    There are known knowns.
    There are things we know we know.
    We also know
    There are known unknowns.
    That is to say
    We know there are some things
    We do not know.
    But there are also unknown unknowns,
    The ones we don’t know
    We don’t know.
    If you care to search,
    Please start digging,
    "Let's Roll"

  27. Good Morning Diplo'mates!
    If you can spare 10 minutes
    to get some more clarity on
    the Global Predators trying
    to EAT our Lunch, & the USA...
    Writ Large, 'w/ a sig. from DOS'~~~

    Here, Dr. Breggin fills in the
    blanks, which even some of
    our Rep. Senators, seem un-
    willing to fill or even comprehend~~~
    To wit:
    "Dr. Peter Breggin: U.S. integrity
    stands in the way of globalism"

    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  28. ["Sir, you don't look well." Thanks, I know, I know.]

    Speaking of knowns and unknowns, wonder if
    you're back in the pink yet--running the beach
    with your pack o' furry friends, or. may be we
    should all, sign n' send "Get Well Soon" Hall-
    mark missives, with Best Wishes for a speedy
    return to the 'Field of Dreams', the Biden Pup-
    pet Show & globalist stringers, have been prep
    -ping for our required, and risky, consumption~~~
    Hope you're back in harness,
    and ready to trot~~~
    "Let's Roll"