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"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Monday, July 25, 2022

ZOMBUS and a New Definition for BS, to wit, a Biden Story

Got back from Spain last week; had a rough time adjusting to jet lag, and, above all, not having my son David to talk with about everything. Not how I thought my "Golden Years" would go.

We hit Madrid in the middle of LGBTQRSVPXYZ "Pride" celebrations. Never understood what these folks have done to be so full of "Pride," or what exactly they have to celebrate. Well, maybe that's just me. 

Anyhow, we found Madrid full of Gerald Baker rainbow flags (our only export now: cultural crap). Nearly all the stores had been festooned with those things: McDonalds had gone full Pride, but so had just about every other business. Rainbow colors everywhere! Either they smell money in this LGTXZSAWCRAP thing, get driven by fear, or both. I don't know. Hundreds of thousands, probably more, "activists" from all over Europe and elsewhere showed up, held giant street parties, wore bizarre outfits, engaged in lots of PDA, and heard and gave speeches about how oppressed they feel. I wondered if I were watching a Monkey Pox Super Spreader event, but surely the politically correct health authorities would tell us if that's so . . . I mean, they haven't lied to us about Covid . . .. The only bright light came from the politically conservative head of the Provincial Council who did not attend any "Pride" events, and, to the outrage of "activists," scheduled a bullfight in the middle of the "Pride" days. I like her.

On another front, friends and relatives expressed serious concern about Joe Biden's performance at the Madrid NATO conference, which took place just before "Pride." To them, he seemed weak and confused--uh, maybe because, well, he is? Not a good look.

His wife, La Doctora Jill, also did not give off good vibes. 

Not breakfast tacos this time, but shoes. 

"Dr." Jill envied the Spanish Queen's shoes; she wanted a few pair just like them. So, of course, she had the center of Madrid shut down so she and her inner circle could go shoe shopping while protected by our Secret Service and the Spanish police. Without a doubt, all those limos and SUVs were environmentally friendly, and she shopped in honor of Ukraine. One cent of every purchase will go to fund abortion clinics in Ukraine for poor women of color . . . 

Got back to NC in time to hear the supposed President of the US, aka, ZOMBUS Biden, tell another BS BS (Biden Story). This time around, we hear a woeful tale about his poor mother driving him to school, having to switch on the windshield wipers to remove the oil residue which, in turn, gave Biden and everybody around him in Delaware cancer, blah, blah, blah. Last time he told this story, they all got asthma from the fossil fuels in the air and on the windshield. 

So, friends, did "the big guy" suffer cancer/asthma when named to Annapolis? Worked as a truck driver in Maryland? Coal miner in Pennsylvania? Came under arrest in South Africa trying to free Mandela? When confronting Corn Pop? When helping fabricate the Russia collusion story? When cashing his bank drafts from the CCP and Ukraine? When destroying our energy independence?

Ah, my fellow truth seekers--alas!--before we could digest the full import of this vital and latest weepy travail in the Biden "blue collar" saga, it turns out, per his trusty handlers, that the World's Most Important Vaccinated Man, the ZOMBUS Himself, got the feared COVID--yet AGAIN! Don't worry, he--right pronoun?--will do well, because the vaccine proves so very effective . . . OK, OK.

BS BS . . . so many diseases . . . so many BS BS.

So, ZOMBUS aficionados, we must all ask ourselves, what's with Biden?

What makes ZOMBUS the worst President in modern times? Cancer? Covid? Asthma? Dementia? Hair plugs? Vaccine? 

No, you say; it's more simple than that. How about his renowned stupidity? His long-proven inability to tell the truth? The leftist loon jackals around him? 

Take a pick.

Meanwhile, of course, the economy circles the drain while the Dems worry about pronouns, and how best to disassemble our Supreme Court, military, border, and, for good measure, police.

UPDATE: Thanks to Angry Webmaster for bringing the vision to life:


  1. ZOMBUS - I love it! Welcome back, sir.

    1. Zombus or Golem?

      The creature in charge (nominally) of "the football?

      This may not end well.

  2. Welcome back. I think is has become quite apparent to everyone even those who supported him, because Trump. That he was installed into office, not elected. And the only candidate that would participate in a rigged election is one who doesn't care. Hence President Select.

  3. Welcome back to the US. To get personal for a second you can still talk to David. You know how he thought and you can imagine a pretty accurate response to whatever your thoughts were. Obviously not as good as the real thing but I have always spoken to my wife who died back in 2011. Her wisdom and wit still guides me in a lot of things. It does help.

    There has got to be money somewhere in the current worship of the alphabet soup that represents gender these days. Either that or fear of the repercussions if a company does not toe the line. Strange times we live in.

  4. Keeping you in mind, and hoping you are able to get through the day.

  5. Welcome home, sir. It is good to read your musings again!

  6. I hope this comes out. I put it together in about 5 minutes. :)

    1. Excellent!

    2. Feel free to use it and pass it around. :)

    3. 5Stars + Thumbs up w/smile and a QuickWit as always AW!

  7. Nothing like a post from DiploMad to so succinctly sum up the sorry state of affairs with the dotard who is POTUS

  8. "Meanwhile, of course, the economy circles the drain while the Dems worry about pronouns, and how best to disassemble our Supreme Court, military, and, for good measure, police." [Via El Diplo~~~]

    Yes, Tis true!
    But, at least some of those disassembliges, aka those, "bumps" on the pathways toward freedom, can still be challenged, vacated, or even WON on the merits in some cases, especially, when their opines, aka BS, ie the 'Dem's' BS, goes beyond calling a spade a spade, or calling a 'bump stock', a "machinegun"...
    To Wit
    Washington, DC (July 25, 2022) – Today, the New Civil Liberties Alliance filed its appellant brief in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in Michael Cargill v. Merrick B. Garland, et al. This lawsuit could determine who has the constitutional authority to change the criminal law if changes are warranted. The appeals court in June vacated the three-judge panel’s opinion upholding ATF’s legal interpretation and granted en banc review—that is, review by all 17 active judges on the court. Adoption of the rarely used en banc procedure is a sign that the appeals court views the issues in this case as highly important. The Fifth Circuit will be the third U.S. Court of Appeals to hear this issue en banc, but it could be the first to reach the merits. The Tenth Circuit dismissed the en banc over five dissents, and the Sixth Circuit split 8-8 on the questions at stake.

    NCLA is seeking invalidation of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ (ATF) Bump Stock Final Rule, in which the agency declared that non-mechanical bump stocks are “machineguns” within the meaning of the relevant statute. Because the Final Rule is not a valid legislative rule, ATF may not seek judicial deference to its statutory interpretation. Moreover, the agency expressly waived any deference claim for the Bump Stock Rule under Chevron U.S.A., Inc. v. Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc.

    Plaintiff Michael Cargill alleges that: (1) the Final Rule conflicts with the statutory definition of a machinegun and thus exceeds ATF’s authority; (2) ATF’s construction is not entitled to Chevron deference; (3) to the extent that the courts determine that the definition of machinegun is ambiguous with respect to bump stocks, they should apply the rule of lenity to determine that bump stocks are not machineguns; and (4) if the statute were interpreted as authorizing ATF’s declaration that bump stocks are prohibited machineguns, then it would be an unconstitutional delegation of Congress’s legislative powers.

    The district court’s erroneous construction of the statute has been rejected by a significant majority of federal appellate judges outside the Fifth Circuit who have considered the same question. The best reading of the statute is, in fact, the one espoused by ATF before December 2018: non-mechanical bump stocks are not “machineguns.” A separate NCLA lawsuit, Aposhian v. Garland, also challenges the Final Rule. That suit is pending in the U.S. Supreme Court on a petition for a writ of certiorari.

    JULY 25, 2022
    FIGHT THE POWER: NCLA Asks Full Fifth Circuit to Toss ATF’s Bump Stock Ban and Reject Deference to the Government.

    Reminder: I’m on the NCLA Board of Advisors.
    Posted by Glenn Reynolds at 10:58 pm

    On Watch~~~
    "Lovely to see you
    again my friend"~~~

    "Let's Roll"

  9. Biden got his multiple illnesses from driving a tank across Poland during the Crimean War.

    1. That might just be the explanation I've been seeking . . .

    2. Hello DiploMad, Great to have you back. Australian here, and speaking of Tank's, a good friend of mine back in the 80's (Was English, now Australian) had a fantastic poster of Margaret Thatcher and Helmut Kohl, the photo was at some conference, they were sitting next to each other at a table with name tags in front of them, and the tag line was. "Here are two great world leaders, one was a Panzer Group Tank Commander on the Russian Front during World War 2, and on the left is Helmut Kohl". Still makes me laugh to this day, one can easily see Maggie Thatcher leading a tank column.

  10. Welcome back, boss. Glad Madrid has at least one based person in their city council still. If Vox party could win the Prime Ministership, I think España would be in good hands. On a separate note, it is ironic that I first heard the song after getting back from Spain:


  11. Welcome back! (to the land of the "Comfortably Numb")

  12. Yay! So good to see you are back. I did not realize that the stupid pride stuff went overseas.
    Satan has worked overtime, I suppose.

    1. 'Pride' is still one of the deadly sins.

    2. Especially ifn ya kaint dance towit,ww~~~
      'Pride' ~~~

  13. Good to see you are back!

  14. Gracious! The Isley Brothers, Moody Blues and Pink Floyd appearing on one page.

  15. I'm just going to have to call this one out... worse than Obama? Seriously? Biden hasn't done *nearly* the damage that Obama did in his first year in the white house. Not for the lack of trying, perhaps, and also perhaps due to shaky control over congress. But still.. the ends count. Perspective... perspective....

    - reader #1482

    1. Manchin just caved and Bumbles Dementia's Build Back Broke, with a 15% minimum tax in business is going to pass the senate. So yeah, it's going to be worse then Der Fubar in short order. Think depression, not recession.

  16. Maybe it's Barky 3.0
    Glad your back Dip

    1. Affirm Skip, Hi-probability Barky3.0 still appears to
      control Biteme2.0's waves~per AI-chip/remote sys et al,
      Tho More~derma Lab Rat tricks never ceased to be silly~~~
      PS even a bit sillier tho, was/is Sarah E
      with her contortionist's repetoire, all tho
      she did have some unique moves, back
      when I saw her perform down at the Gate Bar...

      "Let's Roll"

  17. Sarah has been a naughty girl, hitting Ace, CW now Dip sites

    1. Maybe she needs a remote Fanny Pack, press
      the button and she hauls butt back to her corral~~~
      Giddy Yup~~~
      Happy Trails~~~

      "Let's Roll"

  18. Welcome back. When I was in Madrid about ten years ago, I attended a bullfight and was surprised to see the number of children there, dressed up in their Sunday best.

  19. Dear DiploMadians, we are delighted to report that the
    On Watch >--->Torpedo Recovery Crew [OWTRC] has adopted the~~~ "POTUS vs ZOMBUS"~~~AW-->image
    As our DeskTop-BackGround-Centerpiece for the 2224
    ~~~United States of America***Presidential Race~~~

    Please Note:
    Due to Gates era windows requirements
    the "recycle bin" still occupies the right
    side of the screen, under the Zombus.
    However, we feel a bit quesy labeling
    Zombo-meat, recyclable, therefore
    we've relabled said bin, "Haz~Mat"
    unless & until EPA provides a
    better term for rotten meat~~~
    OWTRC Studio Chief~~~
    Surface Surface Surface
    Making turns for the Barn~~~

    "Let's Roll"

  20. GUESS WHO?
    JULY 30, 2022
    I should note, [ITz] rated this poorly in spite of every significant institution — the federal government, the press, the entertainment media, big tech — going to comically ridiculous lengths to prop [IT] up and silence [ITz] critics. Related: The ‘cabal’ that bragged of foisting [IT] on us must answer for [ITz] failed [__fill in the blank__]
    Also: [ITz] Collapse Exposes Rot in the Establishment: The problem isn’t really [hint~MAMBO ZOMBU] It’s that the supposed “adults" in the room” who surround [IT] are children with no self-awareness and a violent allergy to accountability."

    OFF DUTY~~~
    Staying Mum~~~
    viz 147 comments @

    "Lets Roll"

    1. So then,
      what's a responsible Lad/Lass to do
      when the CinC suits up buck nekid,
      & goes on too lose all hisn'our marbles?
      ...from an unsure voice in the wind n waves~~~
      In search of bonafide replies, answers, suggestions
      and /or whatever else ya got in your old kit bag~~~
      While you've a Lucifer
      ...Smile Smile Smile

      "Let's Roll"

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