Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Heading to Spain

If Pete "Chest Feeder" Buttagieg allows it, we will be flying to Spain today for a couple of weeks. 

As we get ready to go, I can't help but remember one of the last conversations I had with my son David, quite the expert on Spanish history, in which he noted many signs of a coup underway in the USA by the left. I had noted before such moves starting most overtly in 2016, and continuing throughout the Trump administration. I had asked him to write a piece on it. He, of course, never got the chance.

I will try to write something when/if I get to Spain. I hope my brain will emerge from the fog.



  1. Have a safe trip!

    1. "...will try to write something when/if I get to Spain.
      I hope my brain will emerge from the fog."~~~
      God be with you, Dip and Fam, will be
      looking forward to reading your
      reports from Spain~~~
      no matter the fog
      "Sancho ...
      My Sword"
      On Watch~~~

      "Let's Roll"

  2. Take care Diplomad and, don't hesitate remembering conversations.

    Sometimes those can be the finest treasures memory holds.


    1. So then Meester JK, how's tricks over
      in the Land of Shale Rock and Honey~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  3. Glad to see you're going. Take care.

  4. Lower your head, bare your fangs, dig in your claws, and Badger through!

    1. Dang Scotty!
      Best coaching tips proffered since Biden's
      'rats n'snakes slithered in to take home field adv~~~
      ill passem along to the Orange Guy's team~~~
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  5. Hopefully some time in Spain will help. Take care, eat well.


  6. "If Pete "Chest Feeder" Buttagieg allows it,
    we will be flying to Spain today"-Dip


    It would seem Kamala Harris isn’t the only senior person in the Biden Administration afflicted with a case of Severe Banality Syndrome (SBS).

    Behold our boy genius and Rhodes Scholar Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, who had this to say to CBS News about the large number of airline flight cancellations and delays over the weekend:

    "This is something that’s affecting all of us and it’s affecting the economy when that happens because so many people can’t get to where they need to be for work, so many people can’t get to loved ones. We sent a lot of taxpayer funding, specifically for purpose of keeping people employed at these airlines. And now, they need to have the people and they need to have the resources to get people where they need to go.”

    Statements like that remind us that we are in the presence of no ordinary mind.

    Chaser—Biden at his finest:

    Mark Perry answers:
    Linked at the Brain Stem or derrierre:
    You be the Judge!
    OFF Duty~~~
    Let's Roll"

  7. Have a great trip Dip, will wait for your return

  8. Have a good trip and I look forward to a book in David's memory fleshing out his outline. We are in a slow motion coup that is still on going. 46 out of 50 states have changed there outcomes to Trump beating Biden and we do not hear a peep about it. Nit sure but I am pretty sure no 4 states could have 270 electors. Something is definitely rotten.

  9. So good to hear from you, after your recent tragedy. I hope your trip is pleasant and does some good for your soul.

  10. When the "time" is right you'll know.

  11. You ave mentioned David in the past. We will miss him as well. God speed and safe travels.

  12. Safe travels to and from. Take what time you need. I was here for the last sabbatical and I certainly understand the reason for this one. Again, continued thoughts and prayers for you and your family. When you're ready...

  13. Have a great trips, and, again, condolences on the loss of your son. It is a terrible thing when your children predecease.

    The Taitai and I just got back from a trip to Portugal. I thought of some of your posts on your early life in Morocco when we visited Evora, a medieval town preserved as a world heritage site, and walked some streets that had been part of the Judeiria (sp.?) back before 1496. I am half Jewish, and there is some family tradition that a portion of the Jewish ancestry is Sefardi. Do you suppose we both might have had family treading those streets back in the day?


    Slot of state department stuff^^

    1. But first a 'Duck Duck' search/reveal, a back-
      grounder to get the Lay of the Land, if not
      the specific gravity of the underlying muck
      on which all else is strewn and or some-
      what exposed~~~
      So, by way of
      Introduction &
      preparation for
      the SydVic info
      Apple Product,
      linked up above.
      I now present
      Ms Whitney Webb
      as delivered in part by
      my go to search pal,
      aka, DuckDuckGo:
      [I here NOTE: only one 1 comment listed, by ZO, Read it...]
      On Watch~~~
      What a Gal~~~
      Tks SV~~~
      Ps any word on
      Dip's departure
      and or safe arrival?

      "Let's Roll"

  15. Divid is a name of my family.
    Certain names.
    I am sorry that your son has died. My family has died also.
    Sisters, Brothers, Cousins.
    I am the only one left.
    You are lucky sir.
    Myself, I ducked and said to myslef...
    EARN and then I looked up and found..;thjat mopst people are shit.
    Edwin Godfrey Bahten III

  16. Know this. LOVE or hate

    1. I consciously chose "LOVE" Anon
      way back in '62 if not before...
      Although, have met my fair
      share of haters over the
      decades who coulda
      been easy to hate,
      back not worth my
      efforts~piss on em
      & USA's enemies,
      are mine too, both
      On Watch~~~
      "Love Me Do"

      "Let's Roll"

  17. HOLY MAN! Syd!
    She, Whitney Webb,
    has spit on both her
    fast ball & slider~~~
    L@^@K ing fwd
    to reading her just
    completed Book...
    Btw, she's got, genuwine Fla
    Sand/Grit between her toes too!
    Well Worth the Listen, imho:

    Yes Sir!
    Slots & "Slots of
    state department stuff^^"
    etc etc etc~~~
    On Watch
    "Let's Roll"

  18. Safe travels.

    - reader #1482

    1. Hi Ho~~~
      nice to see your
      sobriquet #1482
      Hope all is well,
      in your balliwick
      and hurricanes,
      stay below Cat 1~~~
      On Watch~~~
      Ps may I join you
      w/Best Wishes, to
      Dip & Diplowife's
      ~~Safe Travels~~
      & won't mention any };~]>
      "Fandangi Militibus" stuff@
      "Let's Roll"

  19. Uberdeplorable Psychedelic Cat GrassJuly 16, 2022 at 11:36 PM

    Safe travels and Godspeed.

    I miss Spain dearly. May the time you spend there be a source of rest and relaxation.

  20. Don't be like me and spend couple of days asking if they've got tacos or burritos. The looks I got............

  21. As Dip reported to Us from Madrid back in May:
    Thursday, May 5, 2022

    Madrid Musings...
    "I hadn't been here in some 12 years, so I was curious as to the changes I would notice. The first one is expense. This is a VERY expensive city made a bit more tolerable by the favorable exchange rate....
    I deny any and all knowledge of any and all possible business dealings the Biden mafia might have in Spain, and will insist that Elon Musk delete any tweets on Twitter stating otherwise.
    There has been a continuing and huge demographic change in Spain. Native-born have one of the world's lowest birth rates, and Spain is becoming an immigrant nation. The long line at the airport, for example, was almost exclusively made up of immigrants from Latin America. Restaurant and hotel staff are heavily Latin American, as is the Spanish army. There is also a growing North African and Middle Eastern presence. Perhaps related, violent crime is way up; back in the day, Madrid was one of the world's safe cities. Not so now.

    For me as an old man skeptical of change, I find sad that the uniqueness of Spain is being lost. Spain has an amazing history, and has played a major role in the development of Western civilization. What I always liked about Spain was its quirkiness, its unique society, its refusal to bend to the prevailing progressive winds sweeping Europe and the rest of the West. Increasingly, however, Spain is becoming just another European country with the same progressive policies and attitudes ruining the rest of Europe. As I said, I find that sad, well, depressing.

    [Seems that Dip, as he so often does,
    put his hand on the pulse of the growing
    progressive death knell, for a once dominant,
    and nurturing, Western Civilization - Imho/Ow]

    An Other Invasion, methinks! ~~~
    A Frog, A Yank & A Limey get into the HEART,
    of the problems that Diplomad observed,
    Identified, & reported, just 2 months ago,
    from Spain, to we small band of readers,
    and ocassional commentaters~~~
    Listen carefully, if you please~~~

    Jerome Rivière: The European Union
    Is Facilitating An Invasion Of Europe
    Bannons War Room Published July 16, 2022 1,963 Views

    On Watch~~~
    Spain National Anthem-- Marcha Real

    "Let's Roll"

  22. This Just In To The Weather Desk:
    ~~HOT Tamales & Sizzling in Spain~~

    Temperatures more common for Death Valley, California -- touted as one of the hottest places on Earth -- will be possible in eastern Portugal and western and southern Spain during the height of the hot spell. Temperatures typically top out near 118 F (48 C) in Death Valley in July.

    Stay Cool~~~

  23. "Chest-feeder"?

    More like a "bottom-feeder"; YMMV.

    1. Wait One Cuz...nOWadays, so I heard, Buttgig is one of
      the NEW generation of child bearing woeman. Rumor is,
      he gave-up "bottom feeding" & took-up bottom wiping,
      he's also now moon lighting as a cost/benefit Actuary,
      for The Greta Thunberg - Elon Musk Consortium~~~
      Happy Days are here again~~~
      (Ben Selvin and the Crooners, 1930)

      "Let's Roll"

    2. Buttiegig isn't bottom-wiping and nurturing; he's grooming.

    3. I suspected as much K,
      butt twas the YMMV acronyn
      that threw me off the scent,
      they perfumed the warranty~~~
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  24. Update:
    For our friends in Spain who may have missed the Report.
    US Econ. Sit Rep. from Bannons Warroom:
    'Removing the Snakes from the tent/sewer'

    Dr. Peter Navarro: 'The Stagflation Scenario
    Is Getting Deeper And Deeper'
    Bannons War Room Published
    July 22, 2022 997 Views

    On Watch~~~
    Hand Salute
    Pray all is well,
    Over there~~~

    "Let's Roll


  25. Blessings and Salutations, my Fellow and Lady DiploMadics~~~
    this morning, after saying my Sunday prayers, accompanied by a soulful Flamenco guitar repertoire, on an advert-free local TVstation...
    Up next comes, the astute Ben Harnwell, breaking a News Report on the latest UKraneum request for more heavy Offensive Weaponry to attack/assault Russia at home... maybe he thinks BiteMe is an easy-touch what with the discovery that POTUS is Pos+ C-19 carrier? May be the newsies missed the WHO declaration of war against the Monkeee Poxers? AnyhOWL, both Ben & Steve have some interesting headlines to discuss, with you wise Dip~readers!

    Harnwell: Zelensky says no to ceasefire with Russia
    while hitting the US for more material support~~~
    Bannons War Room Published July 23, 2022 2,348 Views

    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  26. Hi Diplo, I've been in the US all summer - thank God I missed Pride and the Bidens (altho' I could tell you a story about Michelle Obama's trip there...) I plan to head back to Madrid in mid-Sept, hopefully do a short stint on the CAmino with some friends.

    The coup in not-so-slow-motion is really unbelievable to watch. Just pray we hold out until the mid-terms and we manage to prevent the Left from stealing the election. If they do steal it, all bets are off -- the "deplorables" won't stand for it anymore - not with the recession, inflation, looming food and energy shortages.

    I am so ashamed of my association with the State Dept, a career I had wanted to do my entire life, and which I did by abiding by my oath to uphold the Constitution, until I was no longer able to follow Obama's policies, and luckily had enough time in to retire. The things I see former friends and colleague post on social media makes me sick.

  27. I've been in Madrid since 2009, and I have seen lots of changes - many of them good. You can now get cuisine from all over the world, including a great Indonesian restaurant. Mahou Beer gave a huge donation to fund expansion of outdoor seating during the pandemic, so the sidewalk cafe life is even better. A LOT of turnover of retail and food & beverage sector, but for the better. I ignore Spanish politics -- which I think most Spaniards do too. Their pandemic response was a short, strict shutdown/quarantine, followed by re-opening pretty much everythign with masking. When the rest of Europe dropped all of their covid-restrictions, Spain did likewise, only keeping masks on public transportation and healthcare facilities. Everybody just lives their life, that's why I like it and have stayed so long.