Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Back in Spain

Diplowife and I have headed off to Spain, again. 

She has gotten me involved in a real estate purchase, and we have to be physically present to close the deal. The exchange rate is good, the weather is fine, and we are now in Madrid for a few days before heading off to San Sebastian and our new purchase.

Will post something more interesting in the next few days.


  1. Wonderful spot San Sebastian. Enjoy!

  2. Enjoy! But I don't envy you the flights!! Always happy when you are able to provide your insights. Thank you!

  3. Not sure I would want to move there. Maybe a get away but I think Europe will be a bad place to be soon. They keep pushing putin he will smack them down.

    1. 'Spect near term he, the P, has bigger fish
      to fry, close aboard & eastward, that
      the Brits,Italians, & BiteMe have shot their,
      collective wad~~~
      Still your hesiitancy to "move"
      into the "Valley" may be
      wise in the near term, at
      least till The Donald is
      enabled to send the
      of the sh!t back
      to shinola~~~

      "Let's Roll"

  4. With Best of Luck,
    and a prayer for a
    Safe Trip & Return
    to US, here in the,
    On Watch~~~
    A couple of Friends, (60's)
    a HS Spanish teacher, and
    his darlin wife heading up an
    over next week...any above
    the norm/current, advisories,
    would be greatfully appreciated,
    couldn't bring myself to caution viz
    the 'Pox, n' other 'Pride' full stuff...
    "Let's Roll"

  5. Enjoy the stay and Godspeed on your return

  6. You are purchasing in Basque country --- wifey and I are jealous

  7. AMAZING! you just may want to jump over to Sultan Knish,
    Had to do a lot of chopping to post what remains here...
    Have been hearing Reports recently about the massive and utter environ-mental damages World-Wide being caused by the CCP's latest deadly,assaults on mother nature & friends.
    WASTE: (excerpts & link below) OW~~~

    Daniel Greenfield September 08, 2022
    New York, along with other states, is moving forward with massive wind turbine projects.The push for "9,000 megawatts of offshore wind energy" comes at a high price, not only for families who are left dependent on expensive and unreliable energy, but for the planet.[...] One story described radioactive lakes, high cancer rates and villagers whose "teeth began to fall out" and "hair turned white at unusually young ages". "Children were born with soft bones and cancer rates rocketed."A recent Associated Press story about rare earth mining operations in Burma told of a world where "birds no longer sing, and the herbs no longer grow. The fish no longer swim in rivers that have turned a murky brown."
    [...].[...}Environmentalists are destroying the planet to save the planet.[...]Even while they were profiting from an artificial "green boom" fed by western green special interests, astroturf activists, fraudulent science, and pop culture crisis, Chinese companies were wiping out millions of trees in the name of saving the planet from a manufactured emergency. Companies answering to Chinese interests found isolated tribes, traded them drugs and alcohol for slave labor, encouraged violence against those who would not comply, and the results were hailed by western environmentalists. The costs of China’s “wind power boom” were ignored. ...China is working to build 18 megawatt wind turbines and dominate wind energy in Europe. The path of its poisonous silk road runs through the Amazon and to western environmentalists who believe that wind is clean and therefore wind turbines are a pure source of energy.... The rising price of balsa wood has also expanded growing operations, taking over farms and plantations leading to hunger and disease.[...]"These paradoxes of the so-called 'green economy' ruin the natural stability of the forests and the jungle," a World Rainforest Movement report warned.
    While wind turbines, when in operation, already kill as much as three-quarters of a million birds a year, turbine deforestation kills countless more birds by destroying their habitats.
    Green eco-business and its allied leftist politicians remain obsessed with carbon, but the Amazon rainforests have been described as the “lungs” of the planet. And environmentalists themselves argue that the Amazon is a "carbon storage sink". Destroying the Amazon to build wind turbines to reduce carbon would wreck the planetary ecosystem leading to the natural disasters that green energy proponents claim that they want to stop.[...]Saving the planet has now come to mean cutting down even more trees....In Latin America, green energy has destroyed forests, spread drugs and also led to the kidnapping and sex trafficking of young girls. Logging mining camps, especially illegal ones, depend on a steady supply of male workers. The abduction and rape of underage girls has been traced back to the system feeding balsa wood to the wind turbines of China and Europe.
    ...That is what green energy actually looks like.
    One reported noted that, “Young girls are encouraged by mothers and aunts to exchange sex for diesel so they can watch their favorite soap operas each night and escape the harshness of their lives for a few hours.”So much for saving the planet.[...]Wind turbines were billed as saving the planet. They’re destroying it instead
    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  8. Just watched a Rubin Report with Jared Kushner discussing his negotiations in the ME. You might be of interest as he found so many who couldn't consider new approaches since that would prove them wrong.

    They Will Do Anything to Keep You From Knowing This (Pt. 2)| Jared Kushner | POLITICS | Rubin Report

  9. Do you have a link to that Rubin Report, JK?
    Guessing I have some catching up to do~~~

    Just recd. this from Jared:
    I’ve never reached out before, but I have something important to share with you. I am proud to announce that I wrote a book, Breaking History: A White House Memoir.

    This book will reveal what really happened inside the Trump White House, and it’s important that you learn the truth.

    I’m very proud of this book and am humbled by the support I’ve received thus far. I want to thank you for always standing by my family and me by sending you a signed copy of my new book.

    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"