Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Friday, September 2, 2022

Biden Goes Full Mugabe

Apologies for the light posting of late. My heart has just not been in it as I get overwhelmed with sadness for what's happening to our country. Too much, too much.

I watched Biden's "soul of America" speech which he gave last night in Independence Hall, Philadelphia.

I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing. I kept thinking the speech had been written for Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe or Guyana's Forbes Burnham. 

The weird red lights, attempting to create some sort of Hollywood/Regal visual majesty, and the use of US Marines as props . . . all too, too strange, and so, so Third World. The speech itself was an abomination: full of hate and rage for the millions of us who do not support senile Biden, and laying down the framework for the repression that is to come. 

It is now official, if you had any doubts, the government and its allies are coming for you if you disagree with Biden's policies. 

Guess, for example, what the 87,000 new IRS agents will be doing? Yep. Going after the regime's opponents. The IRS, of course, will not be alone, the whole alphabet soup of Federal agencies is coming for you; the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago is just the beginning. 

Biden formally declared war on the Constitution and our Republic. 

Biden is a fascist. No "semi" about it, and he has tools at his beck-and-call of which Mugabe and Burnham could only dream.

These are dark days.



  1. "These are dark days."
    Praying for miracles~~~
    Hoping for Sunshine & Rain...
    Thanks for weighing in Winston!
    the light you bring, offers US hope...
    G-ds blessings to you, and yours~~~

    On Watch
    "Let's Roll"

  2. Don’t think for a second those new IRS agents couldn’t be turned loose to collect guns. ATFE is a part of Treasury after all.
    I trust this corrupt government about as far as DeSantis is able to toss Fauci across the Potomac.

  3. Not for the first time am I glad I don’t have children or grandchildren who will suffer from the oncoming fascism in America. We saw an ugly glimpse of it last night with Biden’s political speech using US Marines as a backdrop. My late father was a proud Marine all of his adult life and would be weeping now if he saw that disgusting display.

    1. Biden’s speech was straight out of Benito Mussolini’s playbook. Demonize your opponents by accusing them of what you yourself do. Complete with soldiers in the background and his use of historical backdrops. Our Duce is just as deluded as the original and his party’s use of the Fascist Corporate State just makes the whole thing that much more deja vu. At least Mussolini made the trains run on time…

    2. Many Italians have told me that the trains already ran on time. It was not Biden's, oops, I mean Mussolini's doing

  4. I was reminded of one or two of Hitler's speeches as orchestrated and filmed by Leni Riefenstahl

  5. My Marine Infantryman son (GSGT) was disgusted by what he saw last night.

    Get ready for spicy times acoming

  6. Didn't watch it... but if Biden is going to be the new Hitler... well, he's got a bit of an age issue. It's concerning that they're turning the state on internal groups, particularly ones that have traditionally been a large part of the success of the country. They 'anti-MAGA'.. yet seem to feel that the country has 'lost its way and must be corrected by stamping out opposition'... which means in their minds.. they must want to 'make america great... again'

    Progressives hate people and therefore do not reproduce, we can count on that in the longer term. Even the university administrators will find themselves with no amenable future inheritors of their insanity.

    It's just crazy that a bunch of idiot with no weapons was considered a threat/insurrection. There were a tiny handful of guns, one of which got one of the protesters killed. That's just not an insurrection even by 1776 standards.

    - reader #1482

  7. Doubtless Brandon's set designer did his best but he doesn't have the same flair for art as Hitler. Still, the ambition is clear.

    1. I kind of figured Dr. Jill designed the set. It seemed to have her fingerprints all over it.

  8. "Apologies for the light posting of late. My heart has just not been in it ..."

    No need to apologize, particularly in light of your personal loss. i know how you feel, i recently lost my wife of 32 years and some days everything just seems pointless.

    i do enjoy and appreciate your writings and insight.

  9. Thanks for posting your insights when you do. If they are less frequent, well they are just as insightful as always so I will take that as a win.
    I feel somewhat abandoned. I have always disagreed with what Biden stands for but was respectful and always wrote "President Biden" even though I think he makes a gerbil look like Albert Einstein. I did that because he was elected by the Electoral College, not that I liked or agreed with him. Now, me and others like me that share conservative values are labeled as enemies of the country and fascists when we are anything but. The current Demoncraps have no room in their wheelhouse for dissenting views. So be it. Their are repercussions to any decision and I think this is going to bite them in the ballot box. Who knows, the votes might even be counted accurately.

  10. This sort of thing can lead to Camps. Just to sequester the evil people from the " Good People ", of course.

  11. I just came out of a fellowship group from my wife's church, which is full of Chinese immigrants. Some were talking about the horror stories they heard from their parents about the Cultural Revolution. I recall how back in the Sillier' Seventies (compared to the Silly 'Sixties), American collegians were told that Mao was perfecting democracy at a time remembered by Chinese as a very dark time. Well, the collegians who didn't grow up and retained their admiration for old Marmot-face are now running things.

    1. I have renamed our POTUS Zhou Baideng (周拜邓--Joe who worships Deng [Xiaoping, or 06/04/1989 infamy]). With his concern that we get enough LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ brass hats in our military and utter unconcern that we left umpteen million tons of state-of-the-art hardware in Taliban hands (who will doubtlessly sell it to China); it seems that our gummint now wants to use the US military to repress Americans rather than meet threats to our peace and security. I weep to have seen this day. --Kepha

    2. feels like we dished crap hardware off on the taliban (as we were planning with the republic)... when it came down to it, the taliban with our crap hardware was unable to crack panjshir even with overwhelming crap hardware... they called in pakistan's isi, who broke it open with drone strikes.
      I think our hardware is probably all outdated, as is russian hardware.... fended off by a coterie of turkish drones... what an embarrassment.
      The future is war coordinated by satellite with humans stationed thousands of miles away... not with AI, but with assistive technology to take advantage of enemy lag in connectivity or computation.

      - reader #1482

  12. Thanks for posting!

    Your analysis of these incredibly strange times Is always insightful.

    Mugabe is a name I’ve not heard in a long time.

  13. You should watch it, hear it at least. Whole speech is pushing the Jan6 was a government takeover attempt and this November MAGA Americans will try again.
    Good to see you post again Dip

  14. And the TRUE degenerate scum, the filth column of the "fourth estate" are driving this nightmare as hard as they can.

    The mangy tail wagging the rabid dog.

  15. I'd love to know which of Xiden's accolytes or handlers 1) originally approved the speech and thought it was just dandy; 2) changed their mind and had him (semi) walk back his comments on Friday.

  16. That speech sounds extremely un-Biden... something happened to him since his 'silly uncle joe' days... it's unfortunate.
    Sadly, the language echoes a lot of Trumpisms... chants of 'lock her up' don't really serve a purpose of governance... neither does 'people who think Trump is better than me are not Americans'
    I prefer Trump's attacks upon individuals... rather than the classification-based attacks like Clinton's 'deplorables' and now Biden's.... whatever this is.

    What I see going on here is a fundamental disconnect. Everybody in the country *should* be concerned about the 2020 election... more so than any election in recently history *BECAUSE* covid procedures and restrictions drastically changed the way the vote was taken. Now, the effort of voting reform (and by that I mean trashing every electronic device other than a dumb-phone used in recording and transmitting votes and totals) is being undermined by this "if you think our voting system can be improved, you're a MAGA conspiracist waiting to bring a gun into a pizza parlor"

    I'm not... I don't believe the election was significantly hijacked. I believe the election was 'pretty close'... and if malfeasance tipped it to one side, it was a negligible effect on the statistical side (sorry, physicist here).

    But I do believe that people *rightly* can be concerned about the manner in which the vote was held, the difficulty in getting accurate results, and the fact that I went to bed with Trump solidly in the lead and woke up to an astounding reversal.

    I can say all of these things are suspicious... and still endorse handing over the keys to the lefty idiots..... BUT... I want election machines tossed out because as someone working day and night on software, I can say with certainty that elections with these types of systems have the capacity to be rigged.

    Republicans had the opportunity to reform our voting systems and chose instead to provoke culture-war stuff. Tactical fail, and probably a strategic fail as well... we'll see on the last one.

    - reader #1482

    PS: While I know of a crypto-based voting mechanism that would be highly accurate and reliable, I would never propose the US adopting such *because* the layman in the US would never understand it sufficiently enough to be comfortable with its results. This is *JUST FINE* because we don't need e-voting or e-tallying, or e-whatever for voting... we ran elections without voting machines for some two hundred years.

    1. Seriously? A physicist who relies on statistics doesn't have an issue with Biden getting 81 million votes?

  17. I think Uncle Joe Stalin Biden's descriptions of MAGA Americans actually fit Progressives perfectly. The man is a despicable piece of merde. Excuse my French.

  18. the last funny thing is that for all the stupid attacks on 'maga republicans' and 'insurrectionists', Biden couldn't identify the *one* thing that *really* bothered me about the Jan 6th riots (I think that's a fair description... out of control gathering.. not an insurrection.. but also not a picnic.) And what bothered me was.... a video I ran across of a group of the rioters in one of the chambers... leading a prayer circle. Taking the Lord's name in vain is what I call it.

    - reader #1482

  19. When a President addresses a nation about a war or peace matter the flag with the Presidential Seal is always shown. What it is war, the Eagle's talons holding arrows are displayed. When it is peace the talons with the olive branches are shown. The use of Marines as a backdrop indicates that the Biden cabal intends to use the military against the citizenry. This is a threat they intend to carry out if theDemocrats do not win the mid term elections.

    1. Sorry for the typos.

    2. What mid term elections? This is a National Emergency.

    3. a lot of people are pissed off about the apparent rollback in abortion... in the scope and speed of this, this is effectively an own-goal by the conservative movement. Roberts' ruling may have saved 2022 for the GOP... Alito's ruling most likely dropped it.

      - reader #1482

  20. As I’m still in the federal security clearance world professionally, trust me that you don’t need to worry about those 87,000 IRS agents. If they are going to hold them to the same standards for security clearances, you’re talking a 30 year hiring window; our country will be long gone by then.

    I watched Brandon‘s speech as much as I hate him because I wanted to know what they were planning to do to us. If anyone had any doubts that we are in a second Civil War, all you have to do is look at that speech. Remember: he is just a figurehead. It’s the people pulling the strings you have to worry about.

    Überdeplorable Psychedelic Cat Gras

  21. Rwandan radio announcers in the film, Hotel Rwanda, endlessly repeated the imperative, "Get those Tutsi cockroaches." Hutus subsequently slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Tutsis.

    Colonel Joe's version of that imperative was likely snarled at Americans in hope of provoking a reaction which the regime can use as rationale for martial law, 'crackdowns' and other third world, communist police state niceties.

    The gauntlet is down.

    Upon first hearing dear leader speak circa 2007, sight unseen, no prior knowledge, instinct: 'filled with hate, in love with death, two massive chips on each shoulder, inciting genocide.'

    Forty one years ago, saw a photo and two column inch bio of Colonel Joe in the American Rifleman Magazine, no prior knowledge. Instinct recoiled as if touching something repugnant and venomous in a dark underwater crevice. Impression, 'a monster of whom we will never be rid.'

    To quote the late talk radio legend, Bob Grant, 'I hope I'm wrong because I hate it when I'm right."

    1. ..."photo and two column inch bio of
      [Colonel Joe]in the American Rifleman"...
      Concur w/ your gut reaction, surely a
      "repugnant and venomous...impression"
      to think the POS is still suckin on the teet
      of Lady Liberty too...Butt, Please clarify Anon~~~
      Near as I can tell, Joe 'The Pimp' Biden
      never served in USMILfors, nor achieved
      either the Lite, or Bird, Colonel military rank.
      Although he may have hustled the auction-
      neer Col. award from Elvis' handler?
      Please "take this weight off of me"~~~
      On Watch~~~

      "Let's Roll"

    2. P.s. I too miss Bob Grant's insight and commentary!

  22. The ballot box and the jury box seem to have failed us. Which leaves which box?

    1. "...Which leaves which box?"

      Seems any crate would do, Anon~~~
      Tis obvious to almost any qualified
      Mental Health professional, that the
      old criminal fart, aka Joe Biden and his
      handlers have adopted/adapted a faux disguise
      for the alleged, 46th POTUS, to hide within, so that
      when at last, the 'jig is up', our fake US President,
      and his entire cadre of collaborators, yes including
      High-ranked Military Officers, can then escape
      into the darkness of his award wining Mental
      disease performances, NO Prison Time,
      just a short trip up to Scranton, for the
      CinC's diagnosis, & prescribed treat-
      ment for his unfortunate Bi-polar-ish,
      disorder. and hopefuly, cages for his
      acting coaches, Set-designers,
      his family of fools, the CCP
      financed DemocRat
      managerie of fakers,
      phonies, yes, & Hi-
      end Criminals too!
      Each in their fool
      rolls scripted to
      to support a
      Hollywood level
      Presented to:
      "We the People" - by the Clowns, who should certainly, be collared, charged, tried, and punished! For their High Crimes, as well as their dem-onic acts.

      Backgrond: Who Is He?
      Perhaps: George III who was monarch of Great Britain and Ireland from 1760 till 1820. He suffered several episodes of mental illness during his life, perhaps even as early as 1765. It wasn’t until 1788, however, that he experienced a truly severe case. He is reported to have spoken nonstop for hours on end, to the point that his voice went raspy and he foamed at the mouth.

      Sounds quite familiar, does he not? :

      More Evidence for thought here:
      George III and his 'madness' - what caused it and how did it affect his ...Recent evidence found when analysing George's letters have suggested, however, that he suffered from bipolar disorder; the King's sentences became longer, and language more colourful when he was 'mad': a sentence containing 400 words and just eight verbs was not unusual in some of these writings.

      Hmm, I better quit while I'm ahead:

      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  23. Does anyone get this sinking feeling that the Democrats are not really worried about this election?