Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Midterm Elections, Part II

Diplowife, three large dogs, an old Ford E-350, and I rolled into Wilmington two nights ago. We off-loaded the hounds, and the Diplowife said, "We will be back in Spain on election day, so let's go vote now." OK, off we went to the Senior Center to cast an early ballot. We were the last voters allowed in as the place was closing up. We voted, and as we left Diplowife got into a conversation with some GOPers there handing out flyers with the party's recommendations on how to vote. Long story short, the Diplowife is now working at the polling station handing out Republican flyers and sample ballots. I have lost her to American politics. She loves it. She also tells me that many of the Democratic voters seem extremely angry, and give her a lot of lip over her party preference. The Republicans, she says, seem much more well-adjusted and have a sense of humor. There. A scientific study on voters.

Watched the three major debates last night. The Pennsylvania debate was a horror show. Why is Fetterman running? He was always a certified idiot but now with the stroke, my God, the man belongs in bed. I don't know how many votes get changed by these debates, especially since early voting is well underway in Pennsylvania, but nobody should vote for Fetterman. He looks and talks like the Goons in the old Popeye cartoons. The Michigan debate was also interesting, with Gov. Whitmer trying to rewrite recent history. She did not look impressive. The same for the NY debate. The current NY governor is a complete fraud who seems to have no interest in the job except for the power it gives her. I hope she goes down in flames. Wishful thinking? Perhaps.

If the Republicans take the Congress, what will they do with it? No more Paul Ryan blah-blah. The country is in serious trouble. Serious trouble requires serious people willing to think and act outside the box.


  1. in re Congress:
    we can only pray that the Republicans (this time) don't turn out to be just another side of the same coin - the Country is getting really sick and tired of the same old (whatever your word preference)

  2. That’s right re Congress. Don’t investigate. Legislate.

  3. Fetterman is running so his wife can fill his seat. Either indirectly by controlling him like a puppet, basically do an Edith Wilson/Eleanor Roosevelt/Jill Biden. Or directly by being appointed to the position due to him being found unsound to fit the office after the election.

  4. "I don't know how many votes get changed by these debates"
    I can answer that: "....fewer than get changed by counting the ballots behind closed doors!" Bahdum...
    seriously... you teed that up.. :)

    New generation must necessarily be raised outside the public daycare system...err 'school' system. Parents have been far too lazy for far too long!

    - reader #1482

    1. Everybody is a comedian!

  5. Fetterman is actually the name of the doctor that created him.

    1. I will steal that!
      The Diplomad

    2. Reminds me of Cold Fury's new top-of-page illustration
      Doctor Weasel

  6. Vote harder boomers. The Dems are going to steal this again because you won't address the steal. Red wave LOL

    1. steal what? everybody in america is complicit in loosey-goosey voting procedures... as mentioned here... US procedures wouldn't pass muster in 3rd world countries, and wouldn't have 10 or 20 years ago either. the US gets what it deserves, unfortunately.

      - reader #1482

  7. Fraud is their only chance, if the population buys the Marxist's rhetoric we will be in the midst of a Russian Revolution

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  9. At this point, in time and history,
    all I want for Christmas, is a new
    /old truck, like the one that 'rat, IAN
    ruined whilst it was resting on high
    ground in my front yard, bothering
    no one, not even a church mouse~
    As for those "Midterms", all I can
    say is, "Que Sera Sera"~~~
    Did what I could~~~
    'Gone Hunting' soon,
    till Thanksgiving I hope~~~
    Off Duty~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  10. then:
    "You'd better give us Ukraine or else!"
    "We're not going to invade, those are just military exercises."
    "We didn't invade, this is just a special military operation!"
    - Putin
    "You had better let us win this, we have nukes!"
    "Of course we're not going to nuke anybody."
    "That wasn't a nuclear bomb... that was just an unmoderated chain reaction among fissionable and fusible nuclei respectively..."
    - Putin

    1. for the record,
      phrase: island dog

      echo "$string" | shasum -a 1

      (have a similar comment from long ago that I can look up and prove authorship.. if it came to it, but all comments historically signed as 1482 that I've seen are legitimately mine.)

      - reader #1482

    2. You wrote in a previous post thread, #1482.
      "I don't see how anybody can have an
      opinion of Putin other than 'petty tyrant'.
      Now, you seem to continue that arguement
      in your excerpts: "then & now": yadayadayada..."
      To assist with my comprehension of your thesis
      and conclusion, ie 'petty tyrant', please provide
      all original Sources and Links, in the original Lang.,
      that Mr Putin spoke them, and the complete
      derevation of the interpretation therof in context,
      that is, by whom & all of the "now & then" when"
      With regards to your assumption that I don't
      believe you are the actual 1482, have no fear,
      my remarks in that vein are only referencing
      your current "lowbrow" impersonation.
      Oh, and btw to your,
      proffered assumption that my refrence to your
      comment that I discovered, saw/read 'down in
      the bilges/archives' re: your lament that you felt
      frustrated in your inabilitiy to produce cogent
      commentary a conclusion that I did not share
      when I read that piece, now however, I do
      wonder, maybe marvel, at your new found
      confidence to leap across chasms to express
      short-sighted conclusions on how others should
      view a complex man, his passage thru perilous
      times, and the perils he still must confront, for he
      and his people to survive the international dirty
      deeds, still in the weeds~~~
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

    3. forgot sumpin above, Tigers & Tales~~~

    4. Fair enough.. that was rhetorical excess... I admit I don't understand how people are considering Putin 'other than a petty dictator'... it does mystify me, but I didn't mean to attack anybody who actually thinks he's otherwise.
      For me, being in sole control of a major nuclear power for 25 years is enough to say he's a serious problem... I'd feel the same way about any US president being in power for that long. If 'petty tyrant' goes too far and attacks people who might feel kindly disposed towards him, that was unintentional and I intend to express how perplexed I was.

      - reader #1482

    5. Crap.. botched that too: If the phrase 'petty tyrant' goes too far, that wasn't the intent. I would be happy to see information suggesting there's some reason why having Putin hold power over all of Russia for 25+ years is a good thing, either for the US or for the world. But all it says to me is that Russia is full of incompetents.

      - reader #1482

  11. There are some very serious issues facing the US. In a real democracy, these issues would be front & center in the mid-term elections:
    1. The non-sustainability of FedGov (actually, our CongressScum) spending $3 for each $2 in taxes they screw out of us. Can't go on forever.
    2. The high potential for the US proxy war against Russia in the Ukraine to spin out of control, with possibly even civilization-ending consequences. And no matter what one thinks of President Putin, it was clearly the US Establishment pushing for conflict there for at least the last 8 years.
    3. The invasion across the southern border. Strangely, our Political Class which sheds tears over the Ukraine's borders does not give a tinker's damn about the borders of the US.

    However, it seems that those issues are marginal in this election. What matters is (a) abortion, (b) abortion, and (c) Trump.

    Truly, democracy is dysfunctional. That is why it hardly matters who counts the votes.

    1. The massive spending bill labeled 'inflation reduction'... to heavy applause... like throwing a shovel to the guy stuck at the bottom of a well.

      - reader #1482

  12. The republicans remind me of an idiot college grad who wants the well paying job, but hasn't a clue what's needed to accomplish the task. They haven't any idea what 'The Box' is, other than to follow the Democrats and do the opposite.

  13. Bolton still, imo, hits it right on target

    - reader #1482

    1. Tis true back in 'O2 'stache still had his fastball,
      unfortunately tho, for all of US, the "back-
      stabber"aka ohn Bolton, can never be trusted
      again. Here's a commenter describing the
      John Bolton that we too, once knew,
      a reaction to the JP article a Rabbi,
      contributed, who was also, stunned
      by what Bolton had become. IMO
      a dirty dog biting the hand that fed
      it, and never to be trusted again~~~
      To wit:
      29 June, 2020
      Many thanks to Rabbi Boteach for his excellent article denouncing John Bolton, which tallies exactly with my own views on Bolton.
      I used to love Bolton, because he was so consistently pro-Trump, pro-Israel and, in short, supportive on all issues important to me, and, like Boteach, I am massively disappointed (and also uncomprehending) as to how Bolton could possibly do such a drastic about-face, and start to attack Trump fiercely, even writing an anti-Trump, tell-all book. This is certainly all the more mind-boggling, when bearing in mind that Trump had selected Bolton to the office of the National Security Advisor, "the marquis position in American foreign policy, second only to the Secretary of State".

      I also ask the question which is asked by the Rabbi, namely: "How could a man of Bolton’s sophistication accept the president’s appointment as national security adviser and then, while he heads a country facing a global pandemic and the associated economic downturn, publish a blockbuster tell-all trying to destroy him?"

      Good Question RLY,
      Here's the Rabbi's article:

      "John Bolton's attacks on Trump embody
      what's wrong with American politics...
      The stream of allegations and attacks he’s made against Donald Trump embody so much of what’s wrong with the political discourse in America today.

      The environment surrounding American politics has become increasingly contaminated over the past few years, with political and media figures off all stripes veering sharp into hard partisanship. Worse, the winds of political conflict have blown beyond the halls of power on to American talk shows and dinner tables. In America, today, balanced critique gets less traction than shallow attack, shareable sound bites outpace thoughtful analysis, and condescension and contempt pass for mainstream political views. Pundits sound less like policy advisers to the public than hired guns for political campaigns.
      I was saddened, therefore, to see John Bolton bogged down in the thick of the political fray. Especially so, since his recently published book, The Room Where It Happened, together with the stream of allegations and attacks he’s made against his former boss embody so much of what’s wrong with the political discourse in America today.
      When US President Donald Trump tapped Bolton to be his national security adviser, I was confident that he’d made the right choice. During his tenure as ambassador at the UN, Bolton had earned my respect. He was a man who believed in a muscular American foreign policy with a solid moral core. He was an enemy of tyrannies such as Iran and a champion of liberal democracies like Israel. He seemed authentically idealistic in his worldview, the type to fight cynical ops of realpolitik like Obama’s shameful deal with the murderous mullahs of Iran. He was a favorite among Americans from countries dealing with despots, like those from Cuba, Venezuela and Taiwan. When he left the administration last fall, I was sad to see him go.
      Which is why I find Bolton’s book against Trump – published while the president is still in office – especially confusing. How could a man of Bolton’s sophistication accept the president’s appointment as national security adviser and then, while he heads a country facing a global pandemic and the associated economic downturn, publish a blockbuster tell-all trying to destroy him?
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

    2. I will have to read the book. The reviews and snippets from it sounded to be not particularly critical of Trump, especially with respect to Bolton's opinions of other Presidents. I'm critical of Trump, but more critical of Biden and Obama. Stupidity like the Paris Accords, JCPOA and Biden's attempts to get back into every terrible deal, make it pretty easy. Trump's big downside was starting DOHA, up until that, getting so many arab countries to recognize Israel was nothing short of a miracle.

      - reader #1482