Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Monday, October 31, 2022

Heading Out

Diplowife and I are heading for our places in Spain day after tomorrow. Got to see how the work is progressing or not. Be gone for about two weeks. 

We have voted. We'll see how things turn out, although it now appears certain that the Dems are preparing to cheat in at least Pennsylvania, and a few other spots, as well. 

Was sad to see Bolsonaro lose in Brazil; as one wise pundit noted, had he had an electoral college system instead of direct election, Bolsonaro would have won big. Only one section of the country (the Northeast) voted against him. So as a pundit observed, Bolsonaro got California'ed. He seems to have won big in the Congressional elections. Note please: Brazil counted its votes in ONE NIGHT. 

The whole Pelosi story is just too weird. So many holes in it, it looks like Swiss cheese. The Dems are busy trying to pull a Jussie Smollett on us, but it ain't working. Ol' Paul seems to be a wild man who enjoys his time when Nancy is away. He crashes Porsches and had weird "hammer" events at the manse. We will never get the whole story, and we need to start right now with, "Dave is not suicidal!" Keep Hillary away.

BTW, I got reinstated on Twitter. Thank you St. Elon, the Hammer of the Libs! Hope he can make money out of the dumpster fire that is Twitter.

Will post on election night.


  1. Let’s see if we can make sense of Mr. Pelosi’s tragicomedy. He was home alone, all body guards/security were off for the night. The back door was unlocked. And when the police arrived, both were walking around in their underwear. Yep, sounds like a MEGA, right wing conspiracy to me!

  2. Dip, good to see you on Twitter again. Though I must say your brief time on Quora was some of the funniest wit I’ve seen in years. More of that please.

  3. ...St. Elon, the Hammer of the Libs! Hope he can
    make money out of the dumpster fire that is Twitter.

    Fear Thee Not, Dear DiploCommander,
    tis sure to be an Open Mike intercom for
    his family of talking head holdings, as well
    as 'wee the people' of our by God USA~~~
    And you too Skipper, Fair thee well, to you,
    and your Family of Patriots, especially
    your recently rededicated GOP poll
    place watcher, aka the former,
    "Chess Set" hauler in charge~~~
    Bon Voyage~~~
    ON Watch~~~
    'Keep Your
    Powder Dry'

    "Let's Roll"

  4. the table is legit!

    - reader #1482

    1. maybe so #1482,
      but the Coke is flat
      Off Duty~~~

  5. kagan in students for fair admission vs harvard case:
    I guess what I’m saying is your brief — and this is very explicit in your brief — is it just doesn’t matter if our institutions look like America. And I guess what I’m asking you is, doesn’t it? I mean, doesn’t it? These are the —

    which is really: "If America is not going to pass a constitutional amendment overriding the 14th allowing universities to discriminate based upon race, then it's the judicial branch' duty to step in and create an amendment for America."

    democracy and rule of law mean nothing to lefties... shocking that a justice would make such an argument.

    - reader #1482

  6. You may wanna hang in Spain for a while. Seems the east coast, specifically N. Carolina, are running out of diesel.

    FJB, and his tool Pete Buttplug. These people are WAY beyond contempt.