Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Twitter, Trump, Kanye, Fuentes, China, and Britain

I have to admit enjoying my return to Twitter. I particularly appreciate the much more free environment under Elon Musk's rule: Lots more diverse opinions and better jokes. Musk, himself, quite the funny man, would make an excellent stand-up comic in case his billionaire gig goes south.

This leads me to Trump. 

Trump's once almost infallible political sense has begun to fail him. He's made some unforced errors in the past few weeks, for which there is little to no excuse. His announcement of running for President was insipid, but more seriously he should have (in my view) coordinated it with DeSantis, and others, and put on a show of GOP unity. The last thing I want to see, for example, is a Trump v. DeSantis clash wherein they damage each other, and the "victor" ends up losing in 2024 to the DNC fraud machine. This is not 2016. The DNC fraud machine is in fine shape, and as we saw in Pennsylvania, the Dems can run a human rutabaga and win.  

I also don't understand Trump's fascination, flirtation, whatever you want to call it, with Kanye "Ye" West. 

Forget Kanye. 

He is an erratic loon who will say anything to get attention, a bit like Ann Coulter (not fair?) 

Nick Fuentes is another attention-seeking loon, and, unfortunately (full disclosure) a friend of one of my sons, who thinks he's terrific. We disagree on that, strongly. 

Given the hostility of the MSM to him, Trump should avoid Fuentes. 

I find it crazy that Trump gets accused of antisemitism when he has a Jewish son-in-law, Jewish daughter, Jewish grandchildren, and is widely recognized as the best friend Israel ever had in the White House. Trump moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, contained Iran, and brought peace to the Middle East. He has an unmatched track record on being pro-Israel, and of friendship with the Jewish people. He will squander that with silly mistakes.

Events in China seem quite interesting. I assume--perhaps wrongly--that the regime will manage to suppress this latest outburst of dissent, but the seeds might have been planted for future rebellion. It's always very hard to determine what is happening in China, and even whether the lock-downs have anything to do with COVID, or, more likely (in my view), with internal CCP power struggles. Xi's move to become the lifelong emperor of of China has violated the CCP's unwritten rule that no one person would ever assume the same degree of power once held by Mao. Xi, however, is going for total rule, and I would not be surprised to find people within the party resisting that, and helping foment public dissent--particlarly in a time when the Chinese economy faces some stormy weather. We'll see. That is just speculation on my part.

It, however, is certainly time, well past that, for American and other Western countries to get out of China. "Made in China" is another phrase for "Made by Slaves."

On the GOP leadership struggle, I find it imperative that the GOP resolve that quickly. Otherwise, I can see a RINO alliance with the Dems that would keep a Dem Speaker, or one backed by the Dems (Cheney?) Almost anybody within the current candidates for Speaker is better than that result. Get this resolved NOW.

Events in the UK seem emulating our own disaster. The Tories have proved themselves TINOs. Britain is being overwhelmed by illegal aliens, seeing escalating crime rates, and HMG has proven as inept or complicit as our own in the destruction of the nation. I can understand the fury of Nigel Farage, who sees his long effort to get Britain out of the EU, and to restore British sovereignty undermined by the TINOs, the Deep State, and the techno-media elite. Britain is getting sucked right back into the lethal EU embrace. 

It seems some in the UK think their country has had no history as an independent nation, and couldn’t possibly survive without the sage wisdom of the Continent. Sad. Might want to read a book or two.


  1. Great to hear it about Twitter. I have to say that I take a certain guilty pleasure over seeing the whining and moaning of people other-than-serious-engineers who are now-former-twitter-employees. Big Tech is rife with many of these negative-output employees who spend all their time at work trying to pretend their pet non-technical projects are indispensable. Facebook is certainly rife with this baggage as well, or was. Serious engineers don't post to social media, *especially* where it might affect their longer term reputation in industry. That means all the whining and moaning is coming from 'diversity officers', 'non-violent communications enablers' and such.

    I'd like to see more people putting their feet in on the GOP side for 2024. I can't wait to see the names Trump comes up with for his various opponents, and whether any of them can shake out of it.
    Low Energy Jeb and Little Marco still come to mind.... sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will get me dropped from the GOP race .... but only if I let them. :)

    Do you have an endorsement coming regarding Trump v DeSantis? Ted Cruz? Greg Abbott? Both of them made Baby Beto cry... more tears would be welcome there!

    - reader #1482

  2. It seems that the defining characteristic of a House Republican is that he/she votes for a Republican speaker. I can see a RINO vote for a tame speaker unlikely to challenge the Dems, but not for an actual Democrat. Maybe I'm not cynical enough.
    ~ Doctor Weasel

  3. We have to be honest with ourselves -- the Republican Party no longer matters. There are even calls for the dirty Paul Ryan to run for President! We know there are enough RINOs in the Institutional Republicans to ensure that Demonrat rule continues -- reaching across the aisle only goes one way! And if by chance the Republicrats manage to get their act together, the proven lack of integrity in the election system ensures that it will not matter.

    This is time to sit back, let the damage done by offshoring the productive economy to China come home to roost. If we are lucky, Biden*'s proxy war in the Ukraine will result in the end of NATO, and China refusing to accept US $ for their exports of real goods. Then there will be a tough quarter of a century or half a century while whatever emerges in North America to crawl back out of the mud we have allowed ourselves to fall into.

    China has problems. Russia has problems. Europe has major problems. The UK is a lost cause. But we have our own problems in the US -- that is what is going to bring us down.

  4. I too have been enjoying Twitter under Elon.
    The greatest mistake that Trump continues to make is that he allows the media to control the narrative about him. He meets with Kayne West and entourage. Those are the kind of things that should take place outside of the eye of the media. He has no requirement for "Mar-a-largo visitor logs subject to FOIA". The imbroglio the media creates just continues to damage him. I think Trump’s time is over. If he wins nomination. He won’t win the presidency. John Fetterman or whatever they prop up as the Democrat candidate will win. Because of the absolute hatred for Trump amongst the left. In their minds he is literally worse than a certain former German leader. The media continues to inflame that white hot hatred every moment, every day. All of them know the fix is in but they don’t care. Trump is worse in their minds than rigging elections or using violence. Everything must be deployed to stop him. Oh, and the age issue, that’s going to be huge. The left will even point at Biden as proof that age matters, to stymie Trump. In the mind of the left, throwing a few puppies into a wood chipper to stop Trump is worth it.

  5. Damn it all - just damn it all. Too old for the coming fight, too young to avoid it. No way this is going down without bloodshed or total submission. Trump won't be the next President. His time was then and now, not upcoming. His presidency would be nothing but recriminations and revenge. But I don't think DeSantis is the one either. Right at the moment, I don't see anyone else as viable - much will depend on who and what goes on in the House in the next year or so. Maybe there's hope if AZ is forced into a do-over ...

    1. Well, I'm available. But DeSantis is the obvious nominee. Highly popular governor of a large swing state. Good record in the culture war that is likely to be a key front in '24. Good record economically. I could wish for more expertise in national security policy and bureaucracy-pruning (my two strengths), but we can't have everything.

  6. Mr. Mayor, you may be right that the leftists hate Trump, but you'll never, ever win by going against your principles and nominating a moderate Republican. You'll just get a democrat. Everyone here could give you examples.
    Don't let your opponents pick your strategy or your candidates.

  7. Seems DJT can't realize he already did his job in 2016 by keeping the Harridan out of the WH, giving us as many judges as he could, and pulling the mask off the Deep State. He grabbed the collective left and 'conservative' enablers and pulled their pants down in broad daylight for all to see. Now, unbritched, the left is full steam ahead with all the destructive leftism they can heap on a people who have disappointed them so badly.

    Somebody will have to appear in late 2023 and use the economy as it is at that time PLUS take up this culture war 24/7 and fight it so as to appeal to the Right and middle as well as minorities who are suffering from the culture rot.

  8. "He is an erratic loon who will say anything to get attention, a bit like Ann Coulter (not fair?)"

    Not fair. Ann Coulter has better legs.

  9. Msg. to POTUS No. 45 aka Donald Trump.
    Respecty & Tks for saving our dead asses
    from the fire & shit storm the Socio-Commies,
    foreign & domestic, had/have planned for US...
    'We, the people' recognize and celebrate the
    blessings that you were able to civilly engineer
    for us, whilst you had the dopes on the ropes~~~

    Now, having the benefit of seeing, who & how ugly
    our Nations enemies intend to get, I'd like to suggest,
    that at the appropriate time, you enlist Gov. DeSantis,
    for our TEAM, as the Peoples Vice President, this so that
    he will learn, up close and personal, how deadly being the
    POTUS will become for him when he wins the HOTSEAT to
    Protect and Defend our Nation from those whose greatest
    wish is to destroy and enslave US, and thereby
    extinguishing the beacon of freedom that
    "we the people" the USA, have become~~~
    On Watch~~~
    To Infinity and Beyond~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  10. Desantis, while positive for Florida, has gotten his funding for a presidential run from the RINO GOP establishment. In that he will not be the one to drive systemic change to fix national corruption.


    1. "DeSantis...will not be the one to drive
      systemic change to fix national corruption."-PWG

      Yes, so I heard, ex'spect tho, that in his VP
      role, he'd be guided closely, cooperatively-
      controlled, & directed by the POTUS. No
      matter, the Shmucks or Patriots who may
      have fronted the Gov's VP Campaign short
      or long term designs, or means etc..If he
      is as smart, wise, and tough in a fight as we,
      voters and supporters expect he will become,
      those $$$ advanced, will keep or store until
      he's ready for the CinC Hat...not yet, tho Both
      are GOP Floridians, and wise enough to know
      that the team has to sync-up to accomplish
      its Goals & Objectives in what has become
      one helluva treacherous game of late,
      which hopeully includes a stout
      ration of Good Luck~~~
      when he/we need it
      the most~~~
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

    2. I suspect DeSantis will be, as Pence was, if elected as VP. Good on paper but still an establishment puppet when it counts. No amount of POTUS control can overcome that.

  11. Twitter is a hoot right now. Before Musk I'd glance at it during my morning sit down, now I actually respond to people.

  12. Dear Mr. Mad,
    I remember some time ago you comparing Kerry/Lavrov 'negotiations' as being akin to cupcake/steak-knife 'negotiations'.
    This quote sums up that brazen truth:
    Mr Lavrov named former US Secretary of State John Kerry as the kind of figure who had in the past been able to solve problems and engage in true dialogue.
    Yes... because Lavrov, accurately promoting Russian interests and Kerry both agree on one thing, the US should capitulate to threats whenever possible.
    He wants to 'negotiate' with Kerry because he knows that negotiating with Kerry involves making demands and having Kerry accept those demands. Iran did it with the JCPOA, the world did it with the Paris accord fiasco. If you want to give up the ship, put Kerry in charge, even Lavrov agrees.

    - reader #1482

  13. Kepha here. it seems Google won't let me log in.

    I am watching what's happening in China. Over the summer, they made it perfectly clear they're ready and willing to challenge us in the Western Pacific during Pelosi's trip to Taiwan. Yet, in these anti-lockdown protests, the Chinese street has started calling for both Xi Jinping and the Communist Party to step down. This is a very large sea change from what was going on in 1989--events which convinced the Communist elite to develop its current surveillance state.

    Believe me, I despise the CCP. It is the world's last, best hope for20th century totalitarianism, and knows it. General Zhu Chenghu (grandson of Zhu De) of their equivalent of our National War College, has made it clear that China should be ready to sacrifice everything east of Xi'an in order to bring down the USA. The recent joint Sino-Russian violation of South Korean and Japanese air space is another ominous sign. It could well be that China's urban unrest will either make the CCP believe that the die is cast, and it must unleash what it can in a new world war; or else this unrest will so shake the regime that it just may save civilization. I, for one, am praying.

    1. It appears the ChiComs may have lost the people as the old schoolers would say. China has a well developed surveillance state but it seems thanks to the tech companies, we do too. I don't worry about China bringing down the USA, we have Democrats for that. The Chinese have to defeat the communists which they can do over time and much bloodshed. In America, we just have to defeat the 'Progressives' and their Republican wanna bees. Which we can do over time and less bloodshed.

    2. "...defeat the Progressives and there...{sub.Rino}
      wanna bees...over time and less blood{/}shed."-ww

      Concur in General, sir, said blood of our
      domestic enemies is responsible for the
      deaths, incarcerations, & destruction of
      American families, as well as, the suffering of
      dedicated Patriots who have given their all to
      protect and defend the USA from the scourges
      produced by the CCP at the Wuhan Lab/s in
      consort with domestic big Pharma players,
      to include US Gov lockdown instigators,
      let it be written & said that the "Queen
      of Hearts" remedy: "Off with Their Heads",
      would not be beyond fair play,
      whilst so many Patriots
      remain falsely detained,
      imprisoned and or dead~~~
      On Watch~~~
      Hand Salute:
      In Memoriam:
      January 6, 2021
      John Steven Anderson
      US Marine Corps Vet
      FL Army National Guard
      ~Special Forces Group~
      Incarcerated at Wash. DC
      Age 61--Died in Hospital
      Sept 21, 2021 RIP~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  14. Kanye is a loon. Nothing to see here folks 🤣