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"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

2024 and Trump

The six or seven regular readers of this humble narcissistic exercise might remember that I supported Donald Trump in 2016 (after some initial doubts) and, again, in 2020. 

I remain convinced that he proved the best president in my life, and that the 2020 election was stolen from him--and us--as part of a long-running coup plot by the DNC and its allies within Congress, the deep state, and the media, legacy and social. Recent revelations by Twitter's new owner Elon Musk show how Trump and his supporters got censored and banned from Twitter, and presumably other social media, by the pro-DNC high tech mafia working with the FBI, CIA, DOJ, etc. 

That suppression on social media came accompanied by twisted and malicious reporting by the majority of the legacy media, and, of course, a huge vote fraud machine unleashed on election day. I have zero doubt that Trump won that election, and that that is now obvious even to those who deny or try to ignore it. The same forces that cooked up and promoted the fake Russia-collusion hoax, the deliberate and politically motivated COVID misinformation and economic shut-down, suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story and its evidence of Biden family criminality, now continue to target Trump and his key supporters with spurious legal charges and FBI raids. The aim, of course, is to destroy Trump as a person and as a political force. They might succeed.

Trump made some major mistakes in his time in office which helped his enemies rip away the White House from him. Those of us who like Trump and support him, have to acknowledge that he committed some key errors. Despite his talk about the "swamp" and the "deep state," in the end, he failed to understand the extent of the treachery by the denizens of the swamp and the permanent state. It seems as though Trump didn't listen to Trump. He appeared to think the people he appointed to key positions would prove loyal to him and his vision, and keep their bureaucratic domains under control. Wrong. 

Trump, simply put, failed to take hold of the bureaucracy. He, as a newbie in DC, relied upon, for example, House Speaker Paul Ryan to fulfill the promise of getting rid of Obamacare. Ryan, as we know, had no intention of doing that, and kept stalling with calls to "reject and replace" Obamacare, knowing full well that was a multi-year task. He also stalled Trump on the building of the border wall. Trump's succession of chiefs-of-staff also took advantage of Trump's newbie status, and frustrated his efforts to revolutionize DC. Likewise, his initial picks at the DOJ, NSC, DoD, CIA, State also put the brakes on his foreign policy. It was only after the arrival of Pompeo at State, that he had ally in the foreign policy bureaucracy. The biggest failing came with the FBI, which Trump allowed to go rogue and nearly destroy his presidency. Don't forget that as we read about the actions of the CIA, DOJ, and FBI to censor Trump at Twitter, that Trump was President. Those bureaucrats ostensibly worked for him. Those bureaucrats, however, actively worked to bring him down, not just at Twitter but with the fake Russia-collusion story and the fake impeachments.

COVID, as we now can all clearly see, was a hyped-up "crisis" used to shut down the booming economy--Trump's major achievement--and facilitate bizarre rules on voting to allow the DNC to engage more easily in massive fraud. COVID was a tough one for Trump: a lose-lose. The CDC, NIAID, and the rest of the federal health bureaucracy detested Trump, and happily collaborated in feeding the public a scare that was not merited, to say the least. If Trump defied them, the CNN "death clock" would have gone nuts, and he would have been labelled a mass murderer; if he went along, as he did, he destroyed the economy, increased the power of the permanent bureaucracy, including their power to silence those who knew better. A total disaster. 

We now come to the present. Will Trump run in 2024? It seems so. Will he have opponents within the GOP who will "primary him"? I don't know. DeSantis had initially stated that were Trump to run, he would not. Does that sill hold? I don't know. Will the Biden criminals and their allies seek to indict or otherwise smear Trump? Absolutely. Will that hurt Trump's ability to run? Yes.

Quite frankly, I also fear some of Trump's tactics in a primary. He, for example, had no excuse for how he treated Ted Cruz in 2016. He was lucky that Cruz rose above that, and was one of Trump's best allies--well, up to a point, he could have done more--I think--in January 2021 by raising objections to the certification of clearly fraudulent elector slates. Do we want Trump to savage, for example, Governor DeSantis? That's not good.

Despite the calamity now occupying the Presidency, the odds are against any GOP candidate winning the White House in 2024. If Trump runs as the GOP candidate, I will vote for him, as I would for DeSantis, and that with no expectation that either would win. The DNC fraud machine remains largely intact--as we saw in Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania in November's mid-term elections. We've had some victories, Musk's take-over of Twitter certainly counts, but . . . we have so much to do to get our country back on track.

More later.


  1. Your comments are spot on. President Trump is human and will make mistakes just like everyone else. He needs someone to help with appointments and to screen out the bad guys. I suggest Steven Miller as VP or chief of staff. God bless you all.

  2. I have read so many comments of how people will turn on DJT. For myself, I have activated the “Ride or Die” initiative; I’m on the Trump Train because he is still the one our enemies fear.

  3. My $.02,
    I am thinking Trump should be the one, if no fraud was possible he would win but that's not what we have. The Marxists have vote fraud to a science as we saw in 2022 and nothing is going to change from now to 2024. DeSantis is a very good candidate but he isn't going to do any better in 2024. Hopefully Kari Lake in Arizona will get at least vote fraud out in the open rather than how the Leftists put it never happens.

  4. I think that Trump's mistakes, particularly in 2020, leave him with too many negatives.

    A lot of people think that Trump was the only person who could beat Hillary Clinton in 2016...they forget that the Democrat Party officials backed Obama in 2008 precisely because they thought she was going to do poorly in a general election.

    Yes, there's fraud...but remember that the last time the party out of power did this badly in the mid-terms, it was 1978 - and the GOP was still carrying the millstone of Watergate. An American political party is identified with their last Presidential candidate, unless they make a point of NOT being so (as was done in 1994). Two years later, the face of the GOP was Reagan...and the Democrats were crushed like an empty beer can.

    Right now, I'd like to see DeSantis run. He seems to be the pick of the litter of the governors...and has clean hands when it comes to the debacles of 2020.

  5. As an "outsider" with an interest in the health of the USofA and the necessity for it to remain a bulwark against the nations that menace the stability of the rest of us I see the biggest issue you have is the corruption of those entities such as the FBI and CIA who are supposed to be impartial in respect to the running of the country.

    I admire DJT for what he accomplished against the odds but he is now damaged goods and I would expect him to be further vilified one way or another prior to the next election. Throw enough mud and some of it will stick. His legacy of wise decisions will be forgotten.

    The Republicans need a strong candidate who can stand up to the attempts that will be made to discredit him/her in the run up to the election. Someone like DeSantis perhaps?

    Who ever is chosen as the Republican candidate is in for a shit fight of mammoth proportions. The right choice to counter the Deep State and the Biden mob is essential.

    Good luck.

  6. Your analysis is spot on! Hard to know what the solution is, if there is one! Every election that goes by that the Republicans don't win allows the Dems and the Deep State to become more entrenched and the vote fraud to become more extensive and pervasive and difficult to root out and makes future Republican wins exponentially less possible. Depressing.

  7. We have to accept the facts -- we are not going to vote our way out of this mess.

    And don't pretend that the Republicrats nominating someone other than President Trump is going to make a difference. Just think what happened to "Maverick John McCain", the Far Left's favorite Republican who could always be relied upon to badmouth his own team. When he became the Republicrat nominee, the media turned on him -- ancient philandering scandals brought front & center, etc. Supporting DeSantis (or anyone else) as a candidate will simply see the Far Left Media switch their target.

    Anyway, a man alone does not stand a chance. It does not matter if a genuine Republican gets elected President -- he would still face hundreds of thousands of "civil servants" out to get him.

    Our only hope is that Russia, China, India, Pakistan, North Korea, France, UK get together and jointly nuke the Washington DC Swamp. Then Americans might have a chance to rebuild.

    1. DUDE--Amen, right down the line, to every single word. You nailed it, but good.

  8. As it becomes ever clearer how many people are being injured and killed by the vaccines the Dems and the media will suddenly remember that it was Trump who is to blame. It'll be hard to win when he is being blamed for millions of deaths.

    Oh, I hear you say, but that means the media and the Dems will have to do a U-turn on the vaccines and the pandemic. And so they will if it means winning.

  9. I'd rather see DeSantis run, I think Trump has scared off a lot of republicans.

  10. Long time lurker, first time commenter, I fear we are beyond legal and electoral processes. The Twitter Files have revealed how much the Democrats and their allies have cheated. With conservative liberty loving positions no longer being suppressed on Twitter, it is clear we are not alone. I think the cascade preference is underway. I keep seeing it expressed like this, "We know what needs to be done. Nobody wants to go first." Ponder that and consider the future.

    1. There was a British writer a few generations ago who wrote to the effect that 'all the right men may govern, but it is never the right ones who will do what needs to be done'. Anyway that was his sentiment even if I can't recall his name.

      Conservatives and other normal people must keep pressure on the top (DC) but act at the bottom (locally).

  11. Trump has several personal flaws. Chief among these are that a) he does NOT know how to pick subordinates, b) he did not recognize the depth and ruthlessness of the deep state, and c) he showed insufficient ruthlessness, himself, toward the deep state.

    Something I put on Facebuchenwald a couple of years ago:

  12. I thought Nevada 2022 result was accepted by Laxalt himself?
    The mueller/russia probe was pretty much the most egregious abuse I've seen in my life. The FBI had a mandate, at most, to investigate Manafort when there were pretty reliable reports that Manafort was heavily in debt to various foreign entities. But that's the end of it.... no independent counsel or special prosecutor... there was nothing to indicate any of that was necessary. It was all manufactured. Even the sane voices most critical of Trump have plenty of negative things to say about Trump, but *all* of which point out the incredible absurdity of claims surrounding Mueller/Russia. I saw it then, as I still see it now: Hillary's investors needed to see *some* return on their investment. People that rich don't just watch their money burn up with a 'loss at the polls'. A total BS investigation is "where billions went.."
    All the manufactured evidence, sock-puppetry, and heck... FBI lying to a FISA court... is just insane.

    That said, I can't get on board with a foreign policy of appeasement with the Taliban. I doubt I'll be voting for Trump or Biden (or Pompeo?) in 2024.

    Supposedly Rex Tillerson did some serious house-cleaning at Foggy Bottom? Maybe he'll be on a ticket as VP?

    I personally don't buy the steal story... I'm deeply skeptical of ... well... everything outside the Holy Bible... am I convinced Biden won? No. Am I convince Trump won? No. But I am convinced that it was a pretty close race... I know too many Trump lovers and Trump haters to think it was a landslide in either direction.

    - reader #1482

    1. That said, I know many lefties who believe Trump was and is on Putin's payroll despite there being no evidence for that position and heaps of evidence against it. For them, the bar is "prove to me beyond any possible doubt that Trump isn't." Which is.... a religious position, not a political one.

      I'm a skeptic and I already have a religion, so I'm not interested in such crap.

      - reader #1482

  13. Immediately I watched President Trump's video, I tweeted my support. The only Man in the race.

  14. "...Trump and his supporters got censored and banned... by the pro-DNC high tech mafia working with the FBI, CIA, DOJ, etc .~~~ That suppression~~~ and malicious reporting by the majority of the legacy media, and, of course, a huge vote fraud machine unleashed on election day. I have zero doubt that Trump on that obvious even to those who deny or try to ignore it."-DipLoMad~~~

    Batter is Up:
    from NYC, N.Y.
    Donald J. Trump
    and in the Bull Pen:
    Steven K. Bannon! w/
    Dr. Darren Beattie

  15. TOPIC for TODAY:
    ~~~Trump’s Speech On Big Tech Censorship~~~

    Bannons War Room December 15, 2022
    {{{{{{{{{{~~PLAY BALL~~}}}}}}}}}}}}

    On Watch~~~
    Take Me out to the Ball Game
    "Let's Roll"

    1. Trump Speech
      take your pick!


  16. G'day Dip

    Chag sameach

    1. Good to see you. Pray you and yours are well Aussie.

      Fairly well here - well physically 'in the health-sense' ... aside from being the ol' phart sense - as fine as can be reasonably expected.

      But come Thursday - temps sub-zero and/but then, for awhile - Well so long as the propane trucks can make it up, not even close to a typhoon at sea.

      My prayers for all my Friends here, fair winds following and Merry Christmas.


    2. G'day JK
      Pleased to see you are doing fine. Must be Barny's locally distilled elixir of youth no doubt.
      Apart from the usual limitations caused by getting older [which is better than the alternative] all is well with my lot down here. Still waiting for the Summer to arrive - must be all this global cooling. Even the penguins are complaining about the cold.
      A Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    3. G'day JK
      Somehow I got to be "anonymous"

  17. Trump and Bidet have something in common. Both do not pick subordinates well. However Bidet take the cake, all his political job choices have come from the sludge at the bottom of the choices barrel.

  18. You summed up my thoughts on Trump and his presidency. What hurt him the most was the lack of support from the Republican party and rabid disdain of the media.

  19. With Trump's germophobia, just acting like this disease was no big thing was not likely.
    He was between a rock and a hard place with the Bureaucrats. Their knives were out, if he acted to curb them, then it would be a 'Saturday Night Massacre' (what occurred when Nixon fired a truculent prosecutor). If he didn't act, they doubled down on the attacks.
    Not win-win, but lose-lose.
    I thought he would have done better to throw all-in, and risk impeachment and imprisonment. What they did for his vacillation was about the same, and he could have managed to clear out some of the worst offenders (although the courts would likely have put a halt to firings, even for well-documented cause).

  20. I waited to see the outcome of the November elections, and like you said, it was rigged. Now why should I ever bother to vote again? Vote moar and harder? Give me a break?

  21. Part of Trump's problem was that he didn't know how DC worked. Another part, at least IMO, was that he never really understood the forces that had propelled him into office and spent a lot of time appeasing people who would never, never have reconciled themselves to him.