Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Thursday, January 12, 2023

Biden in the Classifieds (update)

Sitting in my half-painted, partly rewired apartment in San Sebastián, trying to keep up with the news from home. Not easy. Spanish media basically repeats the DNC/Mainstream Media talking points. It's quite frustrating to have to be here yelling "Lies!" at the TV set, well, "¡Mentiras!" Fortunate for me, my son, Daniel, calls from the US every day with the proper news.

It seems that the mummy who occupies the White House has hidden classified materials for several years at a couple of locations associated with something called the U. Penn Biden Center (?) The initial story, of course, is convoluted, and will change as more facts emerge, and the DNC spin cycle increases its speed. 

I had never heard of the Biden Center, although it seems to be referenced in some Hunter emails (what isn't?) as a way to get money from foreign governments akin to how the Clintons did it with their own fraudulent center and initiatives. The Biden Center apparently has received some $100 million from foreign sources/governments, most notably China and Ukraine. Where did that money go? No news, yet. What did donors expect to receive in return? We can only speculate. What seems true is that a "closet" at the center contained classified materials as did another container elsewhere. The materials apparently dealt with, inter alia, Ukraine and China. The Biden Crime Family and the Democratic Party, in general, seem to have a fixation on Ukraine and China. Wonder why? We can only speculate.

It would seem that these documents were SUDDENLY discovered by Crime Family lawyers on November 2, or less than a week before the mid-terms in which the GOP was expected to take the lower house. Coincidence? We can only speculate.

Now, of course, I don't expect any FBI raids on Biden Crime Family locations. The DNC-controlled media is already down-playing the find, noting that this happens ALL THE TIME, don't get excited, move along. In addition, we all know this is much less serious than Trump having classified at his place because, well, REASONS! 

In fact, of course, Trump had his material in an approved safe, with Secret Service protection, and under the eye of a camera. In addition, of course, Trump had been President and had the power to declassify material. None of that seems the case with the Biden trove.

Will the DNC trot out Obama who will claim he declassified the material? That avenue seems closed given that Biden claims not to have known the material was there, but . . . .

We will see how they try to spin this away into the ether. 

Back to the fumes.

UPDATE: We now learn that the head of the Biden Crime Family had classified material "stored" in his garage at his Wilmington, Delaware home. It was stored next to his Corvette, which means, of course, that it was safe. We all know that any place safe enough for a classic Corvette, is safe enough for our nuclear codes. In addition, of course, the Capo di tutti capi has SUV-level clearance. I completely trust the Special Counsel, who used to work for the head of the FBI, to get to the bottom of this . . . no, not one bit. I am sure we will hear, a la Comey, that Biden had no malicious intent in stealing these documents. 


  1. I think the leak to find these documents came from the shadow government who really really doesn’t want Biden to run again in 2024. This is to pave the way to ease him out of the nomination.

    1. Good Lord, d'ye mean they've got someone even worse lined up?

      Not Hapless Harris, presumably. Not Hasbeen Hellbitch. Who?

    2. Governor of California
      The Diplomad

    3. I agree, though I think it is the DNC that doesn’t want him to run in 2024. If he backs down on that this all goes away and he and Jill can stay in the White House until Jan of 2025 or he dies, whichever comes first. If he doesn’t back down on the 2nd term he will probably be removed/resign due to illness.

    4. " removed/resign due to illness. "

      to be rapidly followed by "minor surgery", during which "complications" will develop and Joetato will either demise on the table or become clinically "brain dead" (even MORE "brain dead"?) and incapable of "communications".Invoke 25A and roll on the next "(S)election".

      And the next "man? behind the curtain steps up and the cycle continues, mass cash spillages and all.

  2. Yep or the current speaker of the house. If they remove Xiden and cap Harris they could get 10 years out of the speaker.

  3. Interesting to note that Biden left office in January of 2017 but the Penn Biden Center didn’t open until February of 2018. So where were those documents for over a year?

  4. At present speculation I've seen is that they and the ones sitting next to the 'Vette were one group. So not only did he incorrectly store classified documents but he then moved or shipped them incorrectly. If he were a DOD contractor he'd be bucking for time in Leavenworth.

  5. Biden is a remarkably stupid man, who probably did consider a cardboard box in his garage a perfectly safe place to put classified documents.

    1. Geraldo Rivera is the second most stupidest after Biden. Why Fox keeps that clown on the air is beyond my comprehension.

  6. Unfortunately we'll never know what material was part of these various groups of classified documents.
    They could be nuclear designs.
    They could be friend chicken recipes.
    And we really shouldn't know the difference.... trust our elected reps.. this is a republic.

    - reader #1482

  7. more importantly.. what did sandy berger deliberately steal from the national archives while supposedly reviewing information for 9/11 testimony?

    - reader #1482

  8. The sloppy handling of classified material comes from his 40+ years in the business and increasing dementia. I am sure that more will be produced as it is found in the bathroom, the pool house, etc. What will most likely happen is a scapegoat will be produced for not handling the papers correctly. Then the left can exclaim, “Justice has been served”, and the big broom comes out, and sweeps it all away.

    The worst part of all of this, is that we casually toss around comparisons to the Mafia in reference to President Select. The corruption is so overt, but on the left, they don’t see it or they deny it. It’s like they live in a different reality. I mean, if Trump had one percent of the stench of graft that the Bidens have it would be nonstop 24x7 on all media. The Bidens receives millions from the foreign entities and its crickets? The left went after Trump on the emoluments clause because he owned hotels that foreigners would stay at.

  9. I never knew that SCIF stood for Secure Corvette Intelligence Facility.

  10. I think the document is a made up story to ease Biden out of office so they can put Harris in. Kind of like Andrew Coumo's sex scandal was a diversion and a way out for the nursing home crimes.

    Biden will get out with a hand slap for the Dementia docs instead of China , Ukraine, and other scams.

  11. IIUC the Biden stash includes "Top Secret" documents whereas DJT's stash stopped at "Classified". If true, then I detect a slight difference in the level of illegality.

    1. iirc it's 'confidential', 'secret', 'top secret', and 'sensitive compartmentalized'.
      My impression is that some secrets are technical in nature and more compartmentalized like details of nuclear weapons that don't have any real value outside of the compartment, versus intelligence information which perhaps many organizations could understand/use.
      I haven't had but the most basic.... could be wrong.

      - reader #1482

    2. Confidential

      Dept. of Energy uses different terms including CNWDI, RD, and FRD which are not clearances:

      Überdeplorable Psychedelic Cat Grass

  12. Quid pro quo? Classified documents in exchange for chicom money? Say it ain't so.

    Was this the motive for raiding Mar-a-Lago, projectively shift guilt for what the crime family did, to Trump?

    To understand the left, understand projection and you'll know their every move and statement.

    Beyond that, distinct recollections from fifty years ago working as a 'civilian engineer trainee' at NAVCOMMSTA Newport, RI, it's Beavertail Point transmitting station, Sachuest Point receiving station, and tech control, Newport.

    Had to have a clearance. Naval Security Manual for Classified Information was succinct, to wit:

    Anyone, cleared or not, who removes classified materiel from its assigned space shall be guilty of a federal felony and placed under suspicion of espionage.

    Exceptions: Anyone who removes classified materiel from its assigned space and locks it in their garage next to a vintage auto is just peachy keen.

    It is a defense to the charge of unauthorized removal to say one locked it in the garage next to the Vette, dumped in a heap on the floor.

    The media will shortly explain to us that a locked garage constitutes a SCIF.

    U of P received millions from the chicoms for its Biden Center, where he 'lectures' a couple times a year for a million dollars.

    No wonder several years ago, Catherine Austin Fitts said, 'today's Ivy League Universities often serve as air cover for money laundering.

    Surely Hunter was not mixed up in this. He was busy shooting boogers at cardboard, selling the mess to shady characters in exchange for fantastic sums of cash.

    All in a day's work for the new world mafia.

  13. Maybe this is just the viewpoint of a naive ex-JO, but can it possibly be proper that Biden's lawyers are handling the classified documents? What level of clearance would they have?

    It seems like a big difference from Trump, who had things under a couple of deadbolts at Mar-a-Lago, and Secret Service guards all over the place.


    1. Good Questions and
      Observations Mr. K! ~~~

      In answer methinks, while not quite
      a complete unraveling yet, Kepha...
      Mike Davis & Kash Patel help US to
      comprehend just how VP Biden & his
      Co-Conspirators are entwined to the neck,
      in the sinking anchor chain of their crimes~~~
      Ain't it funny, how the Deep State operates~~~

      From: Bannons WarRoom 1-11-23

      Mike Davis: "Vice President Biden Absolutely STOLE Government Records"

      On Watch~~~

      "Let's Roll"

  14. This morning we learn even more classified docs are found at China Joe's house in Del. Something awfully fishy about this episode besides the media noticing and asking questions. If Biden has a colonoscopy this week, heaven knows what might be found during the procedure.

    1. Hello Dip's Friends
      & interested folks!
      Just in Case
      You slept in
      this morning~~~On

      Sunday, January 22, 2023

      Biden classified docs were sent to DC Chinatown facility before thinktank: Report - Fox News Video

      Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., joined 'Sunday Morning Futures' to discuss the latest discovery of classified material at Biden's Delaware home and how the White House has 'stonewalled' the investigation.

      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"