Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Monday, January 23, 2023

What is Real?

Back in North Carolina from Spain. Will be heading off to the DC area in a couple of days to take care of some business issues. Having to deal with leaks of the water kind, two heat pumps out, and a car with bad brakes, and two with expired tags. The joys of returning to the "real" world.

Ah, yes, "real." 

Reading the political sites and press, and watching the TV news, leaves me with no strong sense of what is or is not real in American politics and society--and the West, in general. 

The Biden classified mess. I've dealt briefly with it before (here). 

I remain perplexed as to what is really going on. Why is this issue coming up now? It seems every other day or so, more classified material is "found" in non-secure Biden locales by, well, I don't know: Biden's lawyers; DOJ personnel; FBI. Who knows? Who has sent them to the treasures?

It now seems that some of this stuff is years, perhaps decades old, and that Joe had been squirreling it away since he was a Senator. Who gave it to him? What was his personal interest in having it? Just curiosity? A source of funds? A guide to his (and his son's) business dealings? Who revealed the presence of the documents? Why? Somebody out to get Biden from within his inner circle? An attempt to cover-up a bigger scandal, e.g., the $50K/month he received from Hunter who got it from the PRC? A well-planned DNC effort to push the old mummy out of his White House sarcophagus? The questions are endless, the answers scarce.

The COVID vax has turned out to be a hoax, an expensive and destructive one, as many of us suspected and wrote about at the time. The lunacy on our southern border continues unabated, despite cheery claims from the White House that the US-Mexico line is secure, nothing to see here, move along, move along. Our cities burn and rot, and not just in the USA; crime and chaos have gone through the roof, and, again, not just here. I just got back from Europe, and can testify that the rot is spreading there, as well.

And, lest we forget, Ukraine. Nobody knows what's going on there, except that we keep pouring billions into it. No clarity.

The Woke assault also continues unabated, with all of us required to sing the praises of the transgender mental misfits, and allow our children to be sexualized by narcissistic, pedophilic school teachers. This is crazy. This can't be real. 

I hope, and pray that it is not real, but . . .   


  1. The CCP paid rent got him $600,00 a year.

  2. I can't comment on your observations, all accurate in my opinion, but if you are going to drive to D.C., be very cautious going in to Virginia up 395.

    Virginia State police line the sides of the road for miles, just ITCHING to pull you over for speed infractions.

    Was following my brother up to Richmond from seeing my son in Fayetteville(called Fayettenam by the soldiers stationed there) a few years ago. Brother called me to be extra cautious crossing into Virginia.

    He was right.

    LOTS of police just waiting, and a lot of folks already pulled over.

    A word to the wise...

    1. Thanks

    2. When I lived in Northern Virginia I found the police reporting function on Waze very helpful--and I would also report sightings. Once we moved to Colorado--including the drive out--there were very few reports.

    3. State highways are less paroled than interstates. Quite good. Have used them on holiday weekends when 95 is a mess.
      Taxation in another form.

  3. Yeah, the last 4yrs have been a revelation to me. It appears that a criminal-intelligence cabal is largely running our show. They speak of taking the ticket to get into their club. This usually involves doing something vile, on camera, so that they have have blackmail and can trust you. Epstein, Ukraine and the FTX scandal have all been disturbing. Trump was an utter failure. I think the wheels are coming off boys. Buckle up. I recommend the work of whitney webb over at unlimited hangout.
    Lolz, i increasing find myself in dissident forums, often with ex ultra leftists. Never thought i would find myself here.

  4. So long as there is an "open criminal investigation" by the FBI they control all the evidence of their crimes and deny the house Republicans access to it. They couldn't care less if they throw the senile old fool under the bus in the process. He was only installed to make the crimes against the nation appear to be incompetence.

  5. They can trick a lot of people, but they can't trick the almighty creator. All America needs is more faith, and faithless lefties don't reproduce. Much like the PRC, the left in America will soon find themselves depopulated.

    - reader #1482

  6. Think Sodom and Gomarrah. This is not new. Keep your nose clean and your powder dry. You will be using both soon.

  7. The Document findings has me stumped, they swore they had DJT on it then it all went to Hell in a hand basket.
    Maybe it's the Deep State proving they run the show, maybe not.
    Covid will prove to be the biggest hoax, and killing thousands in the world as well as wrecking economy

    1. Covid? Maybe thousands. The NOT vaccine?

      Millions. Maybe billions.

    2. don't know of anybody who's died of the vax yet... I do have a friend whose health was severely impacted by the vaccine.... his doctor knew of a pre-existing condition and he shouldn't have received it by all guidelines issued... yet his doctor succumbed to pressures to vax-at-all-costs and this guy's health was seriously harmed as a result.

      - reader #1482

  8. srsly... why is turkey in NATO? They're going to drop Finland and Sweden's approach because someone wants to burn a Quran? The US shares pretty much NO values with Turkey at this point. If Erdogan's skin was any thinner, he'd vanish.

    - reader #1482

    1. Question:
      srsly... why is turkey in NATO?- reader #1482
      trly... 'cause duh fowl boid's gonna
      Gobble em up! yer-pal-anonow~~~
      P.s. Happy New Year to the Kids~~~
      "Let's Roll"

    2. heh.. that's a good one: Why did the Turkey join NATO? Because it was easier than a dictatorship crossing the road.

      - reader #1482

    3. Because, like it or not, they control the only egress to the Mediterranean from the Black Sea. The straits between Europe and Asia are extremely strategic.

  9. I hope, and pray that it is not real, but . . . -wla

    I hear ya Cap'n~~~ Loud & Clear~~~did a tour
    of duty, once or twice, in an Institution among
    a population of diagnosed, developmentally
    disabled inmates. Over time I began to
    comprehend, if not understand their
    behaviors which helped them cope
    and in some cases thrive despite
    their severe incurable afflictions.
    Looking at the current damaged
    goods awash in our struggling
    society, I too 'pray' for all of us,
    that we may awake & survive
    the nightmare that seems on/
    cusp of consuming our once
    upon a time, wise, fair, &
    tough enough to stand
    up to defeat the Nutz
    who escaped needed
    incarceration imo~~~
    On Watch~~~
    a belated welcome
    back to the land of...

    "Let's Roll"

    1. Well Dipsters, Kudos to Instapundit's Glen Reynolds
      for wrapping up CNNs pile/ nay mountain of
      >--Leftest waste---| collected, disinfected, &
      routed the steaming stinkin 'rat manure for
      permanent disposal by Don Surber, marked
      for expedited delivery to the Acid Waters...
      via the Honey Barge of time, way out
      now beyond the Ambrose Light~~~
      where not even the Sanitation
      Department can help with
      the sordid load~~~:
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  10. I'm the guy who started the Boycott American Women blog, and i admit i was quite a woman hater but i went thru a spiritual awakening and now I'm trying to heal women instead of hurt them. Anyway if you wanna ask me questions or do an interview, just DM me on instagram at tantrahealermaster

    1. ..."I'm trying to heal women instead of hurt them."

      Ah So, mein freund at long last you've
      come clean, und reveal ze sordid hue,
      the colours of tantruMpania have muted.
      May your re-awakening bring you sums of
      comfort, and spiritually filled pos outcomes.
      Now get your derriere down to the Gym. -Gorka

  11. When the national media are on your side, it becomes pretty easy to shut down presidential scandals.

    Here's one way it could be done.

    First a sweeping move to make it all go away: Biden as President pardons himself (and any close associates involved) for any and all crimes comitted since he was elected to the Senate in 1972. Second, while journalists are still busy complaining about the pardons, Biden -- having as President complete, unfettered control of the US classification system -- declassifies any and all information in his possession for as long as it is in his possession. After it leaves his possession it must be reclassified at its original classification level. So, for example, Biden can leave classified papers out in the open on his desk, in his corvette, etc., but as soon as someone else picks one up or is given one by Biden, and walks away, the information resumes its original classification level and that "someone else" better be authorized to have it. Same thing for a "someone else" having a copy of any sort and keeping it -- that copy, whether xeroxed or made by hand -- is classified unless the copy is returned to the President's possession.

    If Congress thinks the President's behavior with respect to the power to pardon or to de-classify is being abused, then he can be impeached and removed from office in the usual way. If no impeachment occurs, the scandal turns into old news, stored away for use in the next campaign. As a bonus, the media is left confused about whether to concentrate more on the pardons or the new classification rules. Giving the media too much to complain about is, of course, Trump's signature move and should still work as long as your enemies try to speak with one voice.

    1. "Trump's signature move and should still work as
      long as your enemies try to speak with one voice."

      Ach du lieber!
      Velly INteResTin~~~
      Gut Nacht, gut Nacht, mein liebster Schatz Gut Nacht, schlaf wohl, mein Kind! Dass dich die Engel hьten all Die in dem Himmel sind! Gut Nacht, gut Nacht, mein lieber Schatz ~~~

      Un Vatch
      Ein zwei dri
      Let US Roll~~~