Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Sunday, February 26, 2023

The Apocalypse: No More One Dollar Diet Coke at McDonald's

The world has ended officially and thoroughly. 

This week I went to my local McDonald's to partake in one of my few guilty pleasures, a large Diet Coke. I have enjoyed this beverage for years, paying one dollar plus tax. No more. I got hit in one McDonalds with $1.20, and when I went to another in a different town, assuming there was a mistake at the first, I got hit for $1.30. I am not a genius with math, but that, my friends, is a 20-30% jump in price. Thank God, Biden's inflation reduction bill got passed by the Congress. 

Oh, my other guilty pleasure? Dirty Harry--the original, the sequels, well, meh. I suppose the cancel wokesters will eventually ban that film or re-edit it to remove "offensive stereotypes."

Can things get worse? Yes, they can. Biden's ill-thought-out adventure in Ukraine brings us ever closer either to nuclear war or, at "best," to a rebalancing of global power much to the detriment of the West. To point this out, as I have on Twitter, gets one accused of being a "Putin clown." 

Our woke/prog masters want no dissent, no reflexion on the wisdom of the path taken. We get almost no independent news out of Ukraine--no intrepid journalists reporting from the front lines, for example--and must do with the "news" as approved by Kyiv, Washington, and London, e.g., staged photo ops, and billions of dollars, pounds, euros on the way to Kyiv--well, we think, to Kyiv. We have few real journalists willing to ask real questions of the powerful.

Meanwhile, of course, the US and the West continue under assault from a ceaseless wave of "refugees" fleeing from . . . well, we are not allowed to ask. They arrive, with assistance from so-called NGOs--many of them getting public funds--and powerful Mexican drug cartels, full of demands which our struggling cities struggle to meet. Our own infrastructure goes to ruin, e.g., disaster in E. Palestine, Ohio, and our own citizens get taxed and "inflated" out of their earnings, and their jobs go overseas or to the newcomers. We continue to refuse to adopt successful policies of the recent past to control these "migrants," criminal aliens, really. 

We also refuse to adopt recent policies which produced US energy independence, and had freed us from the Middle East, Venezuela, and the kleptocrats of Russia. None of this makes sense except that we are governed by people who hate us, want us poor, subservient, hungry, or dead. 

Tomorrow, I go on another of my periodic visits to Spain for a couple of weeks. I will try to disconnect, but that is not really possible. I will see if I have the mood to write. I do write a lot on Twitter, whenever I want to get insulted. 


  1. I don't know if you ever watch the Economic Ninja. He commented on the fact that he couldn't get his large coffee for under a dollar anymore as well. He had a reaction similar to yours.

  2. Happily for about $2 I can buy four bottles, each of 2 US quarts, of "sparkling water" at the supermarket. These I can turn into sugar water of many different flavours just by adding a little cordial. I particularly enjoy Elderflower, and also Dandelion & Burdock. I commend this frugal habit to you.

  3. The Woke crowd can't "modify" Dirty Harry for racism. Harry Callahan hates everyone regardless of race, religion or national origin.
    As for Diet Coke? Bleargghhh...yuch!

  4. Guess I'm not sufficiently woke/progressive because I disagree with some of your points but am not going to invoke any clown or other metaphors.
    Putin's been in power for 25 years, and for about the first 5-10 of those, he was providing valuable leadership. His continued reign has degraded regional security over time. My main citation isn't Biden or Sholz, but rather that the Finns and Swedes see fit to request an alliance with the US. Those guys aren't sissies, and they've held their own against Russia before. But now they're seeing something they're very uncomfortable with on their southern and eastern border. (Much as the US should be uncomfortable with what's on *it's* southern border as well.)
    Why did the turkey cross the road? Because it realized it had been on the side of NATO!

    - reader #1482

    1. And this false dichotomy that oversight of spending necessarily undermines support for Ukraine is quite obviously wrong. SIGAR agrees. If we want to support Ukraine more fully, the way to do that is with *strong* spending oversight. That provides the US population with the assurance that we're not going to regret those dollars, making it easier to invest further.

      - reader #1482

    2. I suspect money buys a lot of requests for an alliance.

  5. I think the Left has decided to make anyone who disagrees with the Biden regime sound like a Putin-loving commie. They are doing that to stop any criticism of the Demo rat's warmongering ways.

  6. The Biden Economy is taking away even simple pleasures, like a cheap Coke.

  7. Biden, desperate for his last chance at the presidency, sold his soul to the hard left nihilists who will happily destroy the country. I saw a pretty good analysis today on nihilism. Can't find it now.

    1. ...saw a pretty good analysis today
      on nihilism. Can't find it now. -MK

      Thanks a lot Doc,~~~
      I'd been searching too,
      seems like everywhere!
      It got so bad 'I was shakin
      like a bug on a fuzzy tree'...
      I was 'All Shook Up'~~~
      But, I found a remedy
      from the Golden days,
      The fix, was in hand:
      "Navigating Past Nihilism",
      Just a Whaler's trick'.
      Read on if you care?
      I Did! Tks for the
      prescript!- mk
      On Watch~~~
      Let's Roll

    2. good read.. accurately points out how unable to understand faith our modern philosophers are...

      - reader #1482

    3. " unable to understand faith
      our modern philosophers are..."

      Aye Dear Reader... Affirm
      and do believe, it's easier
      than baking a Cherry Pie,
      Billy Boy~~~
      On Watch~~~

      "Let's Roll"

  8. I see Janey Yellen was in Kiev today to give Zelenskyy another check for $1.5 billion. I guess we aren't concerned about the debt ceiling that was such a crisis last month? Or did I miss something?

  9. Anna Martin makes so much money on line ... by blabbing herself (himself?, itself?) all over the place. 6-8 hours per day for only $100/hour? Why waste my time?

    1. Hunter makes that much an hour for picking his nose.

  10. The McDonalds App regularly runs a coupon for $1 any size soft drink, limit 4 per day. On the other hand, I've seen lots of people struggle to get that app to work, and I've heard that the contractor that runs it for McDonalds has poor data security.

  11. Be careful with sugar free drinks. They quite often contain acesulfame potassium (Ace K). Ace K is approved in most countries including the US and is used by Coca Cola.
    It can cause depression, as if we need another thing causing depression.
    If I buy a soft drink these days, it’s full sugar. At least I know what that is.

  12. Yeah. about the coke thing. Mexican produced Coke Cola cost ~ $ 20.00/ case of 24(or about $3.50/4 pack) about two years back. Today's price is $6.99/4 pack and cases don't exist anymore. A two piece combo at Popeye's runs ~$11.00 where it used to be ~ $7.00 and so it goes. But this ain't no inflation; it's just the "new normal".

  13. I gave up on McDonald's hash browns after they went over $1.30 apiece. That was my guilty pleasure. Regards, Kepha.

  14. While you are doing God’s work over at Twitter, I do miss the incredibly snarky and funny commentary you did on Quora for those few months. More like that please.

  15. It amazing how little a fountain soft drink actually costs to make. My memory from working at a little lunch joint was that a 20oz cola (Not Coke or Pepsi we used a local vendor Foxxon Park) all totaled was about $ 0.15 (this C. 1981). The most expensive singular ingredient was the cup at like $,07 each (a stack of 200 paper cups was ~$13.50) The CO2 was next with water, syrup and Ice fighting for last place . This was aside from labor of course although I was making a lordly $3.25/hr (being an experienced deli guy and short order cook). Excluding Labor I bet it doesn't cost McD's more that $.25 to generate a 20oz diet coke. The rub there is excluding labor, I also wonder if the syrup has gotten pricey due to the aspartame and availability of that ( and other ingredients)

    1. Yeah, the Millennial labor tax brings it to $15. Getting out of the parents' basement on a daily basis ain't cheap.

      - reader #1482

    2. Sacre Bleu~~~'82
      Tis even worse for
      oui, defenders of
      the faith, hope, &
      Thank Heaven
      for our dear
      little Girls~~~

      On Watch~~~
      God Bless'em
      and Keep'em
      safe amen~~~
      "Lets Roll"

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  17. and all the while,on your back,Things looking up are life like a flounder.

    1. Ah~so Anon, that is why a flounder,
      the Proverbial escape artist, known
      as the 'Flatty', has one Eye on the Top
      and the other Eye, clearly focused, on
      the Bottom~~j~~~
      On Watch~~~
      Keep yer line wet~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  18. That does it! East more Greens (caps intentional)! Would Froeken Greta make good kottbullar?

  19. Well Now! Hear tis again, Lads Lass's
    and as the Boyos in their cups would
    exclaim or more'n likely SHOUT out
    at 'Rose's Irish Tavern' in Brooklyn
    USA , Pogue mahone, followed
    sometimes by a cheer~~~
    and a clank,
    On Watch~~~
    Weigh Hay &
    up she rises~~~
    Plus. mud in your eye~~~
    and a wee bit o' history:
    PS. 3 cheers to Dip,
    and wee Dipstirs~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  20. ICC sez they're gonna arrest Vlad. Of course, neither Russia nor Ukraine have ratified the ICC or Rome. Next up they're going to threaten that unless Putin turns himself over, the whole UN staff will launch a hashtag war against him. Such a joke, just not funny.

    - reader #1482

    1. "ICC sez they're gonna arrest Vlad..."
      Yeah, so I saw, #1482~~~Meanwhile the~~~
      DCC (DemoCrapCronies) Plot to arrest Trump...
      On Watch~~~
      "Rumors have been swirling all day that President Trump’s arrest was on the horizon...Trump is under criminal investig
      ation by the politicized Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.
      ...Many believe Trump’s arrest is imminent, and some familiar with the case tell Revolver it could come as early as Monday. This outrageous possibility reflects the latest desperate attempt from the establishment to stop the Trump train in its tracks.
      The illegitimate ruling class is using its influence to try to takedown a powerful advisory before a presidential election.
      Famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz calls this move, “targeted injustice.”
      So where the
      hell are we
      getting to
      my friend~~~

      "Let's Roll"

    2. That is the absolute worst thing that could be done to this country right now. I'm hoping this is just boxing at shadows.
      I'm not a big fan of Trump. I disagree with the Doha disaster and everything involved both administrations (nobody gets off the hook, imo). But arresting Trump is a move that only benefits America's enemies, both foreign and domestic.

      - reader #1482

  21. VDH also has questions:

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  23. Have we lost Diplomad again? Ol Remus, Gerard. the good list shrinks.

    1. He still comments every day on Twitter.

    2. I wish I had the desire to sign up on Twit - no I don't.

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  25. Diplomad has gone radio silent on his own web site.

    1. He's probably making ninety to a hundred dollars an hour working from home so has no time for the blog anymore. I mean, I've seen so many people in the comments who have done so successfully, it must be true! ;-)

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  27. In May~ be it so Babs~~~
    Remembering too, tho...
    "out like a lamb""in Like a Lion"
    Or, as I recall this old Lion's Roar~~~
    With, poetic licence:

    "The nobler nature within him stirred...
    Who touches a hair of yon
    grey head Dies like dog!
    March On!" he said.~~~

    On Watch~~~
    & to all the
    out there!

    Btw, Who was that Poe of a Narrator? Guesses?

    "Let's Roll"

  28. Out, Like a Flock of Lambs?~~~
    Or in, like a Scared Herd of Lions?~~~
    "Popular right-wing Twitter accounts banned… massive wave of censorship unleashed to protect radical trans activists…"Revolver News"
    On Watch~~~

    "Let's Roll"

  29. There is a Beijing-run private high school for pretty much only international (PRC) students, coordinated with Beijing's top propaganda university.. right here in the US, just miles from Princeton.

    1. Sounds about Right, Anon!
      Expect that's why the China
      -men in Chief XIz (CCP) last
      week announced he'll send
      his female daughter to the
      USA to attend College~~~
      So Dip, feel free to edit. or
      correct me if i'm wrong~~~
      But hope they don't try to
      steal our POTUS from WE
      The People, ever again or a
      "Space Force" may need to
      Vaporize the Enemy as
      necessary with the aid of
      The "US 'by God' Navy"~~~
      OW, via the patriotic heart & words
      of a U.S. Submarine Master Chief,
      through the 'Best and worst' of
      times during the so named,
      "Cuban Crisis" when the
      Soviets had the same
      notions the ChiComs
      entertain today-Rotsa
      Ruck Charley!
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  30. Any plans to weigh in on the Trump indictment?

    1. "Revolver" seems always to have
      the Right [apropos} rounds loaded
      in the chamber, Anon~~~

      Darren Beattie: President Trump Is “Target Of The Regime” Because There Is No Trumpism Without Trump~~~

      He goes on to access & Sum-up
      in a series of interviews, MOT,
      over at Bannon's WarRoom.~~~

      Here! this ones for you Anon,
      and for our wise Brother Dip~~~

      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

    2. Re "Because There Is No Trumpism Without Trump". I suspect Trumpism has gone beyond the man. Not to say Trumpism will win, but it will bloom then die in a burning blaze if DJT ... goes away shall we say? As the "they" desire.

    3. Yes, maybe, Anon~~~
      but what will "they"
      ever do, with "Make
      America Great Again"~~~
      On Watch~~~

      "Let's Roll"

  31. Oh! & btw Brer Anon, on Saturday past,
    Steve Bannon & Harvard Prof. Alan Dershowitz
    SIFTed through the Dirt, that >Soros' Man hat tan>
    DA Bragg plans to use, in order to/ or w/ High Hopes
    To 'GET TRUMP'~~~

    Have a relaxing wkend Dipsters~~~
    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  32. G'day Dip

    “Sameach Pesach”

  33. Dammit, please return. We need your thoughts thru this crazy crap we are going through. Every day, I check to see what you are thinking. But you aren't here. Praying for you and your family.

  34. A WLA Flashback for your
    DiploMadic reConsideration~~~

    Saturday, November 19, 2022
    [Posted by DiploMad at 1:13 PM 20 comments:]

    Back in NC
    I am curious to hear our local GOP poobahs' take on the recent midterms and the state of play for 2024. The Republicans did relatively well in North Carolina.

    I, for one, refuse to get drawn into the Trump vs DeSantis debate which is being fed by the pro-Democrat media, and by some surprisingly tone deaf comments from President Trump. Now is not the time for a GOP civil war. If we don't address the serious structural issues in our election system--polite way of saying "fraud"--it makes no difference whom the GOP nominates: he/she cannot win.
    Either the GOP tackles the issues of mass mail-in ballots, no voter ids, ballot harvesting, non-citizen voting, and corrupt voting machines, or it just cedes the field to the Democrats.

    As one wise man said, can't remember who, "The Republicans chase after voters; the Democrats chase after votes." An unfortunate but accurate depiction of the state of play, kind of along the lines of the apocryphal statement attributed (False? True?) to Stalin, "It's not who casts the votes that matters; it's who counts the votes."
    OK. Got to go pay the gardener and figure out why the house won't heat up.
    Then, I will resume my battle to save
    Western civilization~~~.

    Above Repost:
    for you Beth, et al,
    and of U2 Kepha~~~

    On Watch~~~
    The Battle Hymn Of The Republic -
    President Trump's Pre-Inauguration
    Jan 19th 2017

    "Let's Roll"

  35. The Plot thickens:

    The one thing Trump and McConnell agree on: A hatred for this group--->One of D.C.'s longest-lasting anti-tax organizations wants to pick Senate candidates. Republicans see a 2022 repeat.
    Even lawmakers keeping an open mind about how the Club approaches the current cycle don’t hide their concern over the group’s past tactics.

    “There’s a lot of work to be done on understanding the main goal is not to make a point on any one political issue, but to win,” said Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), against whom the Club once tried to recruit a primary challenger.

    ...But the Club hasn’t been content merely to cross Senate GOP leaders. The group has launched an offensive against Trump too, raising the spectre that a primary that was already destined to be brutal could end up bloody.
    He (CFG Pres.McIntosh) began the cycle by briefing reporters that Trump’s toxicity was hurting the party’s chances with swing voters and announcing that the group had not invited him to its annual donor retreat. Then, he outlined his plans to zero in on key Senate races.

    In West Virginia, the Club announced it will spend at least $10 million to boost Republican Rep. Alex Mooney just as GOP recruiters are on the cusp of convincing the wealthy and popular Gov. Jim Justice to run. In Montana, the group is nudging Republican Rep. Matt Rosendale, who lost to Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) in 2018, to make another go while the NRSC has been heavily recruiting Tim Sheehy, a Navy SEAL and wealthy businessperson.

    And in Ohio, the Club is beseeching GOP Rep. Warren Davidson to take on Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown in what is already an extremely crowded field.

    In 2020, Trump carried all three states. In 2024, they represent Republicans’ best opportunity to retake the Senate. All three of the Club’s preferred candidates in these states are members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus with profiles that might not endear them to swing voters in a general election.

    Read On, it gets worse~~~

    On Watch~~~
    Roll out the Barrels~~~

    "Let's Roll"


    1. 'Roger your last~~~Anon~~~more
      "research" should be considered, as well as candidate track records...and let's pray we get a free & fair bonafide National Election, this time, so as ~not~ to have to raise the bar to the level required of our Patriotic forefathers!~~~

      Or do we?

      "Lippincott: At the national level, conservatives must sideline cultural battles in favor of issues of national survival…

      "Conservatives Lost the Culture War and the Trump Agenda Is the Only Path Forward
      At the national level especially, conservatives must sideline the cultural battles in favor of issues of national survival.

      By Josiah Lippincott
      April 27, 2023
      Immigration, trade, war, and crime. Being right on these four issues propelled Donald Trump to the presidency in 2016 against all odds. The intervening seven years have changed nothing. The only way a candidate from the Right can possibly win the presidency in 2024 is by campaigning on limiting immigration (build the wall), increasing tariffs, getting out of Ukraine, and restoring law and order (especially in regards to elections and the opioid crisis).

      These are the core issues for the center-Right coalition needed to win national elections. No supposedly conservative politician with aspiration for higher office should ever make any public statement without hammering at least one of these points. Journalist asks about Social Security? Talk about why we need to stop giving money to Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Democratic opponent brings up climate change? Talk about why we need to build the wall and make Mexico pay for it.

      The issues of national survival are of primary importance. There is no point in fighting a culture war if we don’t have a country in which this war can take place. Conservatives do not have a viable path to political power any other way.

      On Watch~~~

      "Let's Roll"

  36. I have it on good authority that the Diplomad is up on the Spanish French near Andorra herding sheep with his dogs living in a sheepherders wagon and loving it. Yep that's the way Mike Rowe told it to me.


  37. >>>...near Andorra herding sheep with his dogs living in a sheepherders wagon and loving it. Yep that's the way Mike Rowe told it to me.

    Dear Br'er Anon, whilst Dip's trip
    up into the hills, so far away from
    today's Communistic realities,
    sounds idyllic to some of us...
    Or perhaps a healthy prescription
    for the US, and our Super Star's last
    minute comeback, to 'Save our
    Election Day' in the nick of time
    from the hungry 'Rats, Rinos, CCP,
    Globalist Oligarchs, Illegals, plus even
    some Artful dodgers wherever
    they may be Hanging out~~~

    On Watch~~~
    Skills & Wills by Mike~~~

    "Let's Roll"

  38. I’ve given up on your posts, sir. I wish you the best and am grateful for all of the posts you have written and your service to the country. I wish you were still writing here, but I won’t bother your url any longer :-) I’ve been a big fan, Steve Evans

    1. Never give up.

    2. ~~~"Never give up."~~~

      Proudly I stand
      to 2nd that emotion~~~
      And would furthermore
      ask those "6" readers
      we've known hereabouts,
      and our brother #1482 too...
      Are miracles even possible
      when we choose to "Give Up"?~~~
      On Watch~~~

      "Let's Roll"

  39. I too have noticed many Americans nowadays just
    "give up", 'spect the ChiComs are banking on
    those American quitters as well as the other
    minions they've bought & paid for, ala the
    "Biteme Bunch types, aka Hunter, Joe
    Blow & the rest of their diseased clan~~~
    On the plus side of the ledger there
    remain the stalwart Squadron -12
    Bubbleheads, like Bob McManus,
    of the N.Y. Post who still manages
    to sink targets & hold his bubble >~o~>
    To Wit:
    "Proclamations have consequences, as Mayor Eric Adams is discovering.
    Adams, in a manner of speaking, runs a self-proclaimed “sanctuary city.”
    That’s progressive-speak for a municipality dedicated to packing as many illegal border-crossers into its confines as will fit — and then protecting them from the immigration cops.

    Back in the day, lefties used the term to troll people who respect the rule of law.

    But no real harm was done then because, in relative terms, there weren’t all that many illegals around.

    Now big cities across the country — especially New York — are up to their scuppers in them; social-services chaos reigns; there’s another budget-busting wave on the way, and the progressives are starting to sing a different song.

    But rather than placing blame where it belongs — on the Biden administration’s immigration non-policy — the progs are searching for scapegoats.

    Monday, Adams found Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

    The mayor laced into Abbott, a white Republican, accusing him of busing illegals to big cities “with black mayors” — presumably in pursuit of one racist goal or another.

    It was a disappointing outburst, if only because it recalls Adams’ early days in public life.

    The former cop was a founder of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care — a platform custom built for career-enhancing race-baiting and which was used to that purpose without subtlety or shame.
    "So less talk, Mr. Mayor.
    More action."

    MOT mcmanus!~~~as expected~~~
    D~ive Deeper Stay Down Longer

    On Watch~~~
    ~~"oh there are no
    submariners down in hell"~~

    "Let's Roll"

  40. I'm guessing our dear author is more or less dropping this blog as it's only generating revenue for Google while Twitter is at least more agnostic.

    - reader #1482

  41. Fairly creative 'guess' #1482, but I do find it
    a bit difficult to swallow the notion that only the
    6 of US, at large anon Dipsters, plus 1, are able to
    generate very much Google revenue? Although I am
    not privy to just how many Greenback$ the "DiploMad
    2.0 Blogspot" principals are required to pay the Google
    group for their hospitality etc.. However I do note that I have
    heard the tail end of a recent Tucker Carlson broadcast
    whereon he said that he was taking his show on the
    road to Twitter! Suspect that the DiploMad in Chief
    got wind of the Sea Change over at FOX and
    cleverly re-secured his berth at TWITTER
    right next door to the JUST FIRED
    TUCKER from FOX ~~~ all this
    while our Host was traveling the
    the high country over in Spain
    w/ a flock of SHEEP as told by
    reputable sources!

    So NO, IMHO Bro reader,
    #1482 I don't see why
    Dip would give-up on
    this quiet, if not ancient
    corner he has occupied
    now since, 2011 was it?

    Anyhowl I still enjoy
    reading the Archives
    down below, when it
    gets too noisy topside~~~
    On Watch~~~
    Stormy Weather~~~

    "Let's Roll"

  42. Sad if Dip has moved onto greener pasture, been following for years and certainly could use some wisdom or at least a fellow patriot's words to sort the events out.

    1. I hear you Skip,
      loud enough, and less
      garbled than some of us~~~
      My guess is that DJT is still in need of
      a few more good men for the task ahead ie.
      saving our Country & her people, from the arse wipes
      and 'rat bastids who are maneuvering US toward the abyss~~~
      Now is the time for those men & women on the Trump Team
      to be perfecting their tools & skills including keeping their heads down, till the CinC in waiting issues administrative and or Military orders to engage our obvious enemies...
      BUT until then don't become targets for the WOKE MOBS, such as that MASS of SLIME in NYC trying to crucify the US Marine who subdued a NUT CASE on a NYC Subway~~~
      That is, 'stay the hell out of Subterranean habitats till after the Presidential Election'/ then we can begin to undue the CRAP that Geraldo Rivera and the Leftist Press ignited out of the overwhelmed & unsupported N.Y. Mental Health Sys!

      Now we can see why it takes wise, cautious, patient, and Tough people, to become those Pros which the Republican Candidate, and former POTUS must identify and weave into the fabric of his Administration~~~ imho~~anyways!
      On Watch~~~
      Dive Dive~~~60'
      Happy Days...again?
      "Let's Roll"

  43. Speaking of our Happy Day's
    Sending my Best Wishes~~~
    to all of you Mothers out
    there, from Sea to Shining
    Sea & beyond! Thanks for
    being who you are and
    for making life so much
    sweeter because you're
    there bringing Joy and
    Comfort into the hearts
    of men who sometimes
    forget how much you
    do for your families!
    God Bless~~Pray you
    all have a lovely day
    today and all of your
    On Watch~~~
    Mother's Day Song~~~
    Let's Roll

  44. Diplomad, isn't your Spanish villa finished by now?