Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Friday, May 19, 2023

Let's Try this Again

 Back from two more trips to Spain, and heading off in July for another.

I, however, haven't neglected the home front.

The Diplowife and I decided that just whining about the state of affairs was insufficient. We have become involved in the local GOP, and got ourselves elected as delegates to the North Carolina GOP Convention next month. It was a hard fought election for the fourteen slots allocated to our part of the county: we had fourteen candidates for fourteen slots. Stalin and Castro would have been proud. We also got made GOP poll watchers for the upcoming autumn municipal elections and the 2024 national elections. We snagged, in addition, a couple of tickets to hear the GOP candidate for Governor, our current Lt. Governor Mark Robinson, at the Lincoln Douglass Reagan Gala, and tickets for a dinner for Governor Ron Desantis, who will speak at the convention. Trump will also speak, but tickets for that were gone in minutes. Mike Pence will be there, too; there are lots of tickets to hear him still available. 

We'll see if any of this can make a difference.

I have been writing quite a bit on Twitter, trying to recoup my old followers.You can join in following and/or attacking me at Lewis Amselem@TheDiplomad.

In a couple of days, I want to reflect on the Durham Report.

See ya soon!


  1. Good to see you back here. Please find the time to include your Twitter postings here for the benefit of us twuddites. Cheers.

  2. I don't spend a lot of time on Twitter, mostly just links to posts I write with the occasional meme I create. I know you're on Truth Social and I'm finding that a lot easier to pick up people, plus Trump! The Greatest President of the 21st Century is there. :)

  3. 3 Cheers~~~
    Good News to learn of your recent GOP involvement
    and ongoing accomplishments, aimed at, I believe, making
    our USA Great Again! May I also, proffer proud salute to your
    dear Diplowife, and devoted Family~~~
    whom I sense are hard at it, in service to our God & Country~~~
    and Amen~~~

    On Watch~~~
    Some Pomp~~~

    Looking Fwd to reading your
    reflections on the Durham Report...

    "Let's Roll"

  4. Diplomad, that was quite a feat capturing 2 slots together. The political environment where you are can be tough for Republicans. Well done!

  5. whether it makes any difference or not, the effort to right the ship is greatly appreciated by those of us who have no wish to live under a Socialist-Progressive regime

  6. Nice to have you back, and greetings from Brazil (where our current [and ex-con] President is trying his best to move us leftward)

  7. I offer you an insight into the effect of politics on otherwise good people.

    As freshers a pal and I stood for election to the Science Students' Representative Council. The joke was mine: I proposed him and him me. I arranged that a mutual friend second each of us. As I'd expected no one else stood for the freshers' seats so we were declared to be elected.

    I told my pal that he should vote in whatever way I said, since I'd proposed him, and I'd vote in whatever way he said. But soon I found he'd abandoned the joke and insisted on voting in whatever way he judged to be to the advantage of his voters. I pointed out that in reality nobody had voted for him.

    He would have none of it. Office had gone to his head. I must emphasise that he was an otherwise lovely fellow: sane, bright, good humoured, and popular with our classmates. Be warned!

  8. I was wondering because I saw you on twitter the other day. And here you are. Good news indeed.

  9. Glad your back, and best of luck as a representative

  10. Thanks for remembering your followers here!
    Now that you can publish longer form items on Twitter, why not post them there or perhaps a teaser paragraph?
    Also I really miss your witty humor over at Quora. That was hilarious. More like that please.

  11. Thrilled to have you back, Dip!

  12. Don't forget to work for your favorite down-ticket candidates. Your state's politics can't improve based on just one guy. Just ask Trump.l

  13. ...seems 'n smells too, like you're on a
    hot & stinky trail, 'Tex... or as one ole Tar-heel
    from hereabouts, described the muck & mire ahead:

    "If we don't address the serious structural issues in our election system--polite way of saying "fraud"--it makes no difference whom the GOP nominates: he/she cannot win. Either the GOP tackles the issues of mass mail-in ballots, no voter ids, ballot harvesting, non-citizen voting, and corrupt voting machines, or it just cedes the field to the Democrats."~~~

    On Watch~~~
    UNC Marching Tar Heels 2016
    ~~~pick it up Mid Field @ 4:45

    "Let's Roll"

  14. So very thankful that you are moving forward and staying productive and leaving good measure in our country. Here on the ranch in E Texas we have kept you in prayer, since the loss of your son. May the Good Lord bless and keep you....
    East Texas Rancher

    1. .... and Amen, dear ETR~~~
      On Watch~~~
      Amen can be equated with steadiness, trustworthiness, and truth. The Lexham Bible Dictionary states amen is “a Hebrew word that has served as a declaration of affirmation and as the closing exclamation of agreement to a doxology or prayer in Jewish and Christian liturgy.”.
      "Let's Roll"

  15. Welcome back. Best blog, even if sporadic.


    1. ...Best blog, even if sporadic.~~~Anon

      Concur Br'er reader Anon, if I may say so,
      am looking forward to any comments
      you may care to share in future, as
      it gets a bit quiet down below in
      the archives when our now "7"
      readers&reactors go cold & Mr
      Dip is in demand elsewhere or
      on his requisite travel to Spain~~~
      On Watch~~~
      Never been to Spain~~~

      "Let's Roll"

  16. So glad to see you back.

  17. Good to see you back on the blog, keep up the fight on twitter, I will join in when my latest spell in the naughty corner expires. I will be conducting my own little campaign of "interference" here in New Zealand to get rid of our very own "coalition of chaos" in October.

  18. Twitter>---> Followers Old
    & New. So they say~~~

    " Is DeSantis in danger of falling head
    -first into the dreaded Twitter trap?…"

    May 26, 2023"

    ..."Twitter isn’t the “real world.” It’s where political enthusiasts gather to debate everything under the sun, from two scoops of ice cream to global conflicts. The average person isn’t all that interested in being a political junkie, so DeSantis’ online influencer supporters might not have the impact he expects.

    The downside, as anyone who has used Twitter can tell you, is that it’s not a particularly serious place. If DeSantis’ pitch is that he can be a more competent version of Trump, then Wednesday’s rollout was a failure and not just because of the technical issues. Playing to the Twitter crowd is not a way to demonstrate leadership. If anything, it shows the opposite: that DeSantis is willing to let the online culture wars and political trolling guide his campaign, as it has guided his time as governor.

    Throw Trump into the mix, and that’s a recipe for a Republican presidential primary that seems unlikely to move the country closer to solving the big issues. A fight over who is more well-liked among the Too Online Republicans is going to be ugly and dumb."

    On Watch~~~
    Outta my league too, even tho
    I've heard they may post more
    wordy commentaries nowadays~~~

    "Let"s Roll"

  19. Glad you are back Dip and I wish you well with your efforts on the political front.
    I trust you will keep posting on this medium as I don't indulge in Twitter and I like to keep up with the conservative side of US politics through your writings [and regular Zoom conversations with a good friend in Florida].
    Does anyone know what happened with David Duff in the UK?

    1. Good morning David. I have heard nothing about DD since right after his site went quiet due to his failing health. His son had no time to deal with the blog, work and help with his dad. I'm not sure how I'll appear here after so little time spent.
      All the best,

    2. Question:
      Does anyone know what happened
      with David Duff in the UK?--D from OZ

      Good morning David. I have heard nothing about DD since right after his site went quiet due to his failing health. His son had no time to deal with the blog, work and help with his dad. ...All the best, Whitewall

      My Reply:
      Concur Ww that's my last recollection of the
      situ over at Duff & Nonsense as well.--On Watch

      Incidentally, D'Oz & Ww, as you may recall our good friend 'JK', an alum of D&N stopped by to wish us a Happy New Year over here and commented on the thread that follows below. So If there is any News about our dear friend David Duff I'd expect "Old JK" (smile) would have something relevant to say~~~
      To Wit:
      ..."David from OzJanuary 6, 2023 at 8:21 PM
      Just what are your pollies doing up there? Still no leader of the House of Reps after three days and counting. Some of them need a good shaking to bring them back to reality - it's not about them it is supposed to be run for the good of your country. Still it does reinforce the notion that a lot of them are in it for their own benefit and not for the benefit of those who elected them.
      whitewallJanuary 6, 2023 at 9:50 PM
      David, not to worry. Just democracy in action.

      AnonymousJanuary 8, 2023 at 6:09 PM
      Figured ol' JK orter do a check-in in the offchance y'all might worry I'd checked out.

      This'uns for you David:

      A'course we'll have to see how it all shakes out far as "our" pollies goes - Frankly I think our hopes for DC coming to our rescue will be for naught.

      Dip, OW, Kepha & et all, Best In This New Year


      AnonymousJanuary 9, 2023 at 2:59 AM
      "I think our hopes for DC coming
      to our rescue will be for naught." -JK

      Affirm Brother! Seems apparent nowadays,
      that the '.Rat FED Admin & their CCP providers
      have no intention of staying in their Congressional lanes.
      thus obviating the tactical survival necessity, for our REP,
      Statesmen to prep our State drivers, and our Teams of Patriots, for the grueling State races ahead~~~
      Bumper to Bumper & Door to Door~~~
      "Let's Roll" ~~~
      Nice to see your colors JK,
      still waving in the fresh
      clean air~~~of our by G-d,
      USA Freedoms~~~
      Happy New Year```

      That is all~~~ & Hope JK is OK and
      has a few words to share on the
      current status of "DD" & a JK
      6 mos update on his own self~~~
      Best Regards,
      hat tip/OW
      "Let's Roll"

  20. In Memorium~~~
    I'm Remembering Roland Florio today, he was~~~
    a friendly but quiet Kid, waiting at the Bus Stop
    for the school day to start~his dad was a Taxi
    driver who who got me and my brothers and
    sisters to Church, when when our dad was
    busy, sometimes on Sunday, fixing Ships,
    in War & Peace times. Roland my boy
    hood Pal joined the Army and became
    a Helicopter Pilot, later I learned that
    he had died in Nam, evacuating men
    who were under siege in a firefight~~~
    Roland, it was good to know you,
    and your Dad too! Pray you both
    made it topside-- RIP~~~
    On Watch~~~
    Eternal Father~~~

    "Let's Roll"

  21. Glad you're back, Dip. Looking forward to your insights into the Durham Report.

  22. David Duff experienced a "sudden onset dementia" somewhile back - whether the two day (48 hours) interval between his subjecting himself to the UK's version of the Covid *vaccine had anything to do with his "sudden" or not will likely never be known. SoD's communications to me indicating his "opinion" that he thought so I suppose will likewise never be conclusive.

    I am well. Just extremely limited Internet Time - self-imposed - Fact is since oh, several months I'm finding it very difficult to find anything on the internets (*Biden & Co & Likemindeds) to get my 'enthusiasm juices' adjusting upwards.

    See for example all the 'reactions into actions" generated by the release of the Durham Report.

    At some point I may re-engage. But I ain't there yet.


    1. G'day JK & Whitewall,
      Thanks JK for the info re DD. His acerbic wit is missed.
      Stay well.

    2. ~~~
      "...At some point
      I may re-engage.
      But I ain't there yet.
      Affirm your last>--->JK
      ~Just waiting for my
      right shoe too, to fall
      ~~~in key of G~~~
      };~{> at the Moon!
      & Best Regards, JK~~~
      et al'~ 'Order Arms'!~~~
      Or don Masks&Fins~~~
      That is all~~~
      o'er n' ou+
      "Let's Roll"

  23. Nice to see you back. Compliments of having a strong enough stomach to get involved in politics. I had a few years of local politics in CA and that was enough.

  24. Welcome back! Kepha

    1. Glad to see your
      handle aboard, Kepha~~~
      Been thinking 'bout you~~~
      and yours, what with threat
      levels rising again in the East~~~
      On Watch~~~

      "Let's Roll"

  25. Followed you on Twitter

    1. Me Too, Anon~~~
      But methinks,
      I'm becoming
      infatuated with
      the Poli Sci Gal
      She's got a way
      with words~~~
      Don't know how but
      on occasion, she has
      reduced Capn Dip' to
      one word answers,
      in reply to a very very
      complex voting issue!
      Well that, and those,
      'Durham reflections'!
      Makes me wonder if,
      aTAD Twitter tour may
      be necessary to pry
      wla out of the Grip
      he seems to be
      locked in~to w/
      out realizing he
      is being held in
      thrall by Elon &
      hIs CC Factors?
      Maybe it's just
      a Spring Fling....
      I hope~~~
      OW getting...
      where's my m..

      "Let's Roll"

  26. What do you make of the maladministration of Zhou Baideng [周拜邓--Joe who worships the Deng of 6/4/89 infamy; earned for his maladministration's attacks on the First Amendment ] flying the LGBTQ flag alongside Old Gory at all of our diplomatic missions, save those in Muslim-majority countries? Kepha

    1. Powerful Bullet
      points K, >--> MOT~~~
      Hoping beyond hope
      we clean out the 'rats
      nests and raise the Stars
      n' Stripes to the USA level
      at the top of the Flag Pole not
      waving in unison with the Lefts
      capitulation to the CCP's Latest attempts
      to destroy US, by empowering our English
      speaking enemies within who have failed to
      identify, with any certainty, what that pecker
      or pussy is, in between their legs when they
      relieve their bladders! or perhaps just Piss
      on"...them All, the Long the Short & the Tall"~~~
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  27. Sorry to hear about DD. I did enjoy his blog.

    Also I learnt that his uncle had been my sister's childhood dentist.

    Small world.

  28. Late to the party. Glad you're taking on a role in the local GOP. I do a bit of that my self here in Albuquerque. There are a lot of people who mean well, but who also get caught up in pettiness. I try to steer clear of that and just help where I can. We all have to remember our job is to get Republicans elected. We need candidates like your Mark Robinson.
    You may run across this problem: you will be asked to neutrally support all Republicans prior to the primary, despite your preference. After the primary, you will also be asked to support which ever flawed candidate comes out of the mix. A bit of biting your tongue is often required.

  29. FYI: Anon June 13 was Doctor Weasel