Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Monday, September 25, 2023

A Little Vignette on What's Bad and Good About Life in America

As the four or five regular readers of this irregular blog know, I own two Corvettes bought on line at the height of the pandemic hoax. Well, yesterday after dinner the Diplowife asks me to take one of my son's friends--he's dog sitting--to my son's house which is about 20 miles away. She said, "Take him in the Corvette. He's never been in one. He'll be thrilled." Well, dear readers, you know me, I am all about thrills. So I uncovered the six speed, 2013 427 and got this friend into the thing. I put the top down. I don't know if he was thrilled as he spent the whole ride texting to various friends. By the time we approached my son's house it had gotten quite dark, and North Carolina can be quite dark once away from the big cities. I missed the turn-off and decided to go ahead to the next street to turn around. 

Now the adventure begins!

As I reentered the road, out of the darkness, at high speed with no lights on, a small SUV came charging down the road and--WHAM!--into the Vette. Both cars stopped. I got out and approached the other driver, who leaned out the window and mumbled ¿Que pasa, hermano? While waving his arm in circles. ¿Que pasa? You've smashed my car. He waved his arm, and muttered,"Bah."  I asked in Spanish and English if he had insurance and a driver's license. I got back the same, "Bah." I then told him in Spanish and English, "I am calling the police." 

That was the starting gun, I guess. He accelerated his car, ripping off a piece of his own vehicle, and sped away. I got the license number and called the police.

Meanwhile, neighbors had come out of two houses. The nicest people you could imagine. All offering me their homes so I could wait for the police and the tow truck. One gent even offered to drive me home the full 20 miles. One lady said I could come to her house and she would give me something to eat, and so forth and so forth. Wonderful folks.

Did I mention all of these ten or so people who came out to help were black? It shouldn't matter but in today's charged and divided atmosphere, I think that's worth noting. 

The police came and arrived at the same conclusion I had: the other driver was an illegal alien, probably drunk and with no driver's license. The plate number I gave them came back to a completely different car than the one I described. Probably switched or stolen plates. 

Anyhow, the bad and the good.

That is all.


  1. I’m sorry for the loss of your Corvette but glad you and your passenger survived, hopefully without injury. Damn that idiot Biden and his entirely corrupt administration.

  2. Wow that sux sewage thru a straw . There are decent black folk.

  3. @ Anonymous
    and I think you'll find that many of them are highly religious

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  6. Now it just sucks that there's *zero* accountability for this, and if you were to complain about the fundamental problems of origin, you'd be labeled racist and whatnot.

    Well... 2020+ Vette... it's now time!

    - reader #1482

    1. On another Note #1482~~~
      Bannon & Raheem AT THE WARROOM seem to have found some time to revisit the Malley Faux Pas, or as you have been reminding US of, the STANK which remains festering~~~
      "You are an Iranian Spy"
      FF to:~ 17:25 Semafor

      "Let's Roll"

    2. thanks!

      - reader #1482

    3. It does look like some sordid background is starting to come out. Most likely there are a number of 'Iran experts' who have been compromised since prior to JCPOA theatrical pseudo-negotiations. Most likely those 'experts' have lied during their clearance reviews as well. Unfortunately that doesn't bring the consequences that it apparently used to, so they'll be dismissed from their positions and left to go hoodwink media hosts.

      When you hire the enemy to advise on you making peace with said enemy, JCPOA is what you get.

      - reader #1482

    4. And more coming through... unsurprising that it's "worse than it sounds" but precisely as expected in the aftermath of JCPOA. Iran had top-level moles throughout state and DoD during all of Kerry/Obama and Biden/Blinken until spring of this year. Insane, but totally expected.

      - reader #1482

    5. "Valerie Jarret to the red hot-line to Tehran"?

  7. Black people from the South--

    I teach in a majority minority high school. One day, when I was carrying a load of stuff to enter a stairwell to take it to my room, a black kid whom I didn't know from Adam stepped up with alacrity to open a door for me.

    "Either you or your folks are from the Deep South," I said.
    "How did you know?" He says, surprised.
    "Age and travel."

    White people from the Deep South--

    My wife (Taiwanese) and I traveled from Maryland to Mississippi to see her dying English teacher from way back when. We stopped in a store in Mississippi to buy a few necessities. One clerk was on duty, and he was busy with a customer who, from stance and dress, was what a lot of people brought up as I was would have scorned as a "Redneck". Well, both the clerk and customer apologized for keeping us waiting (there was an error on the "Redneck"'s slip). They treated us and each other with a real respect. You just don't see that kind of attitude in too much of the rest of the country.

    I'm a Yankee, heir of the Great Atlantic Migration, bawn in Nawt Joyzey. I'm glad Dixie went down in 1865. The Peculiar Institution needed to die. On balance, the preservation of the Union was good for the nation and the world. But I refuse to disparage Dixie as a region and culture. They're doing a lot of things right.

  8. Back 12 years ago I was in a right turn lane onto a major 6 lane road. There was a beater Toyota sedan in front of me. We had a huge opened and she pulled 4 feet forward and stopped. I thought she was gone and bumper her. The green card passenger jumped out and let off a litany of mexican Spanish profanity. I called 911 and the cops were there 10 minutes latter. She had previous rear end damage and I had no damage. When the cop arrived the driver and passenger had switched. The passenger had a green card and a drivers license. The driver had no ID. The car supposedly belonged to green card woman's brother and it had no insurance. I insisted that it be impounded and it was. I got a ticket for following too close causing an accident. The cop did note I said the driver and passenger had switched positions. The Green card woman disputed it. They were quick to file against my insurance for $900 damage which State Farm promptly paid. I filed a counter suit against the owner for damage where they did not have insurance and against the green card woman for the same. Neither could be found as their address was bogus. I was able to get the ticket thrown out and after two years of me harassing State Farm they expunged it as an uninsured motorist accident no-fault.

  9. Country Folk are radically different than City Folk, no matter what color.

  10. On 8-25-23 on HWY 101 in central California, my wife was driving, I’d had a mai tai so was sleeping. Sun momentarily blinded the wife, and she failed to see that an illegal had stopped his car in the fast lane, intending to make a U-Turn. This in spite of the fact that to his left there was a left turn lane. WHAM at 70mph! A month later we’re still banged up and hobbling around, but feel lucky it wasn’t worse. I keep thinking I could have broken some bones, and then I remember “oh yeah” I broke a rib and hairline fracture of L2. Finally I’m able to sleep laying down in bed, after a month in a reclining chair. He had no license, no insurance, and who knows if he gave the correct name. He refused medical assistance although he had to have been injured. As I looked out of the rear doors on the ambulance i saw him sprawled in the dirt in the center divider, slumped over. I figure he was from someplace where he had zero experience about how to drive on a divided highway. The illegal invasion starts to take on a more personal character when this kind of crap happens. Now I get to experience a bit of anxiety when I’m driving in traffic. Great... Sorry about your Vette. Hopefully its worth fixing.

    1. BTW: hats off to the Lincoln Motor Car Company. Their 2011 MKZ did its job, by confining the damage to the front end, and sparing the cab. Impressive! Our injuries were largely caused by hitting the seat belts at 70mph. Also banged my knees against the lower dashboard, so the next car will have knee air bags.

  11. I think I'd be a little more angry than you sound.

    1. It's fortunate I wasn't--for once--carrying

    2. That brings up an interesting aside, can you legally stop someone trying to flee the scene of an accident with a firearm?

    3. might be dangerous to chase down a gun-toting hit & run fugitive.
      oh... if the victim has the gun? probably depends on the state.. I think in Texas as valid defense is 'looked at me funny' or something like that. California... can't use a gun to defend yourself against certain murder because you're an outlaw if you own a gun.. regardless of the actual laws on the books.

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  13. Thankfully you and passenger were ok. As for the driver, ugh. Enough said. Also good to know there are still good, kind folk around willing to help out someone in need.

  14. ...can you legally stop someone trying to
    flee the scene of an accident with a firearm?

    Hell yes~~~!
    The Good Samaritan had to shoot the Get-Away Drunken
    Drivers tires out, to prevent his escape from the scene of a
    major collision! With a scared, screaming, and obviously kidnapped, young female in distress...This is the USA,
    NOT Venezuela!~~~

    On Watch~~~
    If "we the people" can't attempt
    to thwart the actions of violent
    attackers in the ACT of Attack!
    Who will protect the innocent,
    while the LEOs have their
    hands & heads full of
    trouble, elsewhere?

    "Let's Roll"

  15. Here in shaker heights one of the main roads was blocked off by a lot of police yesterday. Hours later as we returned from the pool the firemen were still rolling up hoses on the lawn of a house there. I read later that 2 cars collided and two men ( father and son) were stabbed by the driver of the other car after the accident. The illegals are now everywhere d they will cost some of us all we have.

    1. Thanks for the Report
      and your insight Anon!
      Also have learned that
      Follow Home assaults &
      robberies by illegals, as
      well as the usual suspects,
      are increasing~~~
      Asked wife to be aware of
      any vehicle following her
      home from bank or shopping
      etc. and call it in to me & PD
      so's I can have a 'ducks in a row"
      welcome for the perps, just in case
      they get here before, LE does~~~
      On Watch~~~

      " Let's Rolll"

  16. It's absolutely about culture and not color. Hade a very nice conversation with a black couple about cooking shrimp in a seafood market today. We swapped recipes. Nobody gave a shit about skin color/

    1. paul vincent zecchinoOctober 1, 2023 at 5:19 PM

      Concur. This has all come about since dear leader resurrected it, the old Roman 'divide and conquer' ploy. Sorry, dear leader, not falling for the gag.

  17. Informal research ongoing since dear leader showed up with chips on eachshoulder, pitting one against the other, titled, ."Where's the Race War'?

    Answer, it exists only in the fevered so-called 'minds' of leftists.

    Cruised frequently over the years, noticed many black shipmates. Met many, had enjoyable visits. Courteous, kindhearted, good humored.

    Where's the race war? It exists only in what can be laughingly referred to as the 'minds' of communists and their useful idiots.

    On another note, had car accident several years ago, rear ended by woman driving white compact as we were both driving about thirty miles per hour in heavy traffic. Noticed her windshield was cracked, but she appeared uninjured.

    We started to pull over into a parking lot to exchange driver info. Noticed her doing same. But she ducked down a side street and took off. Located her in a parking lot couple hundred feet distant, standing outside vehicle, jabbering on cellphone.

    As we approached her location, she jumped into her car and took off. Contacted 911, Manatee County (FL) Sheriff's Office, who expressed usual caveats re weapons, safety.

    Informed dispatch we would cross weapons bridge should we come to it, meantime would follow her without breaking any laws or violating the Constitution, until deputies could intercept her.

    Continually updated 911 as to position, speed, etc.

    After about ten minutes, she tried to make a break on I-75 northbound, but stopped, exited car, approached us, asking, "Why didn't you stop?"

    Talk about stereotypical projective language of the criminal.

    Deputies arrived, witnessed this, took our statement and hers.

    Deputies informed us that the accident report would be available on Sheriff's website and we were free to continue about our business.

    They thanked us for following until they could arrest her, as she had a felony warrant as well as no license, driving a vehicle which did not belong to her, not to mention leaving scene of accident. Deputies stated they would take her to jail.

    Looked at her on the Net, addresses in TX, NC, FL and XE; suggestive of one who 'mules' contraband.

    We can expect more of this, much more.

    A friend from west Texas whose grandparents immigrated here legally long ago, described them as 'Joe's Invading Army.'

    Well stated.

  18. Paul Vincent ZecchinoOctober 1, 2023 at 5:18 PM

    Failed to sign my name to above comment re accident and 'where's the race war.' Taught long ago to always sign one's name to statements.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino

  19. I was in a 6 car accident. I was the 2nd car. Lady behind me was tail gating and pushed me into the stopped truck in front of me.

    5 and 6 car took off.
    #4 car no insurance and probably no papers.

    Since I was rear ended last car has responsibility.

    Ended up my insurance paid via uninsured coverage.

    I was very careful and took photos of 3 and 4 cars.

    Now I’m very careful of tail gaters.

  20. race is irrelevant. civility, including respect for the law, is relevant. nc sister in law and ct cousin’s wife both hit by illegal aliens without driving licenses or insurance who ran stop signs in past year. in a year or two traffic accidents will be the least of our worries when considering the coming pain inflicted by illegal aliens.