Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Spanish Birthday

Back in Spain to "celebrate" my birthday. Relatives here make a big deal out of a birthday, while I would rather ignore the date. No such luck. Big lunch is scheduled for later today at a nice restaurant in San Sebastian. I will be forced to smile, while secretly looking at my watch.

My son is here with his kids and they are seeming to enjoy Spain. It's still a good country for raising kids. The numerous parks are full of the little ones and dogs until very late at night; parents sitting on benches or at near-by terraces having drinks and snacks. The parks get power washed every morning. Quite amazing.

The news from home is not cheery. The methodical destruction of the American nation continues apace.

The imbecilic mummy in the White House and his giggling VP put out a steady stream of delusional tweets and press releases about "wins" and progress that nobody in his right mind could possibly believe. All very Orwellian. There is a constant distortion of inflation data which belies what one sees with his own eyes in supermarket, gas station, and retail stores of all kinds. Mortgage rates are through the roof, along with car loans. Meanwhile criminal gangs have the OK to steal and loot, with those seeking to protect their property made out as the villains. 

The border? Not even mentioned anymore. Millions pour across, and hardly a peep. 

The power elites continue their Stasi-like war on the political opposition, locking up opponents, hitting them with outrageous sentences, and a docile press goes along.

What will the next few years bring? 

I kinda hope not to be around to see. I feel great sorrow for my grandkids; they are going to inherit a collapsed Western civilization, worthy of a Mad Max film.


  1. So much for "leaving it better than we found it," eh?
    In the absence of divorce, kids grow up to be smarter and more competent than their parents. That's the fundamental explanation for the growth of the west and divorce signifies its current plateau and/or decline. Guessing you guys will have had a 50'th before long if not now, and assuming so, congrats, for what an anonymous congratulation is worth, I suppose it beats a 'celebration'.

    - reader #1482

    1. So much for "leaving it better than we found it," eh?
      I would say, " Oh Ye of Little Faith", if I didn't know
      you better ~1482~~but I believe I do, so there! Btw,
      I was privy to a Concrete Block Wall being built in my
      'hood by a new crew of 6 young men yesterday...
      It was 95 in the shade, but there wasn't any of that!
      Most of em were just about wiped, but had to
      complete heavy shovel work, and make it to
      the 'finish' by 5pm ~~~ a long story short,
      right before my eyes they turned into a
      Crew of Submariners, ripping into each
      other laughing & squawking, mighty
      Shovels Full up and Over the 7 foot
      Wall. Some were already sick & I
      flashed back to Salt Tablets in the
      Keys but who knows nowadays.
      I ragged 'em back n' forth,
      one was ready to puke & quit
      at the same time. I tossed him
      a Gatorade 2.0 a minute later
      he was back at the end of his
      shovel~~~Move'in Dirt, hard to
      believe he almost, but, didn't
      Quit! Nor did any of the 6!
      At the other end of the Wall
      I handed over a
      6 pack O' Bud...the crew
      wetting their whistles and
      washing the shovels...I stroll
      down the other end where the
      quiet guy is collecting Levels &
      other hand tools, I swear he's
      a young JC... He looks me
      Square in the Eyes and
      says outta the Blue, I
      sincerely want to
      Thank You for
      your Hospitality~~~
      reaches out,
      shakes my hand.
      Into their truck
      and off they go
      Waving &
      Thumbs UP~~~
      Stuff Like that happens
      all the Time to Me~~~
      Think what The USA needs
      is to kick 'Rats to the curb
      or provide 10 20 30 year
      accommodations behind
      bars to SOB's who need it
      the most~~~IMHO
      On Watch~~~

      " Let's Roll"

    2. got a permit fer that there retaining wall.... sir? :)

      good to find people who will work... I'm hopeful about the future because the true church is continuing to rise ... the new leaders aren't going to be kids led to endorse their hyper-gender-trauma encouraged and begat by their parents... but the kids who work hard, go to church, and ignore the idiots (most of whom are school administrators, not so much other kids).

      Liberals don't reproduce, they can only recruit.

      - reader #1482

  2. We are surrounded. Guess it simplifies matters. SidV

    1. Well Sid, may indeed be so!
      sAY, we see the whites of
      those lying eyes...+...@^@
      1st, before they spot USn,
      good ole boys, from cross
      da creek~Katy Bar duh Door~~
      ...'Yeah they ran through the briers
      and they ran threw 'em brambles
      where duh rabbits couldn't even go'~~~

      "Let's Roll"

  3. Dip, pretty soon you will reach the point where age is no longer measured by birthdays but instead by 'carbon dating'.

    1. Now that's something we
      all may look forward to, Ww,
      'cept i asked a resident Scientist
      what would be the protocols for
      carbon dating individuals after a
      Nuke strike, she looked at me as tho
      I was nutz, but added, the collective may
      take comfort knowing that they all enjoyed
      the same "Died on" date as the adjacent heap,
      my follow-up questions did not evoke a reply~~~

      On Watch~~~
      Hears: Mud in your Eye"
      or as all those old
      would say with
      raised Mugs,

      "Let's Roll"

  4. Cheating aside. People wanted this. There had to be sufficient legit votes in order for the cheating demsheviks to 'top them off' with fakes.

    People wanted what they got in New York City and State. Now they're getting it, 'good and hard', as Mr. Mencken famously said.

    They want another covid lockdown. For all the 'we will not comply' declarations, one sees Nervous Nellies driving solo in the Florida sun and heat, widows up, mask on as if to protect against myriad Heironymous Bosch goblins pounding on the windshield.

    Half the country or more is mindwashed, thanks to thirty years of hillary's "I get domestic policy" perversion of education, and the lickspittle media which lapped at her cloven hooves.

    Trump half-heartedly now tries to distance himself from his germaphobic sashaying into the left's covid trap. Too late smart.

    Faith in our Creater has never been more timely.

  5. Happy birthday! My spanish wife pulls my ears on this day.

  6. ..."my... Relatives here make a big deal out of a
    birthday, while I would rather ignore the date."
    I know of what you speak Dip, but do so enjoy
    seeing the smiles of Kinfolk, suspect you
    do too Amigo! Anyhowl they're better
    than Hurricanes~~~So congrats on
    making it safely to 2023 w/your
    family & friends to celebrate
    your Wonderful Life, & the
    challenging & changing
    times you've endured
    thrived & survived in,
    Hand Salute, WLA~~~ Watch~~~

    "Let's Roll"

  7. Hope you had a Happy Birthday and have a safe trip back

    1. Hear! Hear! Mr. Skip!
      and before the Devil
      gets his shoes on!

  8. Happy belated birthday...if it won't start an argument.

    As for the country, look on the bright side: Death Squads!

  9. Still no news on why Rob Malley was sacked for cause... the primary JCPOA 'negotiator' (aka, gift giver) is suspected of... something untoward with regard to Iran... almost certainly to have gone back to his time under Kerry... I imagine Kerry is perplexed... it's not like Kerry needed Malley to tell him that Iran would sign on to an agreement where the US gave Iran everything it wanted in return for nothing at all....

    - reader #1482

    1. Hmmm~suspect 'Slow Foot Joe's still not quite ready
      yet, to trip the light fantastic down the flight of stairs...


      "Let's Roll"

  10. Cheers, and good to see you aboard once again, LJ~~~!
    On Watch~~~

    ..."That is why the current debate over public broadcasting is so fierce. It is a struggle between those with an "unconstrained vision," in the words of economist Thomas Sowell, of an all-powerful central government run by an educated elite that does everything, including decide what is cultural and educational television. On the other side are those who feel a commitment to limited government. As Representative John Kasich (R-OH) recently put it, "the vast majority of people we hear from say, as we go into the 21st century, government doesn't need to run a television station."
    "Let's Roll"

  11. Likewise with us in the UK. Britain would be an amazing place to live if the local citizens had the power to enact local change. It is what made Britain and its colonies amazing places for hundreds of years. Unfortunately we have had centralization and clamp down by all manner of organizations, coupled with mass migration (not just the invaders, but Britons are all fleeing from places that become infested and ruined), and this has led to the people not being involved with the running of the community. Instead a bunch of nutcases and petty-tyrants flock to those positions of power and they ruin everything, while the masses feel powerless, and are to a degree because the police can and will be leveraged against them if they step out of line.
    If we can just get the every day people to be in power in their local communities, almost everything would get fixed in a very short time span. I've seen it on the ground where I live, the local community is incredible and is constantly trying to make things better; yet the council and police repeatedly get in the way with the MP showing up to tell us why they cannot fix things, and if asked "you make the laws, why don't you change them?" we get told it is because of international treaties, which I then told them "wasn't the whole point of Brexit to get out of those?", and they just smirk and try to make a joke about how we should have this debate in the pub. Its infuriating. Oust the scum and get the people back in power; remove the police and rebuild the militias, bring back lynchings and let each area make its own laws and dispense its own justice; and things would be righted very quickly. All it takes is one area to then make things better and everyone else will copy them; and before long you'll have immigrants deported, foreigners not allowed to own property, sexual predators hanged, foreign trade that undermines local trade either banned or taxed to the point that local stuff is cheaper; and basically everything will get better. It is that easy. The British people are more than capable of governing themselves, these stuck up arseholes who have the audacity to call themselves our 'representatives' need to be removed.

  12. Hear Hear 'C^C'~~~
    Thanks for coordinates...
    On Target~Dead Center~~~
    Let's hope/pray we wake-up
    enough of our respective Crew,
    to save our floundering futures~~~
    On Watch~~~
    Blue Birds on the Horizon

    "Let's Roll"

  13. So what's confusing me... a couple months ago we found out that Obama and Biden's main 'negotiator' facing Iran, Rob Malley, was reported to congress as being on family leave. Then congress found out, like the rest of us, from Iranian newspapers, that Malley had his clearance revoked and was first put on paid leave, then unpaid leave and subsequently is 'under investigation'.
    What's more concerning to me is not that the Biden administration is trying to withhold evidence that will certainly be damaging to Biden, Obama, Kerry and the rest of the JCPOA liars, but that conservative groups aren't asking questions either.
    Other than this blip where some house GOP reps said "hey, what happened here?" There's been nothing at all, not even uncomfortable questions for Blinken in a press conference.
    Chief gift-giver errr... Kerry-negotiator, pal and buddy of Sandy "Nat'l Archives" Burgler ... likely turned traitor... and there's no news?

    - reader #1482

  14. Numero 1482~~~
    Suspect that at this tender Electoral stage, The Right,
    REALizes that the only hatch, which is wise to crack Now,
    is an access via pubic permit, to Explore Impeachment of CinC...
    Mustn't let too many 'ratbastids crap-up the hallowed halls at once!
    On Watch~~~

    "Let's Roll"

  15. I met and married my wife in Taiwan. There's a lot to be said for that non-Communist Chinese way of life, too. I have great relatives over there, and friends. If I could be paid an American salary, I could live there (I'm a user of spoken and written Mandarin). But, there's too much an imitation of "progressive" America; although custom still often trumps law and policy. But then, there's the looming threat of Beijing invading; the 900 lb. gorilla in the room.

    Obama and Zhou Baideng have made a complete hash out of the USA.