Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Saturday, December 2, 2023

The Sun Sets in the West?

In my place in Madrid, just around the corner from Socialist Party (PSOE) HQS. There are still considerable crowds gathering every night protesting PSOE plans to ram through a constitutionally dubious amnesty for Catalan and Basque separatists, offer to have Madrid absorb Catalunya's large public debt, and presumably offer independence referendums--also constitutionally dubious. This, of course, after the PSOE ran on a platform of rejecting amnesty and independence for the Catalan and Basque regions. The socialists, who lost the elections, have cobbled together a majority government with seven votes to spare. It is a weak and fractious coalition that could split apart any time. One of the flaws of parliamentary-style government is that you never really know for whom you're voting. The post-election alliances can make a mockery of electoral results.

The Diplowife and I hung around the demonstration on Friday night. The police presence was overwhelming; the crowd was relatively small compared to previous days, and there were no incidents. We enjoyed talking with some of the demonstrators who were remarkably well-informed about politics in Spain and the world. It was a joy talking to people who value their country and don't want it to see it put at risk so a politician can remain in power. There was a great deal of concern over the growing migrant wave hitting Spain's coasts and the Canary Islands. There were shouts in the crowd of "Spain is Christian not Mohammedan!" Spaniards are born poets and nobody can beat them for the poetic even musical nature of their chants. Translation ruins them: we herd great ones questioning the legitimacy of the Prime Minister's birth, his need to be jailed, etc. You have to hear them in the original.

Continuing to follow events in Israel. I am not particularly worried about the Israelis; if left alone they will more than handle the Hamas gangsters. I worry much more about the war in the street of London, Paris, Melbourne, New York, Toronto, and Chicago. Our countries have allowed the infiltration of millions persons who hate us. Even worse, however, our rotten education systems have produced millions of "native" students who detest their own country and culture.The pro-Palestine marchers/rioters/thugs are not really acting for "Palestine." Most don't know what it is, where it is, or the history.

The West is committing suicide by allowing the mass migration of Muslims into our nations, and simultaneously brain-washing our youth into accepting their own demise.

More later.


  1. Well said. I asked my collage educated cousin what Palestine was before Hadrian changed the name.and got a blank stare.

    1. a well deserved blank stare:

  2. Off topic, sort of. I'm old, but I figure that I should break down and learn Spanish. Part of me wants to do Castilian (hey, I could do the Camino!). But part of me thinks I should just toss in the towel and do "Mexican." Or skip the whole thing and go for Italian. Thoughts? Thanks.

    1. Spanish is easier than Italian.

    2. I am told that if you speak Spanish to the Italians, after they get over the shock, they can understand you. Whatever "get over the shock" means. The Parisian waiters have resolved to only understand proper Parisian French, so it won't work there. When I was in Austria and Switzerland, I discovered that my High School German (taught to us by a Polish woman, btw) worked perfectly with the Canadian and Australian Summer workers in Switzerland.

  3. We should be careful about pejorative terms like "separatists". After all, the US was founded by "separatists".

    There is a UN-recognized right (I know! I know!) for "self-determination" -- but global Political Classes are very reluctant to recognize that right uniformly. If Kosovo wants out, that is OK; the US taxpayer will bomb Serbia into compliance. But if the Donbas Russian-speakers want out, the US taxpayer will provide the weapons to let the Ukrainians beat them back onto the reservation.

    As a practical matter, one of the few ways of keeping the global Political Classes in line would be to encourage as many moves for independence as possible. The Irish used to talk about "voting with their feet". If more groups of people within current states would vote with their feet, it might bring the Political Classes to their senses and remind them of their duty to make their jurisdictions attractive places for their citizens.

    1. Not sure about whatever pseudo-legal ramifications, but the right of separation certainly peaks when there's a lack of representation of the honoring of plebiscites/votes. Donbas did have such peak rights immediately after the maidan putsch that removed the fairly-elected yanukovich from power. IMO, that doesn't justify Russia's invasion, but does mean that the residents of donetz basin and crimea were being abused. I remember at the time: "This is not going to end well." And it hasn't (and I'm a serious cheerleader for Ukraine... I just want to be honest about how things got here).

      - reader #1482

  4. It's not suicide, it's euthanasia being brought on by the deep state oligarchs. They have convinced themselves that they will survive the coming onslaught. What was it that Jahar(?) from Babylon Five told the other guy?

  5. Unlike the US, Spain remembers its history. It's been 542 years since the Iberian Peninsula was under the thumb of Islam. I frequently ask people, why the rhyme "In fourteen hundred and ninety two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue" is important. I have yet to meet a single American who understands that the voyage was enabled by the fact that the Reconquista had been completed. Sad.

    1. Sancho! My Sword~~~
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  6. Everyone be of good cheer for the West HAS
    won! This whole thing believe it or not has been good!

  7. See my post Sympathy for the Devil

  8. Unfortunately you are preaching to the converted about the perils of mass Islamic immigration. Sadly, here in the UK both our main political parties (Conservative and Labour) as well as several minor ones all support mass third world immigration for their own reasons. The media is dominated by lefties who seem to hate our way of life - even though they themselves live in areas with little immigration. Our system is completely and utterly smashed beyond repair short of violent revolution now. The town I fled to after leaving the city where population replacement had already occurred is now becoming more and more foreign and more and more bearded 'asylum seekers' keep arriving.
    Although I voted for Brexit and to leave the EU I did not do so because of European immigration. I welcome 'Britons born abroad', such as Australians, Canadians Americans of European heritage as well as our EU neighbours. I also don't mind Chinese immigration (when was the last time you saw somebody with a Chinese name in the crime news?) but totally reject Africans and Mohammedans.
    As Churchill himself said: "How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live."
    The England I loved is over.

  9. Does the name Matamoros suggest anything?

  10. It seems a guy you've likely worked with has been arrested for spying for Cuba since 1981. Victor Manuel Rocha, who was ambassador to Bolivia, appointed by Clinton a few months before he left office. Previously at the Argentina embassy. Oh, and he had worked as Deputy Principal Officer of the U.S. Interests Section Havana, Cuba.,Bolivia%20on%20July%2014%2C%202000.

  11. There is a tendency to evil in Islam.

  12. "...evil in Islam.~~~
    Qué pasa, mi amigo!
    "Let's Roll"

  13. Article points out that the biggest problem with Rob Malley's work for Democratic Presidents is that he *wasn't* actually a spy. He was deliberately undermining US strength and security with the blessing of the party in power.
    If he had been a spy, then fine, known incompetence in the Biden/Obama administrations allowed Iran a win, respond with better intelligence work. But that's unfortunately not the case.

    - reader #1482

  14. Thank you for including Toronto in the list of cities where the war is being fought. Sadly it all happens with the support of our leftist government and its incompetent leader.

    1. Vast numbers of “Syrian War “ refugees have seen to that not only in Toronto but across Canada.


    2. "...war is being fought. Sadly it all happens
      with the support of our leftist government
      and its incompetent leader."

      ...“Syrian War “ refugees have seen to that
      not only in Toronto but across Canada."

      Yes, 1482, the Malley Down Beat
      becomes the 'Rats Melody~~~
      Happy Holidays~~~
      On Watch~~~
      w/an Eli Lake Refrain~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  15. 14'th amendment, section 3, allows for congress to pass laws regarding insurrection and office holders. With regards to potus, in 150 years, congress has chosen not to do so. It's incomprehensible that a state court like Colorado's would decide a) what constitutes a 'federal' insurrection and b) create its own legislation to introduce restrictions on what that definition means for elections. -- John Bolton, paraphrased.

    1. "14'th amendment, section 3,...
      -- John Bolton, paraphrased."

      Well that just might get
      reader #1482 outta the
      woodwork, and there
      he is, nearby the
      Mulberry bush,
      Ho Ho Ho!
      On Watch~~~
      To Wit:
      This explains the recent court ruling in Colorado perfectly…
      A Hat Tip & Hand
      Salute To: you
      too, Jarvis~~~

      "Let's Roll"

    2. I'll agree on all of that except the last sentence in the article!
      Strange that the dissent in question doesn't appear to have been broached at all by the majority... that's generally the case with partisan decisions, I suppose. Well, good job trying, Colorado.

      - reader #1482

    3. ~~~concur your 'exception' reader #1482
      Perhaps Brer Jarvis' tongue got caught
      where it should not have been~~~?
      Wishing you and yours Happy
      Holidays & Good Healh~~~
      On Watch~~~
      God Bless US Everyone~~~

  16. Too much crap going on. The US should unilaterally abrogate the CTBT (which it's never even ratified anyways) and resume nuclear testing. There's no other way by which the US can really get out ahead of the threats from dictatorships like the PRC. Right now, we're letting all these enemy countries determine the pace of escalation of hostilities.

    - reader #1482

    1. Happy New Year!
      Brother reader~~~~
      Upon reading your Long Overdue
      Short Commentary, w/Ref: to the,
      Comprehensive Nuclear-(CTBT)~ I
      dashed over to my go-to source on
      this extremely important Subject~
      Unfortunately, I found there the
      following notation at the topic
      Head:"This article needs to be
      updated. Please help update
      this article to reflect recent
      events or newly available
      information. (November-
      There is of course a wealth
      of old NEWS/and Some Facts
      over-there~~~ to peruse and
      or factor in to the debate, but
      Seems to me, your comments
      #1482 Speak most cogently on
      the currency of the Subject you
      have raised over-here:

      "US should unilaterally abrogate the CTBT (which it's never even ratified anyways) and resume nuclear testing There's no other way by which the US can really get out ahead of the threats from dictatorships like the PRC.~~~[etc etc etc]~~~ Right now, we're letting all these enemy countries determine the pace of escalation of hostilities."

      IMHO you're on point
      as usual reader #1482
      Perhaps some off
      planet testing
      of systems
      over CCP HQ
      Cant we all just
      try to get along];~)>~~~
      PERHAPS the MAGA
      PATRIOTS have a plan
      to re=balance the planks~~~
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

      Some Stats here~~~
      Map of states' adoption of the CTBT
      Participation in the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty
      Annex 2, signed and ratified
      Annex 2, signed but not ratified
      Annex 2, non-signatory
      Not Annex 2, signed and ratified
      Not Annex 2, signed but not ratified
      Not Annex 2, non-signatory
      Signed 24 September 1996; 27 years ago
      Location New York City
      Effective Not in force
      Condition 180 days after ratification by
      all 44 Annex 2 countries
      Signatories 187
      Ratifiers 177 (states that need to take further action for the treaty to enter into force: China, Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, United States)
      Depositary Secretary-General of the United Nations
      Languages Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish
      The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT)

  17. Come back Diplo, we need your insight

    1. Yes, certainly, Anon!
      Our insightful Host is,
      Most of All Welcome,
      to this Great Debate!
      Although BO & Joe
      Biteme's Anti-USA
      Islamist BS front,
      need not apply,
      at this time~~

      "Let's Roll"

  18. It has been a month since the last post. Please, give us an update. Have a healthy, QUIET New Year!

  19. Someone send out a search party for our host!

  20. If the US military weren't so focus on their own belly buttons, this would be a perfect time to investigate the current state-of-the-art in war making. Israel is showcasing uncontested airspace and large scale urban combat against a literally-dug-in enemy. Ukraine is showcasing large scale open ground warfare against both mobile and static defenses with highly contested airspace.
    If we don't have operators with boots-on-the-ground in both theaters gaining insight in exchange for materiel, then the DoD is in dereliction of its duties.

    - reader #1482

  21. ~~~the DoD is in dereliction of its duties.
    - reader #1482
    No doubt about it IMHO~~~
    Waiting on the last
    straw then PoP
    Goethe thee

  22. I recently saw a suggestion that the Sephardic Jews are not predominantly descended from ancient Judeans but from converts among the Phoenicians/Carthaginians.

    Putting aside the difficulties in testing such a hypothesis I ask you whether such a proposition is (in your view) anti-semitic or might just be respectable academic speculation?

    (As far as I can tell the suggestion had nothing to do with the modern Israel/Palestinian dispute but was an attempt to explain the large number of Jews believed to be living around the coast of the Mediterranean in Roman times.)

  23. Wonderful topic--dearieme
    Here is where I started:

    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  24. UNRWA headquarters shelters what? Oh yeah, a freaking HAMAS datacenter! US should have stopped contributing to the UN after the PRC joined.

    - reader #1482

  25. but there's hope... I'm pretty sure the IDF taking out a HAMAS datacenter is one of the more effective victories they've had since 10/7. If anybody can pull useful data from what they've picked up, it'd be the Israelis. Heck, they might get a full map of the tunnel system and a list of HAMAS spies in the UN... (which probably outnumbers actual employees)

    - reader #1482

    1. ..."If anybody can pull useful data from what they've picked up, it'd be the Israelis. Heck, they might get a full map of the tunnel system and a list of HAMAS spies in the UN..."

      Yea & Verily Bro!
      Tis a pity the IDF can't just
      deep fry the Bastids in their
      Gaza holes & UN hideouts...
      The surviving hostages are...
      blessed to have the Israelis hot
      on there cold trails, pray that some,
      if not all, will be extricated, before the
      Hamas/Iranian Dirtbags hit the switch,
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

    2. fair enough.. I guess 'underground nuclear testing' would be a little too obvious to the rest of the world.

  26. Asking those with Facebk account: please check if our host has posted after December 2, 23? I'm worried.

    1. look up 'the diplomad' on twitter/x

    2. Well Hell Anons' I took my 1st
      stroll into the bowels of ~"X"~
      just to sniff around and see
      if therein was any evidence
      of Dear Dip's survival, or his
      departure to higher ground!

      Fact is I was stunned by a
      Pamphlet I received for
      FREE! Haven't had time
      to digest all of it as yet,
      but just the cursory
      once-over of page
      #1 convinces me
      DIP's still Hip!~~~
      & kickin too~~~
      On Watch~~~

      "Let's Roll"
      Please read the
      attached below~~~

      Lewis Amselem

      Here goes, again. Sorry for the repetition.

      The war in the Middle East churns on. The Israeli invasion of Gaza seems going on in a very methodical way. Hamas is getting crushed. Good. I also notice, again, that this is despite the fact that Israel uses bombs which only land next to one of the 30,000 hospitals which apparently exist in Gaza, and only kill children, journalists, poets, and women. Nobody else. They might want to switch up their ammo supplier.

      I have no doubt the Israelis can handle Hamas, Hizbullah, and any other threats in their neighborhood. I have less confidence in the ability of the West to do so.

      I wrote years ago about this:

      The cause of Islamic "radicalization" is not Guantanamo, Western troops, or women in short skirts. The radicalization, as the word "radical" makes clear, comes from the root of Islam, the Quran. This basic text of Islam is held to be, quite literally, the precise word of Allah as revealed to Mohammed. No deviation is allowed or accepted; it is the Final Word. Period. No further revelations follow. We see, therefore, the rage with which mainstream Islam treats the Ahmadiyya sect which holds to subsequent "revelations" that call for more compassion and understanding. When I served in Pakistan, a major center of the Ahmadiyya faith, attacks on and killings of Ahmadis were common. Jews and Christians, likewise, come in for Islamic hatred and rage, because they do not accept the Quran as the word of God, or Mohammed as his Prophet. Forcible conversion, slavery, and death serve as the prescribed remedies for this blasphemy. It is right there in the Quran, aka, the book of instructions on "How to be a Muslim."

      We see the streets of London, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Paris, Copenhagen, etc, taken over by frenzied anti-semitic crowds, AKA Antifa, "supporting" Palestine--could they find it on a map?--shouting the "River to the Sea" call for Jewish slaughter. All this as though creating yet another corrupt authoritarian Muslim nation would solve any problem.

      Thank you, universities.

      Many of those demonstrators would find themselves raped, tortured, and murdered precisely by the people they purport to support. I love the line from the march organizers that many Jews took part. I have doubts about how many Jews did, but let us not forget that the Nazis had their Kapos in the camps and Judenrats outside -- e.g., George Soros and clan --helping them annihilate European Jewry--an ugly truth.

      Hamas, a mafia-like, blood cult, wants to kill all Jews, including the Kapos, Judenrats, and--surprise!--Christians. They also want to kill LGBTQ (etc) people, and women in short skirts, Tanzanian and Thai exchange students, and on and on. They have a long list.

      Hamas is just another manifestation of Islam's 1400 year war on civilization.

      Anyhow, no ceasefire until Hamas is destroyed. Hizbullah should be next. It can be done; look at how Trump destroyed the ISIS caliphate in short order.

      I have written before that Islam needs to suffer one devastating defeat after another before there is any chance of reform. It's a long war.
      4:17 PM · Dec 27, 2023

    3. thank you for finding this.

    4. Glad to help find, read, and report
      this important communique, Anon~~~

    5. Thank you "On Watch Anon"- but that was last year. Nothing for Jan and Feb?

    6. Dear ETat,
      4:17 PM · Dec 27, 2023
      twas more like 7 weeks or so ago
      although I realize with all the holidays
      we cram into the 1st quarter it may seem
      close to a year gone by~~~however a very
      SHORT February & getting much shorter since
      Valentines Day, Ash Wednesday, and a very Happy
      Chinese New Year, w/fireworks~~~etc etc etc. True
      it sometimes feels like time flys sic, waiting for one's
      Monthly DIP~TIP~especially if you're one of those who forgot your Bride's Anniversary!~~~ But, what I replied too was Brer Anon's req. to ckout X, and did so happily, and as a
      non-card carrying 'TwitSter' was rewarded with the
      above, informative wla POST, and as he
      aptly concludes:
      "I have written before that Islam
      needs to suffer one devastating
      defeat after another before there
      is any chance of reform.
      ***It's a long war.***
      4:17 PM · Dec 27, 2023

      Concur Chief!
      Soooo~~ the Dip continues to make sense
      or as my newest contact over at "X" reports
      that the Dip has been replying to posts in
      his usual happy snappy way. Here's a few
      for you non X'ers, & w/ Dip fixes, as well,

      Jan. 3 Reply to Blk_herstory
      "She's a plagiarist, an anti-Semite, and is still getting paid $900,000/year. How she suffers."

      Jan. 5 Reply to Hind_Gazza
      "How did the 95 day ordeal start? What happened on 7 October?"
      Jan. 13 Reply to richimedhurst
      "One million Jews expelled from Muslin countries after 1948."

      Jan 14 Reply to DillyHussain88
      "You are a liar."

      Jan 14 Reply to Baseeji_313
      "Don't think Allah is with you on this."

      Jan 25 Reply to muhammadshehad2
      "You have no idea who shot these people if anybody did."
      Feb. 6 Reply to JonnyFIX1
      "You tried pulling off a hoax and got caught."

      Well I'm OW, Down Here in Daytona
      asking Odin and the Weather
      Elves to Cooperate and
      get the dang track Dry!
      On Watch~~~
      " Let's Roll"

  27. Oh yeah, Copy Boy reminded me to send this pertinent & important SnipiT~ OUT to you Guys & Gals, since the Daytona 500 is called till
    the Morrow~~~

    Please Don't Laugh this
    CRAP is not FUNNY~~~

    AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

    U.N. Relief Chief Martin Griffiths told Sky News Wednesday that he does not consider Hamas to be a terrorist group. Griffiths said that the 'aspirations' of Hamas have to be taken into consideration during negotiations.

    Griffiths was asked about the feasibility of Israel's military eliminating Hamas and ending its governance in Gaza. He said, “Hamas is not a terrorist group for us, as you know, it is a political movement. But, I think it is very very difficult to dislodge these groups without a negotiated solution; which includes their aspirations."

    “I cannot think of an example offhand of a place where a victory through warfare has succeeded against a well-entrenched group, terrorist or otherwise.”

    Good to know where everyone stands, right? The United Nations continues to prove its anti-Israel stance. Griffiths indicates that the U.N.'s position is that Israel will just have to suck it up and find a way to live with Hamas on its border with Gaza. Unbelievable.

    Griffiths said he has a “total understanding” of the “trauma” experienced by Israelis after the October 7, 2023 massacres by Hamas in Israel but Israel will just have to figure out a way to live with its neighbors and build relationships.

    How does Israel build a relationship with Hamas after October 7? It shouldn't even be a consideration. Hamas must be destroyed and Israel must be allowed to do that job. The mission of Hamas is to eliminate Israel as a country and all the Jews living there. There is no living in those conditions. Hamas conducted its terror attack on Israel on October 7 when a ceasefire was in place. Hamas does not adhere to agreements.
    Link Below:


    HatTip to Hot Air ];~(>
    "Let's Roll"

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  31. Diplomad are you still in the land of the living?

  32. It seems that the Sun has set on the Diplomads blog.
    I hope he makes this statement false.

  33. me too Jeff. I miss his insight

  34. it's coming.... media is shilling for democrats who are going to replace biden in the november election.. .all the fawning liberal outlets that normally trip over each other to praise biden are now trotting out the gaffes that biden has so often made since he ran for office... is he senile? sure. has that changed? no... but lefty media is focusing on it *now* because they know he's going to lose in november and they need to cover for the democrat party changing the ticket