Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boston Bizarre

I am livid about events this past week in Boston.  In fact, I am spitting mad.

Let me start with law enforcement. OK, OK, lots of praise out there for the law enforcement agencies that nailed the two SURPRISE Muslim terrorists who killed and maimed innocent people for no reason at all, except one -- and we will get to that one. Praise? Yes, I praise the FBI for their amazing forensic abilities. I have worked with the FBI on bombings before in Indonesia, South Asia, and Central America and they are outstanding at going through a bomb blast site, collecting evidence and making good use of it. If the full force of the FBI is unleashed on you, you will not get away. No other police or intel agency in the world can match the FBI on that score. I had no doubt that once the FBI got fully mobilized the Boston bombers would get nailed. The other law enforcement? I don't know. I lived three years in Boston and the cops there never impressed me as particularly smart, well-trained, and professional. Maybe, however, they were brilliant this time round. I withhold judgment.

The problem in Boston is Boston and the mentality that it so ably represents. This is perhaps the most tolerant, liberal, and accepting city in the world. It is a solidly Democrat voting bloc. The people, with the exception of the Chinese student, killed and maimed in the blast were almost certainly solid, tolerant, liberals who hate George Bush and swoon over Obama. Bomb blasts are what they got in return for their kindness, tolerance, and embracing of diversity.  I am also troubled by the sight of some one million-plus persons cowering like weak Eloi in their homes, businesses shut, transportation systems on ice, while ONE mad Muslim Morlock runs amok. Somehow I don't see that scenario playing out in, say, Dallas, or Tucson, or, well, you get the idea. What we saw in Boston with the Mad Muslim brothers gang was not exactly a replay of the reception accorded the James brothers gang in Northfield.

Next of course we have the media. OK, we all know they get things wrong: it is understood that there is confusion, the cops don't give out all the information, etc. But even simple things are still unclear. From where exactly are these two brothers? Not clear. How did they support themselves? Not clear. How did they get visas? Not clear. If a "foreign government" already had warned us about the older clown, and he had an arrest for domestic violence, how was he not deported? Why was he allowed to become a US citizen? Not clear. Did they arrive as asylum seekers? Not clear, especially since the father still lives in Russia and the mother, a shoplifter, seems to have disappeared and likely gone back. The younger clown either arrived a "year ago" or did his high school in the States. Which is it? Not clear. They had no friends or they had lots of them? Not clear. When did they become Mad Muslim Bombers? Who indoctrinated them? And on and on.

What we have is not only the standard confusion and expected media incompetence, what we have in addition is that everything gets run through an ideological, political correctness filter that limits inquiry and puts certain topics out of bounds.

Let's target the big elephant, the one reason people died and were maimed, Islam. When are we going to learn that we get nothing good by allowing thousands upon thousands of Muslim immigrants into the US, immigrants imbued with a political ideology that espouses hatred for us? We need to treat Islam today as we treated Communism and Nazism in the past, to wit, as a hostile ideology that advocates the overthrow of our government and destruction of our way of life. Period. All religions have their absurdities and contradictions and other foibles. Islam, however, at its very core is a belief system that preaches hatred for non-Muslims, disregard for their suffering, and demands that Islam be recognized, by force if needed, as the one and only faith. Islam is a deranged way of viewing the world. It detests intellectual inquiry; sees women as no better than cows; and advocates violence, yes, violence. It is not a religion of peace. You can be a good person or be a Nazi; you can be a good person or be a Communist; and, sad to say, you can be a good person or be a Muslim. It is a choice. I repeat, you cannot be both.

If Muslims object to this characterization then THEY must do something about it. Not just the perfunctory statements after these events to the effect that "Islam is about peace." No. The Muslim communities in London, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, New York, Boston, Detroit, etc, must stand up and unequivocally denounce the preachers of hate, turn in those who practice it, and make clear that they have no place in those communities. The advocates of terror must be denounced, arrested, jailed, deported, shunned, etc. Until Muslims in the West do that, then we must treat them with suspicion and as potential enemies of the nation just as we did Communists and Nazis.


  1. I largely agree with you. My older son went to college in prim and PeeCee Massachusetts.

    Yes, as a former ConOff, I heartily agree that "the advocates of terror must be denounced, arrested, jailed, deported, shunned, etc."

    But, I cannot help but note that the uncle of Tamerlan and Joker Tsarnaev went public and called on his nephews to surrender. We've had Circassian Muslims living in Nawt Joysey since after WWII, yet have they gone a-bombing? We've have Lipka Tatars living in the NE USA since the Polish revolt against the Tsars fizzled out.

    Since 9/11, I've also reached the unhappy conviction that Islam is a highly dysfunctional religion and culture. But, as a missions-minded Christian, I've also noted that our Muslim immigrants in the USA have caught our missions flat-footed in an unprecedented number being interested in the Gospel. As for Muslim immigration in Europe, one backwash of this which has gone under-reported is that Turkish ex-Gastarbeiter have planted a small but growing Evangelical presence among ex-Muslims in Turkey (rather than siphoning off the ethnic Greek, Armenian, and Syriac minorities). Further, Kabyle folk who ran into Evangelicals in Europe, went back to Algeria and planted the first indigenous churches there in a millennium. Here in the states, among Christians of Iranian origin, ex-Muslims are catching up on ethnic Assyrians and Armenians. Further, I understand that now about one in four Iranian-Americans identifies as non-religious. Perhaps the most loyal Ithna'ashariyya Shi'ite Muslim ethnic Iranian in America is Mr. Reza Pahlavi, the man who would be Shah! Where I live, some West African Muslim immigrants are quietly drifting into Christianity; and I've seen some of it among families whose kids I teach.

    I realize you are probably not as traditionally theological as I am. But I believe that one thing we Westerners need to do is re-appropriate and re-affirm our own culture. Rather than throw mud at Muslim immigrants, who in some cases may be very dissatisfied with their received tradition and open to changes once they clear US Customs and Immigration, I think we need to develop a thorough criticism of the host of PeeCeeEmCee educators, journalists, filmmakers, politicians, lawyers, etc.

  2. The problem in Boston is Boston and the mentality that it so ably represents. This is perhaps the most tolerant, liberal, and accepting city in the world. It is a solidly Democrat voting bloc. The people, with the exception of the Chinese student, killed and maimed in the blast were almost certainly solid, tolerant, liberals who hate George Bush and swoon over Obama."

    SUPERB place to choose to run a Presidential candidate from.

    Anybody get the license plate of the state Boston's in?

    1. Just be happy that in the state you're alluding to, the teenager's last name was unpronounceable rather than say, Cornwallis.

  3. Re the curfew, after seeing the trigger-happy behaviour of one police force during a major manhunt you would probably have to PAY the citizens of Boston to step outdoors.

  4. I have a further observation about our country's current confrontation with the Dar-al-Islam which has been percolating ever since I was young and saw on TV Khomeini's end-run around the odds-on favorites in the Tudeh back in 1979.

    I frankly think that our old shop was aptly named "Foggy Bottom" over the way it dealt with ferment in the Islamic world back in the 1980's and '90's. In the orientation course I got on SE Asia before being shipped out to Bangkok, I was told how nice and cuddly "monsoon Islam" was compared to "desert Islam". After all, the latter is Sufi-dominated, and Sufis had been involved in campus dialogues with Quakers!

    There wasn't a hint of awareness of how those same Sufi-influenced "Monsoon Muslims" gave our troops a pretty good run for the money in Mindanao at the outset of the 20th century. There wasn't a hint of how Sufi orders were avid supporters of revolts against Russian and Chinese rule in the Kavkaz and Central Asia.

    In short, the sensibilities of the Silly 'Sixties and Sillier 'Seventies trumped serious historical reflection.

    When I was in Guangzhou, China, I read a think piece from INR on how there was no danger of "fundamentalism" among China's Muslims, because they were Sunnite instead of Shi'ite. Yet, this was right after we'd gotten a lot of kudos cables on our reporting on Muslim unrest in Xinjiang and Qinghai (gleaned from migrants, since they were from places in AmEmbassy Beijing's bailiwick). And, it seems as if INR (Intelligence and Research) had forgotten all about such Sunnite "moderates" as Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and our wonderful Sa'udi allies whose chief worries about Gulf War I was that the corpses of their Kufr allies would pollute their sacred sand.

    Again, media-speak trumped the evidence of our own lying eyes.

    And, getting back to China, Muslim dissidents in that land, whether Uyghur or Hui, tended to be friendly towards Westerners.

    And, as for "fundamentalism", I talked with a known West-sympathizing Malaysian diplomat who asked, "Since 'fundamentalism' is America's new enemy, does that mean I'm a target because I eat halal, pray five times daily, and hope to make the hajj when I die?" It turned out, he knew that "fundamentalists" were (a) seriously devout Christians whom he'd met and liked while a student in the USA and (b) despised by our elites. It may have been a case of the Dar-ul-Islam telling me that we were about to take up where we left off after Jan Sobieski chased the Turks away from Vienna; or, it may have been shocked surprise after a bit of mental arithmetic that suggested official Washington was now declaring a new Cold War on the traditionally devout everywhere. Even now, I wonder which it was.

    And, it seems that "Muslim fundamentalism" as a term was invented around 1979, as a way by which our esteemed elite media could tar as un-American and somehow linked to Khomeini those Evangelical Christians who were abandoning their own Jimmy Carter in his hour of need (such lock-step, tribal, monolithic people, those Evangelicals). This thought of mine was only confirmed when I read a multi-volume product of G'town and U of Chicago entitled "The Fundemantalism Project", certain articles of which convinced me that a "fundamentalist" is simply a traditionally observant person whom the author doesn't like.

    So, while I'm aware that a lot of the Islamic world hates us for who we are, I also wonder if our own media and government elites didn't throw a bit of fuel on the embers with unwise, domestically-directed rhetoric when the Islamic revolution first bubbled forth.

    Still, the accumulated mistakes of the past, along with the other guy's own historical trajectory, are coming together in a dreadful manner.

  5. I spend a lot of time in Cambridge, MA, and I frequently stay with friends in Watertown, MA.

    I can't help but wonder if "tolerant" communities like Cambridge, with their intense political correctness and the grievance/entitlement orientation of their school systems, might be much more likely to foment radicalization of immigrant students than less "enlightened" communities that don't have quite as many Priuses with "Coexist" bumper stickers.

    Does that make me a bad person?

    1. Insufficient information. However if Jello is sold in Cambridge you might purchase a box, run it over to MIT and whip up a batch.

      The proof should be found in the pudding.

    2. Funny you mention those stupid bumper stickers. Notice that they all seem to belong to the biggest most atheistic liberal types?

    3. New bumber sticker:

      Coexist: It worked well for the Jews in Europe.

  6. During WW II enemy aliens weren't allowed to enter the US to work, play, get public assistance. The fact is that we are at war now, declared by Islam during 2001. The difference is that after 12/7 we responded rationally, while since 9/11 our elites have been engaging in wishful thinking.

    At the very least we should terminate Muslim immigration and visits, and send home non-citizen Muslims if for no other reason than to reduce the pool of suspects.

    As for those who become citizens... Well, certainly increased surveillance seems the minimum response.

    1. Islam declared war on civilization in the 7th century. The cultists haven't stopped trying to kill us yet. We've been battling the filthy heathens since our nation's founding..."Shores of Tripoli" and all that. Allowing the "peaceful" moslums into the country only guarantees that we'll have more instances of Sudden Jihadi Syndrome-type murders in the future.

      Pisslam isn't a relgion, in any case. It is a social, economic, and political system designed to subjugate adherents and conquer free peoples. The very name of the cult gives away the game. Trying to appease or accept the animals into civilized societies is a modern failing that will have disastrous consequences.


  7. I can't believe this is a case of these brothers just up and getting jihadism in the last year or two on their own. Chechnians are a known jihadi-for hire group and thse guys had a pretty good plan of operation. There has to be others behind them.

  8. And what to do about the known radical mosques in the US? Places of worship and community or places of radicalization of Islam? It's a dilemma.

  9. ...The Muslim communities in London, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, New York, Boston, Detroit, etc, must stand up and unequivocally denounce the preachers of hate, turn in those who practice it, and make clear that they have no place in those communities. The advocates of terror must be denounced, arrested, jailed, deported, shunned, etc.."

    Never going to happen. Furthermore with Islam being basically the religion of minorities worldwide, so to speak, it is being openly embraced by certain politicians here. Cultural centers going up everywhere here and in Europe. There is no stopping it. Luckily it takes generations to truly collapse a society back into the 8th century so we will all be dead long before. As for our grand children, tough break. Muslim money and votes are too important. Guess who they vote for?

  10. The Ruling Class in this country is determined to see the U.S. at fault for everything that goes wrong in the world.

    This is lengthy, but it will make clear to you a great many things:

  11. The USA is stuffed unless you deal to the elephant in the room, liberals who won't deal to Islam.
    In this multicultural world they deem everything ok and equal, when that is not correct.
    The problem is 50% of voters vote them into positions of power.
    Houston we have a problem!

  12. Man Mountain MolehillApril 21, 2013 at 7:58 PM

    Boston-area politics is a bit more complicated than you represent it to be.

    The hardcore leftist/liberal elite lives in and around Cambridge (Harvard and MIT)and the western suburbs, where they live in sheltered environments, far from gritty reality. Actual Boston is dominated by Irish Catholics. Who support Democrats not because they are particularly liberal but because democrats are the party of urban corruption. A surprising number of Boston politicos end their career in Club Fed. cf Howie Carr. The Boston police are the stupidest, fattest collection of pot-bellied donut hounds I've seen anywhere.

    The actual split is probably closer to 50/50 Democrat/Republican with more conservative people dominating the western part of the state. Democrats have just enough of a majority to squeak through the election of leftist retards like Deval Patrick.

    It now looks like the FBI had ample warning about these scumbags, but that's in retrospect. What I want to know is how many similar warnings do they get? Possibly this was just lost in the noise of thousands of similar but basically harmless persons. Or maybe not. This needs to be clarified.

    Or read his book about the Brothers Bulger.

    1. Actual Boston is dominated by Irish Catholics.

      And, as I recall, the primary "foreign support base" during The Troubles viz the IRA.

  13. You make some great points and I generally agree with you, but two points sorta stick in my craw about your attitude toward the cops involved. The FBI, as you said, does some things brilliantly. Interfacing with and effectively using resources available through local authorities is NOT one of them. Locals can't/don't trust/rely on them in routine things, so when big stuff comes along it's even worse. Any local will tell you their field agents can't be trusted to back one up.
    The locals on a Thursday night gunfight scene in Watertown apparently ran out of ammunition and while being shot at used their squad car to crash into the stolen SUV in an attempt to disable it. I thought that took guts and we need to give them their due. Yes, cops aren't FSO's. Yes, they are pretty basic. Yes, we need them.
    Last, when talking about cops it's a given any officer OVER the rank of Sergeant no longer thinks or talks like a cop. She/he is now a politician, and owes all future promotions to political skills and moves. The higher the rank the more they've lost their cop instincts. If you trust the mayor, you can trust the chief, or vice versa. They are essentially the same person.

    1. As I recall, there was a big glitch re the Oklahoma bombing in which the FBI "suddenly remembered" a large cache of evidence they'd forgotten about. Neither did the amazing detective work by Jayna Davis ("The Third Terrorist") tell at all the same story of events that was presented to the public.

    2. Thursday night I found a link to Boston EMS radio on twitter and listened online to the locals' radio conversations off and on for the next 20 plus hours, until it was all over on Friday night. Whenever a presser came on I would turn up the sound and listen. Every press conference had some or a lot of misinformation. Every one!. Solemnly spoken by the guys who thought they were in control.

    3. "...apparently ran out of ammunition..." Must have been using those nanny-state approved 5 round magazines! After all, who needs more than 5 rounds?

  14. Man Mountain MolehillApril 22, 2013 at 2:32 PM

    The Boston FBI hasn't exactly covered itself in glory over the years.

    From Wikipedia:
    John J. Connolly, Jr. (born August 1, 1940)[1] is a former FBI agent, who was convicted of racketeering and obstruction of justice convictions stemming from his relationship with James J. "Whitey" Bulger, Steve Flemmi, and the Winter Hill Gang.

    Harold Paul Rico (April 29, 1925 – January 14, 2004) was an FBI agent. Indicted for murder in 2003, he played a significant role in the 1968 framing of four men for murder, unjustly imprisoning them for decades.

    1. Ah yes ...

  15. Diplomad, Your last paragraph says it all...but we don't have the guts to do it especially under the current administration. It's a rare day other Muslims condemn these types of acts of terror. Until that happens and they police their religion unfortunately we must lump all Muslims together for our safety. They control their destiny here in the USA. So far they have not stood tall with America. The brothers uncle seems to speak as all Muslims should but I have a feeling he is somehow involved.
    Should we send the entire family back to Russia? We don't have the guts.