Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The World's Stupidest Newspaper: The Guardian

Just a quick one. I am wrapping up my taxes, and giving Obama his taste of my earnings.

On a break, I happened to peruse the British Guardian, and a result of this commentary on North Korea, I, hereby, and formally declare The Guardian and its writers the stooooopidest newspaper on earth. Sorry New York Times, even you cannot match this level of stupidity.

I love this line,

"the American involvement in using North Korea as a pawn in their Cold War jousting with Soviet Russia means that the Kims have been caricatured an enemy to use for propaganda purposes." 
I see . . . . and the best one, 
"the fact that most North Koreans seemed to have little problem with the style of leadership. So when we make fun of the craziness of Kim Jong-un, we're making fun of an entire belief system and culture, which is racism at its facile best."

Read it for yourselves. Hard to fathom a journalist could be such an idiot . . . or is it?


  1. Forgive them. They consider themselves educated Brits, but they know no better because their brain energy has been expended learning word pattern usage instead of logic. Unfortunately, with all that effort they've simply become loquacious imbeciles.

  2. ""the fact that most North Koreans seemed to have little problem with the style of leadership" they are all busy in their own "Lean Forward" program looking for that blade of grass to complete their Korean RDA nutrition.
    Let's see if there are any echoes of this in the US press.

  3. My comment isn't meant to be inflammatory, condescending or rude but, you do know on which side of the political spectrum the Guardian sits ?

    To give you a flavor of what I mean. Oleg Gordevski (sp), London KGB agent and MI6 spy once said of that newspaper, "The KGB found the Guardian newspaper a fertile ground for recruits."

    The kind of people who read it, are middle-class, well/university educated socialists, who pride themselves as heirs to some sort of 'ruling elite'. Think of the pigs in Animal Farm and you get a clearer picture.

    Oh, and I have met quite a few of them in my time, and I can tell you, they're all bloody mad !

    1. Oh yes. The Guardian never seemed to accept the collapse of the USSR.

    2. They just "didn't do it right," according to the Guardian and their ilk.

      Funny thing about that is that a dozen or so nations... including two big ones... never seemed to get the hang of how communism/socialism is "supposed" to be done. And that's the big tip-off... if the system is so sensitive that everyone who's ever tried it "didn't do it right", can anyone EVER "do it right"? I don't think so...

      Great article. :)

  4. Even ordinary decent English seem to have a grossly distorted idea of American politics and culture. It's a triumph of propaganda, in that they rarely read or see anything that doesn't originate from the leftish organs of the US before being filtered through their own leftish media. In a sense, it's as if we got our ideas of the English from Wodehouse.

    1. Well Dai Alanye,

      I've just the one thing to say, rather than your caricature of "the decent English" there are some you've, I'm of the opinion, missed:

      And if that left any doubt - keep up with (at least for a week) my friend's homepage:

      "...they rarely read or see anything that doesn't originate from the leftish organs of the US before being filtered through their own leftish media. ... I "am of the opinion, after a week" you'd see is not the case.

      Jib - ETR? Probably best ya'll not search that first link.


  5. 1. Not just the leftists.
    2. Pretty much everybody in the upper class has little use for the good old US of A.
    3. They have reasons, if often poor ones.
    4. Nobody else much matters. The little people know what they are told.
    5. When my middle class in-laws visited, they were in awe of the greenery, handsome suburban neighborhoods and general cleanliness of the place.
    6. The beeb tends to emphasize tenement housing and oil refineries in its USA travelogues.
    7. The blue bloods in defense and the foreign ministries were gob smacked at Mr. Obama's treatment of "The Special Relationship."
    8. Cuisinearting metaphors, biting the hand that feeds brought a bunch of largish chickens home to roost.
    9. Despite it being bad policy, found it difficult to feel too sorry.
    10. But then, bad policy seems to be our specialty. The only question is, what are we screwing up at this particular moment.
    11. Thank you for your cogent and amusing postings.
    V/R JW

  6. Click over to the article and read the comments. IMO comment winner is:
    Were any adults consulted in the writing of this article?

  7. I take great pleasure in counting the noses of the various "house organs".

    naturally i love to watch the local Los Angeles Times slide down the drain.

    it appears as though there are only about a quarter of the employeee count left on the payroll as there was ten years ago.

    I could be wrong but i notice that the used and new car adds are getting pretty thin on the ground, they seemed to have shifted to tv and internet.

    however the way i see it "anything bad for the LA times is good for us."


  8. Anonymous beat me to the punch about the Guardian's leftism. Still, I consider it one of the THHHFPFHHHHTHHHHHtooooooooopidist pieces of verbiage in the whole Western world.

    1. Agreed! Diplomad wasn't even trying to highlight the stupidity, childishness and plain drivel of most of the articles.

      The one he did select is positively sensible in comparison with some of the regular contributors that seem to be psychically attuned to a goldfish and simply brain dump the goldfishes thoughts onto the page.

      If you are bothered, David Thompson ( ) unmercifully mocks the Guardian - and the commentators on his blog do have a piquant turn of phrase.

      Phil B

  9. The Gruniad is predictably bad. But the comments sections give me hope. The New York Times comments sections don't measure up.

  10. My sister in law (now deceased) was from Korea (the southern bit). There's nothing wrong with Korean culture and there are quite a few things that are different, alien even, to a westerner.

    But North Korea is a freak show. Recognizing that isn't racist, while implying that it is just shows how the Guardian is the Huffington Post of the UK.

    That one was great for laughs! I needed that.

  11. A few sites I frequent tend to refer to Al Grauniad or Al Guardian, since it seems to also pretty routinely spout pro-Islamist dreck. Which would fit in fine with the rest of their so-called "sensibilities".

    I think we're going to have to give up on the word "racist", the same way I gave up on ever seeing "tragedy" used correctly, instead of as a synonym for "disaster".

  12. I'm hoping Frost and Monbiot will volunteer as human shields for their beloved Hamas.

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