Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Paying Our Executioners, or You Can't Spell Massachusetts without Ass

Well, well, well. How about that? It appears that our own New England is not too different in some ways from the Olde England of kings, queens, knights, unicorns, and dragons. Information is gradually, reluctantly emerging about the Mad Muslim Bros of Boston, and it gives further support to the wise old saying, "You can't spell Massachusetts without 'ass'."

Our tolerant, liberal, and inclusive system was providing these clowns (their name, I will never write) with welfare. I guess that answers one of my early questions about how these creeps supported themselves. The older one, of course, had his idiot convert wife working 80 hours a week while he sat home and collected his, yep, welfare checks. The younger murderer got his citizenship, a scholarship and welfare. Yes, just as in the olden times when you gave your executioner a gold coin to encourage him to make a swift and painless job of the beheading, it seems we pay our executioners. Even more interesting is that these cretins' scumbag parents were also collecting, even though they did not live in the USA.

All this makes you feel warm and tingly about our immigration policies, right? Let's have more immigrants like these for the sake of diversity! Yes, indeed. If some hard-working, creative Scots, Germans, Irish, Italians, Japanese, Scandinavians, or English want to come here, no way! Let's get more of these murdering Muslim Bozos! Do it for diversity!

I know that what I write next will be misunderstood, but here goes.

I am starting to smell a Fast and Furious rat. By that I do not mean, repeat, do not mean that the FBI or any other US agency sent the Boston bros out to bomb the marathon. On the basis of just experience, and I emphasize that I have no direct knowledge of this case, I am starting to suspect that the older murderer had been recruited by the FBI to infiltrate Islamist cells. Little bits of information that are coming out are starting to convince me of that:

--The mystery of how the brothers got visas. On what basis were they admitted?

--The Russians warned us about the older pig, but we "ignored" it.

--That older assassin traveled to Russia and stayed there for six months. How did he pay for that? Was it just welfare money, or was there other government money involved? Did anybody interview him after he returned? The dirtbag mother claims that the FBI talked to big boy several times: might she be telling the truth here? Did the Russians provide us any information on his activities in Russia?

--The quickness with which the murderers were identified indicates to me, at least, that the FBI had their pictures in the system, and that some FBI agent might have had an "OMG!" moment when the killers' faces emerged. I can imagine that conversation, "Hey Harry. Isn't that the guy you recruited? You know, that Dagestani or whatever guy in Watertown, sure looks like him."

As I said above, I have no hard evidence for what I am writing. I am speculating, but doing so on the basis of many years of working on drug and terror-related issues. This has many of the features of a recruitment gone bad; of the FBI getting played by a psychopathic true believer. This might be a useful line of inquiry . . . you know, for the same people who cleared up Fast and Furious and Benghazi.

Meanwhile, let's keep paying our executioners.


  1. The FBI questioned Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the elder brother, after the Russians asked us to look into his radicalization. (Moscow’s murky role is another story.) It appears that the agents asked him, Are you a Muslim fanatic? To which he replied, No. End of investigation.
    Lessons of Boston by Ralph Peters

    1. I can see it now: Enter Chef Inspector Clouseau, the interrogation begins.
      Clouseau: Your name?
      Suspect: Lobo
      Clouseau: Did you work alone?
      Suspect: But of course.
      Clouseau: Aha, I knew it! You obviously saw the futility of trying to outwit me.

  2. Well Debka thinks that they might have been double agents:

    1. Hadn't read that, thanks. It is something to be checked out.

    2. I love Debka, but you gotta be careful, they've been very right and very wrong in the past.

    3. There are are those who claim Debka to be the information / disinformation portal for the Mossad but the whole story on Boston does have a certain smell that reminds one of 2 week old unrefrigerated fish. The pictures of the massive swat teams ejecting people from their houses evoke the need to be viewed with the sound track of the Horst Wessel Lied playing in the background.

    4. With Fannies high, Obama's marching minions
      Go prancing down America's main drag!
      It's time to pack up all your un-PeeCee opinions,
      Whether in speech, on airwaves, or in mag!
      (repeat last two lines)

      The media, subservient and ga-ga,
      Care not that Geitner cheats the IRS
      Of cunning pol's tale they have made a sacred saga:
      "Messiah's come!" They loudly doth profess.

      That what you mean, Anonymous?

    5. Kepha?

      Except for that particular "soundtrack" mentioned above your reply - with the possible exception of Mossad tapping away on keyboards - I find myself in something of an agreement.

      "Somebody else" mentioned something along the same lines not so very long ago:

      I am also troubled by the sight of some one million-plus persons cowering like weak Eloi in their homes, businesses shut, transportation systems on ice, while ONE mad Muslim Morlock runs amok. Somehow I don't see that scenario playing out in, say, Dallas, or Tucson, or, well, you get the idea. What we saw in Boston with the Mad Muslim brothers gang was not exactly a replay of the reception accorded the James brothers gang in Northfield.


    6. Arkie: Yes, I'm pretty much in agreement with you. Something tells me that there are reasons why the Jihadis pick on Seattle, Boston, and New York rather than Dallas.

      As for my verses on Obama, I wrote a "Song for Obama" to be sung to the tune of the Horst Wessellied to express my disgust at the man's election.

  3. Howie Carr, a local talk show host, has started referring to them as "Flash Bang and Speed Bump.

    Perhaps this will help if you need to identify them in the future. ;)

  4. I have no faith that either our government or the media will tell us the truth about what happened in Boston or the Islamists that did it. None. Zip. Zero. Nada.

    1. Yup, In less than 6 months - before fall turns the leaves red & orange - this story will have long disappeared down the memory hole. The government will claim 'National Security, CAIR will start whining and the Kabuki theater of the Obama DHS will do the rest. FBI? What's that? Dead cops? Where? etc.

  5. A commenter on another website with a vicious sense of humor has started calling them the "Beantown Blaster Brothers" - which I like for the alliteration, and also for the mockery.
    Yep, indeedy - they were white Americans. Caucasians, even. Can't get any whiter than that. But they were state-supported terrorists; as Iowahawk pointed out - by the state of Massachusetts.

  6. This sort of foolishness has seeped all throughout our government:

    FBI purge at request of U.S. Islamist groups hampered probe into Boston bombers

  7. I agree with ou DiploMad, however, I think we have something more sinister going on here with the combination of F&F scenario (as you described above), plus the Benghazi incident. Whereas the plot does not fit the pandering of our Government, therefore we stand down and HOPE for the best. My question is this - How as a nation do we let this happen? We are leaving a sickening legacy for our children and grandchildren.

  8. Very interesting hypothesis.

    If there is any truth to it, likely Tamerlan shared it with his younger brother who is still alive. It would be hard to keep that bottled up.

  9. Debka has been saying that they were double agents.

    1. That would certainly explain the Sgt. Schultz defense that the FBI has apparently adopted.

  10. Admittedly this is "somewhat" dated (2006).

    Notwithstanding Chechen pro-independence propaganda and European emotional sympathies, it appears that Moscow’s intelligence has deeply penetrated a declining Chechen armed opposition, whose supporters were tired out by Basayev ... That explains the recent chain of Russian successes in eliminating one Chechen resistance leader after another: ... elected president in 1996, Aslan Maskhadov, in 2005, ... Zemliján Yandarbiev was murdered in Qatar in 2004; ... Abdul-Halim Saidulayev last June, ... Khatab, taken care by the Russians in March 2002.

  11. Funded by the U.S. government? Possibly, but I would sure also check out the local 'armory' they attended to supposedly pray in!

  12. They that make them [idols] are like unto them; so is every one that trusteth in them (Psalm 115:8)..

    After a couple of decades of Leftist worship of the Saidian "other" (how's that for academia-speak?), the Left has become like the very barbarians it admires--thtoooooopid and destructive.

  13. "recruitment gone bad" - also a possible explanation for how we got president #44

  14. Steve Sailer has some good posts on the Bomb Bros at his site,, where he links them to the "Deep State."