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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bits and Pieces of Weird Stuff

It's the weekend. Life, in the form of a grueling house hunt and a new puppy who loves chewing electrical cables, is intruding on my blogging. That said, there are some genuinely weird things out there that deserve commentary.

Obama's Most Excellent Crimea Crisis

Given the failure of previous "efforts" to get Putin to roll-back his annexation of Crimea and his pursuit of, at least, de facto control of all Ukraine, the Obama misadministration geniuses have come up with a weapon so unconventional, so diabolical that Putin will have no option but to OBEY. Yes, by now, of course, you all know that the United States has demonstrated a nonpareil #hashtag strike capability! We have the vaunted second strike! The State Department spokesman, Jen Psaki, a bubbly, goofy product of the "best" universities, has warned the Russians that they had better live up to the promise of the "#unitedforukraine" hashtag, or else . . . well, or, or . . . we will engage them in a #hashtag war from which they can never recover! I am sure Lavrov is shaking with laughter--and he does not laugh easily--and telling his President, "OK, sir, let me know when you want to move on Estonia."

On the slightly positive side, I am glad to see that not all the MSM is buying the absurdity of Obama's foreign policy re Russia.

Putin's Tsarist/Stalinist dreams of recreating the old Russian Empire can only be stopped with a strong US military capability led by a resolute President, and, more importantly, by an economic onslaught, e.g., fracking, for which Russia has no answer. The Russian economy, military build-up, and political stability are very vulnerable to energy prices; that is where we need to focus.

In the meanwhile, we #hashtag.

Obama and the MidEast

What more can I say about this misadministration's never-ending quest to undermine Israel's security and permanently erase American influence in the Middle East? I have noted that the whole Palestinian issue is a hoax, and that the creation of yet another corrupt, authoritarian Arab state will solve nothing. Kerry's insistence on expending what little credibility he has on this issue makes no sense, and shows how disconnected he and our president are from reality.

What have we achieved?

Let's see.

We pressured Israel into releasing gobs of locked-up Arab terrorists, who will, of course, strike again.

We have seen the Palestinians laugh in our face and cobble together a reconciliation deal between the PLO and Hamas that, if it holds, guarantees 110% that there will be no deal with Israel.

Good work there, John "Xmas in Cambodia" Kerry! And congratulations to all the State Department personnel who are undoubtedly receiving "Superior Honor" awards with cash bonuses, and promotions based on their "indefatigable (favorite word on award citations) efforts in favor of peace during a very difficult time." It's all about input! We spent a lot of time on this, so it must be good. Imagine if a business worked that way.

Meanwhile, the Syrian civil war churns on, Iran builds its bomb, North Korea threatens the world, China makes its moves, and the jihadis plan for their coming take-over of Afghanistan.

Brandeis University Goes Full PC

Ah, my old alma mater on the River Charles in beauteous Waltham, Massachusetts.

Brandeis, the "Jewish Harvard," as it liked to bill itself, has gone full-blown insane.

Ol' Brandeis long had a touch of the daft when it came to domestic politics, but as a rule the institution was pretty solid on the need for a strong US foreign policy and a strong Israel. I studied politics there, and many of the professors were what today we would call neo-cons, or just old fashioned Hans Morgenthau "balance of power realists." Yes, there was a long history of craziness there, e.g., Herbert Marcuse, Angela Davis, Abbie Hoffman, but it generally was relegated to the fringes. No more.

The crazies have taken over. They decided to disinvite Ayan Hirsi Ali and to scrap the offer of an honorary degree. The Jews of Brandeis found her just too, too pro-Western, and just too, way too, anti-jihadi. They didn't know this when they invited her? This is of a piece with Brandeis's effort in 2003 to form an academic alliance with Al-Quds University--that alliance lasted about ten years and was suspended when Al-Quds went so overboard in demonstrating its true anti-Israel and anti-Jewish sentiments, that even liberals had to act shocked. Brandeis is in the hands of either the most naive and ill-informed people on earth, or something else is afoot.


  1. I used to wonder how in the world that anybody Jewish with a modicum of survival instinct could support this sort of thing. I also used to wonder why melanin-enhanced Americans voted overwhelmingly for Democrats and were huge supporters of Planned Parenthood, the slaughter of infants, and the elimination of the melanin-enhanced family.

    The only conclusion I could reach was that stupidity had somehow reached critical mass.

    1. Survival instinct is personal, not group. Alas.

  2. Jewish liberals are the most unaware, self-destructive people on Earth. Picture one old liberal Jew helping an SS guard with the gas valve so he voludn't hoit himself.

    I had a (fortunately) brief experience with the Brandeis physics department. Calling them incompetent morons might be too polite. This includes the grad student who didn't know what a derivative is. A physics grad student unfamiliar with 1st year calculus. Duh...

    1. Jewish liberals are, in my experience, very alert and self-protective. They are not protective of Jews as a group, but that is not where there loyalties lie.

      Yeah, yeah, how dare you impugn my yadda yadda. Easy to talk the talk.

    2. I just wrote "there" for "their". I *am* getting old.

  3. "indefatigable" they do love words don't they. They find one they like use it and then it takes off on a journey through liberal land, remember gravitas?
    James the Lesser

    1. "gravitas"....they sure could use some.

    2. Cain't - "gravitas" is unrhymable in anything hip hop.

      Notice. Kerry straining to confine himself to 140 characters. Resorting to State's limited Mandarin linguists so to allow ideographs to follow a conventional hashtagged format.


    3. Arkie,
      Kerry is applying himself indefatigably to the problem.
      James the Lesser

    4. Ahh (y'all sew) So?

      Ark's happily glad to be so 'splained to 4ly good translationmost.

      Arkysianese is easner than it looks. Mostly spieling.

      4k U SK Kr'n please if'n yo can - "we'd" be best off. T'long run. F, U shaddup sm'ply spoken.


  4. (1) Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational hashtag!

    (2) A for effort. Literally. A for effort.

    (3) "Brandeis is in the hands of either the most naive and ill-informed people on earth, or something else is afoot."

    It couldn't be both why?

    1. Of course, I was using "literally" figuratively.

    2. paul_vincent_zecchinoApril 27, 2014 at 1:40 PM

      Exactly, sir. Agree. Completely. Incompetence and corruption, stupidity and subversion are the cornerstones of jihado-marxist thuggery.

      The corrupt are generally incompetent as well. Competent people for the most part do not engage in subversion, corruption, and other communist dingbat black arts.

    3. Nice to see you again, Mr. Zecchino.

  5. Was it Will Rogers who said that a liberal is someone who won't take his own side in a fight? That's what Brandeis' coddling of the jihadis brings to my mind.

  6. "Indefatigable" has been the name of seven fine ships of the Royal Navy. A far cry in reality from the use of the word for interminably slaving over some paperwork in the pursuit of "bugger all"*.

    * Aussie expression for not much. More descriptive.

    1. Ha! I knew the Aussies would have the right definition!

    2. G'day Dip got lots more where that came from.

      Keep the faith mate.

    3. David, just so I don't get in trouble if I use "bugger all", is it safe to use in mixed company?

    4. I don't see a problem with it, but it may confuse people from Arkansas.
      James the Lesser

    5. James, I said "mixed company". Not mixed up company.

    6. G'day Whitewall,

      Certainly fine to use it in mixed company here in Oz as it is a common [as in frequent] phrase. SWMBO even uses it from time to time and she is not prone to "course language" unless severely provoked.

      Said it a few times in the US in the presence of ladies without eyebrows shooting up so I guess it is OK for American consumption. My North American friends have adopted it for common usage.

      I guess you'll find out the first time you use it. If some "old dear" clouts you round the lugs with her handbag you'll know you've goofed.

      Kol tuv mate.

    7. SWMBO: Rumpole you're alive!
      James the Lesser

    8. Good evening gents. SWMBO is universal throughout the Anglosphere I think. I refer to Herself that way quite often, especially near meal time.

    9. "Good evening gents. SWMBO is universal throughout the Anglosphere I think." Yes, but I'm fairly sure it originated with "Rumpole (Leo Kern) of the Bailey", I loved that show! SWMBO was played by Peggy Thorpe bates and Marion Mathie.

  7. "Jewish liberals are the most unaware, self-destructive people on Earth"

    Nonny I am what my more religiously observant co-religionists call "a cultural Jew" and of doubtful heritage as my family of very white Celtic appearance fled France in 1585 with the Heugenots and so it has not suffered at the hands of European extremists of whatever ilk.

    Having said that I agree with your statement quoted above as I have seen it here in Oz. After a good look at the history of Jewish persecution down the ages I wonder at the sanity of Jews supporting or promoting ideologies which have as a core belief the destruction of Judaism.

    The lovely and very intelligent Ayan Hirsi Ali I would have thought would be a welcome speaker at any institution which valued free speech and honest debate. It seems the Jihadists hold more sway in a "Jewish"[?] university than they ought.

    Kol tuv

  8. You would think that colleges and universities would be super sensitive to anything that could cause a perspective student and his parents--aka--cash flow, to have doubts about attending. Families are more closely studying ROI these days and these fascist and totalitarian hijinx at some schools are not a selling point.

    This may just be part of the Left destroying itself. The Left never seems to remember much history because their predecessors have spent years rewriting and white washing history. As a result, their offspring have no clue. Thus for these kids, all is new and exciting. Things are going to get ugly and I think that before long, a movement will form against this "intolerant enlightenment" that infects too much of academia today. Something akin to the 1950s "anti-anti Communism" reaction to McCarthy. The Left lives to destroy and if it senses "lack of purity" within its ranks then that too shall be devoured.

  9. Obama did have one Middle East success, he united Fatah and Hamas which ensures that neither of the Palestinian leaders will be murdered....this week anyway. BiBi is at last free of this "piece process". The misspelling is intended as that is the goal of his enemies--a piece at a time.

  10. Not sure if the names of the professors and/or administrators were ever made public. I live here in Massachusetts and am disgusted by what Brandeis did. For those not aware.....one Professor is Anita Hill (likely with help of Sen. Edw. Kennedy in @ 1991) and just checked online and she teaches a course entitled 'Social Justice and the Obama Administration'. You cannot make it up......

    1. Good point. I had forgotten about Anita Hill.

    2. "You cannot make it up"

      You are spot on - not even Lewis Caroll could imagine the sort of crap in universities.

      When SWMBO was working in the Faculty of Engineering at one of our leading institutions I used to see the Campus Magazine [Propaganda Booklet] when it was published. The dumbing down of our institutions has accelerated with the inclusion of alleged courses containing one or more of the following words;

      human rights
      ‘{insert title here} Studies’
      Fair Work
      Safe Work
      Human resources

      It usually means the course is complete and utter rubbish.

  11. From the same link as Mr Mad:


    "They have not been following up their hash tag with actions." - Jen Psaki on Russian militarism

    We are doomed.