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Monday, April 28, 2014

Kerry Should Go

On January 30, 2013, I wrote
Well, they did it. 
The Senate voted in their "old boy" way and made fellow Senator John F. Kerry the next Secretary of State. 
I am disgusted beyond words. 
This is a man who openly consorted with the enemies of the United States, openly gave comfort and support to those enemies while fellow Americans were on the battlefield fighting those enemies, lied about his service in SE Asia, and, to top it off, has shown no particular knowledge about or understanding of the role of the United States in the world. With Jane Fonda, he was our generation's version of Lord Haw-Haw, Tokyo Rose, and Ezra Pound all rolled into one; unlike those other traitors, and along with Jane Fonda, not only did he pay no penalty for supporting the enemy in a time of war, he prospered financially and politically. 
He is now to be our Secretary of State. 
One could expect no less of today's Democratic Party. 
Where, however, were the Republicans? Except for a tiny grouping of three--Cruz, Cornyn, and Inhofe--the Republicans went along with this travesty. Even Tea Party darling Marco Rubio voted "Yea." 
I guess loyalty is to membership in the Senate club, not to the country and our dead.
I was always amazed at how the media, Senators, Kool Aid drinking liberals in all walks of life, and, of course, my fellow FSOs at State kept up a drumbeat about how much Kerry knew about foreign affairs, how he was so experienced, and how he would make a GREAT SECRETARY OF STATE . . . . The two greatest things President Bush ever did for our country were preventing two world-class frauds from becoming President of the United States: Al "The Climate Changers Will Make Me Rich" Gore and John "If I Marry this Loon I will Get Rich" Kerry.

In his short time as SecState, Kerry has proven a disaster, at best "an innocent abroad," at worst a John "Xmas in Cambodia" Kerry abroad. He is a fraud with no understanding of America's interests in the world, or more accurately a man who sees America as a hindrance to resolving the "true" problems, e.g., Global Climate Change and bludgeoning Israel into suicide.

It seems, Kerry has revealed his true self yet again.

In a closed-door speech to the Trilateral Commission, our SecState said,
If there’s no two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict soon, Israel risks becoming “an apartheid state,” Secretary of State John Kerry told a room of influential world leaders in a closed-door meeting Friday. < . . . >
Kerry also repeated his warning that a failure of Middle East peace talks could lead to a resumption of Palestinian violence against Israeli citizens. He suggested that a change in either the Israeli or Palestinian leadership could make achieving a peace deal more feasible. He lashed out against Israeli settlement-building. And Kerry said that both Israeli and Palestinian leaders share the blame for the current impasse in the talks.

Kerry also said that at some point, he might unveil his own peace deal and tell both sides to “take it or leave it.”
Israel has been fighting for survival since its creation, and this is how its greatest ally speaks about it? His reported comments (and apparently there is a tape) show a man of arrogance, ignorance, and, at best, with a shocking insouciance for how his words can get people killed. Do you think Palestinian terrorists  won't interpret those comments as a green light? Kerry is essentially threatening Israel with "justified" Palestinian violence, to wit, the poor PLO and Hamas are fighting "apartheid." These are community organizer blackmail tactics, the kind of stuff you use in Chicago against a McDonald's franchise reluctant to hire your people, or pay a kick-back.

Mr. Kerry, listen up. There already is a two-state solution to the Middle East. It goes by the name of Israel and Jordan, yes, the same Jordan that held the West Bank for some twenty years before Israel got it. There are 1.6 million Arabs with Israeli citizenship--the freest Arabs in the Middle East. They aren't making plans to leave Israel, but if Jews cannot live on the Arab West Bank, does that mean Arabs cannot live in Jewish Israel?

A take it or leave it Kerry peace plan? Wow! I wonder what answer the Israelis will give?

Kerry should go now, before he endangers our security any more. He should go off and paraglide, and wind surf, live the life of the billionaire, and rest on the laurels of his diplomatic career, e.g., his great "successes" in Syria, Iran, Venezuela, and Ukraine, and now as a "peace negotiator."


  1. When was the last time a nation state named a gigolo as foreign minister ? At least Tallyrand was skillful.

    "Aristocratic women were a key component of Talleyrand's political tactics, both for their influence and their ability to cross borders unhindered. His presumed lover Germaine de Staël was a major influence on him, and he on her. Though their personal philosophies were most different, (she, a romantic; he, very much of baroque sensibilities[clarification needed]), she assisted him greatly, most notably by lobbying Barras to permit Talleyrand to return to France from his American exile, and then to have him made foreign minister. He lived with Catherine Worlée, born in India and married there to Charles Grand. She had traveled about before settling in Paris in the 1780s, where she lived as a notorious courtesan for several years before divorcing Grand to marry Talleyrand."

    1. One thing bothers me: to discuss Kerry and Tallyrand in the same post . . .

    2. Apparently Tallyrand was also haughty. And looked French.


    3. Tallyrand and Kerry, both haughty,
      One said to be naughty
      The other has claims to doughty
      but was only a naught

      Should have stayed in school
      James the Lesser

  2. Nations don't often name traitors as foreign ministers, either. And when they do, it seldom ends happily.

    1. "Treason is a matter of dates."

      In college I was such a physics major that I couldn't get a date by doing a tarantella on the American flag.

  3. One-by-one the halfrican queen's appointees reveal their incompetence, fail and leave, I am enjoying the parade of incompetence but wished it was not so damaging to your country.
    Kerry and his cohort of clowns at State need to be openly mocked as Samantha Power was at the UN recently. The attendees at the Trilateral Commission should have laughed in his face, then again perhaps they are mostly anti-Israel.

    I notice that the egregious Jen Psaki has the twitter handle-statedeptspox-hilarious, my interpretation of that contraction is that she recognizes she is a pox on the state department, along with many of the other over-promoted wimmins.

    Meanwhile Egypt announced today that 683 Muslim Brotherhood supporters would be sentenced to death (though that will be likely commuted later) and not a comment from statedeptspox! How could that be? Were the Islamic Brotherhood not the way of a renewed Egypt supported by Shrillary? Oh dear, another Doemocrat State Dept.shambles.

    Perhaps Jen needs to change her handle to DisastersR'US.

    1. Cascadian, do you -or does anyone else - know if the backwards 'R' is available as a script symbol anywhere?

      Definitely needed in this case.

      Is there a link to Samantha Powers being openly mocked at the UN? Is it clear that the mockery is directed personally AT her or is it meant for the Stupid what brung her - i.e, the U.S.?

  4. Kerry Should Go ..........to jail!
    James the Lesser
    ps. A familiar refrain " It'll take years to repair the damage Kerry and his boss are doing to the US.". There will be little repairing, things are damaged to the point of no return, into the unknown is where we're now headed.

  5. what difference does a 'poof' make?
    ask not what a state? department can do for u,...

  6. Well, the quintessential diplomat was Hugo Grotius, who penned his _Freedom of the Seas_ when the Netherlands was trying to muscle in on what the Portuguese thought was there monopoly in the East Indies, and then later, as Ambassador to England, defends the Dutch seizing English shipping that strayed too close to Java and Banda.

    Had I stayed with the State Department, I'm sure that under Shrillary Shrew or the Gigolo, while America uses what's left of its power and prestige to bully Uganda into accepting sodomy, I would've told some PO's Muslim or African diplomat howling about how our sexual revolution is repugnant to his people that we were wrong and he was right. Much as I despise Islam, I have to admit that a broken clock is still accurate twice a day.

    But again, I've come to the conclusion that governments are representative of their peoples whether they have written Constitutions stating this or not. I hate to believe this, but an American people that values image over substance and has lost its ability to distinguish right from wrong is going to be led by a mix of donkeys, rats, and weasels.

    1. Although the motivations behind the sexual revolution were honourable, the end results are depraved and harmful as all institutions are now the plaything of the leftist social engineers.

      Gay men take their 2 year old daughters to bondage fairs dressed in fetish wear and dog collars, a lesbian 'throuple' proudly get married in white, one of the lesbians is a transexual male but its discrimination to point that out. A woman decides she is a man and so is her 7 year old daughter and uses law fare to silence anyone who says other.

      Men just need to declare that they 'identify as women' with male genitals intact in order to be able to invade the privacy and threaten the safety of our mothers, wives and daughters when they are using toilets designated female.
      Not to mention the ever increasing violence and depravity of the porn industry.

      Something is deeply sick in the Anglosphere and I'm glad the rest of the world can see that and is pushing back from being bullied by people with no morals or ethics.




    2. Most troubling are such cases as this lawyer who says she's a man and insists her daughter is, too. This is child abuse.

    3. Tell me more about how "the motivations behind the sexual revolution were honourable."

  7. G'day Dip,

    "I wonder what answer the Israelis will give?"


  8. What answer? I have one but it can't be set down in print.

    1. G'day Whitewall,

      Well not in English anyway. That's why my contribution is in Hebrew.

    2. Good am yourself. I see it but am struggling with it. BTW, your post yesterday re the unrest in the Anglosphere managed to get me going. With that one and Dip's offering today, I haven't even needed coffee so far.

    3. G'day Whitewall, [everyone else shut your eyes]

      The less than proper translation of the Hebrew is "Piss off". It can be have a more polite translation but I think the less than proper one is better.

      Sorry Rabbi I'll go stand in the corner [again].

    4. Bugger it. That should have read "It can have" not "can be have".

    5. David, thanks. I've got it now. Also, I appreciate your good grace in writing it in a way the rest of the readers could not see. Very tasteful. Should help with the Rabbi...:)

    6. www.bing.com/translate is your friend!

  9. DiploMad

    All of your points are well taken. Anyone who was in the military in the Vietnam era know of John Kerry's traitorous and illegal activities in negotiating with the DRV and the Viet Cong -- both active enemies.

    By showing his anti-Semitic and anti Israeli bias Kerry has lost all credibility in acting as an impartial intermediary in any peace talks. The cram it down their throats solution never works. But don't tell to a US Secretary of State who has no skin in the game. Israel's survival is at stake, a point that is lost on Kerry.

    Every president for the past 35 years has sought to find a solution to Israeli/Palestinian problem. There have been some successes, namely the Camp David accords under Carter and the Oslo Accords under Clinton but those eventually fizzled. But when talks failed, administrations prior to this one have admitted defeat without acrimony.

    But not this one.

    1. The Oslo accords brought Arafat ("The Tunisian") back to Lebanon so it can be ignored in the list of "accomplishments." Or successes.

  10. Besides my wife and my joint veterans-in-disgust reaction to the bimbo that married the billionaire (playing financial "ketchup"??? Sorry, the incorrigible and thoroughly unrepentant punster within just rose up! :o))....

    It's astonishing (well, not so much, actually, considering typical ends-justify-the-means Dem/Lib/Prog actions) that a representative of this (mis)administration which so regularly excoriates the "W" Bush presidency for "forcing" an "American" solution/foreign policy on other countries should NOW adopt a "here's the deal, take it or leave it" approach to Israel.

    The hubris defining our Narcissist-in-Chief is endemic to his entire royal coterie.

  11. Sen. 'Lurch' Kerry has been an embarrassment for a long time. We can only hope that he will find some way to 'Darwin' himself out of the picture by taking up the pursuits you suggest in your article. Winter soldier my ass in a tarjar.


  12. I see Ted Cruz has called for Kerry's resignation on the floor of the Senate. Good call, Senator!

    But, I think of other things.

    Hasn''t anyone in State or elsewhere noted that traditional Islamic practice, to which the Islamic world seems to be returning, is one of religious Apartheid? The Dhimmi are polluting, so they need to have separate religious quarters (with dwellings not to be higher than those of Muslims) and a number of other restrictions. Well, hold on, Kepha! I recall a senior colleague trying to sound wise and broad-minded who noted that the traditional Yemeni way, of Jewish tribes serving as clients of Muslim ones, "seems to work". I could only snicker that there were still countries where minorities "knew their place".

    But I would bet that neither Kerry nor Hillary Clinton before him knew of things like this, or that they would deign to notice them.

  13. Treason doth never prosper,
    Here's the reason,
    For if it prosper,
    None dare cause it treason

  14. For 1400 years the Arabs have killed "other" people and each other. There is no sign they will ever stop. Best thing for you Americans to do is step back and let them get on with it.

    1. The Iran-Iraq war was a beautiful thing (yes I know, Persians, not Arabs).

  15. Agreeing with BOE above but why I'm coming on now to comment has to do with

    Dip's post of Tuesday April 22.

    In a "@Anon" - April 23 at 2:23PM I wrote

    I like much (85%+) of what you suggest ... and there's a wild card.

    Here's what I had in mind by wild card:



  16. In the offchance one's Search Engine might not pull the above referenced up here's the homepage (currently last article listed)


    First paragraph:

    "(Reuters) - India has signed an agreement under which it will pay Russia to supply arms and equipment to the Afghan military as foreign combat troops prepare to leave the country, in a move that risks infuriating Pakistan."


  17. What you Americans need to realise is that there are only 4 countries that you can rely on. Four countries bound to you by history and family. Forget the rest, they may or may not support you. Unfortunately, your demographics are changing and the ties that bind the Anglosphere are loosening, especially under your current president.

    1. Four countries linked to American me by family? Let's see: Taiwan (rest of China, too, but I am an anti-Communist), Norway, Denmark, Israel, Germany, various places once covered by Austria-Hungary...Oh, yes. A smidgeon of Scots-Irish, blown out of proportion by my favoring the pre-modern Presbyterian faith.

      Don't get me wrong. I have high regards for Canada, Britain (including Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, and Channel Islands, as well as England), Australia, and New Zealand. But even those of us Americans who are [mostly] white are often "Anglo-Saxon" only by osmosis.

      Concerning kinship and ancestry, I once reminded a minion of the Chinese government that roughly one-third of the American soldiers who fought and bled fighting Hitler in WWII (including their commander Eisenhower) were "ethnic German". I wish I could say that again now that the official Chinese press has labeled Amb. Gary Locke (not my favorite, BTW) a "banana".