Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Now for Something (Mostly) Free of Politics

Woke up yesterday with a burning urge to buy a car. So I did. That's what you do when you're retired. I went down to the local Ford dealer and (curse me, if you must) traded my Vette for a just-arrived-that-day brand new black 2015 Mustang GT Premium with the GT performance package, Recaro seats, and a six-speed manual transmission. Precisely the combo I wanted. I refused to consider the 50th Edition "Appearance" Package which consists of a couple of fancy floor mats, a decal, and the Mustang logo on the gas cap all for an extra $1600!

I had to endure some idiocy at the dealer involving a--literally--last minute attempt to slip a $10,000 premium into the price, and some nonsense about my Vette having been in an accident (it has not) and, therefore, having lost much of its trade-in value. I didn't put up with either, and threatened to leave.

In addition, I unleashed my wife--World Champion Haggler--on the obnoxious sales manager, and he soon relented on the premium, the basic price and the attempt to devalue my Corvette trade-in.

I have been enjoying driving the new beast around town. It's probably not as fast as my ol' Vette--few cars are--but it handles very well, has great acceleration, steering, braking, and suspension, and looks and sounds very aggressive--love that V-8 rumble. It gets lots of attention and I end up in long conversations with folks about the car. It is also about $40,000 cheaper than the 2014 Stingray I had been considering.

I said this wasn't about politics (mostly) but there're politics involved.

Buying the car you want is an example of freedom. This car is now much more affordable thanks to fracking--opposed by the Obamistas--which has helped (along with some other factors) drive down the price of gasoline considerably. It is a slap in the face to the global warming and nanny-state advocates, and all the progressives who want to destroy fun and individual choice.

Off to cruise the freeways . . .


  1. great story some how I feel that the Sales Mgr. breathed a huge sigh of relief to see the Chief Haggler exit the dealership......Happy Trails...

  2. Good one! I just replaced my Prius -- with another Prius. They tried to slip a premium into the price, but we got that sorted out overnight. I can do one thing with my Prius you can't do with a Mustang GT: I can fry brains in the Bay Area by putting a Romney stick on the back. Worked two years ago, and I'll try the same again in another two years. Palo Alto -- that's the place to do it. Really shocks them. They think I'm one of them until they see the bumper. Oh, and Berkley. Dumbstruck!

  3. Nice choice; congrats. The new Mustang arrives Down-Under next year and I am toying with the idea, so I would be most interested in thoughts on the car over time.

    Sounds like car dealers are worse in the US than they are in Australia; which is an achievement of sorts because they are abominable around here. I hate dealing with them, and I often wonder whether the manufacturers realise that the dealer's behaviour often represents a significant barrier to consumption.

  4. No shame in swapping a Vette for a 'Stang. Ford definitely has the proper sound dialed in on them. They look right and sound right. Drive on!

  5. "Off to cruise the freeways . . . " and snarl at imports with that American made V8. Too bad about that manager, I understand he's doing much better now as a Walmart greeter.
    James the Lesser

  6. Nice choice.

    Hope the Diplo-Dogs get into shifting this car as well.

    Meanwhile, for those of us without the services of the Queen of Haggle, Diplowife, there is one way to get the ddealership to back off a bit. I understand, from reading the Wall Street Journal, that if one owns 100 shares of Ford for a year, they give you a price on the vehicle that is only slightly more than the employees pay. And the dealerships are prohibited from trying those "premium" tricks too.

    Green Bear

  7. Fabulous! Enjoy it in good health!

  8. Meanwhile I'm ordering snow tires -- I'll admit to a pang of jealousy.

    It's funny, though -- despite all the emphasis on fuel economy, we really seem to be in a golden age of muscle cars.

  9. To each his own.

    When I've rented a Mustang, seems like a big noisy clunky thing. Muscle car, yes. I prefer finesse.

    Porsche for me!

  10. And another plus, you did not buy from what is now known as "Government Motors" as GM is now called round here.

  11. If you get this far out on the 210, pick me up!