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"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Big Election Fraud, Part II

I have written before (herehere, and here, for example) about the Democrats' practice of widespread electoral fraud, including the use of of non-US citizens. I am glad to see that many others are raising the same alarm, e.g., see the always excellent Legal Insurrection.  And, friends, I swear Hell Hath Frozen Over Thrice: even the Washington Post, yes, THAT NEWSPAPER, has "discovered" that non-citizens are voting and might just be the edge the Dems need in certain localities, and that--IT CAN'T BE!--the imbecilic Senator Franken of Minnesota probably owes his seat to the votes of non-citizens.

None of this can come as a surprise to anybody with an IQ greater than Willie Shoemaker's boot size. I have written before that I have served as an election monitor in elections all over the world. Using the standards we employed in that monitoring there is no way that I could certify US elections as free, fair, and open. Electoral fraud is rampant, most notably wherever Democrats are in control. With my own eyes I have seen people casting votes who clearly were not US citizens. The identification process in many if not most of our electoral districts is ludicrous; it comes from a different era, a largely rural era, one in which neighbors all knew each other, and there was a public ethos which labeled electoral fraud as a bad thing.

The ongoing dumping of illegal aliens by the Obama misadministration forms a part of the ongoing Democrat effort to alter permanently the demographic and electoral map of the United States, much as has been done by Labour in the UK. I noted back in January that,
The plot underway is nothing less than to make US citizenship meaningless . . .. 
The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security tells us that the eleven million or so illegal aliens in the US have earned the right to be citizens. <...> 
The good Secretary cannot tell us what exactly these people who have broken our laws have done to earn citizenship except to demonstrate an ability to defeat the half-baked efforts of our Keystone Kop immigration services to apprehend and deport them . . . {B}eing a successful outlaw did not form part of the citizenship test when my parents and my wife took it. 
We see calls for amnesty and "pathways" to citizenship coming not only from the usual Democrats and their crony capitalist allies and lobbyists, but from the RINOs who populate the ranks of the GOP. We hear lachrymose speeches about how an illegal alien who fought for our country in the military should have the right to become a citizen--these speakers "forget," of course, that, for now, it is illegal for an undocumented or a nonresident alien to enlist in the US militaryWe do not have Gurkhas. This is a variation on "if they're old enough to fight, they're old enough to vote," and is equally as bogus. 
It gets worse. 
If it were "just" an effort to get citizenship and the benefits and obligations that go with it, it might earn a little more respect from me. It is nothing of the sort. It is a smokescreen for electoral fraud. Citizenship is under assault from another direction, as well. Voting I.D. Yes, that is the main weapon being used and the one which reveals what is really going on. Our Attorney General Eric "Fast and Furious" Holder tells us that his agency will be very vigilant re attempts by states to use voter identification requirements to "suppress" turn-out. The DOJ has been filing lawsuits against states with voter I.D. requirements (here and here, for example.) The justification? The progs conjure up an imaginary poor rural black too stupid, too poor, and living in such a remote place that he or she just cannot afford or otherwise get valid state identification. Nonsense. Many states offer free identification cards, and, more important, poor, middle class, and rich black people have valid identification documents for driving, buying property, getting bank loans, voting, etc., just like everybody else. Progs have a Hollywood version of race in America which they sell to the willing media, and seek to turn into public policy.
As further evidence of the plot underway, I turn to no less an authority than the California Department of Motor Vehicles. For a variety of personal reasons, I have to establish residence in California (the hit to my State Department pension is considerable!) One of the things I must do is obtain a California drivers' license. In the old days, one could merely swap the out-of-state license for a California one, pay a fee to an unpleasant bureaucrat and be on one's way. Not any more. I must retake the written portion of the driving exam. I, therefore, dutifully picked up a copy of the "California Drivers' Handbook," and like some sixteen-year-old have been poring over this fascinating volume in preparation for the exam --which I can take in some 16 languages. 

Buried in the bureaucratic verbiage was the following (my bolding),
Application Requirements For A Basic Class C Driver License
To apply for a Class C driver license, you must: 
  • Submit a completed and signed Driver License or Identification Card Application (DL 44) form. Signing this form means you agree to submit to a chemical test to determine the alcohol or drug content of your blood when requested by a peace officer. If you refuse to sign this statement, the DMV will not issue a permit or driver license.
  • Present an acceptable birth date/legal presence document.
  • Provide your true full name.
  • Provide your SSN, if eligible, which will be electronically verified with the Social Security Administration.
NOTE: Pursuant to AB 60 (Ch. 524, Stats. 2013), DMV will begin issuing driver licenses to applicants who are unable to provide evidence of their status in the U.S. As such, requirements for driver licensing will be modified in accordance with the effective date of January 1, 2015.
So basically, my friends, all the identification requirements for a driver license go out the window next January 1. Dear readers, please guess what document one uses in California to register to vote? Anybody? Anybody?

The whole argument about voter ID is now moot. The Dems are going to hand them out right along with the welfare checks to anybody who shows up. Not even Boss Tweed could beat that . . . At one time I had naively thought that a national identification card would be the way to eliminate voting fraud. How foolish of me. The Dems would in no time control the issuing of those cards and then . . . . well, you know the rest.


  1. The problem is that there is no one to hunt down and kill. For over a century the American people have gleefully voted for the policies that have slowly allowed termites to hollow out the structure of the Republic. Now that the strains on the structure are starting to show, lots of people are getting excited, but it is waaayyy too late.

    The founders knew we would come to this. Nothing can be done until catastrophe forces us to abandon this insanity.


  2. Dear Diplomad,

    Down here in OZ it is compulsory for all citizens to enrol with the Electoral Commission at age 18 and vote in all Federal elections. You MUST provide evidence of your identity and when you vote at a polling booth near your residence your name is checked off the electoral role by a returning officer before you are handed your papers to vote. It's not rocket science but it works well for us.

    1. In the UK you must register with the local Electoral Registration Officer at age 18 or face a £400 fine. The ERO writes to everyone in the autumn of every year. I have no idea how many people get taken to court - not many I suppose. When you vote you just say your name and they check you are on the register. If you are not - you can't vote. It is said that the main area of fraud is by use of the postal vote facility. I would like us to return to the system where everyone reports to their nearest voting place and places a cross on the ballot paper.

  3. Sgt: In this country, that would be considered RACIST!

    Seriously, I've lived in a lot of different countries and observed elections in several of them. I have NEVER seen such obvious election fraud as I've seen here in the USA.

    I mean when you can have 107% voter turnout in a Philadelphia precinct, with 100% of the vote going to Obama, that is even more obvious than what goes on in North Korea.

  4. When I was driving home from work today, I heard the Washington Post's radio station air a story on Republican complaints in Maryland (my state) about machines that register Democratic votes even when Republican or other choices are made. I nearly swerved off the road in utter shock. I think we ought to go back to paper ballots hand-counted--plus institute voter ID laws.

    1. The same thing happened in Illinois when a GOP candidate tried to vote for himself. Each time he pulled the lever, it showed a vote for his opponent. We used to say Chicago was Catholic because we could prove the Resurrection. Every election day.

    2. Michael, I heard that Illinois story, too (I used to live in that state way back when). I guess the point of my post, however, was that I was shocked out of my skin that the Washington Post would even insinuate that the Democrats are ever involved in electoral fraud and sleaziness.

  5. Having moved here from Canada, I lived in the US as a Permanent Resident for 30 years. Decided in 2004 to take out US citizenship.

    I can assure everyone that there was NO reason I could not have voted all those 30 years. My driver's license and willingness to fib are all that would have ever been required.

    In the citizenship process I signed a statement that I had not voted in the USA. Which was true. No more said.

    After 2004 all I did was call the county office to register to vote. Show the driver's license. No passport or naturalization paper required.

    Nobody, but nobody, checks on this matter, especially if you don't look very "different".

    I firmly believe that huge numbers of non-citizens vote regularly. But there are NO statistics one way or the other.

    1. My wife was exactly the same. When she became a USC it was because she wanted to vote. It turns out she could have voted for years and nobody would have known.

    2. Hmmmph. Had I known what I know now, I could've had my wife as one more Republican voter on the roles a few years before she naturalized!

  6. Relax. I've been assured for years that illegal hispanic immigrants are, in fact, natural Republican constituents by various members of the GOP elite.

    1. Really? By whom? What part of the GOP elite?

      Illegals are by nature, big government supporters. Which only shows that the Democrats hold appeal for those that are knowingly willing to violate our laws of sovereignty.

      We need to accept that most Central/South American nations are basically Socialist. When their citizens sneak across our borders, they bring with them a political mindset that knows no other system. And Mexico is no friend to the U.S. It dumps its lower class (peons) on us and then Mexico is not responsible for their welfare. Mexico is also happy to watch its criminal element come across our borders. Yet, President Viejo will be more than happy to demand that we not only give its criminals amnesty, it wants even more money in U.S. federal aid to help them fight the drug cartels. Forget the fact that when Kiki Camarena was slaughtered in Mexico, the crime went all the way to the top of Mexican government.


    2. I think Mr. Bee was being a little sarcastic.
      James the Lessor

    3. paul vincent zecchinoOctober 30, 2014 at 7:17 AM

      Yes, yes indeed: Kiki Camarena.

      Many Americans, in manner of homicide detectives, have long memories.

      Kiki Camarena, no we will not forget in fact what was done to him speaks volumes about the Mexican regime, never a friend to Americans.

      What they did to Kiki Camarena was just business as usual and as you say it went right to the top.

      El Paso, Texas, had about five homicides last year. Across the border, Ciudad Juarez had scores. I'll never forget first seeing Juarez at a distance while driving on I-10 from Florida to our small Morongo Valley vacation home in California's fearsome high desert.

      Driving west on I-10, you'd see the tall ASARCO smokestack and the city of El Paso. In the distance, you see what appears to be rubble. We assumed it was perhaps urban renewal underway in El Paso, and that we were seeing the demolition phase. Or perhaps there'd been a fire, something.

      Nope, it was pointed out by friends that the wasteland on the horizon was Ciudad Juarez, run by the same nice folks who did what they did to Kiki Camarena.

      And no, we don't forget.

      One thing I have learned in my sixty years: when people declare hostile intent, take them at their word, assume them to be sincere in what they say.

    4. Zane?

      "Really?" "By whom?" "What part of the GOP elite?"

      "There is growing public support for providing a pathway to citizenship for those now in the country illegally. A February CBS/New York Times poll found 56% supported a pathway to citizenship for illegals, up from 38% in December 2007. Just 20% now say they should leave the country. An April Associated Press poll found 63% support a pathway, up from 50% in August 2010.

      Support for a pathway has grown most among Republicans. A January AP-GfK poll found 53% of Republicans now support it—up from 31% in 2010. (A Quinnipiac poll last week found support among Republicans at 39%.)"


  7. We can thank the Motor Voter Act for a lot of the fraud. All you have to do is pick up the form at the post office, check the box that says you are "legally" eligible to vote and send it in. If it is not returned to the state due to being undeliverable, wholla!!! You are registered.

    Don't want to show voter I.D. No problem. Just request an absentee ballot and mail in your fraudulent vote. Yeah, you risk some responsible person checking your signature against a driver's license but hey, if they're busy on election day, you might get by with it.

    Then we have prime cases of voter fraud in places like Hidalgo County, Texas where the candidates would notify their operatives when the absentee ballots were going to be sent out and the operatives would hit the nursing homes, "graciously" helping seniors fill out their ballots. The operatives were paid for vote "mining", but don't ask the Democrats if they're worried about the disenfranchisement of minority (Hispanic) votes due to the vote miners.

    The spring primary in Texas was the first one to require voter I.D. In spite of all the wailing by the Department of Just-Us, that first I.D. required election produced more minority voters than every before, setting a record for a spring primary.

    Let's not forget that when the Department of Just-Us was trying to show that there were Texans that did not have a photo I.D., the State of Texas requested the list of names that the DOJ produced to back their claim. Two names stood out on that list: Kay Bailey Hutchison, at that time a sitting federal Senator, and George H.W. Bush.

    Voting is now easier in Texas. No more digging for my voter registration card hoping it is still in my wallet. Just hand the poll worker my driver's license, they scan it like a credit card, I sign for the ballot and I'm off to the voting booth. Easy peasy.


    1. Apologies Zane, clicking onto here I began at the top - didn't notice you'd added the above question. "What part of the GOP Elite?"

      Bolded ... above.


  8. The WAPO link is the same as the Legal Insurrection link.

  9. Another story that hasn't received near the attention it should have is the Sharyl Attkisson computer hack, which it appears was the work of a government arm. If true, its far worse than anything since Watergate, and that includes Watergate. When you consider the voter fraud and then consider the seriousness of the Attkisson story, the question arises, do we have a monster in the Whitehouse?

    1. Part of the Attkisson story not covered so much is that government documents were added to her computer in a way that it would be almost impossible for Attkisson to find. Imagine, documents just sitting there waiting to be found by the right group.

      When I read about this, I recalled a number of times that government officials, some who were thought to be whistleblowers (official or otherwise) that were charged and resigned because of porn and childporn on their computers.

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    1. I visited your site, and have a few serious things to say as another American guy who married overseas (30+ years and counting, first and only marriage for both of us, likely to end when one of us dies, two sons, one daughter-in-law, and one grand-daughter, thank you) and who's lived on both sides of the consular glass. And I'm saying this as someone who takes marriage very, very seriously.

      My marriage and family started when I was a lonely young guy teaching long-term in Taiwan who had a social network full of local folks, and a very good working knowledge of spoken and written Chinese under my belt. I was also willing to acculturate somewhat to the host culture and developed a lot of respect for some of the "common grace" sorts of things I saw in Chinese culture. My wife was an English teacher; and both of us are Christians, and both of us committed to see things work. However, we've also had our rough spots we needed to work through, and for every inter-cultural couple like us, there are dozens that flounder.

      Overseas, there are plenty of women who are "immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste", too. I also understand that Egypt and one or another Muslim nation lead the world in battered husbands. And what of too many of our American brothers of all demographics? Too many of them are just like the women you describe, only X-chromosonally challenged.

      Maybe I'm being a Nosey Parker, but, marriage and family are too important to be guided chiefly by disgust at the way we Americans are miseducating ourselves and our young.

  11. "Today, I declare war on mathematics and physiology"

  12. Did no one else notice the part of the application which requires one to submit to drug testing by a "peace officer" (whatever that means) ? You have to sign away your 5th amendment rights to drive in California? That is scary stuff. These government types really don't give a tinker's d*mn about the Constitution.