Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Progressives and that "Lone Wolf" Definition . . .

I have read with horror the story of the murder in San Francisco of a young woman by a convicted, much-deported, illegal alien from Mexico. This murdering piece of filth should never have been on the streets, in fact, he should never have been in the country, not even in goofy progressive San Francisco. The story of this murder gets weirder and weirder as city and federal bureaucrats blame each other for this thug's presence on the streets. In addition, just as the expected assault on the NRA and "lax" gun laws was about to launch, it turned out that this piece of stinking flotsam used a gun stolen from a law officer, a federal officer no less. This story, of course, has gone political with the politicians blaming each other, most notably President Obama's despicable regime trying to blame Republicans because they have opposed his "immigration reform." As though this "reform" would have put this murderer behind bars or, at least, permanently in Mexico. Obama ignoring, of course, that this murder and so much other crime across the country is caused by illegal aliens who do not get deported and/or locked up. The Obama misadministration has refused to enforce the already pathetically weak immigration laws on the books, and has encouraged with words and deeds the current wave of illicit immigration we see pouring across our southern border. This violence is further abetted by "Sanctuary Cities," such as San Francisco, which declare themselves exempt from federal immigration laws. It is also aided by cretins such as the far, far-leftwing radical nut who holds the job of San Francisco sheriff (look him up, he is a piece of work.)

Just wondering, what city would serve as a "Sanctuary City" for bakers refusing to make a cake for a gay wedding?

Among the most pathetic arguments we hear is that this killer's action should not reflect upon the millions of other "immigrants,"i.e., illegal aliens or, better said, invaders, who have entered our country in search of "free stuff" jobs and in pursuit of their DREAMS . . . This is the old argument of trying to paint those of us who want a real immigration system as racists and, more importantly, a rehash of the progressive "lone wolf" argument. The progressives fall back on this when they have nothing else.

That "lone wolf" stuff only is used when it benefits the progressive agenda. The piece of racist garbage who killed nine black church-goers in South Carolina, well, he was a part of a white racist culture that gets inspired by the Confederate battle flag; the shooter in Arizona who shot, among others, a Democratic Congresswoman, well, he was inspired by Sarah Plain and the vast right wing conspiracy whom we all know conducts most criminal acts in our country. In fact, I am terrified of driving through Republican areas of the country for fear those crazies discover that I am an African-Hispanic Jew . . . I live in terror of the Tea Party. When the Muslim murderer shot up Fort Hood, now that was a "lone wolf," as was the Muslim murderer who took hostages in Sydney, as were the Muslim killers in Canada, as was the Muslim sniper who terrorized DC some years ago, as was the Muslim who tried to set off a car bomb in Times Square, as was  . . . etc. We see horrendous crimes every day by Muslims and illegal aliens, but must not focus on the system that has allowed them to set up shop here.

After a bit, one begins to understand that lots of "lone wolves" make a pack . . .


  1. Hey Diplomad! Bet you have something to say about Lavrov's tweet: “lifting the arms embargo will help Iran fight terrorism more effectively.” See

    Hillary and Kerry love to talk about tough decisions ... pity they can't be tough negotiators!


  2. It gets worse:

    Some of these "lone wolves" are actually "KNOWN wolves".

    Not all consequences are unintended.

  3. Small correction; 'Sydney' not Sidney.

  4. The cry and whine about our "broken immigration system," The only thing broken about it is the Politicians and Bureaucrats who refuse to apply and follow the existing Laws.

  5. Poland had a bit of an undocumented immigrant problem in 1939, too ...



  7. From a 2 July post .. whether prescient I would not care to say, very much more pertinent, relevant?

    Methinks - Indeed.

    "It’s not hard to see why GOP machers detest Trump. Bringing to the race nothing but his fame and his mouth, Trump has defied the best-laid plans of the Republican Establishment. Worse, as a billionaire, or at least close to it, he has his own money and doesn’t need to kowtow to the party’s billionaire donor class that plays such an outsized role in GOP coronations. ... To top it off, Trump has already carved out his niche in the 2016 race as the straight-talker who isn’t afraid of third-rail issues, above all immigration."

    "True to form, Trump has waded in and stolen the show by acting, well, like himself. His comments on Mexicans have earned the wrath of All Decent People. "


  8. Well dang... the feds caused the Charleston murders as well... They must've really pushed hard to stoke the confederate flag issue hoping to avoid this one. They probably dragged their feet for as long as possible.

    So: not a lone wolf, a guy deliberately armed by the Obama administration.

    (personally, US government shouldn't be in the business of any flag but the USA and potentially its states.. but it's a non-issue...)

    - reader #1482

  9. "Among the most pathetic arguments we hear is that this killer's action should not reflect on ... That "lone wolf" stuff only is used when it benefits the progressive agenda."

    You'll I pray Diplomad Sir, allow this comment to stand as I don't think the link I will nevertheless paste at the end, achieve where I point (unless some use the content to 'shortcut') ... and as I no longer "Sign" as I once did? ... Thanks Art Deco.

    This from December (the medals have since been awarded incidentally)

    "Privates Long and Ezeagwula were attacked as act of domestic terrorism but the federal government declined to prosecute their attacker as a terrorist. American Muslim convert, Carlos Bledsoe, also known as Abdulhakim Muhammad is serving a life sentence without the chance for parole after pleading guilty and admitting his motivation for the shootings stemmed from the United States’ presence in the Middle East. Bledsoe converted to Islam, became radicalized in Nashville, TN and travelled to Yemen in 2007 where he was arrested by Yemeni authorities in 2008. Following his deportation from Yemen in 2009, he attacked the Little Rock recruiting center, killing Long and wounding Ezeagwula."

    I'm confident - without my explaining - why the un-italicized quoted paragraph belongs on this post. Not meant at all detracting from Kathryn "Kate" Steinle in this most current. (That we're "allowed" at the moment due to *Our Media's* gathering firewood to burn at the stake, Mr. Trump ... and I'd guess John of Orange Boehner & Mr McConnell gathering all the pine-knots.)

    As Forrest Gump might say, "That's all I got to say about that."


    1. Oops.


  10. paul_vincent_zecchinoJuly 10, 2015 at 10:20 PM

    Dip and the twelve legions of readers:

    Sheriff is interesting. Ma is from Chicago, described as an 'activist'. Dad, an Iranian national. When sheriff was young his mother moved to Conanicut Island, aka Jamestown, RI.

    He speaks glowingly of growing up on the 'unspoiled' island paradise.

    Interesting omissions for a cop who'd likely mention how criminal doings in his neighborhood inspired him to be a cop.

    Jamestown is connected by bridges to RI mainland and Newport. Sheriff speaks of his childhood playing in abandoned forts.

    One of the forts he mentions was where three kidnapped children, Frank and Tammy Galleshaw and a third boy, were held for ransom, early '79. RI State Police and FBI nailed the kidnappers, who drew consecutive life sentences in this national news story.

    During this time, the abandoned forts were known druggie hangouts.

    During the 70s and 80s, the abandoned forts in which the sheriff played with his dog were known to law enforcement for occult activities. Much of it was '666' kid-stuff but some was not, as investigators noted at closed LE seminars. The forts were known as dangerous. But the sheriff played in them with his dog?

    When hr was about 16, August of '77, Jamestown made national news with the Dorchester marijuana bust. A retired RI State Trooper saw a freighter anchored off Beavertail Point, Jamestown's south tip. Coast Guard boarded, found indications of marijuana. The ship quickly left and was spotted a few days later in the Bahamas. The sheriff omits this, yet it was national news for years, likely intriguing to a sixteen year old who became a cop.

    Dorchester investigators shortly raided a home in nearby North Kingstown, where the haul was brought into the home via tunnels dating to the Prohibition.

    Curiously, the hundred indictments were dismissed by RI Supreme Court Judge Alfred H. Joslin, on odd claim, no college students were on the juries. All hundred accused walked.

    One, Elliott Bassett, literally walked out the window of a NYC skyscraper, to ensure his silence.

    Press reports said the ring was backed by Robert Vesco, Meyer Lansky, and others 'too big to go to jail' - the reason to dismiss the indictments?

    Dorchester was national news, the talk of RI for years.

    November, '77, another drug bust, a sailboat formerly named Sojourner, renamed Nepenthe, unloaded drugs on Jamestown's east shore. Bales were run up the beach to the rented home on a grocery conveyor.

    Charles Hachadorian of the able RI Division of Drug Control graciously granted me an interview. DDC was disbanded in 1991 by a leftist governor who claimed it was not needed - bad for 'business' is more like it, this being Rhode Island.

    Dorchester smugglers monitored law enforcement frequencies on programmable scanners newly on the market. But they never heard them coming.

    DDC coordinated the raid on its frequency, 45.44 MHz, shared with a nearby oil company. The sophistication of the smuggler's monitoring suggested a Donald Steinberg operation but if failed them here.

    All this on the youthful sheriff's 'unspoiled' island yet he omits mention. Why? These crimes were the talk of the state for years, left an indelible impression on locals, but as a law enforcement officer he omits mention. Why?

    In late 1978, when the sheriff would have been about 17, a couple was arrested for producing pornography in conjunction with a Dutch national. The operation had a nationwide reach. National news. The former wife is today a self-styled nationally known sex therapist in CA.

    The budding police officer doesn't mention this remarkable series of crimes committed on his 'unspoiled' island?

    Isn't it often more interesting to note what people omit, moreso than what they say?

    1. paul_vincent_zecchinoJuly 11, 2015 at 10:08 AM

      PS -

      Nelson DeMille, please call your office. Inquiring minds want to know, is the sheriff a charm school grad?

      Is that why, as sheriff, he supports the exoneration of eight black panthers who murdered an S/FRAN police officer in 1971?



  12. A minor point but Pier 14 is not near Fisherman's wharf. Pier "Zero" is the ferry building at the foot of Market Street. The even numbered piers run south and the odd piers north. Fisherman's wharf is beyond Pier 39 well to the the north of Pier 14 where the murder took place.

  13. Hope you'll pardon the OT,
    "These are a few of my favorite things ..."
    - Kimber .45
    - Nine from Outer Space
    - Sink the Bismarck


  14. Those are from your list of "favorite things"