Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Hunting We Will Go; Prog Media Go Gunning for Dr. Carson

Full disclosure. Dr. Ben Carson would not be my first choice for Republican candidate in the 2016 Presidential elections. I think there are other Republican candidates better suited for the job of President than Dr. Carson. Would, however, I vote for him over looney Bernie or lying Hillary? You bet. In a flash. He has intelligence, patriotism, a record of accomplishment, and decency going for him; I have serious doubts on all those measures when it comes to Bernie "Moscow Honeymoon" Sanders and Hillary "What Difference Does it Make?" Clinton.

I was wondering when the media would turn its full wrath on Carson. You see, he has committed the ultimate, unpardonable sin: he is a black man who has refused to be confined to the progressive intellectual ghetto.

Well, we don't have to wait any longer. The attacks have begun.

Politico has been leading the charge with a distorted account (slightly corrected in subsequent Politico updates) of whether or not Carson claimed to have been offered a full scholarship for West Point, whether he claimed to have ever applied for West Point, and whether he was an angry man as a youth. I am just waiting for the next shoe to drop, e.g., pull some (white) has-been political intern, nurse, or starlet out of the shadows to claim she was sexually abused by Carson. That will come if Carson continues to do well in the polls. Do not forget that the USA's Democratic Party, one of the world's oldest political parties, specializes in lynch mobs and accusing black men of raping white women. A simple glance at the party's history will confirm that. Atticus Finch, call your office . . .

Carson joins the distinguished ranks of CEO Herman Cain, Col. Allen West, Justice Clarence Thomas, Senator Tim Scott, Sheriff David Clarke, and others, as a black man who does not toe the orthodox progressive line laid down for black people, especially men, by the white overlords of American progressivism. Any black person who deviates from that line is open to attack. The usual labels of "racism" are not applied to critics of these black people. If, however, one finds the policies of Obama or Holder injurious to the nation, well, then one is a racist. We still don't know almost anything about Obama's early years except for what he wants us to know.

We have a similar phenomenon when women stray off their assigned progressive talking points. We have seen that with the vicious attacks on former SecState Condi Rice, Gov. Sarah Palin, Rep. Mia Love, Kentucky's Lt. Governor-elect Jenean Hampton, Carly Fiorina, Michelle Malkin, etc. The progressives aim for conformity. Diversity of views is not welcome and not allowed in progressive world--see your local university for proof of that.

The media which ignored Obama's past and still ignore the lies and crimes of Hillary Clinton are now getting into gear to pore over any detail, no matter how inconsequential, that will throw dirt on the remarkable record of Carson's life.


  1. And it has already exploded in their faces with spectacular failure
    Now, if some of these scum RAT operative with bylines could actually be forced into an assisted suicide, you'd be talking.....

  2. Your parting comment is the most potent and should be raised in every forum: where are BHO's classmates? Girl friends? Teachers? Neighbors? Wouldn't you think there would be at least a few compatriots who can brag "I knew Barry when...??" BHO is not only the man without a childhood, he was born in three places: Kenya according to his grandmother and his literary bio, and two different hospitals in Honolulu, according to locally published birth announcements.

    1. Not a single thing about the life of Barack Obama has any truth in it.

      It is all lies, from start to end.

    2. There's a shortage even of lies: mainly it's a vacuum.

      As a Briton of a certain age the thing I find most peculiar is the lack of an academic record. My university Finals result was published in national newspapers, not because of my unusual brilliance but just because it was the habit of the day. The idea that university exam results should be super top secret would have been looked upon as absurdly quixotic.

    3. Wayne Allen Root attended Columbia at the same time Obama was alleged to have been there. He's related stories how at class reunions, there is no one that remembers him in class, on campus, in fact anywhere during that time.

      Are they all wrong? Unlikely and easy enough to prove if Obama hadn't spent a lot of coin to keep all of his records secret.

      Someday, the truth will be told and I believe not too may people ar going to be very happy-sadly, I'll probably miss that circus

    4. Jack Cashill, 'Deconstructing Obama', goes through the facts, and how they were concealed. Chapter and verse, literally.

    5. Congress allowed this ineligible usurper to seize the WH. He should have been arrested. Instead politicians allowed the overthrow of the govt. Here's a long list of Obama-Soetoro's enablers:

    6. Doesn't Columbia have a satellite campus in Moscow? Maybe Pajama Boy went there.

  3. I guess Massa is getting nervous!

  4. I am impressed that reporters at Politico, which I do not read, have never been or even known someone with very high high school grades and SAT scores and who gets offers from colleges. I got some and Carson was black in an era when very smart back kids were pretty rare. They did not know so it must be a lie.

    He is not the guy I support but the comments by the left are really racist.

  5. They must destroy him at all costs, for he and those like him are deadly dangers for the Democratic Party. So they'll do anything to get to him and will not care what the possible negative consequences could be.
    James the Lesser

  6. Romney was "too rich".
    Rubio is "too poor - tapped his 401K to pay bills? tsk, tsk."

    Carson "lied about his relationship with Mannatech, which disqualifies him for POTUS".

    Hillary lied about just about everything, including handling classified information. And made hundreds of millions while Sec of State.

    Hardly a peep out of the MSM about her lying, and zero questions about all the bribes she & Bill took while she was SoS.

    No, there's no bias in the MSM - why would you ask?

  7. Yeah... it was presented with much hype, which didn't follow through.
    There's a reason universities issue *degrees*. Part of that reason is to verify that someone has indeed performed what they said they performed.
    Is it a problem if someone claims to have a degree that was never conferred upon them? Absolutely!
    Is it a problem if someone claims they "had all the requirements to complete a degree, but didn't" when really they hadn't completed all the requirements? Not at all.
    There are only a few academic allegations that can hold water, mainly falsifying a degree, and plagiarism.
    Say you had a straight-A average when actually you had a 2.0? Not really a problem... that's simply below the resolution of what is intended by a university. Would I lie like that? No. But is it a problem? Not really.

    My examples here are mean to make the point of what pieces of fibbing or dishonesty about academic accomplishment is 'just bad', versus 'career destroying'. The liberal media wants this to be a 'career destroying' disho
    nesty, when it's actually just a pointless fib.

    - reader #1482

  8. Of course Carson would be less of a risk than Hitlery, and of course the meeja are a bunch of crooks, but surely that cannot disguise the folly of the pyramidal nonsense. The West Point thing can be passed off as a bit of over-egging the pudding, but the pyramids thing paints him as a loony. Or at least as an eccentric. My impression is that the US has less love for eccentrics than my own fair land.

    1. The meme makers on Facebook are having a great time with that pyramids remark.

      My nickname for Bernie, is Pander Sanders.

    2. ISIS just wants to destroy the pyramids anyway,* so I'm unconcerned about Carson's theory. Attempts to match up excavated history and Biblical events are wellsprings of many such creative theories, and they don't affect our modern lives (except in Jerusalem). They're harmless wondering.
      The pyramids' initial purpose will be rather unimportant if no one stops ISIS from demolishing them. Ben Carson isn't afraid to talk about the current dangers posed by many adherents of Islam, and that is a far weightier thing than his theory.

    3. Carson could believe that the pyramids were landing platforms for alien spaceships, and still have less magical thinking and crazy ideas than many prominent Democrats.


    4. I'm Australian, and the pyramid thing really bothered me. You might say that as a foreigner I have no skin in the game and should butt out. I would reply that the US Presidency is of such import that every person alive has skin in the game, not just US citizens.

      Those of us in the rest of the world have seen and felt the results of your current adminstration. We don't want a nutter taking over the gig in 2017.

    5. "We don't want a nutter taking over the gig in 2017."
      And you are OK with the Global Warming; we'll all drown crowd ?

  9. Carson's money guy is John Philip Sousa IV and seems to head a group of GOP fundraisers constantly in "earn mode"

  10. Keep the story of Shrillary Shrooooo's lies, cries, and alibis alive. Repeat articles if necessary. But keep that story going. The nation depends on it.

  11. the business of destroying the pyramids is a fools errand. for one thing the things are so big that most all of isis could not get their attention and the second thing is that if they got enough of isis around them to knock them down any reasonably competent combination of ground and air military units could rid us of isis in and afternoon.

  12. Good to recall that ISIS predecessors, the various sultans, already removed significant chunks of the pyramids for their own edification. The historic precedent is there.

    - reader #1482

  13. You wrote:

    "In a flash. He [Carson] has intelligence, patriotism, a record of accomplishment, and decency going for him; I have serious doubts on all those measures when it comes to Bernie "Moscow Honeymoon" Sanders and Hillary "What Difference Does it Make?" Clinton."

    I regret to say that Brooklyn Boynie and Shrillary Shrooooo also possess intelligence--even if they are lacking in decency and patriotism. They are exhibit A in the case that intelligence is morally neutral, and can be used to foster corruption.

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