Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris, the Murderous Cost of Progressive Delusions

As I write this the death toll in the Paris attacks, according to press reports, is well north of 120, and climbing. Those media reports are overwhelmingly reluctant to label the murderers as Muslim. The politicians, including our own President, are equally reluctant to label the murderers as Muslim and, of course, refuse to blame the dictates of Islam for the atrocities we have seen on the streets of Paris these past 24 hours.

I have written so much about this topic that I don't know what more to say.

One more time: the murderers are Muslims acting in accord with the dictates of Islam, the second most lethal creed on the planet. Islam is a belief system that demands total obedience from its followers ("submission"), and has a sneering disregard for the rights and sufferings of non-believers. On second thought, that is a grotesque understatement: I should say, Islam sees nonbelievers as worthy only for conversion, enslavement, or death. It does not matter if a nonbeliever is kind and generous in his or her dealings with the Believers; so long as that person remains a non-believer he or she is worthy only for the treatment I just mentioned. The treatment we saw, yet again, in Paris.

While our "leaders"prattle on about climate change (including from Paris the day of these attacks) and "safe spaces" and taking in "refugees," the practitioners of the Religion of Peace, murder us. As I wrote long ago, we are not at war with Islam but Islam is at war with us. Are we going to get yet another bone-head peace march in response?

I see articles arguing over whether the attack is Al Qaeda or ISIS. Whether this attack is typical of this group or that one. I have said this so many times that I am reluctant to say it again. The issue is not Boko Haram, Hamas, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Jamyat Islamia, or any other terrorist band. The issue is not Islamist "extremism," or a nutty fringe of Islam. The threat we face comes from Islam and the progressive delusions that have allowed Islam to plant itself in our midsts and flourish, grow and operate with near impunity. My friends, as I have written many times (here, for example) progressivism will get you killed. Progressivism, also a totalitarian belief system, is clearly now the deadliest creed on the planet, and has formed a Molotov-Ribbentrop-type pact with Islam. Progressivism, above all, is about denying reality and promoting delusion.

The cost of progressive delusions is seen every day. The people of Paris just paid that cost, yet again, yesterday.


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  2. Yet again, an Enemy Army attacks, defying our preconceptions of how an Order of Battle must be established. Now it's MULTIPLE "Lone Wolves", somehow, inexplicably, working together. What is to be done?

    Let us look at the Constitution:
    “The Congress shall have Power To…
    To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offences against the Law of Nations;
    To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;”

    There is Opportunity here, if Congress were to have the wit to grasp it.

    1. Your congress is spineless, always doing Obomber~s bidding.

  3. Well Mad, it's really something isn't it. The Progs will never change....they are now in full fledged "Rather rule in Hell, than serve in Heaven" mode. If anyone doesn't believe me there is already a tweet from a so called Mr. Brown, supposed aide to Labour leader Corybyn that the "Zionists Israeli's did this".
    James the Lesser

  4. MT: A distinction is often made between Islam and Islamism. Do you feel that it’s a valid distinction, and is a reformed Islam possible?

    MD: A thorough reading through the hadiths, sira and Koran led me to believe that reform in the sense of "improvement" is incredibly difficult. In medieval Christianity, reforming religion meant making it better by going back to its roots, back to the gospels. The problem is, if you reform Islam this way, you go back to Muhammad's message and example, and what you get is Wahhabism and al Qaida. Reform through reshaping Islam under the influence of external ideas, derived from non-Islamic sources, is conceivable, but the trend of the past 100 years has been just about all in the other direction.

    If you put a young God-fearing Muslim in a room with an Islamic radical and an Islamic moderate, both trying to win over the young person's soul, the radical would win again and again. It is because the canon - hadiths, sira and Koran - are massively stacked in favor of the radical position. Yes, there are violent passages in the Bible too, but it is an uphill battle to build a violent theology based on them. With the Koran, building a violent theology is like rolling balls down a hill. It is a huge uphill struggle building a “moderate” Islamic theology on the basis of the Islamic canon alone.

    I think some commentators - whose work I respect and admire - speak of “Islamism” because they don't want to dignify the radical cause by calling it “Islam.” Also, if they name the problem as “Islam,” it would seem too overwhelming. Nevertheless, I agree with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Wafa Sultan and other ex-Muslims that the problem of radical Islam is the problem of Islam itself. The will to dominate is hard-wired into the core texts of Islam, and this cannot be excised from the heart of these texts without a traumatic assault on the fundamentals of Islam. So I don't like to speak about “Islamism.” To me it feels like a cop-out.

    Often I meet people who want to be informed about Islam but will let their minds grasp the problem only if the solution is clear. This is hopeless. You must first live with the problem, even for a long time, before solutions will come. But I am convinced we will find solutions to the challenge of Islam. That is why I wrote The Third Choice– out of conviction that facing the truth will bring liberty.

    Mark Durie

    1. It started out as a violent ideology, that's the message. Their "prophet'" was violent and set the tone.

  5. The French tore down their gates and allowed the barbarians to walk in.
    Yes, the current FB meme is to show your support to the French...but its difficult to support ignorant fools until they wise up and understand the danger and decide to do something about it (something beyond calls for more tolerance that is; I'm looking at you Merkel).

  6. For the sake of this discussion let us assume that all the threats made by radical Islam, Caliphate etc, are true and that Islam is a cancer on Western Society. With so many millions now in our midst what is the solution? Short of backing up the trains, closing the borders to all future Muslim immigrants, there's very little we can do. Am I wrong?

    1. First, stop importing even more of them. Second, treat them as we did Communists and Fascists in the past, to wit, potential enemies of the nation who merit scrutiny and denial of security clearances and other benefits. Above all, reject the notion that Islam is a religion like any other.

    2. Treat them as we treated another Supremacist Totalitarian Ideology which also hated Jews.

    3. 'Very little we can do.'
      This is not the statement that a winner makes. Your statement is an indictment of everything wrong with western civilization today. It wasn't all that long ago when you all would have fought - what are you now?
      You may quit as this becomes too hard for you. I will not.

  7. This is what I never understand about the apologists/delusionals: They are often saying "we can't do anything now, these people are part of us!"

    Well the answer is crystal clear: stop allowing more of them in! Deal with the seditionists already here, but first stop making the problem worse.

    But I know, any such talk labels one as a racist, and ends the discussion.


  8. My dear Diplomad,

    you have forgotten a even more deadly force than liberalism.
    It's a force which has proven to impede any sort of social or economic progress for the common man. A force that destroys every sacred western value and replaces them with the vilest vices. A force that has always been used as a warning for the nefarious depths out society might succumb to.

    This force is obviously conservatism. This ideology is truly a cancer on mankind.

    I know that you are an intelligent person and that you will very soon exit your edgy phase of fighting non-existing windmills and you will join us to fight an actual existing toxic force that is strangling our country and is endangering the life of your children and your future grand children.

    Abandon this constant nonsensical rants that you yourself know mean nothing and fight against the real enemy you have always known.

    1. Remind me of that when the jihadis come for you and your kids . . .

    2. Sounds like someone steeped in the waters of academia. Or maybe an overly talkative Borg representative... Essentially the same!

    3. That's either a tall order of sarcasm or of Kool Aid. I'm going with the former.

    4. Must be in charge of feeding the alligators? Soon the feed bucket is as empty as Join Us's head.

  9. I think someone is going for humor, of the sarcastic type.
    James the Lesser

  10. If you cannot name the danger it has already conquered you. And that is where we are at. All the folk with good common sense are sitting at home vexed beyond belief. You know who they are.....they are the ones who join the military, who fight for country and liberty and home.....
    We have one deployed now.....and I have to fight fear each and every day....
    And for some, like my husband, who almost lost his life twice in Vietnam, he has lost hope....and all that flies on the pole now is his beloved Texas flag.
    Only God can save us and even He lets fools reap their own reward....
    May God still bless us...
    East Texas Rancher

  11. The great majority of the people in the west are basically decent people. In many ways, we are victims of our own success. Seventy years ago we mobilized the allied countries against the evil of national socialism that threatened to destroy our civilization. Yet even then the good people had a hard time believing that the events in the concentration camps could really happen.

    Now we have lived for quite a few decades in relative peace. We do not realize how much maintenance and sacrifice goes on to allow us the freedom to focus on important things like Jenner's feelings, deflated footballs, and stained dresses in the white house. And our politicians enable and pander to these things to stay and power and milk us for all we are worth. Sukkahs we are.

    Well, now through through a geologic quirk in natural history, the greatest quantity of oil was concentrated in the Middle East, right smack dab under the land of Islam. The marriage of Islam and oil has produced the monster that we face. The weakness of the west and the brutal, uncompromising nature of Islam has got us where we are.

    This clash is nothing new. It has happened numerous times. Fortunately, the west had people like Charles Martel and others to stop the Islamic hordes. But now the body of the west is weak, and diseases of opportunity like Islam find it easy to enter the body, and threaten to kill it, just like a cancer. Heck, in the US, the brain is infected with the disease.

    What to do? We first have to stop more agents of the disease from coming into the body. Then we have to clean out the body of the disease. Then we have to go after the disease in a fight to the death. In the meantime, we have to become strong as a society, because there will always be diseases of opportunity out there waiting to get in. That is the way of the world. Better relearn that principle.

    So, in many ways, we are running a marathon while being treated for a serious infection. Tall order, eh?

    Actually, it is not as hopeless as it seems. We need just the will and commitment to get started. We need to clean house, which includes present worthless leadership, then we need to attack the center of gravity of our enemies with overwhelming, brutal force to show them what real power is. We need to be energy independent so we do not have to give our hard earned money to psychopaths. And we need to appreciate the values of our civilization. It has taken millennia to get to the quality of life that we have now. How many more hits do we need to understand the peril we face.

    It is worth fighting for.

  12. Makes it tough to be a Christian. Despised by liberals, under assault by muslims. But "faith" + "trial" = "character".
    We've spent so much time cooling our heels in our domestic bliss, we've entirely dropped the development of our "character" as a nation.
    Without continuous building of character, we get entitlement and liberalism.

    Kind of goes hand in hand with the observation: "What would the founding fathers think of the US today?"
    Liberal: "They'd be amazed at how we've grown!"
    Conservative: "They'd be surprised we stopped at 50."

    - reader #1482

  13. The problem in Islam today is the strength of the fundamentalist movement. The problem in Christianity today is the weakness of the fundamentalist movement.

    - reader #1482

    1. #1482, as a "fundamentalist" Christian myself (albeit with a lot of Jewish ancestry and a Christian wife who was raised in Chinese folk religion), I rather agree with you.

      However, there are fundamentalists and fundamentalists (and I'll limit this term to Protestant Christians who own it; the monniker "Islamic fundamentalism" was coined in the wake of the 1979 Iranian Revolution, and not least, judging by the enormous amount of moral equivalence-mongering in the MSM and academia, to discredit Evangelical Christians as un-American and somehow in league with the hostage-takers in Tehran).

      I'm all for a robust "fundamentalism" that takes the Bible as a whole, practices a careful exegesis thereof, and understands Christians to be sinners themselves who are just with God only because of the merits of Jesus Christ. Unhappily, the history of Christianity often shows a degeneration into a kind of ugly, self-righteous moralism (which in the case of 19th century Protestantism, morphed into the self-destructive theological liberalism we see today).

      Keep in mind, that while the MSM is ever ready to anoint Evangelical "popes" for us, we're a pretty disparate lot out here in the Bible Belt and its near-Beltway outliers. One of us sees Pastor Joe Jones as next to God's Anointed (Jesus Christ) himself; another one of us sees Pastor Joe Jones as either a casual blasphemer or someone who twists the Gospel out of shape. We work with a lot of Calvinist/Arminian, Dispensational/Covenantal, Emergent/Traditionalist, Cessationist/Charismatic, and other fissures among us. Maybe we don't damn each other loudly because we recognize each other's fundamental commitment to the Christ of the Scriptures (subject to as many interpretations as the US Constitution, if not more because they've been around a lot longer), but also our mutual love often comes with many, many qualifications.

      Frankly, I'm of the mind that the low spiritual ebb of the Christian West and the current fledgling state of a lot of the Christian non-West may be one reason why Islam is finding its opportunity in these times.

  14. Following Saturday's Democratic Debate, wouldn't you just love to see the cable the French Embassy sent back to the Quai d'Orsay regarding the potential policies of a successor Democratic Administration in response to Islamic terrorism? Just think how that report was seen in Paris. Just think how French Government analysis evaluates the American position, including that Climate Change is the root cause of the attacks they had just experienced.. Imagine how they might accept leadership by a President Hillary Clinton (or Bernie Sanders) in the conduct of this fight.

    The French Government should start freaking out NOW.

  15. French president Hollande:

    Hollande said France “will be merciless toward the barbarians of the Islamic State group.” France “will act by all means anywhere, inside or outside the country.”

    At least he says the right words. I wish The Shiny Pony of Canada would get his thumb out of his mouth and ... ah, but I am wishinf.

  16. ISIS [The Islamic State] is the latest "version" of historical Islam. It is the norm for Islam. ISIS is not "Islamism". ISIS is not "Islamist". It is not a distortion of Islam. It is Islam and one has to be deaf, dumb and blind to 1,400 years of history to miss that logically incontestable fact.

    Mirror, mirror on the Blood Drenched Wall
    Who is most like Mohammad, all Muslim's "Perfect Man", of them all?
    Why, you are ISIS, you are!

    Today they bake, tomorrow they brew
    Then all humanity in shariah and death they plan to stew
    For still far too few understand the devious game
    And fewer still will say it aloud, that simply Islam is the evil's name!

    Islam itself is the greatest continuing crime against humanity, especially women, including little girls, the world has ever know.

    At some point either Islam dies or humanity dies.

    "In the end, there can be only one".

  17. Another thing that's driving me crazy is all the therapeutic nonsense--peace symbols, trotting out the John Lennon....for God's sake, doesn't anybody get mad anymore? Doesn't anybody feel that they need to fight to defend their country and way of life?

    When attacked, my first instinct is not t light a candle. How bad does it have to get before people wake the eff up, as Samuel L. Jackson put it in his nonsensical political ad in 2012?

    1. Since you mention John Lennon, it was only a few years back, when I heard it performed clearly enough to catch the lyrics, that I realized what a dreaful, dreary, hopeless song "Imagine" is--and the tune makes me think of the one time I got drunk enough to get a hangover (it's why I don't go beyond a couple of glasses of beer or wine, and not more than a shot of anything hard. Hated the feeling).

      And when will people start tearing off those silly "Coexist" bumper stickers? Haven't we seen enough of what has been happening?

    2. Since the 9/11 attacks, this passage from "Beowulf" has resonated with me: It is better to avenge the deaths of near and dear ones, than to indulge in mourning.

    3. Since the 9/11 attacks, this passage from "Beowulf" has resonated with me: It is better to avenge the deaths of near and dear ones, than to indulge in mourning.

  18. Let's see---Progressivism has told us that the Marxist-Leninist experiment applied the best insights of science to human problems (oops! Don't look to closely at Mao! Eeek! We can't hide from what the Eurocommie-trained Saloth Sar did in Cambodia!); it tells us that abortion is just fine; that a same-sex couple will be just jim-dandy for the upbringing of a child; that Islam is so conducive to human dignity and a beautiful flower in the PeeCeeEmCee garden. Progressivism kills because it's a form of cultural and political suicide.

  19. The attacks in Paris... I am afraid that even this won't do it.
    I feel hopeless.
    I told my sons that in their lifetime they will see a nuclear detonation and they will see an amazing slaughter. Who will be slaughtered is still up for debate.
    Europe is lost judging by the reaction of the European people. Throwing flowers at carnage is a lost society.
    Everybody better learn Hungarian.

  20. We have an entire generation of young people with heads full of mush who think civilization is the default state of society. They don't know enough math or physics to realize what entropy is.