Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Monday, July 4, 2016

Amok and Amuck: Heading into the Fourth

As we head into the celebrations of our 240 years of existence as an independent country, I find it harder and harder to celebrate. We are a nation gone amok and run amuck.

Years of progressive delusions have left us weaker and more vulnerable than we have been since 1812. Our foreign policy, based on self-abasement, apology, accommodation, and appeasement, has destroyed decades of efforts against nuclear weapon proliferation. Our anti-terror policy is a shambles, with a President and an administration unable even to utter the words "radical Islam," much less "Islam," as labels to place on the enemy we face--an enemy which has shown the will and the ability to attack us at home and abroad. The enemy kill us and the cry goes up for us to disarm ourselves. Instead of building and strengthening our defense and intelligence capabilities, and fortifying our alliances, we have done the opposite. We now have rampant political correctness throughout our security and defense establishments, with the Pentagon more concerned with allowing transgender troops into the ranks than with developing a war-time strategy of victory. Countries many orders of magnitude weaker than we, e.g., Russia, China, Iran, ridicule and defy us, and increasingly threaten our interests throughout the world. We even have a leadership intent of helping insane Iran get a nuclear weapon capability.

Our leaders, such as they are, seem more interested in appeasing a decrepit dying dictatorship in Cuba, a foul thuggish and dying regime in Venezuela, and not appearing to offend Mexico and its deliberate policy of flooding us with illegal aliens, than about asserting our traditional rights and duties in the hemisphere. We won't even defend our border.

We have a State Department completely adrift after nearly eight years of incompetent and corrupt leadership, including four by Hillary Clinton, a political hack and fraud with a long history of corruption and deception, who might well be our next President.

Our economy is stagnant. Record millions of Americans have dropped out of the labor force. Poverty is on the rise. Absurd trade, tax, environmental, wage and other regulatory policies have driven huge chunks of our economy out of the country. Meanwhile, as noted above, our borders are wide open; we refuse to deport criminal alien felons, much less just "regular" illegal aliens, and the crime stats show it. We have no idea who enters our country, and for what purpose, and our leaders don't want to know. We are not allowed to ask for identification of those voting in our elections, must provide lavish public benefits to these invaders, and not "stigmatize" them when they commit horrid crimes. Our progressive overlords see this massive invasion and transformation of our culture as our comeuppance for being the world's most successful country.

Our citizens have lost faith in our political institutions. We, for example, see an absurdly long and manipulated "investigation" of the "high crimes and misdemeanors" of Hillary Clinton, drag on and on and on. We all know what she did; no barrage of typical Clintonian lies, and stall tactics can hide how she broke the laws and the rules the rest of us must obey--and got filthy rich doing it. Her husband, Don Corleone style, has an "innocent, by chance" private meeting with the Attorney General "investigating" her, and there is no particular outrage from the media; they seem to accept the absurd explanation that this was just a social call. Our Congress investigates the horrid affair known as "Benghazi-gate," and produces a long meandering report which does not go for the jugular of the obviously guilty Hillary Clinton and her stooges at State and the NSC. The IRS, the EPA, BLM, various state attorneys etc, engage in blatantly politically driven operations aimed at political dissent and opponents; the media and the Congress yawn and "move on."

Our vastly overfunded institutions of "higher learning" produce a steady stream of, well, idiots, who not only know next-to-nothing, and have no discernible skills, but who are proud of their ignorance. They wave their worthless paper credentials in our faces, demanding that we pay for their "education," and that we listen to and obey their dictates on sexual identity, the evils of the white man, the horrors of the patriarchy, and the hatefulness of Western civilization. We must accept that, for no rational reason, black lives matter more than those of anybody else: this despite the fact that, in the USA, more black people die at the hands of other black people than at the hands of any other racial configuration. We see demands, as mentioned before, that the citizenry disarm; the media-generated image of the typical gunman always seems to have a white face, and a "Trump for President" bumper sticker on his pick-up truck--this despite the fact, of course, that murder, including by gun, is overwhelmingly committed by non-white Democrat party constituencies in Democrat-run cities. Regardless of your race or sexual identity, you are much, much safer in "gun-infested" Republican Utah, than in "gun-free" Democratic Chicago. But one cannot mention that for fear of being labelled a racist: the end result, of course, is that poor people pay the price of progressive delusions.

Let's recognize two facts: we would all be much safer if Democrats were disarmed, and we are becoming a third world country.

But . . . but, yes, let's wave the flag. Let's proudly tell those who hate and denigrate us, that we know our history and our values, and that, yes, we know that the values of Western civilization are better than those of any other--the direction of immigration flows shows that. Let's recommit ourselves to the Anglosphere, as one sage called it, and to its values. Let's be grateful that like a small handful of other genuinely great countries, we owe our existence to the English and not to the jihadis.

Perhaps, perhaps, not all is lost and we can reclaim our country. It will not be easy, and it's not just the matter of an election or two.

Despite what I stated at the opening, I will try to celebrate.

Happy Fourth of July.


  1. Happy Independence Day.

  2. Well said- 100% spot-on! Thank you for this piece; it is an important statement of our situation.

  3. Yep, every word. (By the by, I was FS ... I recall the day in my A100 where most of the class was stunned to learn things like the battle between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists. The folks were readying themselves to go our and represent the US and they were completely ignorant of the whys and wherefores of their own government. Maybe that ignorance writ large is part of the reason for the rot).

    And what you say is why after a lifetime of making fun of preppers and survivalists for predicting the apocalypse and opting out of society (whereas I believe/believed that if too many start opting out the rot will get worse), I now have an off-grid home on almost 1K acres of land, tucked back in the hills in the poorest county in one of the poorest most lightly populated western states packed to the gills with the sorts of supplies that would allow me to live for a very long time.

    I hate that I've become a person that has a hideaway. I wish I were braver to go abroad to one of those countries where it's easy to get citizenship (e.g. Costa Rica) or maybe not so easy but I qualify (e.g. New Zealand), but I fear the out of the frying pan into the fire effect. Sigh.

    Happy 4th!

  4. ..."Let's recommit ourselves to the Anglosphere, as one sage called it, and to its values..." W. Lewis Amselem


    "The American businessman James C. Bennett, a proponent of the idea that there is something special about the cultural and legal traditions of English-speaking nations, writes in his 2004 book The Anglosphere Challenge:

    . . . Geographically, the densest nodes of the Anglosphere are found in the United States and the United Kingdom. English-speaking Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and English-speaking South Africa. . . The English-speaking Caribbean, English-speaking Oceania and the English-speaking educated populations in Africa and India."

    "British historian Andrew Roberts claims that the Anglosphere has been central in the First World War, Second World War and Cold War. -->He goes on to contend that anglophone unity is necessary for the defeat of Islamism."<--

    "According to a 2003 profile in The Guardian, historian Robert Conquest favoured -->a British withdrawal from the European Union<-- in favour of creating "a much looser association of English-speaking nations, known as the 'Anglosphere'"

    NOW, following BREXIT, prayerfully, if this historic, economic, and perhaps spiritual re-allignment is indeed, 're-written in the stars', perhaps Trump's dream to "Make America Great Again", may, per chance, bare fruit for our children's children?! And best wishes for a Joyful Independence Day, to you and yours Mr Dip, and the other dozen or so patriotic posters huddled hereabouts! ;)
    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

    see wiki excerpts: Anglosphere

    1. Okay OK! Bear Fruit!
      Sounds like a Russian concoction!

    2. I hear that that's what Putin eats.. If so, serve me up a double portion.

  5. Have to say I agree with this. It is encouraging that Britain voted Leave. Perhaps the fog of progressive-ism is lifting.

    1. 'Mad,

      The Brits have a long tradition of revolt. The war of the Roses, Beheading Charles, the Glorious Revolution, the American Revolution ... the list is, well, glorious.

      SO let's not celebrate but one example. There's a lot of good beers to be consumed today, from both sides of the pond, along with a steak.

      Green Bear

    2. Absolutely. Back when I was somebody at the 4th of July receptions I would give a little speech thanking the Brits.

    3. I just got back from 10 days in Sicily and the Catania region of Italy. While I was with a tour group sightseeing, there was a fair amount of caht about Brexit.

      Most of those I heard were dismayed by Britain's decision; also several noted that younger Brits tended to favor staying in.

      But I also learned that there are rumblings in Italy about leaving as well.

  6. "she flaunted the laws": bloody spellcheckers, eh?

    1. Eye well czech batter necks thyme

    2. If you're talking of Shrillary Shroooo, the word should be "flouted". Then again, half of all American writers confuse "flaunt" and "flout".

      Uncle Kepha Says with a pout,
      That Shrillary laws sure will fout.
      This bi***y old aunt
      Sure has nought to flaunt.
      My teacherly instincts come out.

    3. Woops. "Flout", not "fout". **sigh**

    4. Y'know, DM , I don't even need spell check to do this. When I am tired/sleepy I'l put a word that sounds sort of like the right word, just is not it. I do enjoy seeing phonetic spelling, when it gives away the spoken dialect of the writer, like "are" in place of "or," which in Upper Midwest pronunciation sound the same.

  7. Excellent. Spot on. Another whole paragraph could be on what passes for medical care in the U.S. today. We are becoming a third world country.

  8. A belated wish for fourth of July.

    Ben Franklin was right- “A Republic, if you can keep it.” that's if you can survive the monarchic tendencies of the Clintons and Obamas. With the able assistance of the MSM, supreme court, FBI,IRS, DoJ, DoS, et al.

  9. Dip, I have to know your thoughts on the travesty of today. Being a former State guy I think your thoughts would be very appropriate. I knew she wouldn't be indicted, so I wasn't surprised but I'm still angry about it. All signs pointed towards at best gross negligence but more than likely knowingly violating multiple laws.

  10. I'm writing from Australia, a Nation that owes it's existence to American treasure and the blood of Her sons. Happy 4th of July, Seppos.

    Don't kid yourselves that the "Rule of Law" in the US ended with The Bitch's non-indictment (what cruel irony that it's announced on such a day!). Given that your Laws were set up to protect Life and, concomitantly, property, Rule of Law ended in the US with Roe V Wade. The moment human life ceases to be sacrosanct you enter into the realm of Rule By Law. When life is no longer sacred, nothing is.

    Roe V Wade signals the descent into the "..wild anarchy of self interest..", something akin to sowing the breeze.....

    Pete of Freo

    PS; "Seppos" is Aussie Rhyming Slang for Septic Tank: Yank. Don't be offended, it's affectionate, over here, all of your Mates are Bastards.